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  1. captnklaus

    Coral Snake (2006)

    I was given a decant of Coral Snake by a lovely and generous forumite and oh my! Wet its all apples all the time, which makes me very grateful that apple plays well on my skin. After giving it some time to dry down and settle on my skin the Snake Oil starts to peek out and combine with the apple in a wonderful way. Its sweet, but not foody; comforting without being warm (I find Snake Oil to be a very "warm" scent, something I love to wear in cold weather vs hot). The citrus never makes an obvious appearance, and neither do the flowers. Instead they work together to keep this light and refreshing. Perfect for a fall day! It doesn't have a crazy throw like Snake Oil on its own does on me, but it definitely hangs around and I love catching whiffs now and then of beautiful appley Snake Oil. It also sticks around all day to the point where I can still detect it on my wrists while getting ready for bed. All in all this has definitely become a favorite of the Snake Pits, along with Australian Copperhead. Guess I just really love the pairing of Snake Oil with fruit Can't wait to get a bottle of this!
  2. captnklaus

    Witch Dance

    Witch Dance was one of those scents I really wanted to work. I blind bought it when it was released and after a disappointing initial test, I let it sit untouched until recently. After finally opening it again I now know ... That Witch Dance really isn't for me The red musk is fabulous, as usual, but the mixture of incense and autumn leaves just turn this into powder. I love smoky scents and red musk and was hoping for a gorgeous smoky, sexy blend, but ended up weird musky power. Woe! After the failure of this scent plus a few more I tried from last year's Weenies I now know to stay away from "autumn leaves". Ah well. Can't win em all.
  3. captnklaus


    I got this scent on the forum for a great deal sometime last year and I completely adore it Totally worth hunting it down! What I get from WILF is mostly warm, fuzzy musk + some sweetness from the vanilla bean (but definitely no where near a foody vanilla) + a bit of the resins to keep it all grounded + a tiny bit of earthy patch to make it a tad naughty. I don't get mint or chocolate, which is just fine to me honestly. It's a basically a warm, comforting blanket of awesome that starts off with a bite (red musk always starts off a bit sharp on me) but really mellows out into something delicious.
  4. captnklaus

    Geisha in Orange Kimono Admiring a Samurai

    Somehow I never reviewed this one despite it being from my first ever bottle order. Well, here it goes! I love this scent. It starts off with a huge hit of king mandarin and that's what I get from it mostly. Its bright, sweet, and refreshing. After a while I get a touch of floral (tuberose) and a touch of green (moss), but neither one gets overwhelming for me, which is awesome since floral notes tend to take over and get really heady. As it dries it gets softer and has less of that citrus bite, but continues to remain predominantly the mandarin and tangerine. It lasts longer than my other mostly citrus scents, which is great. I think, while I don't smell it outright, its the sandalwood that helps keep everything in check and keep it all sticking around. Overall I find Geisha to be a light and refreshing scent and a great mood lifter for me. A definite winner and my first lucky blind-buy haha.
  5. So I recently got my hands on some Plastic Pink Flamingo and it is quite good! It sticks close, but its got that sugary sweetness that I wanted. I tried a few bubblegumy scents with little luck (I'll stick to Smut for that), they all tended to disappear on me really quickly, but marshmallow has been kind to me. My favorite marshmallow scent is still actually Haus of Gloi's Ghost Puffs, but PPF is definitely more "pink" and has a hint of the dandelion sap. I may layer it with the dandelion sn to see how it'd be with a bit more of it. I've been dabbing lightly for work, but I'm gonna try to slather a bit more on to test the wear to see if its the scent I was looking for. Another that I tried was Uncle Brian which was very much sweet alcoholic gummy candies on me So not quite what I wanted but its suuuuper sweet! Despite my best judgement, I am getting a decant of Bubblegum and Roses. We'll see how that goes.
  6. My new favorite scent for summer has become Humpback Whale. I bought the Ambergris SN without expecting to become addicted to it, and Humpback Whale is that beautiful ambergris + refreshing peppermint + a hint of what I believe is the sea buckthorn berry. It is glorious and I find myself slathering it on on a hot day. I also recently did a retest of Emblaming Fluid and it just doesn't work for me it seems darn that white musk is making it go blehh on me.
  7. Red musk is also a winner on me, as are the fuzzy sorts of musks (Coyote). White/light/pale musks, skin, and black musk are hit or miss depending on what they're mixed with and usually ends up as powder. BTBT for example was pretty bad on me while WILF, which has both red and black musks, is pretty awesome. 51 (white and green musks) was terrible but I can wear Dorian (pale musks, which I'm assuming includes white). Embalming Fluid was ruined by the white musk. I also love that golden musk that's in Imp and would love to find more of that. Is that the same musk that's in Elf too? Its warm and yummy and I need more. As for my favorite red musk scents ... Crowley (also a favorite leather blend), Smut, and Snake Oil most likely
  8. captnklaus

