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    Three Witches, Liaison, And There Was a Great Cry in Egypt, Pumpkin Princess, Snake Oil, Oblivion, Morocco, Black Lace, Lilith Victoria, Anactoria, Paper Kite, French Tobacco, Snake Pit scents, Hope and Fear Set Free, September Midnight, Falling Leaf Moon, Summer Lace, Red Lantern, Autumn Lace, Tattered Lace, Death Adder, King Cobra, Giant Vulva, skekZok, Midnight Mass, etc etc etc DO NOT LIKE (on me): RED MUSK, strong patchouli, aquatics, rose & most florals, cedar, mint, chocolate (white, milk, dark, all bad :-( dirt notes.


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  1. MuskWitch

    Shadows and Reflections

    O. M. G. This is a must have if you love myrrh and musk. They play together so well in this blend, balancing one another perfectly. The poppy isn't all that prominent on my skin, and the sandalwood just adds a base of warm wood for the rest to settle into. Y. U. M. I sometimes have problems with the "black" notes whether it is black poppy, black musk, or black whatever. That is not the case with this blend. I tried an imp and LOVED it! So I ordered two bottles. They have arrived. I may need two more. WOW. I think this one is going to age beautifully.
  2. MuskWitch

    Palus Putridinis

    Wow. Damn my body chemistry. This smells beautiful in the bottle, I don't get that marshy boggy thing, I get the leather, vanilla, patchouli and a hint of clove. WET on my skin, same thing, mostly the leather, vanilla, a hint of patchouli, and clove, not bitter clove though, just a nice spiciness, and a bit of the vetiver is showing through. As it dries down something else comes to the surface. Starts out like "Hmmm, I thought this smelled beautiful, what is happening?" When it is dry, I start looking for the unwashed (for several days) person who apparently snuck in and is under my desk. BO? Really bad BO? What the? Apparently my body AMPS cumin in the worst possible way. All I smell is BO. All the loveliness disappears. I so wish this could be as beautiful ON me as it is in the bottle. Off to the swap/sale pile. *sigh*
  3. MuskWitch

    Miss Lupescu

    Wow. I must be weird, or at least my skin chemistry is. I do get the almond from the oil in the bottle, but when it is on my skin, the almond disappears. That is weird because most scents with almond in them go straight to "almond hell" on my skin. I get the musk and spices, almost no patchouli, and a lovely sweet wood in the background. I loved the imp I swapped for so much that I ordered two bottles. I can see this one going into my "favorites" box.
  4. MuskWitch

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    Wow, either my nose is really OFF, or I got a slightly different blend. I think it is heavy on the BLACK vanilla, with tobacco next, then oud, then the cardamom, I think. I had to go huff my bottle of cardamom to see what it smells like, not much scent, but it is an OLD bottle, probably older than some Forumites! I have long hair and usually use about 4 or 5 spritzes (wash my hair every day, at night, go to bed with it wet. And I am 57 years old and have yet to catch my death of cold). I was afraid to use just the BVandC, so I did 3 spritzes of Dorian and one of BVandC. It was strong at first, but not much left this morning. So, I did one more spritz on my dry hair this morning, and it is hanging around much longer, and smells quite lovely! It is a keeper!
  5. MuskWitch


    I am re-testing a bottle I've had for a couple of years. I know I love it, but haven't paid much attention to it for a while. Too busy trying other newer stuff. The color is delicious, I've never seen such a beautiful color. I think it matches my eyes! Deep, dark, musk (but not quite "black", and not brown, just very rich and grounded), sweet woods (not the pencil shavings type, not the pine-type, but the rich dark sensuous aged meaty woods), spice, a hint of saffron, and patchouli so well blended it doesn't even register as PATCHOULI, but as some shadowy, intense, mysterious anchor for the other notes. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. You gotta try this.
  6. MuskWitch

    A Lady Tall and White

    In the bottle: What is that? Something I've smelled before, a smell associated with an experience, not a bad one. Some effervescence, maybe a touch of "forest" or pine needle - in a good way, That may be the "frosted" note. The vanilla and sandalwood are blended with the "frosted" really well, they don't scream out at me from the bottle, in fact they are hiding very well behind the effervescence. On my skin - effervescence effervescence effervescence and nothing else. Dry down - still effervescence. It doesn't really remind me of snow, it smells like effervescence. It isn't a bad smell, it just isn't something I want to smell like. I'm going to let it sit for a week or so and try it again. I received three of the Trading Post scents today and they all smell "fresh". In other words, they haven't been mixed together long enough for the notes to get to know one another. I think they need to sit for a while. Including this one!
  7. MuskWitch

