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    Fave Blends: Brides of Dracula, Catherine, Devil's Night, Eat Me, Hungry Ghost Moon, Hymn+Seance, Mata Hari, Satan and Death with Sin Intervening, Stardust, Xiuhtecuhtli, Shub Niggurath Fave Notes: sandalwood, orange blossom, lilac, white musk, peach, white tea, narcissus, wine, rosemary, copal, champaca, dirt, leather, clove

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  1. PixieSkull

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    This reminds me of 13 a bit. The chocolate, peppermint, and woodsy backdrop is similar. Wet: Cedar and oakmoss are stronger in the vial and just on the skin than when dry. The chocolate, peppermint, and vanilla join in an obvious candy wave, underscored by the earthiness of the other notes until those come out to play as well. Dry: That vanilla, chocolate, and peppermint float up on top in candy goodness. This is a combination I'm absolutely in love with. The pistachio must be giving the slight toasty bit, oakmoss is adding a bit of damp and sweet earth while the green cedar gives the astringent-type quality for more balance. I wouldn't normally praise the cedar but it's a pleasant drying wood here. Where sandalwood would have added a dusty component and rosewood would have been a bit more on the wistfully romantic side, green cedar is more of a fresh and maybe spooky tree grove note here. All the chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint swirling to the top make a pleasant and enticing scent to dig my nose into. This is like smelling the candy being made in the house from outside the window of a house on the edge of a tree line. 5/5 Not your typical gourmand/candy scent. Very unique in that it's not put toward romantic or sexy.
  2. PixieSkull

    The Brides of Dracula

    I don't know how I didn't post my review of this scent, being a collecting favorite. My most-wanted collected scent. The skin musk and sandalwood are beautiful with the spices, and the florals swirl. WET: Skin musk, strong and sexy at first. The flowers and honey swell in white sweetness. DRY: Soft flowers like a fresh bouquet sitting in a vase, surrounded by the slightly sweet smell of arousal. That's the image I get. This doesn't let the lily turn to soap (totally abnormal for lily to stay down,) and the white amber doesn't amp to drown out everything else (also totally abnormal for my chemistry.) This is everything to me: dry, musky, sexy, slight spice undertones, soft white floral. The skin musk in Neutral makes me happy, but I don't think I'll be able to fully get the image with blending GCs, but that doesn't mean I won't try. 5/5
  3. PixieSkull


    I love lilac and enjoy herbal tinges to scents. In the Imp: this is lilac with the telltale dark herbal undertone. Wet on Skin: the darkness of the leather bursts out and the herbal component's sharp astringent smells come out immediately on contact. The lilac swirls with some grittiness before sweetness comes out a bit and settles somewhat into a sharp, slightly powdery floral. Drydown: just not what I'd want from a leather blend. It really only adds a bit of a darker base to the herbal floral. This is what most similar scents become on me; powdery, sweet, white florals with an astringent tinge. It's not horrible, just way too similar to other scents on my chemistry. This reminds me a bit of a darker Zephyr and smells like there's amber in the blend, that powdery sweetness that overpowers nearly every single amber blend I try. I also wonder if it's lily, especially since plenty of reviews use terms like "soapy," "clean," or "scrubbed." The plum juice only really came out in the sweetness in the wet phase and just died. 2/5 - my chemistry doesn't love the blend, I suspect a little amber and/or lily creating the overwhelming powdery/sweet/soapy scent. Washing it off, just "eh" for me.
  4. I prefer my herbal-based florals to get down to business. Rosemary's my go-to in general, supplemented by lilac or tea rose for lightness and residual light floral.
  5. PixieSkull

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    if you clock over to post #441 in death matching http://www.bpal.org/topic/65148-death-matchin/page__st__425 you can read monster's excellent compare contrast of lurid and buggre. she makes them both sound tempting. That didn't help me decide! Very good comparison, though. Definitely more interested in Buggre, I think my husband wouldn't mind it.
  6. PixieSkull

