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    Favourite blends: Cheshire Cat, Cleric, Deep In Earth, Dracul, Fae, Event Horizon, Intrigue. Favourite notes: black musk, orange blossom, opium, black pepper, tobacco.


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  1. Kebab Fiend

    Poisoned Apple

    Reading the notes, I was worried because real hemlock smells foul, but it was fine. In the imp it smells like apple with just a hint of something unpleasant. To me it's not really a juicy sweet apple smell, it's one of the blander varieties like Red Delicious, but it's still a "real" apple smell. On my skin it started off very soapy. This lasted about half an hour before the apple and the soapiness faded and I could pick out the opium. I could only detect the unpleasant note that I noticed in the imp if I put my nose right next to my wrist, further away it just added complexity. After an hour it was a pleasant, slightly incensy dried apple scent. Overall, it’s ok but it's just not for me.
  2. Kebab Fiend


    this is very odd! To start with it's almost metallic on my skin. There's some bitterness which I think is what others are interpreting as grapefruit, and there's some dark incensy sweetness, but unlike most aquatic scents it doesn't make me think of shampoo or soap. It's certainly very evil but not unpleasant. I don't know if I like it. I think I'll have to try it a few more times.
  3. Kebab Fiend

    Cheshire Cat

    First impression: Grapefruit marmalade. On skin: Less sweet. The most prominent note is grapefruit, followed by lavender. I can tell the other notes are there but I can't easily distinguish them. This is definitely a favourite, but sadly it only lasts about an hour.
  4. Kebab Fiend

    The Little Wooden Doll

    The wood is very acrid at first, and the rose amber is overpowering. Even after I've been wearing it a couple of hours the notes don't quite work together, but I expect it will improve with age. Update: Just 8 weeks later it's much better. The wood is no longer harsh and the notes blend together much better. I agree with a previous reviewer that it's more like dried rose than fresh, but in this case that's not a bad thing. It's sweet but not excessively sweet and overall I really like it.
  5. Kebab Fiend


    In the bottle it's pleasantly citrusy, but on my skin it turns into bathroom cleaner! It lasts several hours and doesn't improve. I might be able to layer it with something but I can't wear it on its own. Update: it's lovely layered with Orris Root, Carnation and Tobacco
  6. Kebab Fiend


    I put it on before going to bed and it literally gave me a nightmare! At first I noticed sharp, dry herbs and fruity wine. On my skin the herbs faded almost completely and the wine scent became evil. There was a hint of blood and decay. It's very much not a sexy vampire scent, it smells like a grotesque monster trying to hide the smell of death with herbs and wine. I wanted to wash it off but I also didn't want to get out of bed, so I left it on all night. This was a mistake! I dreamt I was trying to hide from a vampire/ghoul but it always found me. Fortunately it had faded by the time I woke up. It's very evocative, maybe a bit too evocative, and while I don't exactly like it, it's interesting enough that I'll keep it.
  7. Kebab Fiend

    Miskatonic University

    At first all I could smell was the sweet coffee, it was overpowering, but after a couple of hours on my skin it became warm and woody, it still smelt of coffee and there was a hint of stale, dusty smell, but it wasn't unpleasant I liked it but the coffee was a bit much, I wouldn't want to smell it all day (I just don't like coffee that much). Looking at other reviews, it might improve if it's left for a few weeks.
  8. Kebab Fiend


    I borrowed this from someone else so I don't know how old it was, probably 3-5 years. First impression: excessively sweet with a sort of synthetic and quite unpleasant berry smell, my friend didn't notice the synthetic smell but did agree that it was very sweet On my skin it was floral and fresh, with a hint of blackberry, it really did smell like heather and brambles! It was still sweet but pleasantly sweet, and not very fruity It's one of my favourites so I hope I'll be able to get some for myself one day. Importantly, it did not smell like Glasgow the city.