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    Lorraine Cross

    Steam-distilled Somalian myrrh with wild crafted rockrose, Moroccan rose absolute, and white sandalwood. So. Starting off with... duh. We all have different taste in things. However, I don't feel like a proper review for the absolute magic and love that went into Lorraine cross from Elizabeth Barrial and Bloodmilk exquisite corpse has been recognized. So, this is my review for lorraine cross. The oil from wet to dry down hits sooo many memory triggers and just peace. Here are the notes for those who don't know them; **Steam-distilled Somalian myrrh with wild crafted rockrose, Moroccan rose absolute, and white sandalwood Ok... so.. I have been wearing this since it arrived. And it has made home on my skin and stayed there lol. Wonderful throw and staying power. It is without a doubt one of my instant top favorite bpal oils. It's warm... comforting... I swear I almost get a black vanilla backdrop. The rose is not HEY LOOK AT ME I'M ROSE. the blend is flawless. The rose blends with the myrhh, sandalwood and is just so pure. I cannot give credit enough to this oil and the work put into it. If you want to smell like an elegant Victorian unearthed goddess..... This. Thank you again for the astounding collaboration guys.