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  1. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch 2015

    10/5/15 I bought the Portal board game last week & it came with a Portal 2 steam free download code. I already have the game on another console & it's one of my favorite series of all time. Soooo, would you want it?: No thanks. I don't own any gaming consoles. I only use a tablet. 10/6/15 Have you read The Martian? Or do you plan on watching the movie?: No interest in either NaNoWriMo - Pertaining to that, how does everyone feel about such things? Will anyone be participating? How about NaNo swag, is there any you want?: Not participating Honey or beeswax products? Discuss.: I like both. I still have a beeswax candle from my very first witch. How do you feel about bumper stickers and car magnets? What do you like--cute, pretty, snarky, geeky/fandomy?: Love both Into just about anything. Do you have any phobia's that your Witch should be aware of?: I hate clowns Trading Post Weenies are live! Anything calling to you?: All of the bath oil sounds amazing. 10/7/15 Speaking of nail things, it that time of year and I am doing my jamberry order, Would you want some Lovely Jamberry's for your nails?: I'd probably give it a try. 10/8/15 Do you like or want to try Marmite?: No thanks Some folks have already said they do not want used nail polish. If you haven't already chimed in about that... would you be interested in a bottle of BPTP claw polish (in this case, either Event Horizon or Baku) that has been used for one manicure?: I don't mind 10/9/15 Are there any DISCONTINUED (not LE) BPAL oils that you wish you had, or had a little more of?: De Sade, Serpent's Kiss, The March Hare Is there anything fairly basic that you're always running out of and need to buy more of?: Hair ties. I use the stretchy ribbon kind. And my EOS lip balm keeps going missing. Anything interest you from the recent Blooddrop update?: Kittens & Pumpkins sounds interesting 10/10/15 How to you feel about foreign spices/flavorings?: Bring it on 10/12/15 Dearest Witchee, can I get you anything from Shiro Cosmetics? I'm going to place an order soon and perhaps you are interested in some of their goodies? https://shirocosmetics.com(https://shirocosmetics.com)Nothing g I am interested in.
  2. BelleAnge

    More switch witch 2015

    9/28/15 How do you feel about bento boxes? Is it something you would use if you were to get one?: Probably would not use one. Scarves, shawls or cowls? Mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts or wristlets?: I am good on this how do you feel about online classes? Like, say, craftsy or creativebug? Or even lynda.com?: I just don't have the time 9/29/15 What do we want from Paintbox Soapworks?: Sweet Cheeks sounds nice. So many of the scrubs sound amazing. If I were to make you some art, would you prefer a frame that hangs or one that sits? And what color/style would you prefer? Something that I can hang How do you feel about gourmet marshmallows?: Never tried them. Sounds interesting Are you a slatherer or a dabber?: I slather. Talk to me, dear witchies, about tea. I know we've covered this a little, but I really need the nitty gritty here- not just companies you like and don't like (Teavana? Adagio? David's? Some tiny place?) but I also want to know the other stuff: top 3 flavors, loose or bagged, the kinds of tea accessories you use- or have always wanted. Be specific. Provide links if necessary.: I love Chai. Villainess is putting out brand new stuff for the first time in a while (as opposed to bringing back former lines). Sooo.... who wants it?: Nothing from the new update. LOST TRACK OF DATES. I SUCK. 10/2-10/3 How does everyone feel about duct tape crafts? Any favorite patterns?: I like the duct tape roses. Are there any flowers you especially like?: Roses, lilacs Would you be interested in any cozies or cases (yarn o fabric, not hard cases) for tech stuff (phone, laptop' etc) or for cups/mugs/bottles or anything else similar.: I'm good Would you like Halloween or Day of the Dead themed ornaments or a "bunting"?: I love anything Halloween/Day of the Dead Are there witchees who would like book related gifts like a booklight, bookmark, bookseat or something for your reading gadget,like a cover or a light for example.: I am always losing my bookmarks. I make handmade journals, mini albums and similar items. Would my witchee be interested in something like that? Sure What songs/music/artists/CD's do you like to listen to around Halloween?: I don't have a special Halloween play list Are you interested in leg warmers at all?: I never wear them Is your Halloween style scary, cutesy, folksy, grotesque . . .?: Scary
  3. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch stalking help

    Some links to enable stalking. http://pinterest.com/breakinme http://instagram.com/whiskeyrivergirl
  4. BelleAnge

    More switch witch 2015

    Would Witchees like something from IKEA? (Or any other not always accessible by everyone store?): Can't think of anything If/when you go to the mall, for which store(s) do you beeline?: Hot Topic, Spencer's, Sephora, Bath & Body Works Do you receive any subscription boxes (julep, lootcrate, ipsy, birchbox, etc.)