    Kubla Khan

    Oh my! The darkness of the smoke and leather is apparent in the background with some dry spices and some sweet resinous flowers. The whole blend is delicious and evocative of an opulent party. The floral notes became a slightly green bubble around me mixing with the dry, citrusy halo of wood and spices. The lily didn't over-soap the blend for me, which happens every time it's in a blend, but the champaca and sandalwood I normally amp were beautifully present. I will wear this again, no doubt.
  7. PixieSkull


    To me, Kyoto was a manly bouquet of notes. White sandalwood stays a bit dry and warm on me in general, but mixed with the other notes became the dry backbone to a swirl of somewhat rugged notes. Cherry blossom became a bit herbal mixed with the star anise. The spice made the blend even more masculine. Didn't love it on me.
  8. PixieSkull

    Blue Moon 2012

    ... with a potent lunar-charged, oneirongenic blend of blue musk, exquisite woods, moonflower, evening stock, Madagascan ylang ylang, Florentine iris, Greek cypress, green tea absolute, palmarosa, cucumber, rose milkweed, Clary sage, lavender, lemon balm, and passion fruit. I wanted to love this scent, I did, it just wasn't to be. Bottle: Astringent and wet and a lot like moonlight. Interesting. Wet: Lots of green and white florals, some resinous scent and astringent herbal wreath. Drydown: Oh no, very cutting and green. I wanted some moonflower. Dry: Umm... masculine, slightly. It's just not doing anything for me. It's slightly clean and sanitary and I can pick out some ylang ylang and lavender, all the sharp herbal scents. I do think this could be lovely on the right person, but it's too herbal for me to enjoy the way I want to. Definitely evocative of a cool, moonlit night.
  9. PixieSkull

    Mango-Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte

    I love tea. Chai is awesome. Pumpkin latte season? I'm there! I had a Pumpkin Latte sniffie and filled it with oil three times and dumped into a bath one night and was in pure heaven. WOW for creamy and foamy latte! I needed this. Pumpkin-spiced gunpowder tea with mango peel, red ginger, green cardamom, smoky clove buds, fennel, allspice, saffron, coconut sugar, and foamy milk. Bottle: Buttery, spiced pumpkin with the sweetness of mango up front. The foaming of the milk of the latte is what I relate it to. Wet: That darn mango, being all delicious! Generally, the pumpkin is slightly earthy and the latte is foamy and a tiny bit bitter so the mango is evening it all out. It's like the caramel in an apple cider, perfectly balancing the chill of fall with the warmth of summer dying out. Drydown: Yes. Oh, yes! Pumpkin latte with spices and sweetness. All that I wanted, blooming before me. The bitterness is a bit pronounced, but the coffee note needs to do that for me to make it right. Dry: Exactly as the name implies, a flavored latte. The cooling foam scent with spices sprinkled on top, burning little holes through the fluffy foam. There's a fruity and earthy scent coming from beneath. So awesome. I admit, I had to slather myself in this. There's no way I couldn't! It smelled SO GOOD in the bottle that it Had. To. Be. Done. I don't regret it, either. This accompanied me to a great beer fest where I had Cacao Bender from Surly Brewery on a warm day, the first day of fall. I smelled heavenly, the beer was amazing, the food was meaty. This is a scent I will bring with me through the beginning of winter. I'll be sad when it's gone.
  10. PixieSkull

    Bonfire Night

    Beer, woodsmoke, tar, and treacle. George Takei is in my head with the "Oh myyyyy!" on this one. This is a scent that screams for my Hubby. He loves cigars and beer and wants to smell like a cigar and beer get-together sometimes, but the tobacco scents are too wet and floral for him otherwise. Dracul and Crowley are his go-to's so far. Bottle: Wood char, blessed wood char! A bit of sweet tobacco like a cigar humidor without all the cedar. There's some sweetness there. Wet: On him, cigar smoke billows behind a smoldering campfire. Other people have burnt marshmallows. Dry: Like the smell of bonfire on your clothes. Small wafts of woodsmoke and cigar and burnt sweets. I love this on Hubby. This will be in his rotation now. When we go to a friend's place to smoke cigars and share beers, this will be Number 1.
  11. PixieSkull

