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  1. russetfox

    Hand of Glory

    I got a decant from a friend. I have been wanting to try this for so long, off Dorian'S reviews and raves. It is gglorious. In the vial all I get is amazing beeswax. Once on my skin, I get somewhat spicy leather mixing with the amazing beeswax. Drool
  2. russetfox

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Thanks everybody, it was pretty much what I was thinking, just gonna start scouring my oils and make sure I don't wear any potentials around him
  3. russetfox

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I have recently added a man thing into my life that has a major nut allergy. He loves scents and I really want to explore smells between us, but I don't want to kill him. Does anyone have any notes I should for sure avoid besides the obvious ones?
  4. russetfox

    Dead Leaves and Sugared Cardamom

    I have been wearing this daily at work for the past few days. I love it! I can't smell the sugar at all, to me all I smell is an amazing men's cologne, but my coworker can pick up on the sugar and does not think man when she smelled my wrist. So I get my men's world to me while those around me pick up a little less on that and don't mind!
  5. russetfox

    Teatime in Roswell Home & Linen Spray

    Testing my freshly received bottle which has been sitting around the house for like 8 hours now. My experience with cucumber is not that awesome, but the rest of the notes intrigued me and I just had to have some more post products in my collection I actually really like this, it is odd, but I think it will be really good for summer. I get a little bit of the watery cucumber, but I mostly get tea and sweet cake. I get the tea with a smidge of cake sweet in the background on the throw, where as if I stick my nose on my blanket where I spritzed it is primary sweet cakes with a smidge of cucumber and tea. Will probably wind up as a linen spray, as it is not much of a house smell for me. Totally gonna keep this blind gamble!
  6. russetfox

    Imp and Bottle Cap Issues (breakage, leakage)

    And added is an imp of Gnome, finally getting around to finishing my untested oils in preparation of Lupers coming. Snake Oil: 12/14/15 Joy Mojo: 12/24/15 Gnome: 1/30/16 Probably should let the lab know, so far nothing is coming in ruined but if you don't have your own stash of imp caps or alternative storage, then your kinda out an imp.
  7. russetfox

    Baron Samedi

    Okay finally got around to testing my imps. I have one frimp from the lab a couple months ago and the other is an older imp I got from a FB order. The fresher imp: Wet: omg who started the bbq... ug, but that quickly calms down to a somewhat decent smoke Dry: smoky spice rather interesting The older imp: same with a lot less smoke and no bbq. Ug was just testing the newer one, but when I got that bbq note had to see if it ages out which either it does or there is some major batch veration between my two imps. I actually kinda like both of them once that BBQ note tones down. It will be getting added to my boy mood perfumes as I don't see girl in this at all.
  8. russetfox

    Les Fleurs du Mal

    Quick test before taking a shower to see if I will wear to work tomorrow. This is the one imp that somehow missed details, I don't know where it came from or how old it is... Application: Quick rub of the imp wand, Wet: major strong florals, not sure which flower is which, this smells awesome of flowers. Major throw Dry: tones down a little, but still flower so much flowers. Wow, I am starting to figure out what people are saying when they talk throw. I have tested so many of my collection and reviews talk about throw and on me it is a skin scent, but what little I put on, I am sitting here in a flower cloud and it is an amazing cloud. Will update with work review tomorrow after work!
  9. russetfox

    Imp and Bottle Cap Issues (breakage, leakage)

    I had an imp of Joy Mojo recently that came to me with what looked to be a cut lid that finished snapping when I tried opening it, I had randomly ordered some fresh imp vials shortly into my journey so had something to put it in, but in my limited experience in the few months I have been at this. Bad caps are a rare occurrence, and probably from a bad batch of caps. I don't think anything in my imp/decant collection is older than a few years so can't attest for really old imps, but out of 136 imps/decants only had two broken caps, both from recent lab orders. My second broken cap was an imp of Snake Oil and it split after about 10 openings.
  10. russetfox


    I love this oil so decided to make a review, Got a frimp from the lab a little over a month ago, then last week got an imp from someone So reviewing both as they are very much different. Imp: the vetiver is more top note in the non-lab imp, where I get much leather with a hint of vetiver in the lab imp Wet: about the same as in imp, with the other notes peaking around the corner as it dries down. Dry: taking forever they appear to be reversing, in the non-lab imp the leather is coming out as top note and vetiver as top note in the lab imp I really like this very much a boy scent which I am rather lacking Wearing this to work tomorrow to test how long it sticks around!
  11. russetfox

    Snake Oil

    Got this with my TAL order as a frimp. I sniffed it that day and could not stand it, so sat it aside and went on to other smellies. a couple weeks ago I sniffed the imp again and noticed it had gotten a bit better. I was messing with my stash organizing and what-nots. I decided to sniff this again and found something quite appealing to my nose. I went ahead and swipped some on the back of my wrist and my wrist was kinda a light brown yellow color for a couple minutes tell I rubbed. Wet: don't really get much, can slightly pick up on the herbs with a little spice poking up its head. Drying: The herbs settle down and the vanilla starts coming out and playing nicely with the spice and herbs. I put a very small amount on and am not getting any throw, but this is defiantally going to be a bottle in one of my future orders, maybe many so I can stash them away with Do Not open till ... stickers on them
  12. russetfox


    Got this as a frimp a few weeks ago. Sniffing the imp then it was so hot and burned the nose, I put it away for it to hopefully settle a little or something. Was clearing out my notes and seen I had not tested this so I tested it today. All I get is Cinnamon and after a minute or two a nice red, bumpy, ichy testing area. I did not mind the smell, but I don't like my smelly stuff burning me
  13. russetfox

    Santa Muerte

    unknown age frimp Imp: dirt lots of dirt wet: floral ash tray, rather pleasant but still very much ash tray it is very odd dries down to a powdery floral with no hint of the ash tray
  14. russetfox

    Godfather Death

    Tested an imp of unknown age that I got as a frimp from a FB order In Imp: astringent piney spicy yew wood wet: strong masculine spiced yew wood dry: just picking up on the strong spicy woods, no rose, do pick up bits of pine I may keep the imp and test again sometime in the future before it continues the journey to someone else as it is a nice male scent and I am lacking in male scents that stay male with my female chemistry.
  15. russetfox


    I recently got an imp of this with an order. I love it. Wore it today at work. Imp: leather and lilac Wet: sharp sweet plum and lilac a couple hours in all I can catch is light amounts of leather, and no throw except when wet. Love it, so in line for a bottle as the imp will probably continue the journey to someone else who needs to fall in love.