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  1. Vefenna

    The Last Unicorn

    The Last Unicorn is definitely my favourite scent. I expected much of it, because The Last Unicorn is my childhood most loved novel. It really stood up and is everything my imagination was hoping for! This scent is sweet, creamy and very pleasing. Directly from the bottle I smell white chocolate, coconut and maybe some sandalwood. On the skin: Wet - the chocolate is dominant. Sweet, but not foody. Dry - the chocolate isn’t distinguishable anymore, however floral notes are more noticeable. It all blends perfectly together into a floral, sweet, magical scent. For me is feminine and innocent (not girly, rather more pure and majestic).
  2. Vefenna


    Heroine is one of my favourites! It's a complex scent where you can smell all the layers. Fresh form the bottle I get some greenery and sharpness. Wet on skin it becomes more sweet and crispy. Reminds me of some wild, unexplored places. Sharpness is still there but maybe more citrusy? Green and musky it's also slightly fruity - propably apple, but it's not foody, more fresh and sweet. Overall: perfect combination of musk and patchouli – which is warm and sexy with some sweet, fruity greenery. Love it! And also I really like the label ;D