    The Vampire Bride

    Such high hopes for this, but it disappears on me. White tea does that, though. Bottle: Getting that icy skin and crypt smell. The mourning flowers and gritty tomb smell. Evocative. Wet: Swirling florals, a little bit of that grave dust combating with the saffron I dearly love with my chemistry. Drydown: Disappearing already! No! A very mournful floral staying on my skin with a bit of dust wafting. Dry: Dead, decaying flowers drooping in the dirt... very far away. Virtually no throw, no staying power and didn't do much on my skin. I was really looking forward to this since I love the crypt-type scents. Not a keeper
  12. PixieSkull

    Fizzy Jack O' Lantern

    Anything fizzy and alcohol and pumpkin will catch my eye. Fizzy Soda incense is my fave of all time! Only concern is the gin. I'm allergic to juniper. Despite the slight stomach ache and slight pounding head I get from it, I love Martin Miller's and Tanqueray Rangpur. Sad In the Bottle: FIZZ! Like a gin and tonic with lime, great start! Wet: Fizz! Not as crazy as from the bottle, but omnipresent. A little creamy and buttery with still some citrus cutting through. Slight alcohol waft. Drydown: All sorts of memories, here. This is the scent of a get-together at the bar with my friends, the upscale bar with loads of interesting martinis and cocktails in fall. Dry: A bit short-lasting, but the creamy and only slightly pumpkin-y scent is still attached to my skin. It's like my memories of last month at the bar, hazy with a remembrance of vodka tonics with lime.
  13. I'm finding Boo to smell very similar to Eat Me and even Drink Me with the caramel-like sweetness and rich, buttery cream notes. Boo smells a bit more like a custard base for vanilla ice cream than a tart with custard cream inside. All are delicious, though.
  14. PixieSkull


    Boo 2012, tested fresh from the lab. "Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream." Bottle: caramel-y sugar and cream Wet: wet and sweet sugar and rich cream, some whiteness coming out Drydown: Creeeeeaamy goodness, a bit of sweet, kindof like the creaminess of the coconut note with something slightly dry and white. Slightly acidic citrus when it hit my skin, before it started to muddle with the other notes. Dry: Reminds me of something... something SO familiar! I swear there's at least one BPAL scent that's similar on me that I love. At first, I thought it was a bit drier and acrid than it actually was before the full throw hit me. Pleasant amount of throw, not an insane strength on my skin but enough to waft as I flail. Hmmm... familiar... Now, this reminded me of Alice for the cream, but then I realized something wasn't matching... the tea and carnation aren't here. Then, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, the powdery sweetness of amber matches a bit with the sweet pea bringing the extra sweetness... but not as warm. And it hits me! Eat Me. Buttery sweetness without the fruity tinges. Eat Me is an HG mini-gourmand for me and Boo DEFINITELY makes me happy, but they're so similar on me so far. The longevity and amount of throw are nearly identical, as well as the creamy sweetness. The big difference is the slightly dry cotton scent versus the dark berry/currant undercurrent through Eat Me. I'm not sure if I would choose one over the other yet, ack!
  15. PixieSkull


    Wet - buttery, earthy pie. As soon as it hits my skin, it flashes sour. The sourness fades in a few moments and the peach gets amped. Drydown - My skin LOVES peach! The spices and pumpkin are under it, all sweet delicousness with a butter crust hiding beneath it. And musk! Got some lovely musk in there, too. Dry - There's mostly some musk and peach, a little spice, a bit of buttery dryness. Pleasant enough. The clove and nutmeg are earthy and there's a bit or warmth there. Pleasant.