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    Amber, musks of all sorts, chocolate, mint, carnation, cloves, pine, vanilla, sugar, tea, sandalwood, honey My favorites change a lot. Right now they are: Hymn to Prosperine, October, Sugar Skull, Kumari Kandam, and Dragon's Blood

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    smelling good, knitting and crochet, my animals, reading and writing fanfic pr0n, CSI, Due South, Supernatural, reading, theology, language, laughing a lot
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  1. Magda

    The Ragged Wood

    It smells so, so pretty in the bottle, but the second it hits my skin, the jasmine and pine start fighting it out to see who's the strongest. It's an epic battle. In the end, they both win, and I lose. I frantically washed this off about twenty minutes after applying it, and what stayed in my skin went back to a pretty floral. It's like the soap my grandmother used to use, elegant and very clean smelling. Not soapy, but clean and fresh. I can tell there are flowers but I can't pick them out, and it smells a little like frost on green leaves. I'm not sure how I'm going to wear this. Dab it on and then rub most of it off? Apply half of half of a drop? Put it on and wash it off like I did today? I'll figure something out, though, because despite my initial misgivings (and looming migraine during the jasmine vs. pine portion of the experience) I really, really like it now.
  2. Magda

    Earth Rat

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, it's all sweet green melon. I'm hoping for the peony to come out to play eventually since it's one of the few florals that I think smell nice on me. It takes a few hours, but a hint of florals comes out eventually. Sort of. It's still mostly melon. However, it is the most delicious melon I have ever smelled. I'm not usually a melon fan, but I'm going to layer this with Squirting Cucumber and smell springy and delicious.
  3. Magda

    Sugar Moon 2008

    In the bottle, it smells like cologne. I can't say what type, exactly, except that my dad wore it when I was little. Not very helpful, I know. As soon as I apply it, I smell something that is either brown sugar or maple syrup, depending on the sniff. It's all brown sugar cologne for a while, very woody and dry except for the syrup overtone. I was worried that the strawberry would turn plastic on me, but it doesn't. It comes out after about ten minutes, just sweetening things up with a soft, subtle glow. The teak, which is what made it smell so much like cologne to me, retreats into the background and it's all mellow strawberries and thick sugar with a hint of something herbal and green around the edges--the blackberry leaf, maybe. It's sweet, but not edging into girly. There's powdery musk and dark woods in the background, making this almost unisex. The strawberry is delicious and I love it so much more than I expected to. I'm not getting any florals, which despite my love of violet is just fine by me. I think they may be somewhere in the background, bridging the gap between the woods and the sugared strawberry. I'm kind of in love with this blend.
  4. Magda


    Right out of the bottle, this is dry, woody incense. Then, o hai there, honey and musk. I'm glad you came by. I love you. I was a little worried that the kush would make me smell like weed. I'm glad that isn't the case. It's not the same thick amber I love so much in Hermia and Hymn to Proserpine, but it's still quite lovely, a little bit powdery but not overly so. I'm barely getting a touch of the red currant, which is a good thing in my book, just enough to make the blend a little sweet. Everything blends so well together as this dries that it's hard to pick out any one note. I feel surrounded by a sexy, mellow cloud. It may just be the power of suggestion, but this makes me want to go out and find someone to have throes of violent passion with. Yum. A definite keeper.
  5. Magda


    In the imp, it's all sweet, juicy pear. On my skin, though, it turns into pear scented soap. Sometimes Lily of the Valley turns soapy on me, so I cross my fingers and hope the soapiness is just a phase. In theory, this should be an amazing spring blend for me. I love pear, I love the way real little lilies of the valley smell, I love musk, I like rose sometimes, though I don't think I have anything with bois du rose except Longing, which I haven't tried, yet. If this turns out more fruity than florally, we'll have a hit. It's getting soaper with time, to the point that I can actually taste soap in my mouth. That's no fun at all. I hold my hand away from me for a while, but it stays sudsy, soapy lily of the valley on me and it's quite unpleasant every time I forget and bring my hand close enough to my face for the soap taste to fill my mouth again. Washing it off, and off to swaps.
  6. Magda


    In the bottle and upon application, it's all sweet cherry-almond. The cherry retreats after a while and it's a fantastic smoky, buttery almond until it turns to baby powder. Sad pants. I would love this if the smoky almond stage lasted longer than half an hour.
  7. Magda

    Squirting Cucumber

    When I was in high school, I read somewhere (Sassy, probably), that Courtney Love wore a combo of cucumber oil and watermelon oil as perfume. Whether this was true or not, I have no idea, but I thought it was a very cool idea (this was before the explosion of cucumber melon lotions and candles), but I didn't like the watermelon oil when I tried it. I did, however, love the cucumber. Love, love, love. So, when I saw Squirting Cucumber added to the GCs, I ordered an imp and I love, love, love it. I don't know why I haven't reviewed it until now. I suppose because there's really not much to say, not a lot of notes to pick out. This is fresh, dewy cucumber with a slightly sweet cut grass note behind it. Mostly, though, it's just cucumber, and despite the fact that I'm usually all about ambers and musk and darker scents, this is one of my top ten favorite BPALs ever.
  8. Magda

