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  1. DahliaHayashi


    Crowley is amazing! My signature scent is snake oil in every form and this somehow smells like a snake oil base to me. It is like snake oil with an added warm hug. Oddly comforting for a demon but so is he. You can smell the leather but it is soft. It reminds me of a softer snake skin perfume. Words that came to my mind when trying it was "warm and sexy" and I stay with this. Also thinking about it, since Crowley is a snake demon I am pretty sure beth made Crowley similar to snake oil on purpose. Nice one beth! I rarely branch out from my foodies and my snakes but this one is a win. Back up for sure! If you love snake oil or snake skin...GET IT!
  2. DahliaHayashi

    Lola Lee Loo

    Over the last 3 years I lost 3 of my cats to old age and health problems which piled up a lot of bills and heartache. Seeing his scent it pulled right at my heartstrings and as I was anyway ordering something from puddin I asked him to throw it in expecting something foody...somehow. It is not foody at all but I also get the warmth many others described. Thre is something fruity sweet and while the only fig perfume I ever had from the lab was figgy pudding, i can see it being a fresh ripe fig...not a dried sweet one like in the figgy pudding. Seing some people comparing it to the shugas actually made me happy. I live in Japan and want them to wor but I had to give up on shugas because every round of them gave me headaches. Love rice notes but damn you flowers!!! This one doesn't have the strong flowers notes. It is mainly sweet rice, a little like unsweetened rice boiled in milk? The clove and patchouli are just soft and offer a warm hug like the ones you would get from a four-legged friend that trusts you with all his or her little heart.
  3. DahliaHayashi

    Boomslang v2

    I cant believe I havent reviewed this one yet o.O I have tried the released version and I do like it alot but v2 works better on my skin. v2 is much creamier in the bottle and on my skin. I also would say v2 is milk chocolate and snake oil while the released version is dark choco and snake oil. In both you can smell the snake oil underneath a layer of chocolate. however as much as i love to eat dark chocolate it always goes through a weird sour drydown phase in my skin until it settles into delicious chocolate. milk chocolate doesnt do this so v2 is much nicer on me. I will definately get the released boomslang version as soon as the carnival is back in town as the released version has something sexy about it due to the dark chocolate while v2 is foodie and comforting. I love both but v2 wins over the released version in my book. Straight up Snake oil was my favorite scent until i meet Boomslang v2 So far I have bought 6 bottles in fear to run out one day. Try this if you love: foodies, milk choco, snake oil
  4. DahliaHayashi

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Jareth! I find Jareth very masculine and sexy guy like (well its Jareth what do i expect ;p). I love it and pull it of as a girl who normally loves foody and snake oil but i personally think it does need some balls as a girl to pull it off. Its lemony guys cologne with leather and sexy!
  5. DahliaHayashi

    Dark Chocolate with Merlot-Infused Black Cherries and Star Anise

    I thought the belgium chocolate is my least favorite from the box. Ufortunately this one got the titel. In the imp and wet on the skin it smells like nice boozy cherries. as soon as it hits my skin anise is all I smell and its really medical,too. I had hight hopes for this scent because wine and cherries are 2 of my favorite scent and I really do like the scent of anise but they just dont work for me together At least it teached me the lesson to stay away from anise scents because i seem to amp them to high heaven O.O
  6. I got decants of all the Box o'Chocolates. Unfortunately I have to say this one is my least favorite. It was not really what I expected. I expected it to be fruity and creamy but I basicly just went sour on my skin. I couldnt even detect the Chocolate all that much and this is suprising because I normally amp chocolate so much that even most 13 blends are pretty chocolaty on me. It went from a lemony scent straight to a pretty sour berry scent on my skin and stayed that way. Staying power is pretty decent though. Unfortunately not for me but I cant win them all...
  7. DahliaHayashi

    White Chocolate with Mate, Hazelnut, and Banana Cream

    I got decants from all the Box o'Chocolates Scents. Some of them are quite morpher and make it hard for me to decide for a full bottle or not or even write a review. This one however reminded me from bottle to drydown of Jelly Bananas. I dont really know if you have them outside germany but in germany they are really popular and I grew up on them. They are basicly Banana Flavored Jelly in a dark chocolate crust and they are really yummy. They do have however a tart edge to them and so has this scent. I really dont know where the tart, nearly lemony scent, is comming from but it is there. I dont smell white chocolate, i actually smell dark chocolate, but maybe my nose is playing tricks on me beause i think of jelly bananas and those are covered in dark choco. The scent fades really fast on me and stays close to the skin. When its nearly gone (after about 1 or 2 hours) a faint smell of lemony white chocolate stays on my skin. Its very creamy and rich but I have to press my nose on my skin to detect it by then. The scent really brings back my childhood, especially since I am far away from germany now. However I was hoping for something creamier and I dont really wanna smell like a jelly banana myself. I will use my imp and bring back some childhood memories with it but I dont need a full bottle.
  8. DahliaHayashi

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Basicly most heavy flowers trigger my migrain and WILF makes me sneeze for some reason o.O I thought it was just coincidence but i tried it 3 times and every time was folowed my sneezing parts of my brains out
  9. DahliaHayashi

