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    Molly Grue, Touched Twice, Sundew, Helena In general, I like florals and foodies. Rose, jasmine, violet, fig, hazelnut, gardenia, dianthus, rice flower, mimosa, almond, sweet cinnamon, pear, maple, fresh cream.

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    Art -- Everything from the fancy-pants museum pieces to butterflies made from construction paper and dry macaroni. This is my element, this is what I do.

    Cooking/Baking -- I might seem grouchy, scatterbrained, hurried, and dead serious while I'm in the kitchen, but I assure you I'm actually incredibly happy inside.

    Gardening -- Love being outdoors. Love being outdoors and helping things grow even more.

    Reading/Writing -- My mom has been a librarian my whole life. Books are like little lives in imagination form.

    Video games -- Yep, I love 'em. All kinds, though I'm PC and DS only nowadays. Used to be a tabletop gamer (mostly D&D) but motherhood interfered with planning gatherings.

    Religion -- I grew up Catholic, and part of me will always be Catholic, but religion in general fascinates me. Symbolism, ritual, iconography.. I'm more of a listener than a talker when it comes to this stuff, but I could listen all day.

    Travel -- I'm the kind of person who occasionally just loads up the car and picks a direction. Also the kind of person who has to think back and count how many cities I've lived in.

    Oddities -- Not sure how else to put it, but if it's weird, macabre, goofy, or otherwise bizarre.. I'll probably love it.


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  1. wishingwell

    Patient Friendly Oils

    I normally wear something that is very light, especially if it has a non-floral throw. Lately, Undertow has been my go-to work scent -- on me, it's like a soft, complex mint, and very "clean" smelling. It does include floral notes, but they just don't come out on me. Stressful days call for GRR, though I make sure to apply it a half hour or so before I go in so it has time to mellow out. Sudha Segara is another one I discovered recently and really love for work.. it's upbeat, yet soft and comforting at the same time. The ginger isn't very snappy on me though, so that's a big factor. Long story short, my goal is to absolutely never ever be leaving a scent trail.. but if I am right next to someone, I should smell pleasant, not perfumed.
  2. wishingwell


    Oh, man. Honestly, I have a hard time describing what this smells like because it makes me sneeze -- and not just little sneezes, but huge, unrelenting chain-sneezes. Others have said it's faint, but apparently I amp something in this because it's extremely strong.. even after washing, if I sniff where I applied it I start sneezing again. In the imp, it was more green than dirt, and it made my nose tingle.. so I didn't have high hopes, but I never would have expected such a violent rejection from my sinuses. I guess I'd have to say it's medicinal, masculine, and yes, very heavy on the dirt. Kind of like a mix of clay and peat, which makes it kind of.. smoky? I suppose this might be good on a guy who wants to smell like a hard day's work. I've never had a reaction like this to BPAL before. Off to wash my hands again.
  3. wishingwell

    Castitas Bath Oil

    Tried out the last few drips left in my bottle from my decant circle today. As others have said, it's JUST like Rice Flower & Shea from Bath and Body Works. Which is good, because I like that scent. But it also made me a little sad, as I was hoping to have more vanilla come out once it hit my skin. I don't know if I would buy a full bottle for myself, but I'm very glad I got to try it -- it's verrrrrrry very rice flower madness, but the vanilla brings a lot of warmth and smoothness to it. If this were a shower gel or a conditioner, I'd be all over it.
  4. wishingwell

    Honey and Floral Blends?

