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  1. tsentsitivenose

    An Anathema Device

    This perfume is bolder and foodier than I expected. My skin broadcasts sweetened blackcurrant and bourbon vanilla for the first hour. After that, sandalwood peeks through but stays very close while the sweetened blackcurrant and bourbon vanilla keep their throw.
  2. tsentsitivenose

    Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety

    This is such an unusual perfume. It's my favorite Luper this year. I can't add to the descriptions of this blend except to say that one of the stages reminds me of a bowl of fresh Thai coconut soup. IMO this wandering herbal coconut is perfect for summer. Unfortunately, it vanishes from my skin once I'm outdoors. Fortunately, it lasts in my hair
  3. tsentsitivenose

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    My decant has rested for about a day. I know the oil needs more time to settle but I caved this morning and applied it. The initial scent is also basmati for me. For about two hours, my arm smelled like a fresh pot of lightly sweetened and buttered fluffy rice. After that, the honey came forward enough to complement the buttery rice. Champaca was ever so faint. Around the 3 hour mark, the rice was eaten; the honey and champaca beautifully melded into one. After 4 hours, there's the faintest trace of them. I love the lightly sweetened rice fragrance in this perfume and adore the finish. So this behaved exactly the opposite of what I expected. Honey goes wild on my skin. I enjoyed that rice was the star here and honey played a supporting role. I'm not a butter lover (not even in food), but as long as the butter doesn't grow as this ages, it isn't so strong or long-lasting as to keep me from wearing this. I think a couple months of aging will deepen the honey and soften the butter note a bit so I'm leaning toward bottling this one. ETA after 6 weeks, the honey seems to have remained steady and the butter has mellowed in my decant.
  4. tsentsitivenose

    Job 31:32

    I fell in love with this right away. It’s a rich nutty blend with an underlying earthiness on my skin. I’m having the experience of the absence of rose that some others have mentioned. (Perhaps I haven’t let mine rest long enough. I started using it right away.) I’m okay without the rose because the earthy note (patchouli maybe?) tempers the sweetness and nuttiness for me. If it appears later, I’m sure it’ll be lovely along with what I’m getting now.