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    Vial of Holy Water is my holy grail BPAL, and I adore heady scents like Black Moths. I love the Labs rose scents, particularly Whip, Spellbound, Rose Red. Dorian is divine!

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    Reading, Crochet and knitting, my pets, makeup, tattoos and piercings, garden gnomes


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  1. SJanet

    Winter Jasmine

    I really love this Jasmine. It doesn't go into a rubber scent, the way some Jasmine notes can. Its a straight forward jasmine floral, very pretty and clean.
  2. SJanet


    This is a feminine vanilla, tobacco blend. The porcelain note lends a soft chalky vibe, but not in a gross way. It is soft, pretty, and slightly powdery. Its sweet, but not cloying, and not at all foodie. Very pretty scent.
  3. SJanet

    Bulgarian Tobacco

    I find Bulgarian Tobacco to be a sweet and creamy tobacco blend. It has a chewy quality, like a fresh pouch of vanilla tobacco. It is the best tobacco scent I've ever smelled. It has great throw, while staying quite true to the initial application. I adore this scent!
  4. SJanet

    Solstice Lace

    My first impression: it's a beautiful Fall scent! The tobacco and apple are the notes that first hit. But it's not a typical apple scent, in that it doesn't fall into the apple-cinnamon candle territory. It's very rich! It isn't a light scent, in the way that Antique Lace is. It is more robust and rich. The tobacco note is sweet, and full, but not candy-like the way Bulgarian Tobacco is. It's a bit more like the tobacco in Perversion with the vanilla lace taming it a bit. This scent is very complex and hard to describe. But it's soooo good! I knew this scent would be a win!
  5. SJanet

    The Library of John Dee

    Last March, we took Lilith to the John Dee exhibit at the Royal College of Physicians in London. She loved it, especially the bits about his cryptography and the video presentation of his life and works. I loved her loving it. Truly, there's little that warms an old occultist's heart quite like holding her daughter's hand while gazing at books salvaged from John Dee's own library, or looking at our reflections together in Dee's scrying mirror. Worn leather bindings, the dry crackle of ancient paper, styrax and onycha, frankincense, a drop of candle wax, and the barest fleck of dried Tudor roses. I just got this bottle in from the lab, so I'm sure the bottle needs to rest a bit. Here are my first impressions: Cold sniff: This is a very pretty perfume. Very feminine. I smell some of the candle wax, It has a 1950's powder room vibe to it. Not to say that it is powdery though. But rather the smell of a vintage perfume. The rose note isn't predominant, but there is a floral tone to it. On wrist: I am getting a bit of the leather and rose scent that would be in Whip, but not in a strong, hit you in the face way. It's mellow, and soft. It is reminiscent of Bear Prince, but much more mellow on the rose note. But it does have a similar background. After 30 minutes: The Rose and leather are a bit more to the forefront, and the frankincense keeps the rose in check. I smell floral, without it verging into full bright rose territory. The notes have morphed into a bit of a powdery scent. All in all: This scent has good throw! My husband could smell it across the room, and I had just dabbed some on my wrist. It is a very feminine scent, and very pretty. It's not my typical scent to wear as it is a bit powdery. So I'll wear this only occasionally. This would be a great scent for someone who loves vintage perfumes! Hope this review is helpful!