    Depending on how things work for her, I'd say Athens, Against Idleness and Mischief, Hermia, or Titania could be possibilities too. Athens, on me, is all honey and flowers; the wine disappears pretty quick. AI&M, Hermia, and Titania were all youthful, sweet florals on me. Oh, and I'd pick Daphne Honey from the Garden, as that was quite sweet without being high-pitched.. at least on me.
  5. wishingwell

    Mourning Lace

    Well, I liked this better than Pink Lace, but.. for some reason, all I really get from it is clove cigarettes and, oddly enough, allspice. I'm guessing this particular combination is just acting strange for me, but I kid you not -- the throw is all clove cigarettes, but up close it smells like a fresh jar of allspice. I'm glad I got to try it, but it's just not for me.
  6. wishingwell

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh, it isn't my photo or my turtle. I just picked the first cute, size-appropriate photo I saw to illustrate my point. And it's on Imgur, a community photo site, so I'm pretty sure it's fair game. (For the record, though, that's cool of you. And I'm quite similar about animals.) [end hijack]
  7. wishingwell

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Can't really help with the bottles, but to post a picture.. first you need to upload it somewhere like Flickr, Imgur, Photobucket, or some other photo-hosting site. (EDIT: I forgot we have a gallery on these forums -- thanks Portalkat! But the instructions should be about the same, assuming uploads are still allowed.) Next, get the URL of the photo. Most sites will give you this information in a sidebar after you upload it, but if not, you should be able to right-click on it and choose "Copy Image Location" -- it should end in .jpg (or .gif or whatever image format you're using) like this: http://i.imgur.com/RpS1V.jpg Then click on Insert Image, the little icon at the top of your post editor that looks like a Polaroid. Paste in the picture's URL, and voila! Hope that helps.
  8. wishingwell

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    Urk. I think I'm starting to get the idea that me and acai berry just do not mix very well. In the bottle, it's all acai berry, all the time. Wet on my skin, it turns into some sort of strange.. soapy acai berry floral. Very hard to describe, but it's very strong. It's kind of like that generic public bathroom floral soap, though, so it's not really a nice backdrop. As it dries, the acai turns a bit bitter and the Snake Oil takes over the soapiness, but the vague floral undertone stays. An hour in, and it's a very bite-y acai berry throw.. I can only pick up the Snake Oil if I snuffle my wrist. This would probably be really lovely on someone who doesn't bring out the bite in acai berry like I do. I think I will be keeping my acai berries in my yogurt from now on, instead of on my skin.
  9. wishingwell

    Lady Una

    Well, it's official.. I absolutely adore this, but it doesn't last very long on me at all. In the vial, it smells.. really perfumey, which is almost off-putting. But as soon as it hits my skin, it becomes this gorgeous, well-blended scent of honey and spice with a green background to it. I cannot smell this without thinking of a pile of crystallized honey dust and emeralds. The spices and leaves are so perfectly blended into the sweet musk that I don't get any of my normal "oh god herbs no please" reaction from my nose. Not even a little tickle of a sneeze! As it dries, it becomes slightly fuzzy and softer than before but there is not a lot of morphing going on for me. But.. an hour later, and Lady Una is so faint. Two hours, she is practically gone, leaving behind the merest whisper of her former glory. Will definitely have to think about this before I get a bottle, because despite how much I love it.. I don't know if I am okay with having to use so much to wear it for a day.
  10. wishingwell

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I'm not sure if this helps at all, but.. does yours smell very heavily of jasmine and something a little like salty wood? Mine did not smell at all like any of the reviews of sweetness and fruity florals. However, as far as I know the person who took my bottle off my hands was quite pleased with it, so maybe there was a batch variation that didn't work as well with certain people or something like that? (If that's true, then I am sad I didn't try it again while I still could.. because it had all the possibilities of a favorite for me.) (Side note: Tee-hee, I said salty wood. Yes, I am 12 at heart.) And here's something unrelated that I noticed with Blossoms in Springtime -- I got myself a backup and accidentally reached for it instead of my first bottle last week. My first bottle is nearly clear oil and the scent clings pretty close to the skin no matter what I do. My second bottle is golden/amber in color and, while the overall scent is the same, it has more throw and amps like woah when I step out into the sun and get all warm. So instead of labeling it as my backup, I've labeled it as "strong" so I can use it when I want something a little heavier.
  11. wishingwell

