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    Warm/incense/hippy/bakery scents are most likely to succeed. Some of my fave's are: Mother ginger, Womb furie, O, Snake oil, Gingerbread snake, Tombstone. But I have not tried much yet, so I'm sure this list will grow steadily.

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  1. Lucide

    Impromptu Goat Yoga

    At first this screams GOAT'S MILK!!! WHOOOOO! 🐐❗ NOTICE ME! A sweet and creamy scent, that I apparently amp to the high heavens. After that calms down a bit, I get a whiff of the white tea through the buttery goat's milk. It is a bit fresher and lemony. Then, after four hours of wear, it has morphed in an inoffensive, sweet and musky smell that I really love. I think I smell traces of the marshmallow musk and a calmer goat's milk now. No trace of the lavender though, sadly.
  2. Lucide

    Saturday Morning

    Yes, this smells exactly as I hoped! Definitely a happy and sunny smell, good to combat the cold weather that's coming. In the bottle I smell a big blast of grass and dandelion, but it's a bit sharp. On my skin, those scents immediately fade to the background and I get a soft and creamy lemongrass/coconut smell that is not too bright or sweet. Just right.
  3. Lucide

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    You guys are amazing, this is totally why I love the forum! With who else could I discuss what my favourite characters would smell like? (and get such great suggestions) Other people would look at me like I'm crazy
  4. Lucide

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Thank you! I totally missed that I like the suggestions for them, especially Momo seems spot on. Maybe Zuko would be Dragon's Tears? salty aquatic notes and bursting with dragon's blood. And we also miss General Iroh, who needs a tea scent of course . Maybe pleasures of the imagination IV from the latest lupers? White tea blossom, jasmine sambac, white musk, and leather. But I'm not sure, he needs a scent with more body probably.
  5. Lucide

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    How would the characters from Avatar; the last airbender smell? I am watching the series again!
  6. Lucide

    Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden

    Hmm, Entertaining The Heian Court Maiden needed to settle down a bit, but it is lovely now! In the bottle: Woody and sharp, with a bit of a sweet undertone. On my skin: At first it is resinous and a bit herbal, later the sweetness of the vanilla and honey come out. When it is completely dry, it becomes a very soft skin scent on me. A bit 'my skin but better'. I think this one will get a lot of use, because sometimes I just need a subtle scent.
  7. Lucide

    Apple X

    At first sniff, Apple X was a little bit of a letdown for me. It smelled like an apple scented cleaning product to my nose. So sad. But, after letting it settle down a couple of days, I tried it again, and this time the patchouli was more present. It made a whole lot of difference, gave the apple smell more dept, or something. Now a week later, I decided to give it a try. And I am glad I did. At first it still smells a bit like artificial apple, but that quickly goes away. The patchouli and probably teak really save this scent for me and I can only see this becoming better and better with age!
  8. Lucide


    2016 version. This is such a great smell and I am glad that I picked one up! It is definitely related to Samhain, but it is a creepier, darker version. At first it smells a bit cologne-y to me at first, and a bit manly (not that I mind that). A bit of a sharp scent, probably the vetiver (?). On the dry down the sharp edge goes away and it gets smokier and smokier. Later on it gets a bit smoother and a tad bit sweet on my skin and it is truly a gorgeous smell. It is indeed a bit like Samhain without the apple. Very evocative of taking a hike in autumn forests all by yourself, while there is some smoke lingering in the air. I am not very good in detecting all the different layers and notes in a perfume, so I can not tell you much about that, but I can say that this will get a lot of use from me!
  9. Lucide

    Smell like a Greenhouse

    To me, Envy smells like a greenhouse or a plant shop, but without the dirt. Only the 'green' part.
  10. Maybe you can find some more here. For me it's definitely Snake Oil, Blood, and Womb Furie (though that is an LE). They are sexy as hell! A lot of people also think of O as one that smells like sex. I also like that one, but only layered with Snake Oil.
  11. Lucide

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    Interesting idea! I compared the notes of all the bottles that I own (23). Vanilla - 10 Patchouli - 6 Spices - 5 Sugar - 4 Coconut - 4 Amber - 4 Ginger - 4 Wood/trees - 4 Honey - 4 Lemon/lime - 4 Cream - 3
  12. Lucide

    Juniper Hairstreak

    At first this smelled like clean laundry with a fancy smelling laundry softener to my nose, but later the soapy smell goes away and leaves this soft, green/floral smell behind. It is beautiful, but I don't know if it is a 'me' scent.
  13. Lucide

    Ivory Vulva

    Wow.. this one is super sweet and foodie! At first I did not really like it but now I love it as a scent for when I go to sleep. When the first super sweetness is wearing off, it turns in to a soft, cuddly scent.
  14. Lucide

    Implacable Beautiful Tyrant Hair Gloss

    This is my first HG ever and I really like it. At first, smelling the gloss directly from the bottle, it was very strong. I could smell the warm, slightly smokey 'golden' scent and found it a bit overwhelming. In my hair, it is totally different though; a very subtle and nice smell. For the best effect on my thin hair that is on my shoulders, I put 2/3 in my hand and run it through my damp, just showered hair. When I apply it directly it makes my hair too greasy. And It really makes my hair super smooth and shiny! No frizzy hair for me this winter!
  15. Lucide

    Sudha Segara

    With first application I thought that I accidentally took Kumiho out of my imp box, it smells really similar to my nose! But then it got a bit softer and more balanced. Now I smell a clean, citrus/ginger. Absolutely lovely! More of a smell for when the weather gets warmer for me though.