?: I don't. I want to try one some time though. Do you like tarts/candles/incense? If so, what type of scents?: Tarts only. I can't have candles or incense. I love pumpkin, spiced apple, and other fall scents Is there anything you wish you could have picked up from the Dragon*Con exclusives?: I didn't even see what they were. Is there a GC you've been dying to try but haven't got around to yet?: Can't think of one The questionnaire asked about gold & silver jewelry, but how do you feel about copper jewelry? Do you like colorful jewelry, or do you prefer to keep it neutral?: Copper jewelry is good. So is colorful We asked about decorating style, but are you interested in receiving decorations for your home? Are you interested in things that go on the wall or things that go on shelves?: Things that go on the wall Office supplies hound? Pens, pencils, journals, any preference, or favorites?: I am always losing my pens Talk to me about socks! Is there anything, dear, dear Witchee, that I can get for you from Sock Dreams? Anything from another place?: I love socks. I hate knee high socks and toe socks. I haven't checked out sock dreams in ages. I live near a huuuuge candy store. What kind of candy do you like? Gummies? Caramel? Chocolate? Sour? Sugar-free?: I like pretty much all sorts of candy 9/26/15 How do you feel about animal products? Not so much animal toys or food, but more like furs, paws, bones, etc. Not my thing Are you interested in receiving any restaurant.com gift certificates for your area? : I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so it wouldn't work for me. 9/27/15 How do you feel about "toys" - stuffed animals and the like?: I like stuffed toys 9/28/15 Did you see the eclipse last night? How do you feel about astrological events, like eclipses? Any interest in the Blood Moon Eclipse scent from BPAL?: I did not get to see it. Too cloudy here. I really wanted to see it. Witchee's, how tall are you? And perhaps, what's your arm span (from wrist to wrist)?: I am 5'5. Not sure about my arm span. How do you feel about the 4 elements? Or are you more of an Asian 5 elements person? Do you feel strongly about any of the elements, like a connection or a preference? : I am a fire girl.
  5. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch 2015

    9/21/15 Would you like anything from Lush?: I do love Lush. I'm interested in trying shampoo bars and skin care. Anything is good though. Do you prefer hand-made or store-bought?: Both are good SPICY! Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" and 10 being "ghost pepper? scorpion pepper? I laugh at these! I love as much heat as you can throw my way!" Where are you?: Probably around a 3 What is your BPAL "Holy Grail"?: Analog or Digital? Or Both? What scents from other perfume companies are you really wanting to have in your collection and or are just really wanting to test? Companies like NAVA, Arcana, Solstice Scents, Possets, Haus of Gloi etc.....?: I haven't checked out any other companies in a long time 9/22/15 Do you have an affinity for any specific animals?: Foxes Kitchen Needs or Wants?: Kitchen towels Makeup! Do you like it, would you want some? If so what brands do you like to wear?: Love it. I am open to just about anything. Chocolate fiends ahoy! What kind of chocolate do you like? Do you like any other things in it or just plain good ole chocolate?: Chocolate is a good thing. I like the chocolate with caramel and sea salt from Trader Joe's. I will try anything though. Would you be opposed to receiving a ton of Halloween themed items?: Halloween is my favorite holiday 9/23/15 Would you be interested in any special little thing I might be able to pick up from the Great Lakes Bat Festival this Saturday? Both Janell Cannon (author of Stellaluna and other kids' books) and Fiona Reid (illustrator for lots of animal field guides) will be there, so would you possibly be interested in something like an autographed copy of Stellaluna or one of Cannon's or Reid's other books? Or something from the Organization for Bat Conservation, like a shirt or other swag?: Can't think of anything What items from the Weenie update interest you, should you have to option of getting anything as a gift from your Witch??? Would you be ok with decants, or bottles?: Frosted pumpkin spice cookie, pupmpkin cheesecake cupcake, sugar skull 2015, apple cider, candied apple What's your favorite scary movie? Or movies, either way. If you don't like horror, what are your favorite movies to watch this time of year?: I like the Final Destination movies 9/24/15 Blu-ray or DVD?: Dvd Game systems - console or computer? Mac/PC? Which console?: I don't own any game systems. I don't own a computer Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so do you need any accessories for if?: I am doing Day of the Dead. Not sure if I need anything. Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? Sizes and styles?: I usually carry a backpack. I also carry a utility tote from Thirty-one What are your favorite fandoms and do you want to receive anything related to such?: Hunger Games, Supernatural, Harley Quinn What are you planning to order from the Weenies update?: Probably not The Last Huzzah of the NY Renaissance Faire happens this weekend and I'm going! Is there anything you might want? (Besides a turkey leg, which won't ship well!): I have never been to one so I have no idea. Do you like comics or graphic novels? Any issues or collections you want to read?: Anything related to Harley Quinn Do you like fanfic? Would you like a story written for you as part of your gift? What characters/fandoms/pairings etc do you like?: Not really into fanfic Where do you have wishlists at? If you could please link to them or to a post that links to them. (Amazon, Etsy, Think Geek, Pinterest, Sephora, Lush, BPAL/BPTP, Soap Box Company, everywhere and anywhere!) I am going to link these in another blog post. 9/25/15 Let's say you have indicated interest in receiving a hand knitted item. What colors, exactly, do you like? If you could provide color swatches here or to pinterest (or something visual), that would help out a lot. Would you rather receive a bunch of little packages through the round, a couple of medium packages, or one big package at the end? Whatever works for my witch. If you can't send much, just keep in touch with ecards. For those of us with out-of-country Witchees, would you be happy with receiving a few packages from local to you merchants (say, through Etsy or equivalent)? Anything is good.