    Tanuki No Senkimochi

    Afflicted with senki. Anise seed, furry brown musk, cypress sap, myrrh, and smoky woods. Ooh, this is nice. I was worried that it might be heavy, but it's actually quite airy. In the bottle: Definitely anise, and something like a pine forest underneath.. but more forest and less pine needles. Guessing that's mostly the cypress sap. Wet, on skin: Still anise, but it quickly releases the smoky woods. I can sense the furry brown musk now as well.. actually kind of smells like my cat, but in a good way. I can tell this is going to be a warm and comforting scent. Dry: I know the myrrh is in there because there's a hint of sweetness, and myrrh tends to go a little sweet on me.. but as this dries, it just becomes this very well-blended, comforting fragrance. On the back of my hand the anise is most prominent, but in the crook of my elbow it's more musk and myrrh. However, in both spots, it's a little bit fresh and a little bit smoky and dark, and somehow that just works so very very well. About an hour in, the anise backs off and I'm left with this scent that just makes me want to go snuggle the crap out of everything. Overall: I sort of feel like this is Oblivion's lighter, ethereal cousin. I would recommend this to anyone who likes the smoky, spicy sort of scents but wants something for spring and summer. It's so gentle and furry that I think I can even wear it to work (where heavier scents are not allowed) because the throw is very soft. It's airy, fuzzy, warm, and ever so slightly medicinal until the anise backs off. I think I might have actually liked it better without the anise, but regardless, this is a keeper for me. Really really happy with this one. It's pretty unisex, too, and I actually think this would be amazing on a guy.
  12. wishingwell

    What Scent Is This?

    Violet Ray was a powdery, slightly green violet on me. But, if it's that, you have my condolences. Searching for violet at http://bpal.org/search/ comes up with quite a few scents that might fit. Maybe Bruised Violet Compound, though I don't remember if I have ever tried that one personally.
  13. Like Numanoid said, lately the CNS system has been pretty sketchy. I've gotten orders with no CNS at all and some CNS notifications on or after the day of arrival. Because of your location and the multiple LE updates I'd probably give it another week or so before I worried too much. Sometimes the turnaround at the Lab is a little slow, too. I have placed imp orders in the past, within days of each other, and received them weeks apart. I would assume that orders with just the current LEs in them are shipping quicker because they are making multiple bottles of the same thing. Also, if you used CCNow to process your order, they tend to do wonky things like charge you, refund you, and charge you again. That has nothing to do with the Lab (except of course that they are the Lab's choice for secure checkouts) -- that is all CCNow being irritating. Here's hoping you get your smellies soon.
  14. wishingwell

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Alright, I'm a little confused. I didn't see this thread before and I have been thinking of going out to Harry's Farmer's Market here in GA. It was mentioned that they no longer carry BPAL, but when I called them a week or two ago they said that yes, they would have Haloes in stock. I suppose the easiest way to find out is just to go, but.. which is it? Has anyone been out there recently who can confirm yes or no? It's not a long drive all things considered but I'd rather not waste an afternoon. EDIT: Okay, I just went ahead and visited Harry's Farmer's Market and though they do have a number of bottles, they say they aren't receiving any more shipments. Sadly, there were no Haloes left. So in case anyone is wondering.. there is a decent selection (including some Vampires and GCs and the comics blends) but once they're gone, they're gone!
  15. wishingwell

    Scent for Halloween?

    I opted for chocolates (Gelt 11 on pulse points and a little Bliss in my hair) last night for work since they stay light enough on me and I got to deliver my little gifts to patients, so even though I couldn't hand out chocolate it still felt appropriate. I had planned on wearing my First Kiss set today.. but since it is cold and rainy, and I have the day off, I think I'll stick with my Bourbon Vanilla bath oil and a little White Sandalwood & Fig in my hair tonight. The WS&F is too much for work, but it'll be a nice warm addition to my night in with my bestie I think.. plus I am pretty sure I can enable her some more since BPTP has so many products that will fit her low-chemical ideals.