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    Resins; red musk; incensey/spicy; sweet/sugary; pale florals; honey; white rose; leather; tobacco/smoky; creamy; sandalwoods; patchouli; tonka.


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  1. presotm

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    Gorgeous smoky chocolate wafts out of the bottle, encouraging me to have a delicate slather. Unfortunately, BTBT + my skin = Powder O' Doom. With an extra side of Doom.
  2. presotm

    Lune Noire

    The encroaching darkness: black orchid, jonquil, white pear, white amber, gardenia, olibanum, champaca, sweet clove, tonka, oakmoss, and blue musk. Wow this is pretty! The pear and jonquil notes are strongest for me and for some reason it's reminding me of a less cloyingly headache-inducing version of Dior's Poison. Me likey!
  3. presotm


    For use only by women. An extremely potent passion blend, used to great effect when you're converting feminine sexual energy into power. When I first applied Queen, my nose wrinkled up at the sweet, herbally overtones and I immediately flung the imp into the swap pile. But then something magical happened. The herbs backed off and it mellowed into a mesmerizing sweetness which I can't stop huffing. And neither can hubby. My best guess at possible notes include vetiver and lavender, and something vanilla-ish. Just lovely. edit: added lab description
  4. presotm

    L'Ecole des Filles

    I love finding florals I can wear! This is just lovely - it somehow manages to be ethereal, buttery and sunny all at the same time. Perfect spring/summer scent.
  5. presotm

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I'm in Australia, not the UK but we also pay $13 for 12 items or less. The Lab has in the past quoted me $22 postage for 13 - 24 items and that's how much postage I paid the Lab last month for my order which was 16 items. Of course it may differ to the UK but that might give you a ballpark.
  6. presotm


    To me, Charisma has a pale, watery brown sugar scent.............the jury is still out for me on it's efficacy, but it's such a gentle blend I simply love wearing it.
  7. presotm


    I'll add another vote for creamy sweet lavender drying down to yummy marshmallow goodness. I do think it's helping with the sleep part too!
  8. presotm


    Katharina is primarily for me the 'bright sharp' apricot. I just wish she was a little sweeter and that the white musk was a bit shinier. To swaps with you.
  9. presotm


    Smells like I have a big sweet sticky ball of Big Red chewy sitting on my wrist! I so don't think I'll be keeping this one.
  10. presotm

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Months ago, I ordered an imp of O from the lab, and since getting it I've acquired another as a frimp from the lab. One of the imps is pale yellow and the other is a deeper, more orangey yellow and smells more honeyish. The viscosity appears the same in both. I can't for the life of me remember which one arrived first but one would only be two or three months older than the other. Has one imp somehow aged heaps faster than the other? Or could it be just a component issue? What is the most usual colour for O? I'm torn whether to get a bottle or not, as the paler version disappears into my skin within an hour but the darker imp is beautiful honeyed gorgeousness.
  11. presotm

    Kataniya, the Clockwork Woman

    I've long been fascinated by the concept of Kataniya and I finally acquired an imp to try. At first sniff, I'm amazed at how well the oil fits the idea (maybe amazed is too strong a term, as I've come to expect amazing things from Beth's art). A warm, ozonic floral......who'd have thunk it? A few swipes of the imp wand across my wrist........recap imp.........sniiiiiiiiiiffff! Flowers getting warmer.........and warmer..........and..............soapy-ish. The soap continues to take over, until it's 100% soap. Feck.
  12. presotm

    The Lion

    I wish amber liked me. I absolutely love it wet, but as soon as it starts to dry down, it goes to thumping-headache-inducing powder. Not surprisingly, The Lion is no exception.
  13. presotm


    This is a buttery-cinnamon, slightly creamy Sugar Skull. I was hoping for more milkiness. I should really stop trying to force myself to become a foody-smell lover. I don't think it's going to happen.
  14. presotm

    Mr. Ibis

    Mr Ibis screams 'clean linen' to me - freshly laundered sheets drying on the line in the sun. My chemistry doesn't like it unfortunately (I don't think aloe likes me) and it turns soapy on. Bugger.
  15. presotm

    Saw-Scaled Viper

    This one bit me. Hard. I don't like the 'yowch' factor in my scents, and my chemistry doesn't do anything to make me overlook the pain and embrace this snake. Off to a hopefully more loving home..........