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  1. deepquietvoice

    Brusque Violet

    (New tester fresh from the Lab) Wet, this is fresh, green, sharp, like a snapped stem. There's a little mint here, yes. Then violet and orris florals billow up and it becomes primarily floral, a little fruity-sweet, a little powdery. The combination of mintiness and fruitiness evokes toothpaste to me, hahaha.
  2. deepquietvoice

    Strange is Thy Pallor! Strange Thy Dress!

    Cold, lemony, and delicious. There's a sort of herbal-root-soda combination to the scent when wet? It's extremely refreshing and would be baller on a hot summer day. Once dry, the soft sandalwood and sweet-herbal absinthe are more dominant, with continuing chilliness from the eucalyptus. This is really good-smelling, although not terribly strong. I'll have to see if slathering helps. I'm tempted to get a bottle.
  3. deepquietvoice

    Snaky-Hair’d Moirai Many-Form’d

    Decant from forum sale, decanted in 2018. I imagine this is well-aged. I'm in the same boat as the testers who found this tobacco-heavy. Strong tobacco is the dominant note, followed by smoky incense, something red and peppery (?!), with a vanillic base. The resins get stronger and sweeter once this has a chance to wear for an hour or so. I really like tobacco blends usually, but the tobacco is too overpowering in this one for me. I think the tobacco is the source of the peppery aspect too. It's a bit like being poked in the snout with a humidor.
  4. deepquietvoice

    Horn of Benediction

    This is has the ~vibes~ of sage even though it's not dominated by the actual sage note - fresh-clean, wet, with smoky incense perfume undertones. It's a bit clean and angelic for me.
  5. deepquietvoice

    Entwined With Swarming Snakes

    Sharp, fresh and only a little sweet, this hews close to the listed notes. A tart apple with dry citrus rind and a hint of grassiness.
  6. deepquietvoice

    Frog Moon 2022

    Wet, sweet fresh green skin. This starts out as a cluster of extremely wet bright green scents. There's warmth from the wasabi and tea. It becomes a kind of green floral wasabi on the drydown. Unique!
  7. deepquietvoice

    A Conscious Slumber

    A dark, brooding floral bouquet. A bit of an herbal aspect with the lavender and rosemary. The cypress is only faintly present to my nose but adds a hint of astringency.
  8. deepquietvoice

    Like Ghosts the Shadows Rise and Fall

    "Oh, that is JASMINE," I said to myself applying a sample. Jasmine-forward, obviously. It's grounded by the vegetal-earthy notes, a gently indolic floral rather than a high white one. I really like the almost vegetal quality this has; it smells like the whole fresh-cut flower, not just the bottled scent. It's very indolic and lush without being at all stinky, to my nose. It's definitely got the vibe of a voluptuous lady in a garden at night. Is she dangerous? Maybe. Are you going to join her anyway? Probably. After a good few hours, the jasmine lets the amber, oud, patch and vetiver notes join in on center stage. It's still a lovely fresh-cut flower, but the earthy and woody notes and the sweetness of the amber have a more equal presence. This perfume has a lot of swagger even if it's not for me. Respect.
  9. deepquietvoice

    Wanton Airs, Bodiless Airs

    This is absolutely a high-July perfume. It's simple and airy enough to not be cloying but potent enough to cut through hot, sticky air. A fairly straightforward wear morph - the citrusy bergamot is underpinned by the sweet woody cognac at first, and a faint hint of fresh greenery. After some wear cognac becomes the dominant note. It definitely has an airy feel to it.
  10. deepquietvoice

    Cameo Chaperone

    From a decant two months rested. Kind of a creamy, soft floral with almost a fruity tone? Looking at the scent notes I can definitely see the benzoin and the ambrette seed and musk giving it that creamy, musky roundness. The floral notes I don't know how to describe, except cool and that this is practically juicy. I would say the high-end hotel lotion comparison is apt; it just smells rich and luxurious. This is a sophisticated, feminine floral musk. I'm surprised more people aren't jumping on this one.
  11. deepquietvoice

    Signum Crucis

    Aged about 8 months in the imp. Wet, this is a dusty billow of rose petals with tangy rosehips beneath: as it dries a strong base of cool leathery earth rises up from below to support the rosehips. Rose is usually one of my death notes, but this is aged enough that the rose note throat itch isn't striking me. I recall this being rosier when I first got the decant. Now, the tart rosehips and earthy ambrette-leather-mushroom notes define the perfume instead. There's just the faintest breath of florality contributing to the dusty impression of the mushroom accord. The dustiness is impressively fitting for the art which inspired this scent, and the sharp tartness of the rosehips keeps it fresh and interesting. I'm rather fond of this in its aged form.
  12. deepquietvoice

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    This smells like something a leather-clad hot goth chick would wear to a ball. Lots of dark, enchantingly dirty notes run through with a cloud of sexy indolic floral. The mate and sage add a dry, slightly sour herbal edge that bridges the patchouli-narcissus divide and harmonizes the top and basenotes. IIRC the narcissus was more aggressively dominant when I got this a few months ago- I think aging has improved this imp, imho.
  13. deepquietvoice

    White Clover, Elderflower, and Apple

    A delicious crisp apple dominates, with greenery and floral underneath. This smells like what I'd want a wild meadow under the sun to smell like (with the season's first tart apple).
  14. deepquietvoice

    The Sheepfold, Moonlight

    This is a grassy, dry sort of hay rather than lemony hay absolute, mixed with a soft but complex wool scent. "Cologne-y" is the right descriptor for the wool. I enjoy the lemony hay of Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, and Hay Absolute, but I am LOVING this very different, more dry-grass sort of smell. (I almost mistook it for a light vetiver at first.) I guess I will find out if this morphs into a more lemony hay with age, because I'm pretty sure I'll be grabbing a bottle of this. It's a very light, close scent, but it'll be a good comforting oil for days when I don't want to smell super strongly.
  15. Wet: Pink pepperrrrrrrrr!! Additionally spiced by ginger and with a hot underlying sweetness from the red amber and perhaps the currants. Dry: The rich smoky tobacco and gingery cream are much more prominent, and the pink pepper has stepped back a whole hell of a lot, though it's still there. Through the hours of the dry phase this is a strong tobacco with ginger and pepper scent, subtly sweetened by sour currants and amber. It gets less pink/red over time as the topnotes fade and eventually the amber and cream were the final basenotes. Definitely masculine-leaning from the domination of the dark strong tobacco, imho. I'm not sure how I feel about the PEPPER blast at the front, but don't have anything else remotely like it, so I'm going to hang on to the decant.