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  1. thomasblackthorne

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Does anyone have a picture of Jolly Roger or Dorian?
  2. thomasblackthorne

    Phoenix Steamworks

    GAH! This has been on my wishlist forever now... I got this as a frimp from a lovely swapper. I do enjoy the smell, but it's not near anything I was expecting, it just smells really clean and herbal on me, not metallic in the slightest, or incensy. I will definitely keep the imp, it's a very clean cut, professional scent imo. I feel like a well educated mad scientist when I wear it though, it's nice.
  3. thomasblackthorne

    Graveyard Dirt

    Beth is a GENIUS! Dirt...nothing more, nothing less. Just what I expected. AMAZING! My wife and I occasionally dress up as zombies, and this would be the one for me, and Zombi for her.
  4. thomasblackthorne


    WOW! Never have I been THIS pleased with a BPAL scent, granted Brimstone, Jolly Roger and Dorian did take my breath away. The Cedar is most prominent, and the vanilla amps on me, but the sassafras is like a devilish little imp sneaking around, at least to me. My wife and my mother both say that I smelled like Root Beer. I did not smell it all. However, my wife and I were at Borders and she kept smelling her hair, and her wrists and asked me, "Do you smell that?" I looked and said "Smell what?" She then slinked up to me and sniffed and then buried herself in my neck..."IT'S YOU!" and continued to sniff for about 15 more seconds... Thank you BPAL!!! TOMBSTONE! You just made the top 10! Quite an accomplishment. Beth you should be very pleased with Tombstone! Easily a favorite here and definitely a 5 ML NEXT ORDER! (This is the first time I had an easy decision on what to put in my next order, much less a 5 ML) Ladies if you love your men, and want them to smell irresistible, buy Tombstone!
  5. thomasblackthorne


    I got this is as a frimp with my most recent order. Not knowing anything about it, I applied, and wow. It smelled like a much better version of Old Spice on me. Which, given my name is fine... I did detect alot of amber on the dry down, and then I opened the review here... Never did I think that this was a feminine angled fragrance... For some strange and awesome reason, my skin chemistry makes this one hell of a masculine scent. I will be keeping it and test again in a few weeks and see if I get the same result, but how freakin' wierd...
  6. thomasblackthorne


    What an interesting little creature, or big, depends on your vision of a troll I guess. It started out very piney with a bitter undercurrent, unnameable as of now. I like the musk note, surprisingly. It later wafted into a beautiful delicate scent on me, a bit girly, but very elegant almost...not what I expected at all.
  7. thomasblackthorne

    Fenris Wolf

    I was very interested in Fenris Wolf and sadly disappointed. As I stated in my Czernobog review, musks usually stink on me. Fenris Wolf, while a very good blend, reminded me just a little too much of Iago. I may try again later.
  8. thomasblackthorne


    I'm sad, I had such high hopes for this especially after reading several of the reviews here. I did not get the feeling of death, or an image thereof. What I did get though was pleasant. The "earthy" smell was very comforting, and the rose bloomed nicely, but I smelt no wine, and later on smelled like soap... We'll give it another go tomorrow and see, maybe my nose was just off on this one...I hope so. I found the wine : ) My god, I smell like a grave...NICE!
  9. thomasblackthorne


    Wow, I am totally losing my touch and all things associated with it. No! Just kidding, Czernobog is just THAT awesome on me. OMG do the musk and myrrh ever play so nicely with my own chemistry, it's about time, everything always smells less than what I expected on me. Usually musks make me stink, unless it is this or Dorian. For instance, I am also testing Fenris Wolf at this time also, and it smells quite a bit like Iago on me, and unfortunately Iago was not a friend of mine... Anyway, back to Czernobog, this is totally a "me" scent. I get a cool, night time, like darkness is falling and it is time for women and children to hide vibe out of it. It's man time, lol. Just kidding, I do love it though.
  10. thomasblackthorne


    Casanova...what do I say? It is indeed a very fine masculine blend. I do regret that after applying right after my shower, it smells alot like my deodorant, but far more luxurious. I did notice right off the bat the lavender and bergamot, however, I am unfamiliar with Tonka bean, and the leather doesn't seem to have come out of hiding... However, the wifey loves it, so this will definitely be a 5 ml purchase... I had a pretty rough day, sorry for the lame review.
  11. thomasblackthorne


    Description to a T Imp: Vetiver right away, we're slowly drifting apart, vetiver and I... Wet: The vetiver ran quickly away when chased off by the angry violet... Drydown:My chemistry is wierd tonight, no change really, but definitely not for a manly man like me, lol Overall: Not something I would wear, but interesting nonetheless.
  12. thomasblackthorne


    I don't get the warrior scent feeling... Imp: Very green, like being on a hill thats covered in some kind of flower, I'm not a floral kinda guy so I can't think of any names. Wet: Very herbal, it's subtle surprisingly... Drydown: Reminds me a bit of Irish Spring soap, a definite St. Patty's day scent. Overall: No big bottle, but the imp is useful...<3
  13. thomasblackthorne


    I was lucky enough to have this in a care package from the amazing AleciaR, as well as most of my reviews from tonight. Imp: I get a lot of the amber musk, not much else, the musk runs right up my nose... Wet: The patchouli has awakened, and mingles nicely with the musk. Drydown: I'm getting an old spice feel again, sadly. I found the tea rose too, it's a nice touch. I like it though, I was just hoping not to smell something familiar. For some reason, I never got woods. Overall: I think my imp will be more than enough for me.
  14. thomasblackthorne

    Slobbering Pine

    IMP: For some reason, as with Robin Goodfellow, I smell apples, mixed with pine and lemon. WET: I'm sorry, but, no. It smells like air freshner, like the bathroom kind. Still very appley too, behind the ickness. Drydown: It's definitely softened up a bit, which is good, I didn't like how this review was going... It's very nice if you like foresty scents. We all know I'm piratey most of the time, so no forests for moi. Overall: I may wear it closer to Christmas, naturally, lol. Definitely no big bottle...
  15. thomasblackthorne


    Three white musks with poppy and patchouli. HOLY MUSK IMPMAN! Imp: Nuthin' but musk... Wet: I'm being to detect a fragrant floral, poppies, no patchouli yet. Drydown: I probably should have just assumed this but, way too fem for me. We shall see how it smells in an hour, and I may edit, but I doubt it. Overall: Just handed it to the wifey...