    Morocco Hair Gloss

    I finally made it to try all my 4 decants of the new hairglosses and this is my faaavvooorrriittteee! It made me instantly put the bathoil and the perfume on my to-try-list. I never smelled the morocco perfume and I thought i was well set with snake oil in this scent family, but when i opend the bottle ans smelled it i said out loud "YUUUMMMMM". It is very nicely balanced sweet and spicy and very settled. I can smell it in my hair for hours when i put my hair up to my nose but its not screaming at me all the time like the snake oil hairgloss does (I am NOT complaining about that either ). As hairgloss it is avarage I would say. not super heavy but also not the lightest of the bunch i tried. I quite love it and I can imagine this will go well with alot of perfumes especially for foody lover! I can imagine choosing this instead of snake oil hairgloss if i finally decide on a whole bottle of hairgloss since its a lighter hairgloss which a much more settled scent but still long lasting and delicious. Or I could also imagine buying both and having them in heavy routation
  10. DahliaHayashi

    Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Tiare Hair Gloss

    I am sorry to be the first "meh" review but I just dont really like the scent. As hairgloss it is really nice like all the BPTP glosses I tried, but it is just a bit to much 90s suntan lotion for my liking. I never really liked to tan and I am not a fan of artificial coconut smell. I was hoping for this to smell more like real, fresh coconut with sweet vanilla and just a hint of flower. Maybe its just me but I just dont wanna smell like suntan lotion especially not when I use something from BPAL or BPTP
  11. DahliaHayashi

    Amber & Patchouli Hair Gloss

    This seems to be one for the guys! My OH has only one expression every time i let him smell a BPAL perfume : "Good!" Its kind of annoying and not understandable for me. If its about food he can go on for hours why something is great and well balanced However when i let him sniff the Amber and Patchouli hairgloss he was really suprised and said it smell really really good! He liked it even so much that he was letting me try it on his thick japanese hair. The test run is still going but it might just be that I have to give him his first bottle of a BPAL/BPTP something EVER for his birthday since he really really loved it. His hair needs alot more care than mine because he is getting a straight perm every half a year and he straightens and washes his hair every day. As for the gloss itself I found it very nicely lightweight. Its actually perfectly balanced for my hair. Somehow i expected it to be as heavy as snake oil due to the patchouli. I smell strong patchouli but this might just be due to my decant. It works well with the amber on me and its the first time anything amber ever worked on me. The scent is indeed very very dirty, but in a good way. Somehow I can see this spray working well with Jareth perfume oil, since this has something dirty to it as well. I would not get a full bottle of it, since i am a Snake Oiloholic and Hairgloss is very difficult to work with for me in general because its wearing my greasy, fine hair down so quick, no matter how little i apply. But I might just have to get a bottle for the OH
  12. DahliaHayashi


    I also get coffee from this, and something caramel-y. Its the coffee note that was in the BPTP Soap last winter. It smells good enought to drink. I can imagine that this would be exactly the way Hoggle would smell like, also I personally would imagine him a bit more earthy smelling. That beeing said, this scent is not really me. I am a huge coffee-junkie but but i dont like smelling like coffee. However this would be awsome for a coffee lover who likes to smell like his fav brew FOR SURE 3/5 A delicious scent, just not for me.
  13. DahliaHayashi

    Goblin Cider

    After Autum Cider worked out great on me (which i discovered after it was taken down ), I thought this will be simular. Unfortunately something in this is very off on my skin. Does someone else gets soapy?! There is something soapy in there. I blame the ginger which seems to create an "off-scent" on me Other than this it is pretty simular to autum cider. If my skin wouldnt turn a certain part to soap, it would be the perfect autum cider replacement. 3/5
  14. DahliaHayashi


    WoW this got me by suprise Jareth was one of my first childhood crushes, so of course I wanted the perfume to work on me, but since Dorian is a big sugared-stomache-turning-lemoncake-mess on my skin and Jareth had been compared to Dorian, I had no high hopes. In the bottle: Uh! Oh! Strong mens cologne. Am I sure i want that on my skin?! On the skin wet: It imediately tones down and its getting sweeter. On the skin dry: Yep thats Dorian alright but the leather and smoke background makes it much more sexy and naughty and on me it stops the Dorian aspect from turning into a sticky sickening mess. After 1 hour: It mellows down on me much faster then Dorian but I like that. Dorian was to crazy strong on me, which was one of the reasons I couldnt stomache Dorian. Its like the Goblin King is followering me around silently, wispering forbidden things in my ears, which nobody else can hear Verdict: This one is definately very sexy and while its wearable for man and woman its leaning to the masculin side. I am not the person to wear masculin scents normally, but then again I also cant do Dorian. Jareth made it to win my heart again, this time in scent form. The scent is comforting and sexy and I just want to curl up next to it. I can imagine it as sleep perfume as well. I never thought I would say that when I ordered a decant of Jareth, but i need several bottles of Jareth in my life. If this is what Sarah smelled when she faced Jareth, once more I cant understand how she could say no to him "Yes Jareth! I will fear you… …love you… …do as you say and you can be my slave!"
  15. DahliaHayashi

    Body, Remember

    Now THAT ONE suprised me! I ordered 7 luper imps. all 4 shungas failed (I am still waiting for blossoms in springtime), the vine was a sour mess and this one I just ordered out of curiosity. I am not a coconut fan at all, but this one is just a beautiful, kind of smoky coconut on me. slighty foody (not to much), slightly sexy (not to affensiv). The suprise love out of my luper decants. I might just need 2 bottles