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  1. Wet it's very floral, like a big bouquet. Then, when it hits my skin it turns to beautiful lilac and black currant scent; still very floral. Later I smell something smokey ( dead leaves? ) and little bit of orchid. It's amazing - lilac, currant, flowers in the background and 'smoke' make it wonderful
  2. Vefenna


    Alcie is one of my go-to scents! It is amazing - mossy green, slightly sweet with aquatic notes. It is hard for me to pinpoint exact notes. I get green musk, oakmoss with sweet and bright nectarine, but it's tamed like "sweet and bright, but under water"? On me it feels natural, almost like "my skin but better" type of scents. Beautiful!
  3. Vefenna

    Snake Oil

    When I first tested Snake Oil 5 years ago - it was frimp with my second order - it wasn't anything special, just "meh". All I got was plain vanilla. And I'm not fond of foody scents. Lately I thought that maybe I'll test it once more, because so many people love it. And oh wow! I get it now! It's beautiful! Sweet, vanilla-like, spicy, gorgeous! I love it! If you're not sure about it (or any other scent), maybe give it some time and it may surprise you and become your favourite! It has great throw and staying power, however it does stain.
  4. Vefenna


    It's definitely green scent. Pine, forest, some herbs? It masculine and sexy with all that wilderness. It's really nice, although over time it can be a little too sharp for me. I think it's my allergies to grass and trees. Nevertheless I still wear it occasionally.
  5. I love: Vixen - sweet and sexy Alice - sweet, creamy, spicy flowers Lady of Shalott - green and aquatic flowers Bewitched - wild and mysterious. Forest and berries Elf - berries, musk and forest Haunted - heavy and sexy
  6. Vefenna


    When I was smelling Morgause for the first time I was not very fond of her - mostly because I don't like jasmine very much. All i got was very strong violet and jasmine. Maybe there was some sweetness but far in the background. Lately I tried it again to look how it changed over time and I was very surprised. It's still heady florals and I have to be careful and use a light hand, but I like it. It's mysterious and sensual, but at the same time comforting. It proves that jasmine can work for me and sometimes you have to give a scent some time to like it.
  7. Vefenna

    The Lady of Shalott

    This scent reminds me of fresh watery flowers, like the real bouquet. From the bottle I get lots of magnolia, a little bit of ginger and aquatic notes. It's beautiful, feminine, crispy aroma. I enjoy wearing it, plus it lasts all day on me.
  8. Vefenna


    Oh! I adore Haunted. For me it's a little heavier scent, full of mystery and sensuality. It reminds me of a fortune-teller, someone with a strong character. When I wear it I feel seductively and confident.
  9. Vefenna


    I don't like rose very much, but Rakshasa proves that it can work for me. From the imp it's a pleasant "roses and wood" scent. Wet on the skin most prominent note is the rose. When drying down patchouli and sandalwood makes it woody and spicy, keeping (rose) from being too fresh. After couple of hours the rose note is still there but nicely tempered. For me this is simple and enjoyable scent.
  10. Vefenna


    Alice was a frimp and I just fell in love with that scent! In the beginning it smells like smokey rose or rosewood? Maybe like wild rose? But right after couple minutes it turns into sweet and creamy spicy flowers. Honey, milk, carnation, bergamot, it's all there. I don't know why, but it reminds me of Christmas or winter time, it's comforting and cuddly. If I'm not sure what to wear it's one of my go to.
  11. Vefenna


    Vixen is one of my signature scents It's super feminine, sexy and sassy. Wet on skin dominant notes are patchouli and orange blossom - yum! Ginger makes it spicy. With time it all blends together into a lovely smell. On my skin it has a great throw and stays perceptible for long, however it can be too heavy sometimes. And yes, it leaves stains. Vixen definitely deserves a try, especially if you like patchouli or sweet, spicy scents.
  12. Vefenna

    The Last Unicorn

    The Last Unicorn is definitely my favourite scent. I expected much of it, because The Last Unicorn is my childhood most loved novel. It really stood up and is everything my imagination was hoping for! This scent is sweet, creamy and very pleasing. Directly from the bottle I smell white chocolate, coconut and maybe some sandalwood. On the skin: Wet - the chocolate is dominant. Sweet, but not foody. Dry - the chocolate isn’t distinguishable anymore, however floral notes are more noticeable. It all blends perfectly together into a floral, sweet, magical scent. For me is feminine and innocent (not girly, rather more pure and majestic).
  13. Vefenna


    Heroine is one of my favourites! It's a complex scent where you can smell all the layers. Fresh form the bottle I get some greenery and sharpness. Wet on skin it becomes more sweet and crispy. Reminds me of some wild, unexplored places. Sharpness is still there but maybe more citrusy? Green and musky it's also slightly fruity - propably apple, but it's not foody, more fresh and sweet. Overall: perfect combination of musk and patchouli – which is warm and sexy with some sweet, fruity greenery. Love it! And also I really like the label ;D