    Kumari Kandam

    First there are thick, green blooms, hanging high over everything, sweet and sharp. Then I catch a hint of aquatics and brace myself for the inevitable morph into burnt black pepper. Usually, aquatics turn on me within a matter of minutes, but as this is drying it doesn't smell like burnt pepper, it just smells fresh and icy. It's strange. Is this an aquatic that I can actually wear? It's very slushy, and I'm not sure what to do with it. I've never been able to wear aquatics without my skin turning them horrible, so the question of liking or not liking them has never come up before. I think I like it. It's a lot brighter and fresher than most things I wear, but I'm really becoming fond of how it's crisp without edging into girly. It's a unisex crispness, and behind that is the (not at all unpleasant) scorched earth/thick mineral scent that pervades the desert during the first few minutes of rain. I'm definitely going to keep this imp, since this is one of the most interesting scents on me I've tried.
  9. Magda

    Vampire Tears

    Wet on my skin, it smells like Sweet Tarts. As it dries it becomes a bit more floral, but it still has that candy sour scent. It takes about half an hour for the sour candy to go away, and then there are florals that are so, so familiar, it's killing me that I can't place what they remind me of. There's a hint of green tea in there, too, and maybe just a hint of vanilla. Overall, it's a soft, round floral, something that would smell very nice on a young girl or an older woman who wants a soft, innocent scent.
  10. Magda

    Phantom Queen

    Wet, this is very sweet and green. It reminds me of the sweet clover soap my grandmother used to use. As it dries, it stays soapy clean and sweet, but there's a hint of something sour creeping up in the background--I think it may be the apple blossom, but it never comes out fully. It's soapy clean, a pretty green floral, but not for me.
  11. Magda


    My first impression is of burnt caramel, which I'm sure is the mint/caramel mix. It calms down into a cool, syrupy sweet scent after a bit, but my hand is burning where I applied it. That never happens--I can wear the heaviest cinnamon and not even turn pink. It's a strange scent. Not unpleasant, I just can't decide if it's crisp or foody, if it's cold or warm. It gets better as it goes on, morphing into thick caramel, then pulling back down to sweet, smoky warm goodness with a herbal edge. I'm going to need to try this a few more times before I can decide what I think of it.
  12. Magda


    Wet, right out of the bottle, it's all grapes on me. Then it turns into grapes mixed with cocoa powder, which is odd. It turns to lemon after about ten minutes, then a beautiful, light incense ten minutes after that. Sadly, in another ten minutes it's gone entirely. I would have liked a lot more of its final stage.
  13. Magda

    Pisces 2008

    Unfortunately for me, Pisces blends usually equal one of two things--aquatics or vetiver. Aquatics touch my skin and turn to burned black pepper. Not a good smell. Vetiver hates me even more than that, amping up to ridiculous, nauseating levels of ooze and slime. I am so, so glad that Beth made a non-aquatic, non-vetiver blend. It's a quiet, meditative blend, which I personally feel reflects my sign better than bright aquatic notes. In the bottle it starts of soft and herbal, and wet on the skin it stays that way, fresh and blue-green until it dries into a soft, resiny floral. The opium poppy makes it powdery without being baby powder, the florals are sweet but not at all overwhelming, and the grains of paradise and moss lend it an herbal undertone I wasn't expecting. It's a beautiful, gentle scent, and I think very reflective of the sign.
  14. Magda

    Lupercalia Update Notes

    Anactoria: honey, amber, musk--yes currant takes it to maybe Khajuraho 2008 -- eh, never too thrilled with this Luperci 2008 -- patchouli, beeswax, juniper, honey, musk? yes Parlement of Foules 2008 -- white rose, resin -- maybe Red Lantern 2008 -- black coconut and currant say no Smut 2008 -- hell yes Valentine of Rome -- nothing stands out A Farewell to False Loves -- lavender, violet, balsam of Peru, narcissus -- yes The Clod and the Pebble -- rose otto, clove, patchouli, sandalwood, nutmeg, cedar -- YES The Flower Song -- wine, lotus root, reeds,hyssop, barley -- wait for reviews Her Voice -- vanilla amber, beeswax, honeysuckle, and carnation say yes -- wait for reviews La Vita Nuova -- champagne grape -- nope Longing -- wait for reviews Love's Philosophy -- vanilla, saffron, and cream -- yes Night Thoughts -- lilac, musk, cedar, neroli say yes, ozone says no The Passionate Shepherd to His -- maybe, if carnation is strong The Presence of Love -- maybe, love musk and amber, wary of grapefruit and jasmine Sapphics -- yes The Ragged Wood -- maybe, if the pine isn't overwhelmed by the florals To Helen -- ozone and opaline notes? No Butterflies and Plovers -- no Dream of the Fisherman's Wife -- honey and mint say yes, but unsure of ambergris Ebisu Making Love as Two Octopuses Look On -- nah Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge -- maybe Harikata -- no Lover's Parodies of Sumo Holds -- no Men Ringing Bell with Penises -- yes The Spell of Amorous love -- no
  15. Magda

    The Snow Storm

    Right out of the bottle it's all sweet pine, which makes me very happy. There's a hint of trunk and sap along with the needles, and then it sweetens up -- berries and flowers hiding in the middle. It's very similar to Dublin without the rose. I don't generally buy multiple bottles of anything, but I may need to with this.