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  1. ShowOrchid

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    On the flip side, I'm sure you won't have any trouble in selling the bottle. I'm sure someone is DISO of it!
  2. ShowOrchid

    Bitches Love Unicorns

    Echoing the similar sentiments of skittles!! I pulled this out of my mail today and dabbed a bit on my wrists. It evokes the preteen in me that loved Lisa Frank stickers and perfume in plastic bottles. This is straight up happiness and bright in a bottle. I don't regret blind buying for a second!
  3. ShowOrchid

    Edith Awakes Atmosphere Spray

    This really smells like a snuffed out candle amongst jasmine, almost transporting you to Allerdale Hall.
  4. ShowOrchid

    Red Wig Spray

    This reminds me of a fun time in university. I was 21 and a regular smoker. I smoked these cigarettes called Pink Elephants because they were pink and had a vanilla smoke filter. It also reminds me of waking up with last night's makeup on, smelling like the smoke and a bit of regret. The musk and smoke is great in this. Not as great as Pink wig spray, but I like it. Not backup worthy for me.
  5. ShowOrchid

    Sleet Hair Gloss

    I picked this up off the etsy a few weeks ago and just got around to trying it. Based off the notes, I thought this was going to be a slam dunk for me, and a great light scent for the summer. Erm. Upon spraying it, it reminds me of a Voluspa candle I had over the holidays. It smells like a Christmas tree on me. I'm not getting any Orange Blossom or anything and it makes me so so sad! Especially now that my hair is shorter and it never gets wintery cold in Hawaii, I'm not sure when I'll really use this and enjoy it, so it may be on the market soon. Sad face.
  6. ShowOrchid

    Fairy Tales and Lies

    I get lilies, rose and amber on this. For me, this reads a little like a feminine twist on Thomas Sharpe. I've had a lot of people compliment it on me. I'll definitely keep it and put it in my rotation. Beautiful scent.
  7. ShowOrchid

    Bruised Violet Nail Lacquer

    The nails lasted a good week before chipping started. I enjoyed the application and how pretty and vibrant it was. I'm not sure I'm going to reach for it as often as say.. Buried Secrets, but it sure is pretty!
  8. ShowOrchid

    The Waltz

    I love how sweet and delicate this scent is. It evokes exactly that scene from the movie and smells like rose jam from Lush. This won't be in high rotation, but more of a mood-match fragrance for me. Actually, whenever Tom Hiddleston wants to dance? This is what I'm wearing.
  9. ShowOrchid

    Dream Awake Nail Lacquer

    I really enjoyed how pretty this was. It reminded me of Sally Hansen's Chrome polishes from about 16 years ago. It's a lighter yellow gold. I almost always do two coats of a polish and it was the perfect amount for even coverage. A beautiful colour; very classy. I'll probably be keeping this in high rotation.
  10. ShowOrchid

    The Magician

    Sniffing this on myself makes me want to be wrapped up with Tom Hiddleston dressed in Thomas Sharpe's clothing, as he shows me his little inventions. There's a bit of an innocence to it, an innocence that had to be lost right away, with the men's cologne in it. It's also kind of reminds me of fancy aftershave. I really like this!
  11. ShowOrchid

    Mother Ghost

    This smell has a comforting aspect to it. It reminds me very much of my own grandmother (who still lives). I get a floriental from it and the throw is wonderful!
  12. We went out into the moonless and tortuous network of that incredibly ancient town; went out as the lights in the curtained windows disappeared one by one, and the Dog Star leered at the throng of cowled, cloaked figures that poured silently from every doorway and formed monstrous processions up this street and that, past the creaking signs and antediluvian gables, the thatched roofs and diamond-paned windows; threading precipitous lanes where decaying houses overlapped and crumbled together, gliding across open courts and churchyards where the bobbing lanthorns made eldritch drunken constellations. Night-sky blue microshimmer scattered with iridescent, hypnotic stars. This is like the night sky captured in a bottle that I almost didn't pick up until I saw someone else swatch it. It was a two-three coater for me, formula was a bit on the thick side, but I think I can add some thinner for it for it to move better. It's not holographic shimmer, but the effect is beautiful. A winner for me.
  13. ShowOrchid

    Between Your Heart And Mine

    So beautiful. I love the rose of this, with the vanilla on the drydown. It's got a bit of a innocence and delicateness to it.
  14. ShowOrchid

    Lucille's Room Atmosphere Spray

    I wish this was a perfume, but I was able to test this and sprayed it on my scarf. I'm in love. It's a dark floral and has a bit of somberness to it. I feel like I stepped back in time with it, as it reminds me of my great-aunt's house. I need a huge bottle of this, ASAP!
  15. ShowOrchid

    Kate Fulton

    This was gardenias and gunpowder on me. I love both, but for some reason, my skin doesn't like them both on me! I have a partial I'm going to sadly need to sell.