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  1. funkmoppet


    Oooooooh yum! Orangey deliciousness with fig - simple and awesome! I was worried that the mandarin note would go to Tang on me, like it has in other blends, but this time it's behaving! The fig keeps it deep and lovely. Wonderous summery citrus, to go hand-in-hand with Baobhan Sith!
  2. funkmoppet


    Oh, why aren't you working nicely on me Croquet?! You start off with all the luscious citrus joy I expected - but after a while you get that powdery Tang citrus smell I got from Kuang Shi. Something in here doesn't like me. Or I don't like it. Take your pick. There's a nice musk lurking underneath, but I just can't shake off the damn Tang. I hate Tang!
  3. funkmoppet

    Queen Alice

    At first, spicy carnation and soft cider and wine. The carnation backs off a little after a while and it threatens to go a little powdery (eyes the amber warily). At this point it's still very pretty, very gentle but not wowing me. Then after a little while longer I get a honey note coming up through the carnation. This is very close to the skin, and quite soft. Overall, I'm not loving this as much as Alice. Possibly it's the amber realising whose skin it's on and rebelling. Alas - the first stage was lovely! But not the dry.
  4. funkmoppet

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    Ooh! This is such a citrusy, ginger pumpkin when wet! I love it! Dry, the citrusy zing backs off as the warm pumpkin returns. Still citrusy and gingery, but mellowed out. Not what I was expecting with this pumpkin, but yummy, nonetheless!
  5. funkmoppet


    I completely love the way this smells in the bottle. Leafy, green and promises of a great forest blend. It hits my skin and has a scary...corn chip moment. Corn chips? Something odd like corn chips. Whatever it is I don't like it and prepare myself for Cassanova-type rebellion on my skin. Luckily, though, that goes away fairly quickly, and without incident. Then this turns into a pure unisex blend. Yep, there's damp leaves, sodden forest, wood - and as this dries down there's an ozone-like freshness in there, along with the barest hint of spice right behind it all. This would be lovely on a guy. It's a light, misty, outdoorsy blend with a fresh edge. It may well be the smell of Autumn if you lived around this kind of forest smell. But it's less autumn to me - more stumbling across some Nordic hottie in a misty, damp forest. It's now quietening down to a lovely nuzzle-me wood-and-nordic-man forest smell, which has just endeared this blend to me a little more. This would indeed be a fantastic room scent. And after a while on my skin, that's what this would have to be. Why? Because it's now going to doom-powder on me! Bye bye Nordic hottie. *sigh*
  6. funkmoppet


    This was a wild-card purchase. I like aquatics, love ozone, love aloe, all the notes sound like a lovely blend and it had good odds of me liking it. Plus, it has a pig on the label. But I'm not rewarded with an ozoney aquatic. Other reviews mention men's cologne, and I wanted that! How dearly, DEARLY I adore Thunder Moon and Lightening. I'm not rewarded with anything approaching dark ocean breezes, magic or fear. Actually, no. I get the fear. It's fear of FUCKING FLORALS. This is not what I wanted, but it's what my skin is making of this blend that sounds so much like Funky-porn on paper. Dry, it's a little better. The FLORAL ACK settles down a *bit* and I get just a hint of the salty ocean and those notes I WANT TO SMELL. It's a light and breezy dry, and a decent summer beach blend - but I don't know if I can sit through the BLOUSY, GIRLY wet phase for something that is ultimately a big let-down on my skin. *Kicks things across the room* *Frowns at the pig on the label*
  7. funkmoppet

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    I thought I'd chosen wrong with this Pumpkin, after hearing "chocolate" mentioned. I was hoping for the white chocolate to be more of a cream note, as I'm not a fan of cocoa blends. Wet, this is chocolatey pumpkin, but as soon as it touches my skin there's a wave of sweet red fruit and the chocolate backs right off. This pumpkin morphs about so quickly! The pumpkin is a little drowned out until it dries, and there it is! God how I love Beth's pumpkin note! The sweetness backs off, and it's warm caramel pumpkin with a tang of pomegranate and very faint, well behaved chocolate. Foody and delicious. I'm surprised and delighted by this one!
  8. funkmoppet

    The Twisted Oak Tree

    Oh, I am a happy green fan, I am! The big dark burst of oak and deep, deep moss when wet is so magnificent and lush. It starts with a face-full of wet, ancient forest, and slowly drifts back into the sweet smell of ivy and the distant breath of charred wood. The dry is just glorious! A beautiful, beautiful wood blend that's dark green, damp and cool. So evocative, and so wonderful!
  9. funkmoppet

    The Lurid Library

    Oh my. Say hello to a world of incense and musk! Delicious, dark and purple. This is not the Library of a studious gent of gentle upbringing - this is a library full of books best hidden, full of things best not known. Delicious and beautiful both. I love this blend! *Fingers the evil books and waits for their tall dark owner to drift around the corner*
  10. funkmoppet

    The Perilous Parlor

    This is my second try at Perilous Parlor - yesterday my nose was still broken from flu, and it seemed to be all sweet-sweet-sweet to me. Today, I can appreciate this one better. Yep, it's still sweet - foolish to expect anything else from a blend of pear and vanilla. The wet phase is syrupy and borders on cloying for me. But dry. Ah. Dry is where this one really does its thing - a thing of mellowed foodiness with pie promises and a big poached pear on top. This works. Oh how this works.
  11. funkmoppet

    Hunter Moon 2007

    Spectacular. Just... Just... *wibble* Woodsy musk perfection. The comparisons to Buck Moon were right IMHO, except this is a deeper, darker musk with the woods. It's a cool, dark sexy forest. Oh yes it is. I am in LOVE. And my twitchy-finger that ordered a second bottle was wise. This is magnificent. Beth, you winner! What a lunacy. THANK YOU!
  12. funkmoppet

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    The Aeaea label is ! I'm glad I've got a bottle coming just for that! Love the Samhain and October labels too.
  13. funkmoppet


    *scratches head* This one is barely even there. SO light I have to almost concentrate to pick up the scent. Its light vanilla musk with almost undetectable sandalwood. This is SO much lighter than I imagined it would be, and I was sure I'd love this one. With the listed notes, it sounds divine. But it's far more pale and feminine than the spicy musk I expected. There's just a touch of the carnation now, but it's still so faint. This is so disappointing, because if it was only stronger, I think I'd love it.
  14. funkmoppet

    The Jersey Devil

    Starts off with cranberry and pine, with well-behaved cedar and the hint of tasty tomato leaf. It's a sweet, woodland blend. With a slight masculine cologney edge that's altogether yummy. I have wandered into the forest and stumbled on a fragrant man. How fortuitous! He's wearing pants, but I think I see a way of relieving him of them. But he's defending himself with the dry stage. With candy-sweet funkmoppet-repellant. And boy, is it EFFECTIVE. Dang.
  15. funkmoppet


    The pearl of the Italian Renaissance. Elegant iris, bright berries, gilded amber and velvety spices. Florence, the blend that tried SO hard for me. *sigh* Wet: Iris! Sweet, floral but with a spicy base. Drying: Berries! The same lovely, spicy, tart berries I get in Black Forest, only lighter. At this point, I'm in love. The iris and berries and spice are gorgeous. Then: Oh, hai amber! Yeah, you turn the whole lot to floral powder ick. Thanks. Edited to add lab description.