  6. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch 2015

    ==================== Basic Info Birthday: October 31 Pets: One dog named Ruby Tuesday. She is a Pomeranian mix Children: 14 month old daughter Religious orientation: none Favorite Holiday: Halloween Occupation/Major in school: Stay at home mom Living arrangement (by yourself, with roommates, etc): I live with my child and my dog Livejournal/Blog/Website: http://serpentskiss.livejournal.com Organizations/Causes/Activities (Things you belong to or causes you believe in): Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh BPAL Favorite BPAL oils: Jack, Black Lace, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Tombstone Favorite notes: Sandalwood, pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, rose, lemon, lilac, vanilla, coffee, leather Favorite non-BPAL perfumes: I love Diablo Skull from Violette Market Least favorite notes: Patchouli Least favorite non-BPAL perfumes: none If Beth made a custom blend for you, what would the notes be, and what would you want the label art to look like? Sandalwood and vanilla. Maybe butterfly on the bottle Lifestyle Style/home decoration style: No specific style Favorite decorating colors: No set color scheme Things you collect: Skulls, NASCAR, figurines of high heels, vintage Avon bottles Favorite music: Country but I listen to other stuff too Least favorite music: none Vegetarian/Vegan?: (Please be as specific as possible to reduce confusion!) Nope Other food restrictions: None Favorite flavors: Caramel, pumpkin, chocolate Favorite foods/drinks: Salted caramel, garlic bread, swiss cheese, almonds, coffee, apple cider Favorite authors/genres: Stuart Woods, Ann Rule, Lisa Jackson Least favorite authors/genres: Romance Books/authors you'd like to read, but haven't yet: Can't think of any How do you feel about receiving gently used books as gifts? Sounds good to me Favorite stores (including clothing stores): Spencer's, Hot Topic, Spirit Halloween, Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, Lush, Sephora Favorite online stores (including B&B stores): Paintbox Soapworks, rosegal.com, Magazines you subscribe to: Cosmopolitan, Martha Stuart Living, US Weekly Magazines you like, but don't subscribe to: Allure, Marie Claire, NASCAR Illustrated Favorite movies: The Crow, Red, The Blind Side, Frozen Favorite TV show(s): Criminal Minds, Supernatural, 2 Broke Girls, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood Hobbies/crafts done: Scrapbooking Clothing & Jewelry Hair type: Straight and a bit oily Skin Type: Oily Allergies (specifically B&B related): none Other things to avoid: nothing Tub, shower or both? Tub Favorite bath & beauty products: scrubs and bath bombs Clothing Style/Fave garments: I am a jeans and T-shirt girl Favorite clothing colors/colors to wear: black, red, navy, burgundy Type(s) of jewelry worn: necklaces, rings, bracelets Ring/wrist/collar size: Ring size is a 10 Jewelry - gold or silver? Both Do you have any allergies to metal? None Favorite gemstones: sapphire and opal Sock/Shoe Size: shoe size is 11 Random Questions: Random Questions: - On a scale of 1-5, how organized are you? 3 - Where, outside of the U.S. would you love to visit? (if you're international, this can be anywhere) Russia -Where, inside of the U.S. would you love to visit? Las Vegas -Favorite City in the US/World? Pittsburgh - Do people tell you that you act older, younger, or your age? Younger -If I gave you a toy gun with flashing lights, would you hide and start shooting people from around corners OR would you thank me on the IGI thread and then quietly donate it (a niece, Oxfam, Goodwill, wherever)? (there are no wrong answers for this, so don't be afraid to answer honestly) I would have fun with it - What animal do you feel like the most? No idea - Your favorite feature about yourself: eyes - Do you live in a neighborhood or in the middle of nowhere? Rural area -Have you ever thought, "oh, I'm going to get myself one of those one of these days" but then never do? List 1 under $10 and 1 over $10. I honestly don't know. I rarely do anything for myself - How do you feel about boi witches? Whatever works - Do you like garage sales (boot sales)?: I love garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, Goodwill - I like to slather my food in : Honey BBQ sauce, Alfredo sauce - State fairs or carnivals? Both - You throw caution to the wind and runaway to join a traveling circus. What job would you want ( a main performer, a side show, a behind the scenes spot, etc) and why? I'd be the barker - What mythical or fantastic race of creatures (dragons, unicorns, griffins, elves, dwarves, faeries, etc.) do you most identify with? Faeries - Imagine that you're given a shoebox-sized time capsule, and you are asked to put any number of items in the box that symbolize who you are. The items can be may be anything you can imagine, and money is no object, but they must fit within the box. What do you choose? Wax tarts, Eos lip balm, a bottle of Bpal oil, coffee, and a sugar skull necklace - Do you need storage boxes/bottles/containers? Decorated or Plain? I love containers. Any kind - The world has given you the day off. You hear that, no chores, responsibilities, or budget you have to follow. What would you do in those 24 hours? Watch some movies and go shopping - Do you like steampunk & if so what kind of steampunk item would you most like to receive? I am interested but have no preference - Do you have an etsy shop? No - Would you like to receive baked goods, if so what kind? Any kind - What is something totally random (yes, that thing that just popped into your head) that hasn't been covered by any previous questions? I am a fan of Harley Quinn Notes (Here's where you can add additional information you'd like your Switch Witch to know!):
