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  1. tsentsitivenose

    V'al Hanissim

    Dries down beautifully for me. I like biggnerd's "honeyed amber sweetness" description. Very much this and beeswax. Strong throw, which I didn't expect. The scent lingers after I've left a room.
  2. tsentsitivenose

    In Splendoribus Sanctorum

    My skin does something that makes this blend overwhelmingly powdery. Maybe there's a drop of something that my skin can't keep in check. In the decant, it's lovely and golden, but dried on my skin, it's white and powdery.
  3. tsentsitivenose


    A floral that loves my skin! A subtle sweet, delicate floral. This is a perfume that could make me feel comfortable in a white sundress.
  4. tsentsitivenose

    Wild Cherry Chypre and Smoky Patchouli Hair Gloss

    This is the only cherry scent I've tried, but my impression is that it's pretty and mellow. I didn't feel slapped with cherry candy or pie. "Wild cherry chypre" may be influencing how I experienced the initial cherry fragrance--something like the smell of crushed fallen cherries on a stone path. This faded or I became blind to it in about an hour. Then the smoky patchouli, also beautiful and soft, came through. It clings to my hair rather than projects. It's dark and sexy. If you're close enough to smell it, we're married! ETA The scent doesn't project far but it lasts for at least four days in my hair.
  5. tsentsitivenose

    Why I Love Thee? Hair Gloss

    At first the oudh is almost overwhelming, but it calms down quickly--within a half hour it softened and melded with the other notes. The overall effect imho is a sophisticated floral. ETA This fragrance has captivated me. I keep picking the decant back up. A surprising new favorite added to my cart.
  6. tsentsitivenose

    Morning Glories Bath Oil

    This is so familiar, but I can't place it. It's a fresh green... tea? And an herby floral. The floral is not shy but it isn't assertive either. It's a light, pleasing fragrance, but there's something stimulating in this blend, something that makes it energizing.
  7. tsentsitivenose

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    I don't have anything to add except that I love this perfume. As they said--this is gorgeous. I blind-bottled this hoping it would have the same tobacco leaf as Ante Luciferum Genus, and if it isn't it, it's very similar.
  8. tsentsitivenose

    Ante Luciferum Genitus Beard Oil

    I am without a beard but the notes spoke to me. This is a clean, bright tobacco scent in my hair. The frankincense brightens, the ambrette seed and myrrh don't read soapy or powdery, the sandalwood is subtle, and the tobacco is well-behaved. Love it. ETA Tobacco leaf continues into the second day, much stronger than it was on day one, and the other notes fade. On day two, I used Aristotle rather than wash my hair. Initially, it smelled like sudsy, soapy tobacco leaf but it calmed down and blended as a freshly scrubbed, clean scent. (I haven't tested Aristotle alone yet.)
  9. tsentsitivenose

    Waltzing Matilda

    This is also all fig on me. A tart fig, which is a pleasant scent to me. It's one-dimensional but I like it and can see using it to layer.
  10. tsentsitivenose

    No One is Above the Law

    Very sweet and golden. The orange blossom honey is front and center, my skin is throwing it hard going on 6 hours now. Unfortunately, all the other notes are lost on me but the orange blossom honey is beautiful.
  11. tsentsitivenose

    Red Patchouli, Cherry Wood & Tobacco Absolute

    Initially, the patchouli dominated. Then, the tobacco came out, but just a little not a lot. The cherry wood appeared after an hour or so. For me, this was a cherry wood and patchouli dance with tobacco being very shy about participating.
  12. tsentsitivenose

    Raspberry & Red Benzoin

    Tart raspberry on my skin. Good throw for about 2 hours and gone after 4 hours.
  13. tsentsitivenose

    Dead Leaves, Black Amber, and Woodmoss Hair Gloss

    I wish I could describe the actual ingredients and how well they interact, but I don't know what DL or oak moss smell like. This is a close, heavy, sweet-leaning, crunchy smell in my hair. (I spray on the underside of long dry hair so body heat may affect my perception of the scent feeling weighty.) There's a formality in this scent, a pokerfaced civil vibe. Like missanneshirley said, this blend has a distinct personality. Where I'd wear this: grocery store and gym. But seriously, five days out of seven I wear this.
  14. tsentsitivenose

    Anathema Device

    This perfume is bolder and foodier than I expected. My skin broadcasts sweetened blackcurrant and bourbon vanilla for the first hour. After that, sandalwood peeks through but stays very close while the sweetened blackcurrant and bourbon vanilla keep their throw.
  15. tsentsitivenose

    Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety

    This is such an unusual perfume. It's my favorite Luper this year. I can't add to the descriptions of this blend except to say that one of the stages reminds me of a bowl of fresh Thai coconut soup. IMO this wandering herbal coconut is perfect for summer. Unfortunately, it vanishes from my skin once I'm outdoors. Fortunately, it lasts in my hair