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BPAL Madness!
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Blah. I am bored. But, well, at least I took some time and made a few icons for my LJ profile. I haven't made anything in ages... I used to use Photoshop nonstop, but I've been so lazy... :wub2: Here is what I made today (well, I added 2 from a week or so ago):


immilighticon.jpg fionaicon.jpg elishadreamicon.jpg kristenbellaicon.jpg ryinspireicon.jpg trenticon.jpg xtinasingicon.jpg katicon.jpg waterlilyav.jpg


I got the new Harry Potter book today... didn't even pay Amazon extra to get it on time, and it still got here first thing this morning! But I haven't started it yet... I'm such a procrastinator. I'm sure I'll start it at 1am, and be up til 5.


Since my last blog, I've become officially "Auntie Denise"! I will be going to visit the baby again tomorrow afternoon... It is a strange thing, because I have absolutely no desire to ever have children of my own, but I love this little tiny being SO much! She is the cutest thing I've ever seen! But, honestly, the best part about being an Auntie is handing her off to her mommy or daddy when she gets cranky or needs to be changed. So, I suppose I'm still making the best decision to not be a mommy myself. LOL. :rofl: Here is a picture of the beautiful superstar, Mia:




Ok. I guess I'll stop blabbing about nothing for now!

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