  7. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    October 23rd would you still want the project if it was a craft fail????: Sure October 20th Do you need any winter wear, witchee?: Not really I've read something about a Event Exclusive called Pumpkin Hard Candy (if someone knows the details, shout it out because I am still searching). Are you interested in this scent? How desperate are you for it?: Sounds lovely but I won't be upset if I don't get it Going back to the question about winter wear, are there any colors you would prefer not to have?: Not a fan of pink October 14th Do you like scary books? What's the best/scariest thing you've ever read?: American Psycho creeped me out So I was at Uwajimaya the other day and saw Earl Grey Tea Chocolate and Cinnamon Chocolate. If you were my Witchee, would you be interested in trying something like that?: Sounds good. I love tea October 13th Are you interested in anything in the latest round of Lab auctions on eBay?: I never check since I can't afford the prices so I have no idea What favorite song(s) would you think would translate into a cool or unique scent?: No idea Anyone interested in VApothecary's Halloween update?: I have no idea what this is Interested in anything from the Beaver Moon Lunacy update?: I missed this I sent you with $20 into a drugstore/Walmart (nothing too fancy/imported/expensive, just your average selection), and you are restricted only to the candy aisle. What would you blow it on?: Caramel apple Hershey's kisses, Peppermint kisses if it's Christmas, Cadbury Mini eggs if it's near Easter October 11th What is your favorite kind of cookie?: Chocolate chip How many boxes are you hoping for?: ? How do you feel about loose leaf tea in baggies? I mean, I have a TON of loose leaf, would it be okay if I send you samples in some zip lock baggies? Or is that something that would squick you out?: Sounds great. I love tea How would you feel about getting a custom poster with your favorite quote on it and some cool graphics? I'm an architecture student and can print posters (provided I make them) at pretty much any size using Adobe Illustrator at a low price. Also if you would be interested in this, what quotes would you like?: Can't think of anything October 9th Is there anything you would want from NYCC, something you'd like your witch to ask me to pick up?: I missed this one too The best thing I ever ate...: White chocolate raspberry cheesecake October 6th Do you like liquorice? If so, hard or soft? Sweet or salt? Normally salted or so salt it pulls your face into a fishy shape? And which shapes do you like?: I've only ever had the boring Twizzlers type stuff Mac using witchees, what computers do you use? What peripherals/accessories do you have and what would you LIKE to have? What do you use your computer for?: Not a Mac user Do you like listening to audiobooks? Would you like to receive one, and if you would, what sort of audiobook would you like--or is there a particular audiobook you've been meaning to get?: I tend to get distracted while listening and zone out October 5th Are there any DIY / Crafty / Free / Budget items you'd love to get but haven't noted yet? (Or, maybe you'd just like to emphasize something you may have only noted in passing?): Anything that I can put on my memo boards to liven up a room Do you own a DSLR camera? Are you interested in a minky camera strap like these? What about anything from Photojojo?: I own a basic point ans shoot camera Is anybody else into film photography? Interested in receiving film, supplies, etc from Lomography?: I'm a digital girl Are you musically inclined? Do you play an instrument or sing? If so, what?: I have zero talent October 3rd Does anyone else like collector Barbies? What small everyday items would you like, that you keep forgetting to get? Tarot Tell me about something you like, and why you like it. If you're the MMU type of Witchee, what Geek Chic Cosmetics tickle your fancy? Would any witchees be interested inQuinn Popcorn? October 2nd Who likes silly items from Archie McPhee???: Oh damn you. Now I am hooked on this site. The fairy mints, eggnog soap, absinthe lip blam, and death mints interest me Nocturne Alchemy's NAlloween Pt. 2 update is live here! (And for a few days, last month's update too.) What do you want?: I never visit this site What are you drooling over from the Sock Dreams Halloween stuff?: Probably all sold out Luck charms?: Don't have any Does anyone want anything from... here...?: Where is here? For those of you that like candles, do you like stuff from Yankee Candle? And if you had to choose, tarts or candles?: I love tarts. Just about any scent Would you be interested in getting a custom necklace fromhere?: Don't know where here is Is there a movie you want so badly that you don’t own now?: Beetlejuice Is there a song on Itunes that you haven’t downloaded yet?: I'm pretty well set on songs that I want Is there a rare book you’ve always wanted?: The Whole Mirth Catolog http://www.amazon.com/Whole-Mirth-Catalog-Complete-Collection/dp/0531024946/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I10YDK0TMGLDWM&colid=OELLFM6EULST