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  1. catwoman30

    Follow Me Boy

    Wow this is gorgeous. When first applied it is straight up indolic, heavy jasmine. It’s on the very edge of being too strong but pretty soon the other notes start arriving. I get a light lemon,and traditional baby lotion along with the jasmine that temper it a bit. Then the jasmine actually begins to smell like paperwhites. If you haven’t smelled those before they remind me of a stronger daffodil. It’s really lovely- very springlike to me. After almost an hour of wear I’m getting A LOT of sweet lemon/ vanilla. It’s definitely a heady fragrance and being from the Southern U. S. it also smells very familiar… like sitting on the porch on a warm Spring day smelling all of the flowers blooming with the soft honey scent of pollen floating around. 💕
  2. catwoman30

    The Avenging Vase

    Oh I wish I had experienced this scent like the previous reviewer. On me this is is almost a rose SN start to finish. It's very powdery with a strong throw. Kinda like pink Dove soap x20. I'm a huge fan of rose so this isn't necessarily bad...that being said I also have a bunch of rose scents so I'm on the fence about keeping this one. Will test a few more times for sure.
  3. catwoman30

    The Serpentine

    On me this smells like a man wearing old-fashioned Brut cologne, sitting in the garden next to a lavender bush while drinking a cup of black tea (that is a lot more cream and sugar than tea ). I find it to be green, herbal and creamy in a soft, comforting way. While that description may sound unappealing to some it reminds me of my Daddy,gone 27 years now. He wore Brut cologne when I was very young so it brings back a lot of memories. The idea of the scent is to convey a father and daughter enjoying quiet time together and for me it captures that feeling brilliantly. ETA I actually ended up washing this off as it evoked TOO many memories...I had a very complicated relationship with my father and I guess it's just too much. Off to the swap pile sadly.😖
  4. catwoman30

    The Witch's Garden

    Strange...all I get from this is a pale jasmine with a hint of ylang ylang. Nothing green or herbal whatsoever. It smells very clean and bright on me. I'd love to have a bottle but honestly I'm afraid it might not smell like my imp.😕
  5. catwoman30

    Virgo 2016

    I bought this for myself as a birthday present since I am a Virgo. Wow...just wow. Straight from the bottle is strong lemon verbena with a touch of patchouli. When first applied the patch comes forth strong but verrrry briefly. The lemon verbena comes back and it is gorgeous..a bit creamy almost(musky).After a bit I get the effervescence that the other posters mentioned. It made me think of Pop Rocks candy. Now this doesn't smell candy-ish at all- more of an echo of it. The patchouli is very low on me and I agree there is some hidden note that creates a very round, well balanced scent. It is quite joyful in a very gentle way.Absolutely sublime.
  6. catwoman30

    The Silence of the Woods

    Red soil and scattered pine needles, acorn husks and pine cones, burgundy pitch and oak leaves, drooping black cedar branches, woodmoss, and a cluster of pale, poisonous berries. Wow...I've never been first to review a scent. I hate to give a partially negative review but this isn't what I was hoping for. In the bottle it smells like being in the woods but on the skin it was all dirt. I could barely smell any other notes.After about 15 minutes the soil dies down some and I get some pine and what I think might be the acorn husks and leaves.There is a smidge of the berries. Getting past the soil part is difficult (for me) but it does get better as it goes. I'm going to retest later and will update my review if needed. Others may have a completely different reaction to this. I'm eager to read other reviews. ETA I should have explained that I can only take dirt notes in small quantities but honestly this is growing on me....☺ Note to self:do not try on heavier oils when you are just getting over the stomach flu and it's 90° outside. I feel this will work better as a Fall/Winter scent. It's a bit overwhelming in the heat. Funny thing:I went outside after it rained today and the air smelled a lot like this oil!
  7. catwoman30

    Black Cat

    I recently bought this unsniffed because like so many others I was intrigued by the name...plus I could use a little joy in my life. Right off the bat I get rose with a brightness to it that I assume is something from the mint family. There is an herbal undertone I can't quite place but it's very light and only in the wet stage. Pretty soon everything but the rose fades and it lets its presence be known...loudly. On me the rose has a slightly creamy smell and soon reminds me of Nivea cream;like almost exactly. I quite like that smell so I am beyond happy with this kitty. As far as the 'benefits' I do find myself more cheerful when I wear it. I'm really glad I took a chance on this one.
  8. Thank you EVERYONE for all of your wonderful suggestions(and hugs)...still not doing well which is why I am just now replying-all of you are angels
  9. I am but my meds just aren't working and since being put on a new heart medicine it makes me sick to my stomach 24/7
  10. Thank you-I just don't know what is going to help at this point-I tend to like more lavender type stuff but you know if you have clinical depression not much of anything helps-just wondering what other people do.I might look for some imps of stuff-I have a few to swap but no money to buy a bottle of anything....and right back...
  11. I have been having a rough few months:got evicted, my heart problems have worsened so I cannot work and my bf keeps pushing back his visit time(it's long distance).My meds aren't working and I was just wondering if there were any scents that people find to lift their spirits and also calm them down.I know this is TMI but I have spent most of the day in bed too depressed to move.....I'm sure others can understand.
  12. catwoman30


    Wow-what a difference a few years makes!I tried this not long after it first came out and all I got was a harsh soap smell and swapped it away ASAP.Well I thought I'd give it another shot as my scent tastes have changed a bit since then and I have to say it is beautiful-pure white musk and violets is what I get now....absolutely lovely and will be perfect for the hot, humid summer on it's way
  13. catwoman30

    White and "Light" Musk Recommendations

    I love any white musk perfumes and was wondering what oils smelled predominantly of it?So far the strongest I have found is Lurid
  14. catwoman30

    Smoky Moon 2009: Tristesses de la Lune

    Ah-this is a big LOVE for me...It starts off as a very prominent orris/sandalwood combo with a tiny hint of a hazy floral and almost a slight fruitiness I believe is the nicotania.As it dries the sandalwood becomes more prominent and 4 hours later I still get whiffs off it.This scent is utterly dreamy-I wish I had more than one bottle!!!!
  15. catwoman30

    Sugar Moon 2008

    Oh how I love this stuff...When first applied I got the same Sugar Skull note as many others which didn't bode well as me and the 'Skull don't get along.After only a few minutes the fruit and flowers began to peek through and as it dried a sweet powdery note began to emerge.It smelled very familiar and I racked my brains trying to figure out what it was and then it hit me: the drydown smells exactly like Hanae Mori Butterfly...on me at least