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  1. deepquietvoice

    Cameo Chaperone

    From a decant two months rested. Kind of a creamy, soft floral with almost a fruity tone? Looking at the scent notes I can definitely see the benzoin and the ambrette seed and musk giving it that creamy, musky roundness. The floral notes I don't know how to describe, except cool and that this is practically juicy. I would say the high-end hotel lotion comparison is apt; it just smells rich and luxurious. This is a sophisticated, feminine floral musk. I'm surprised more people aren't jumping on this one.
  2. deepquietvoice

    Signum Crucis

    Aged about 8 months in the imp. Wet, this is a dusty billow of rose petals with tangy rosehips beneath: as it dries a strong base of cool leathery earth rises up from below to support the rosehips. Rose is usually one of my death notes, but this is aged enough that the rose note throat itch isn't striking me. I recall this being rosier when I first got the decant. Now, the tart rosehips and earthy ambrette-leather-mushroom notes define the perfume instead. There's just the faintest breath of florality contributing to the dusty impression of the mushroom accord. The dustiness is impressively fitting for the art which inspired this scent, and the sharp tartness of the rosehips keeps it fresh and interesting. I'm rather fond of this in its aged form.
  3. deepquietvoice

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    This smells like something a leather-clad hot goth chick would wear to a ball. Lots of dark, enchantingly dirty notes run through with a cloud of sexy indolic floral. The mate and sage add a dry, slightly sour herbal edge that bridges the patchouli-narcissus divide and harmonizes the top and basenotes. IIRC the narcissus was more aggressively dominant when I got this a few months ago- I think aging has improved this imp, imho.
  4. deepquietvoice

    White Clover, Elderflower, and Apple

    A delicious crisp apple dominates, with greenery and floral underneath. This smells like what I'd want a wild meadow under the sun to smell like (with the season's first tart apple).
  5. deepquietvoice

    The Sheepfold, Moonlight

    This is a grassy, dry sort of hay rather than lemony hay absolute, mixed with a soft but complex wool scent. "Cologne-y" is the right descriptor for the wool. I enjoy the lemony hay of Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, and Hay Absolute, but I am LOVING this very different, more dry-grass sort of smell. (I almost mistook it for a light vetiver at first.) I guess I will find out if this morphs into a more lemony hay with age, because I'm pretty sure I'll be grabbing a bottle of this. It's a very light, close scent, but it'll be a good comforting oil for days when I don't want to smell super strongly.
  6. Wet: Pink pepperrrrrrrrr!! Additionally spiced by ginger and with a hot underlying sweetness from the red amber and perhaps the currants. Dry: The rich smoky tobacco and gingery cream are much more prominent, and the pink pepper has stepped back a whole hell of a lot, though it's still there. Through the hours of the dry phase this is a strong tobacco with ginger and pepper scent, subtly sweetened by sour currants and amber. It gets less pink/red over time as the topnotes fade and eventually the amber and cream were the final basenotes. Definitely masculine-leaning from the domination of the dark strong tobacco, imho. I'm not sure how I feel about the PEPPER blast at the front, but don't have anything else remotely like it, so I'm going to hang on to the decant.
  7. deepquietvoice

    A Humorous Jest

    In the decant: blueberry and spice This instantly bloomed into a big sweet blueberry gum bubble when I applied it, then as it dried the top of that rolled back to reveal a warm, hearty, creamy, spicy musk with a tinge of blueberry. Sheer is the right word. I'm only catching hints of floral gardenia here and there around the edges of this scent. A creamy (but not foodie or beach-y) coconut is a major component of this scent, accented by musk and sweet blueberry. After five hours it's still going strong. I am SHOCKED by how much I like this. I am not a florals guy and usually I find sweet&fruity BPALs too much for me. I got a tiny little one-sample vial of this as an order freebie and now I'm weighing whether I want to hunt down a larger decant or just order a bottle.
  8. deepquietvoice

    Stainless Steel Dildo

    Was sent a tester of this in with my decant order. Wet: boy, "buzzy aldehyde" is accurate - this is a bouncy gingery ozone that tingles the nose over something sleek. Musky steel? Dry stage: much the same as wet. This is almost as much of a sensation as it is a smell; like ginger beer soda bubbles going up your nose. That sleek steel/musk undertone is sweeter and stronger now. It's such an unique interesting scent that I'm tempted to pick up more of it.
  9. deepquietvoice