Is there anything you want to buy yourself but have been too embarrassed (R rated or pg)?: Have to think about this Have you seen the Lush holiday update? Do you like the look of anything from there?: Demon in the Dark, Jacko bath bomb, Pumpkin soap, chilli tingle and celebrate lip tints, three gold tings, melting snowman if you were my witchee, would you want some of my hot nuts my candied nuts my nuts covered in butter and brown sugar candied walnuts?: Sounds good October 1st Is there anything you either didn't like or had never heard of that you're now curious to try thanks to the discussion in this thread?: Probably too much to list Reveal?: It's up to my witch. I plan to reveal to my witchee. Would you be interested in the #occupywallstreet scent?: Not idea what it smells like Do Paintbox Soapworks' Goat's Milk Hand and Body Creams sound like something you'd like to try?: Sounds lovely. My favorite scents are Smiling Jack and The Queen is Dead September 30th Witchee, would you like anything from this particular Haunt update?: Probably all sold out Who's interested in Halloween: Montreal?: Nope
  8. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    September 26th Is there any kind of international candy you love or would like to try?: I'd like to try just about anything. I tried chocolate from Germany once when I was in Army boot camp. What is something totally random (yes, that thing that just popped into your head) that hasn't been covered by any previous questions? : Sounds silly, but even a small amount of paid time for my live journal account would make me happy. Is there any cheesy/non-cheesy Canadian stuff you'd be interested in? : Anything to be honest. Post cards or anything to put on my memo boards. If you were to go here and create your very own chocolate bar, what might it have in it? : Mango, papaya, almonds, coconut, and sea salt. September 25th Stuff you've been meaning to do: Add paid time to my LJ, finish cleaning up the bedroom, buy a copy of The Sims2 Free Time, add more skulls to my collection, get some stuff to put on my memo boards. Would you be interested in regional jams, jellies, or other preserves? : Not really my thing Do you have any bedtime rituals? Is there any particular product you have to apply or a certain shirt you wear or an act you perform to get you in the "bedtime" mood?: No set ritual Are you interested in today's/any recent Tee Fury shirts?: Never been to the site. Princess Bride? Yay or nay? : Yay, I love the movie What's your favorite classic fairytale, witches: Snow White, a few friends jokingly call me Snow White in combat boots. September 24th how do you feel about ethical animal fiber, i.e. wool and the like?: Don't really have any thoughts on it What about little wee creatures for your desk or mantel?: I need more room for something like that. Look down. What are you wearing, right now? : When I answered on the forum, it was a towel. Right now, it's a green Old Navy shirt and a pair of Tony Stewart pajama pants. Kerchiefs? : I'm a baseball cap girl It's the weekend, and you find yourself without a single chore or responsibility for a few hours. Right this very moment, what's the one thing you would do if you could do anything?: Trackside and Truck Racing on Friday, Nationwide Racing on Saturday, Race Day, Sprint Cup Racing, and Victory Lane on Sunday.
  9. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    September 23rd Is there anything you'd like from the Mütter Museum Store?: I like the Absinthe and Poison posters. Would love to try the Ü perfume too. I just noticed that Cocoa Pink has 5 ml Perfume Atomizers. Yay or nay? Scents you would like? Scents you would NOT like? : Boo Boo Lemon Noel, Apple Cinnamon Funnel Cake, Candy Apple, Hello Sugar, Pink Sugar Noel, Pumpkin Spider Cider, Vanilla Sandalwood what's your favorite kind of pizza?: 4 cheese who are your style/fashion icons? post pics if you want!: Don't really have any Are there any food items you're craving/aren't able to find around your area?: Ranch and Guacamole flavored Pringles September 22nd If you're interested in a handmade pouch/cover for an item you have (phones, tablets, books, keys, kettles...), what would your ideal pouch/cover have? Design, material, additional functionality/features like pockets or lights or secret hidey-holes? : Don't really need one. Would you like a photo collage based around your interests/favorite colors/favorite themes?: Sure If you're crafty, are you interested in spoonflower? And if so, what things there delight your eyes? : Not my thing Colors! What are your favorite colors and what colors do you not like? Pictures and links, people! : Red, black, burgundy. I like a nice, deep red. What is your favorite word?: poppycock What are the feelings on arm warmers? Color, style, texture, length?: Not my thing Do you like tarts? tealights? jar candles? votives?: Love all of these What's your favorite flavor? Sour, sweet, bitter, salty?: Sweet and salty So, are there any online gaming witchees who covet purchasable in-game items or other gamer-y stuff? (yup, geek question): The only online game I play is Farmville Anyone doing anything cool for Mabon (or the start of fall, if you aren't pagan?): No plans What is your favorite coffee blend at Starbucks? If you don't have one, what is your favorite roast of coffee?: Never had Starbucks. Would love to try Newman's Own. I currently drink Folger's Classic Roast.