    Sweet Potato Musk

    I'm not sure where I've written about this before, but I know I have expressed that red musk is just-not-good for me. I know it doesn't smell bad, but it has a bad effect on my sensibilities. It nauseates me, like the smell of roofing. It smells nothing like roofing tar, it just has that effect. That being said, when I got my bottle of Sweet Potato Musk and smelled it, I was in LOVE! Sweet, spicy, buttery, yummy goodness all the way around. I applied it to my skin and it still smelled lovely. For a while. Then my sensibilities tried to tell me "uhm, this has red musk in it". And I DENIED the whole thing! I SO wanted it to smell on my as lovely as it smells in the bottle. Until I tested it again today. Yep, red musk. Oh how I wish Beth would let us know when something has red musk in it. I know she can't give away all her secrets, but red musk is just my death note. I just have to learn that many sweet foodie scents contain red musk. My skin sucks in every sweet lovely spicy buttery yummy goodness that is in SP Musk and vomits forth great masses of RED MUSK. DANG IT!
  8. MuskWitch

    Single Note: Pile Of Fallen Leaves

    Yep, this is the Lab's leaf note for sure! It is the one that, in the bottle, I think "ew, I don't want to wear that!". And it is that way when wet. BUT, it dries down into a beautiful, warm, dry-leafy scent. Even though it is dry leaves, it has the refreshing quality of one of the scents found outside in Autumn, especially in the mornings when all is quiet (we live out in the country), the scents are soft and still a bit wet and chilly from the morning. This is what makes Death of Autumn and Falling Leaf Moon so beautiful on the dry-down.
  9. MuskWitch

    Pumpkin II (2014)

    I. Love. This. I was a bit skeptical because of the patchouli. Not any more! If you are hesitating because of the patchouli, stop that right now. This is beautiful. On me it is a deep, dark, spicy, woodsy cinnamon. I'm not getting any clove, or maybe just a smidge as part of the cinnamon. The patchouli and tobacco just add deepness, darkness, and stability. Moss? Not so much. Not getting any "pie" feel at all. This is earthy. This is deep. This is gorgeous. Getting another bottle. At least.
  10. I placed an order in early Oct and just got a receipt yesterday. This is unusual for sure, so is waiting this long for an order. There is/was a bug going around the Lab and they got way behind on orders. It is what happens in a small business. I get really impatient for my orders too, but over the past 3 years that I've been ordering BPAL I have learned that Beth and Co are real people,a small business, and stuff happens. One absence can cause a domino effect in the whole works. I understand your frustration, I really do.
  11. MuskWitch

    Visions of Autumn VII

    I love, no, I LOVE this scent! I LOVE the tobacco, and tobacco LOVES my skin! I knew this one would be a winner! This is a resiny-tobacco dominant-woodsy-sweet-pepper/spicy scent that only gets better the longer I wear it. I think it will age beautifully. I ordered two more bottles. Maybe it should have been three . . . . .
  12. MuskWitch

    Visions of Autumn I

    Well, I should have known better. I KNOW cedar doesn't work on me. I KNOW cedar is the first ingredient listed. But, but, but, it has AMBER!! And BLACK PEPPER! And OUDH!!!!!!!! Maybe the cedar will just go away and all those scents will rush forward. *sigh* Nope, not happening on my skin. It is a lovely amber/oudh/black pepper scent ~~ with bad B.O. I am hoping the cedar will mellow into a more my-skin-friendly woodsy scent. Now that I have some BPAL experience under my belt I'm willing to keep it for a while and give it a chance to mellow. Please, pretty please! The other notes are LOVELY!!
  13. MuskWitch


    Sweet resinous woods and ahhhhmazing tobacco! I. Love. This. Love it! The tobacco sinks right into my skin (thank you Sakari!) and then throws itself out in a gorgeous cloud surrounded by sweet woods and dark resins. To hell with labeling this a "masculine" scent. I'm wearing it and wearing it very well thank you! Just ordered two bottles. Maybe I should have ordered three . . . . or four?
  14. I sent an inquiry about my orders today also. I have one from 8/17, 8/24, and 8/28. Just getting antsy.
  15. MuskWitch

    The Diamond’s Gong

    In the bottle, ooooooo, I like this. oh DAMN, I like this! On my skin, I LIKE this, I really really LIKE this! I think I need another bottle! I can't quite place what it is that I like about it. It's just a really pretty scent. It reminds me of something. I don't know what it reminds me of, but I like it! Wish I had a better "nose" so I could describe this more precisely. I think I will need another bottle. How's that?