    Notes That Don't Work, Blends That Do

    I really enjoy coconut, but my problem with it is that it just disappears immediately and I can't smell it at all. But I recently tried Death Adder and that was really coconutty! Wonder if its because its of the "black coconut" variety. And I normally can't do vetiver either but it works well in that one too. Violets always end up ruining a blend for me. They tend to come to the front and its all I can smell, and it brings up a lot of scent associations (not BAD ones, but it makes me feel weird and I just can't do it). But I discovered that one of the scents I really love, Elf, has it! Is it because it's "parma violet" rather than straight up violet? Well, either way, that was a nice surprise.
  9. Hey now even I have my sweet days, though admittedly not very often Ah yes, you started telling me about that one before being stolen away! Maybe I will try that one. And I did pick out some of the sweeter sounding April Fools scents so we'll see if any of those are a winner when my decants come in. In the meantime I've been slathering Bordello for my sweet fix (which is what I wore on Saturday).
  10. I tried my friend's Strawberry Moon and while it is nice, I want more of a sugary scent than a fruity scent. Though I may have to give up on pure sugary scents since they just don't seem to last. I started reading reviews of Sticky Pillowcase and am rather interested. Perhaps I'll hunt down a decant or a partial. I really want a sweet sugary candy PINK scent What about Courtney? The reviews seem mixed, mainly because of the tanning lotion, but the bubblegum interests me.
  11. I love soft sugary scents, with spun sugar or cotton candy. But they disappear within minutes on me! Mouse Circus would be perfect but it smells like nothing on my skin no matter how much I slather I've considered just swapping it but I can't seem to part with it just yet. The same thing happened with Conjure Oil's Loki too. Even Jailbait was gone after the initial awesome bubble gum blast. I still have my imp but I rarely wear her because of the constant need to reapply. The only sweet scents that like me and stick around are juicy fruit + booze and fruit + musk scents, like Bordello and Imp. Imp goes very thick, sweet peach candy on me and I love it to pieces. But I'd still love to find a soft sugar scent that is girlish but not mixed with any sort of pastry- or super foody in general- or with floral notes like rose. Other sweet scents I love are Boo!, Lick It Softly, Smut (my 2011 is yummy bubblegummy), and Hollywood Babylon which is syrupy strawberry, red musk, and cherry (one of the only scents with cherry I can handle)
  12. captnklaus


    I'm surprised I never got around to reviewing this one. Crowley is near the top of my Forever Favorite Scents list! On me the leather and musk are dominant with support from the vanilla husk (a much drier and not as sweet vanilla as I tend to like in other blends, but really nice all the same) and patchouli. Thankfully the 'lilac cologne' stays faaar far away and doesn't make this overly masculine or generic in the least. Oddly enough the lemon and mahogany never really make an appearance either. The leather is a nice, worn in black leather jacket sort of leather which delights me as leather is a favorite of mine along with that delicious red musk. It's a drop dead sexy scent and one of the only scents I have that made me seriously consider getting multiple bottles of despite how slowly I use up a 5mL. For now I've just been using up the small horde of imps I amassed while my bottle quietly ages. I'm nearing the end of my last imp so soon it will be time to crack open that bottle which every time I sneak a sniff of I can tell has just gotten better P.S. The character association probably helps with my love for this scent, not gonna lie.
  13. captnklaus


    Got this as a frimp with a recent lab order. Finally, a scent with chocolate that doesn't smell super artificial or plastic-like on me! In the imp and wet on my skin I get a blast of dark cocoa, but its not foodie. Which is great as I'm discovering that its mostly the foodie chocolate scents that just don't work out. As soon as it starts to dry though the sandalwood comes out. While it does come to the front, it never kicks the cocoa to the back. Instead they share the front seats and the vanilla and myrrh enjoy comfortable supporting seats behind them and helps to balance this scent out. Its dry, spicy, woody dark chocolate and just oh so good. As it dries down it sticks closer to the skin and requires reapplying every so often, but I don't really mind too much. Overall, I really like this! Whether or not there will be a 5 mL in my future has yet to be seen, but for now I will enjoy my imp.
  14. I look forward to wearing my citrus, fizzy, and boozy scents in the summer. In particular I wear: Baobhan Sith Kumiho Lightning Embalming Fluid RPG: Gnome Polynesian Pop Mary Read Geisha in Orange Kimono Admiring a Samurai And then I recently bought for summer: Green Tree Viper The Sound of Insects
  15. captnklaus


    I gave Fighter a quick test after getting it in last night. In the imp I definitely got leather, but it was a fainter leather than I expected. Metal notes just do not exist to my nose most of the time (this has happened with every Steamworks scent I have tried), so that could be what's causing the leather to smell pretty faint at first. I had a good feeling about this one though. For the first couple of minutes on my skin the metal notes dominate, which means I don't smell much of anything. Just a thin, oily sort of smell that I get from most metallic scents. But after a couple minutes the leather starts to come out and then we're getting somewhere. As it dries down Fighter is definitely an "after the battle" scent. It's the scent of battle worn leather and metal armor lingering on the Fighter's skin after they've taken it all off at the end of the day. I was really in love with the imagery this brought up. Pretty comforting, but a scent I would need to be in the mood for to actually wear alone. Definitely going to try layering this and seeing what happens! ETA: Ok, I lied. I love this scent! I layer it with Chaotic usually, but actually don't mind wearing it alone. Adding to the bottle list!