  10. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    September 21st Cthulhu: yay or nay? : Nay Is there something that you wish you could do, but you keep putting it off? : Take photography classes to find out if I have any talent or not. Put your current mp3player (I am the anti-apple, so no ipod ), winamp playlist, what have you, on shuffle, list the first 10 songs: 1. Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing - Chris Isaak 2. Burn These Matches - Randy Montana 3. Turn Around - Jonny Lang 4. Hillbilly Deluxe - Brooks & Dunn 5. Uncle Johnny - The Killers 6. Bound To You - Christina Aguilera 7. Fashion of His Love - Lady Gaga 8. Your Man - Josh Turner 9. Red Eyes and Tears - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 10. Cowboy Up- Chris LeDoux Witchee, have you made (or are you planning to make) any Lab or Trading post orders soon? And if you did (or plan to), you should share what you're getting: Unless I have the spare cash, not likely. Do you have any interest in rocks? Not like, polished colorful stones.. but like... rocks. With geologic significance! : Not really If your witch were to knit you a scarf/shawl/cowl, which would you prefer, and what features would you want? Would you prefer something light and drape-y or thick and warm? What kind of colors would you prefer? Do you have any fiber allergies or preferences? : Not a scarf person If you have a pet, could you please post a photo of it? I really need to see what your pet, if you have one, looks like. : No pets Do you like/own/wear/want fairy wings or something of the like? : Never worn wings. How do you feel about terrariums?: I have no idea what this is What's your favorite horror movie?: American Psycho If your witch was the practical type and wanted to include one or more of your everyday essentials, what would those include? I'm talking about the bath products, lotions, face lotions, teas, food, etc that you really use every day. : Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner, Villainess smooch, B&BW or Avon Naturals shower gel, Clean & Clear deep cleaning cream cleanser, St. Ives apricot scrub, Queen Helene mint julep mask, B&BW warm vanilla sugar body lotion Jane Austen .. Yay or Nay?: Nay I put up quotes I love in my office and studio to get me going, They range from goofy to sarcastic to inspirational... Are you interested in a hand painted quote? Do you have one in mind, or a topic in mind?: Sounds great. I don't have one in mind though. Do you like period or period-styled paraphernalia? Stuff like postcards, notecards, jewelry, office supplies, what-have-you?: I do actually. I really love this site. If you like manga, comics, and/or graphic novels, what is it about them that you like, in general? The story, the art/style, etc? : Not a fan If you could choose a Smack, what would it have in it? Two scoops of Suede and two of Vanilla Bean if you could have a salon scent made, based on any artwork(s) what would it be?: Hmm, this one is hard Are you scientifically curious and/or process-oriented? Would you like a project-type gift that allowed you do do something like make soap from scratch, take and (nontoxic-ly) develop photographs using a pinhole camera, use plant dyes on yarn or fabric, etc.? : I'd love to learn how to make soap What's 'your' song/your theme song?: My Give A Damn's Busted - JoDee Messina What would be your superpower?: Not really a super power, but being able to teleport would be cool Witchee, would you like a gently used BPAL tshirt? : Sure Do you like homemade snack mixes? I know Puppy Chow was mentioned in a previous question, but what about healthier and more natural type snacks like granola or trail mix? You can put a lot of delicious and fun things into trail mix, yeah? If you say "Sure, I'd love some!" what kinds of things do you like/not like in those kinds of snacks, ie coconut flakes, raisins, certain nuts (allergies??), candy, etc. Give us your list of DO's and DON'Ts!: Sounds great. Not a fan of banana or peanuts. As far as nuts go, I like almonds, pecans, and cashews Do you like charm bracelets? If you had a bracelet, what sort of charms would you want on it? Favorite hobbies, symbols, whatever?: I do like charm bracelets. I have one with all kinds of hearts as charms. I've always wanted an Italian charm bracelet. I'd have to have at least one charm to do with NASCAR. Sadly most of the NASCAR charms are expensive.
  11. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    September 20th Would you like any ecotools makeup brushes? They're kinda one of my favorite things ever, and they're animal-friendly and the handles are bamboo. And to top it all off, they work really well for applying makeup.: That actually sounds great. One can never have too many good makeup brushes. Do you like Legos? Especially mini-fig key chains, Lego block keychains, small Lego sets, etc? : Legos are awesome. I'm lusting after the Lego Hogwarts and the Mega Blocks Back Pearl ship. Since the previous question about "what would you buy from the Lab if you had unlimited funds, etc" left WAY too much to the imagination with no limitations (my answer was pretty much BUY ALL THE THINGS!), what would you do if you found a $50 bill on the ground and a nagging voice in the back of your mind told you that you HAD to spend it on BPAL or else face Death. Also, say they had free shipping (LOL) so don't factor that in. What would you get? And spend it all! Or as close to $50 as you can get.: I'd end up going a bit over $50. I'd buy bottles of Eat Me, Dorian, and Velvet Are there any characters that you love or identify with?: Characters I love. Eric Northman and Lafayette Reynolds Character I identify with, this is a tough one. I would like to be more like Pam on True Blood A question! If you are crafty, what's your personal art style? I'm not talking just about what art you like to look at, but what kind of art do you like creating? Do you have a "process" while you're creating beauty?: I don't really have a style. I like taking photos but I just point at what I like and click. Are there any Arcana Weenies that you MUST HAVE?: Sleepy Hollow So what say you? IS an "unexpected" visit/in-person witching OK?: Paranoid witchee here. I have a stalker so an unexpected visit would be bad.