    Cacao, Black Leather, and Incense

    This was STRONG black leather on me at first. Thick black leather with a nubbly raw side and a hint of... tea tree oil? I was trying to put my finger on what that smell was because it was EXACTLY like something familiar and yes. That's it. Melaleuca oil. Checking again after ~30 minutes, now dry: the tea tree oil has gone away (thank god). This is now a dusty blend of cacao with a hint of crumbly incense on a sheet of unsewn leather. A bit naturally sweet from the resinous incense. After an hour or two, the sweet cacao and resin are stronger and dominating over the leather base.
  10. deepquietvoice

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    This smells exactly like an autumn pumpkin scented candle. The sweet pumpkin, the cinnamon-coffee, the smokiness of the tobacco. Yup. I'm tucking my decant away in my Autumn box and there it shall stay for the odd day when I want to smell like a lit candle at a halloween party.
  11. deepquietvoice

    Ice Age Baton

    Not the phallus for me. Unfortunately, I seem to be one of the folks this goes plasticy on. I gave it a few weeks' more rest but same deal. The chalky vanilla bean-cacao is nice, but the tobacco (which I've enjoyed in other blends) smells like an old smokestained hotel room here. I think what people have been describing alternatively as plastic, permanent marker, paint cans, or garage chemicals is mostly the same note or combination of notes, because it first struck me as plastic but I can see it as any of those other descriptions too. No idea what's doing it. The funky tobacco and chalk? I loved the sound of the notes, but it's just not coming together for me.
  12. deepquietvoice

    Snake Milk

    Floofy, marshmallowy caramelized condensed milk with a Snake Oil (sweet, sultry spiced vanilla musk) chaser. Not as sweet as you might expect. It becomes less floofy and condensed milk and more 'Snake Oil with lactic sugars' in the dry stage. After an hour or so of dry wear it wanders back into condensed milk territory. It's a fun variant on Snake Oil. I am obsessively on the hunt for a staple milk scent, but this will not be the one for me.
  13. deepquietvoice

    Black Ice Sleeper

    This could be billed as a single note on me. Cool, sweet apple. Nothing minty. I could believe that there's a little ozone here shaping the coolness. This is a straightforward fresh apple scent for me.
  14. deepquietvoice

    Row Of Trees

    Wet/drydown: Smells like juniper berries initially! Then the spikenard comes forward and takes over the show. Fragrant herbaceous notes dominate, with some green and spicy elements. Much more spikenard/juniper/bergamot than lavender or frank. It's refreshing, but so rooty and spicy that I hope the spikenard calms down a little. I am clearly having a totally different experience than the folks who found this to be all lavender - it's basically a no-show on me. Dry: Initially the spikenard continues to dominate. After an hour it has indeed settled more, and while the overall perfume is still pretty dry and herbaceous, some softer, more radiant notes like the frankincense (and is that the lavender finally peeking out to color the herbaceousness?) poke out, along with a faint whiff of bergamot. It's much more evenly balanced in this settled form. Kind of a masculine fougere-adjacent vibe. Unfortunately I'm a little worn out on this one from the spikenard bomb of the first thirty minutes or so. I think I'll set this decant aside for retesting in a month or two and hope the initial presentation is a little more balanced after some resting and aging, because I think I would really like this if the spikenard were less of a diva.
  15. deepquietvoice

    The Houses At The Back – Frosty Morning

    This is *much* more lilac-forward than the other recent lilac blends (Vigil for the Harvest Suitors, Second Sight) by the lab I've tried. A cool floral lilac is the dominant note from the word go. I could smell the orris root as a slightly vegetal base when I first put it on, but it's hidden behind the lilac and the powdery amber in the dry stage. This is simple and pleasant - not a ton of notes, not a big morpher. The combination of florals and powdery amber give this a pretty classic women's perfume feel. I imagine someone who doesn't mind that or loves lilac would really enjoy this; however, this is not a scent for me.