  12. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    September 19th What strange misc. items would you love to receive that you just haven't gotten for yourself?: I have memo boards on my wall that are screaming for stuff to be added to them. Postcards, photos, random cool stuff How do you feel about franken polish? Are you okay with all chemicals, or would you prefer 3 free? Would you want glitter or holographic glitter? What colors would interest you?: Sounds interesting. Holographic glitter sounds awesome Dear witchee, how do you feel about lip balm? Favorite style (twist up tube, pot, tube with wand, etc.)? Favorite flavors? Flavors to avoid? Favorite brand? Do you need more right now or are you set? Are you one of those people who could never have enough lip balm even though you have a bowl on your dresser overflowing with them and 10 in your purse and an order for more on the way?: I love lip balm. I usually buy the kind in a tube. Right now I am using Blistex. I like the ones in the green tube and the orange tube. I'm always up for new kinds. I like mine to be kinda thick. Stuff like Lip Smackers is way too thin for me. September 18th Do you wear t-shirts? Are there particular things you like on them? Would you like one designed by your Witch? And, if you don't mind saying, what size t-shirt do you wear?: Most of my closet is t-shirts. And most of them are black. I have a lot of shirts with skulls. I would love a shirt from my Witch. I wear an XL. I like my shirts baggy How do you feel about pumpkin scented things? Not perfume related, but soap, candles, etc.... : I absolutely love pumpkin scents Has anyone else heard of or does anyone else love Glamourkin? : I know nothing about this If you had an international witch, is there anything you would like from the UK? (Or Australia, Belgium, France any other country we have witches from.: I'd like to try candy from other countries. Dear witchee, if you answered 'Mac' to the Mac/PC question previously issued by another participant, please tell me what kind of computer you have, what peripherals you own (like the wireless trackpad, wireless vs/wired keyboard and mouse), and whether you're interested in Apple-related items (stickers, keychains, other things with the logo, etc). : I'm a PC girl SOCK PREFERENCES? Would you like/wear a pair of these? http://www.ravelry.c...rary/yoga-socks If so, what color? : They seem a bit pointless to me Is there anyone here who likes toe socks? You know, those socks with a place for each toe?: No, I can't stand socks like that
  13. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch

    September 17th Are you looking for a certain kind of DVDs to spruce up your collection right now?: Season 6 of Criminal Minds, any season of True Blood, Princess Bride, Field of Dreams, 8 Seconds, The Birds Does anyone like postcards? Is anyone willing to be a Nacho witch for postcards?: I love postcards. They are impossible to find where I live. Anyone going to see any good concerts this fall?: None planned but I want to see Randy Montana Do you like Star Trek? Original TV series, films, spinoff series, etc? Favorite characters? : Nope September 16th Are you more prone to order out or cook at home? Would you be interested in cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and the like? If so, anything specific?: I am over run with kitchen stuff New question: How do you feel about maple syrup?: I've never tried the real thing How do people feel about little pocket shrines, maybe something inspirational/motivational to keep in their purses/backpacks/whatever? (Like these: http://www.art-shrin...cketshrines.htm) : Not really my thing Do you like Star Wars? Original Trilogy? Prequels? Spin-offs? Favorite characters? : Not a fan Do you like beef jerkey, I know some may be vegatarian, but where I live beef is a staple and beef jerkey abounds. If so do you it really thin, hard and crunchy or thicker and softer. (OK that borders on obscene)-: Love it. I do like mine a little thick Also do you like or racier ecards from time to time and do you need to be warned if something may be not safe to open at work.: Sounds fun Doctor Who? Yay or nay? (please don't make me cry by saying nay): Not a fan I have a couple spare Doctor Who stickers. If my witchee is a fan, would they like a couple Doctor Who stickers in their package? : This was my question so I am the one giving the stickers Anyone love Buffy/Angel?: I liked the shows. I was a bigger fan on Angel than Buffy. How would you feel about gummies? Like, gummy bears? Gummy werewolves? Gummy vampires? : I love gummy candy How would you feel about a totally original Gela-skin for your laptop/iPod/phone? Stickers? Decals? : I don't have a laptop or iphone. My MP3 player is too small for anything Since this is a Halloween round, what's your Creepy threshold? Are you a cartoon bats and smily pumpkins person or a skulls-and-bones the-dead-are-rising kind of person? Are your fairytales dark or Disney? : I love creepy Are your ears pierced, Witchee? Do you have any other piercings? Would you like to receive any items of jewelry for these piercings?: I have two sets of holes in my ears How do you all feel about Whoopie Pies?: I get them a lot here. I like the red velvet with cream cheese filling.
  14. BelleAnge


    September 15th interested in anything from Lush?: I love Lush. I have some on my Amazon.com wish list, but I would take just about anything. Do you blog? Would you like a header for your blog, a layout, etc? : I do blog. I use Live Journal, Tumblr, Blogger, and Dreamwidth. Something for my blog would be great. Would you be interested in a handmade bookmark? : I'd love one. I just hope I wouldn't lose it. do you like chex puppy chow or muddie buddies (ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips, PB, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, chex cereal)? would you want to get some from your witch / nacho witch?: I do like this stuff. How would you feel about receiving a Groupon deal for something in your local area? If there is anything you WOULDN'T like, mention that also. : Not really into groupon stuff September 14th Can you sum yourself (whether it be personality, life's goals, ethics, whatever) in 10 words or less? : Out of my damn mind How about little bottles of booze? Ya wanna? What kind?: Sounds great. I like Jack Daniels, but I am up for anything. What are your views on fudge and brownies? (Also, if you live in a warm place, where the fudge might melt, that'd be helpful to know. Or, if you're diabetic and fudge is death, that'd be useful to know, too.): Love them both Also, what about mochi? Love it, hate it, baffled by it? : I have no idea what this is Anything from the update ya'll are liking? BPTP UPDATE : Way too much. Samhain and Sugar Skull soaps sound good. Candied Pumpkin oil and Spun Sugar Spectre bath oil Does anyone like kimchi?: Another thing I am not familiar with Would you be interested in a sample box(from somewhere like Birchbox or loosebutton)? : Sounds great You have to place a Lab and Trading Post order. Right fuckin' now. No spending limits. What do you buy?: OMG, way too much. I have a wish list of bottles, bath oils, soaps, and others Paintbox Soapworks - anything you're interested in, in general or from the latest update?: I do love The Queen is Dead and Smiling Jack. Sweet Cheeks is something I'd like to try. Do you guys have any sports that you follow obsessively? How about favorite teams and/or athletes : NASCAR is my obsession. The Petty family, Ryan Newman, Trevor Bayne How do you feel about notebooks/journals/stationery? Anything you need or particularly like?: I do love the stuff Does confetti/glitter make you angry or fill you with glee? : Confetti can be fun. I saw some cute Halloween confetti recently Fabulous witches and witchees, perhaps you all could note of you've received MeiLin's goodies? Or if you want?: I'm clueless on this How do you feel about stuffed animals/plushies/general soft, cuddly things? If you like them, what kind of animals would you be interested in? : I like stuffed animals. I would love a stuffed fox. how interested would you be on somewhat personalized bottle cap labels? Like these that I did? : I have all of my bottles labeled. September 13th How would you feel about kitchen towels and other similar household objects, if they are pretty or a souvenir?: Not really my thing How did you dress up for your last party or compulsory-formal-dress occasion? : Last formal dress up event was when my friend Seth got married. He bought me a long red velvet gown. I wore it with black high heeled boots. Do you enjoy puzzles/riddles? (Cryptograms, Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, etc) : I ted to forget about doing them Witchee, would you be interested in having a special tea cup/coffee mug/glass to drink out of?: That would actually be really cool
  15. BelleAnge

    Switch Witch stuff

    September 12th Would you like to receive e-books? And if so, in what format?: I don't have an e-reader If you have kids, would you be interested in getting things for them? And if so, what are they interested and what sizes are the wearing now?: I do this for me. The boys are spoiled enough. Would you be interested in a felted handbag? Do any of these styles appeal to you? http://tinyurl.com/3o2epzl (there's at least one guy-friendly style, too!) : I own way too many purses Are there are patterns, motifs, etc that you especially like? : I like patterns of stars, roses, skulls Witchee, would you be interested in having a special tea cup/coffee mug/glass to drink out of?: Sure, I love coffee and tea If you're a tea drinker, is there any specific tea you would like to receive, not just the kind/flavor but also the type/packing--i.e., tea bags, loose tea, compressed, etc?: I have no idea what compressed tea is. I have loose tea but I need to invest in a tea ball: September 11th I am fond of the thrift. Do you mind lightly used goods? Please be specific! For instance, I'm a little squicked by used clothing, but I don't mind any other used goods (i.e. books, glassware, games, DVDs, whatever.) : I don't mind used stuff at all. I do a ton of shopping in thrift stores. Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you know of any Etsy shops that are Switch Witch friendly?: No, I don't Would a gift or a postcard from Disneyland make you squee with delight or puke into your mail box?: I like some Disney stuff. A friend calls me Snow White in combat boots. I'm fond of villains. Shadow Man, The Evil Queen, and Malificent what are your favorite types of Halloween candy?: My witch last year gift me some caramel apple hershey's kisses. I loved though. Do you prefer soap or shower gel? Please give examples of your favorite scents or brands.: I like both. Right now my favorites are Avon Strawberry Guava, B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar, I pretty much like foody scents How do you like your chocolate? For example with nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel?: I like just about any form of chocolate Beads! Do you use them? Would you want some? What sorts of beads do you like? : I don't do anything with beads. Anyone here like caramels? Sea salted caramels?!?! : Sounds good Would you like a hand dyed or hand painted scarf or wrap or other item? If so, what colors/designs/fabrics do you like?: Sounds lovely but I never wear scarves This was a question before, but does anyone here like stones? Just pretty polished stones for use in whatever purposes? : I'd be afraid of loosing them And another question; anyone like anything in particular from Think Geek?: I don't really know the site Pinterest, do you have boards you want to share or are you following anyone with great boards you want to share?: I need tp check this out.