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  1. Verios

    Keichu Nyoetsu Warai Dogu

    This is a scent I initially remember not being too impressed by, but I decided to try keeping it to age just to see how that went, and as I test it today, I'm so glad I did. I used to love leather in all its glory, but now this is more my speed - it's there, and I definitely get it, but it's a softer leather than a lot of blends, sweetened up with the coconut, and rounded out by the other two notes (which I don't know well enough to identify on their own, just that they're adding something, and I dig it). So, definitely glad I hung onto this, and decided to give it another try, as I almost shifted it to my swaps box since I hadn't found myself reaching for it!
  2. Verios


    This is a scent I originally picked up because it sounded interesting/very different from what I usually enjoy, but it to me smells like what I would fantasize that a tropical jungle would smell like. I ended up buying a backup bottle shortly after testing it out, but a friend also fell in love with it and laid claim to the backup, so I'm back to rationing out the one I have for the time being - it's one I find I reach for in the summer, though (probably because I live in a desert, so something about the green, tropical vibe of this really appeals to me for a change of pace!). Truly lovely.
  3. Verios

    The Sound of Insects

    Black tea has a tendency of coming across as anise-like, on me, and that's not a scent I typically enjoy, so I keep trying them, and usually am disappointed. I've only just applied this, however, and while I definitely get the lab's black tea note, and it doesn't really smell like tea to me...it stops just shy of hitting the point where it's like licorice. Right out of the bottle, the lime definitely drowned it out, but as citrus scents usually do on me, that faded really quickly. Curious to see how this morphs as it sits on my skin for a bit longer, but so far, it's interesting and quite fun!
  4. Verios

    Black Pearl

    This is everything I hoped it would be, on initial application - I get a sweet, nutty coconut that doesn't go suntan lotion, and I do believe I'm getting hints of the opalescent white musk as well. Hoping that the scent doesn't fade to quickly, or morph too much.
  5. Verios

    Velvet Pink Kitty Atmosphere Spray

    This is glorious. It's like the girliest mixed drink ever, strawberry candy sweetness with a hit of gin, and a bit of grenadine. The boozy notes keep this from being too cloying for me, but don't smell like someone threw liquor around either, so this will definitely be one I spray around the house!
  6. Verios

    The Naturally Possible and Impossible

    This is everything I hoped it would be, which is a huge relief, as leather scents haven't quite been hitting the mark with me as a whole, lately. This is fresh from the lab, and hasn't had time to settle yet, but I think I am mostly getting the leather, cigar smoke and bay rum - it reminds me a lot of my Judge and Jury atmo (which, re-reading the notes in that, actually makes sense), which is one I really love, as well~
  7. Verios

    Blackcurrant Sufganiyot

    This is my first time trying one of the sufganiyots, but blackcurrant is a favorite fruit flavor of mine, so I couldn't pass it up, despite my not typically being a huge foodie fan. Also, this just arrived from the lab today, so hasn't had time to settle. That said, WOW. I love this! I get no pastry, but instead get a gorgeous, jammy dark berry/currant, with some sort of an almost-floral undertone that I really, really love. Assuming this doesn't settle into something totally different, this was a surprise hit for me, so I am thrilled I gave it a shot...and I will almost definitely need a backup! Edit: Gave it a full-day run today, and it smells the same - I had another friend smell it on me today, and she was also surprised that (at least on me) this is an amazing mixed berry/currant jam, with a floral undertone that keeps it from straying into too foody...I get no pastry note at all, which was what worried me, so I'm thrilled.
  8. Verios

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Oooh, this sounds fun! (And I am always looking for new scents to love!) My top 5 (at the moment, anyway...I love so many it's tough to narrow down), in no particular order: Dorian Antique Lace Recalcitrant Dragon De Vos' Unicorn Zorya P ....there are at least another 4-5 that barely got edged out of this list
  9. This is stunning - I'm a little odd in that I don't really care for perfumes that taste overly foodie, but I'm finding that some of my favorite HGs are the foodier ones! This on me is mostly honey; the cake is definitely not coming to the forefront. But, the honey is the gorgeous kind that almost reminds me of baklava (it doesn't have the pastry note of baklava though, that's just the only thing I've eaten where the honey tastes like this smells) - it's got a hint of cinnamon, and a little bit of nuttiness, and it's just so. delicious. I'm so glad to have snagged a bottle of this!
  10. Verios


    I just got this today in the mail, so I'm hoping once it settles a bit that some of the other notes come out to play....because I was really, really excited about this scent, and right now, it's mostly cologne, but not a harsh or in-your-face one. I'm glad someone else mentioned cucumber, because I get that as well, and was kind of wondering if my nose was broken. There's also a faint hint of leather lingering in the background (there's a dirty joke in there, pertaining to leather and cucumbers, somewhere...) I'm not getting any coffee, and if the shuffle of paper is there, I'm not picking up on it. To sum up: on me (and in the bottle) it's a sleek, aquatic, vaguely cucumber-y cologne that's been spilled across a black leather briefcase. Not offensive or unpleasant, but unless it changes with a bit of settling and/or aging, this one will be off to my swaps!
  11. Verios

    Antique Lace

    2017 Version The original had been discontinued before I got into BPAL, so this year's run was my first chance at smelling it...and wow, I totally see what all the fuss is. This is the most gorgeous musky vanilla, with the long-faded perfumes mingling with just a hint of dry florals balancing the sweetness out (as someone who is a rare fan of florals, this is magical). Fantastic throw and longevity - enough that I catch hints of it all day...but not so much that I feel like I am overwhelming the people around me (although I'd still wear it if it did, because I enjoy it so much). I am so glad the lab did a rerelease of this, and that I was lucky enough to snag some.
  12. Verios

    Tobacco scents

    I just went and stuffed my nose in the bottle (it's a cool weather smell that I haven't worn in a bit) and it's a good hit of coffee. Mixed with the tobacco though it makes it sweet and rich and divine. Coffee is really great on my skin though. That's good to know! Because the one that went really awful on me smelled that way in the bottle as well, so it wasn't just a skin chemistry thing for me . edit: annnnnd, so many other wonderful sounding recs! I'll post up some of the ones I've tried recently that have been keepers, as well!
  13. Verios

    Wulric, The Wolfman (2016)

    Immediately upon applying this, my first thought is that if I ever encountered a wolfman, and he happened to smell like this...I would totally tap that. I should probably start by saying that musks are almost always much-beloved notes for me, and I love when cocoa/chocolate scents are tempered with something that prevents it from becoming too foody. I also really love lavender, as long as it's not too sharp. With all of that said, Wulric always sounded like he'd be right up my alley, and he definitely is. To my nose, I mostly get the cocoa, lavender and sage, with the vanilla and musk serving to sweeten things up and make this extremely wearable. This may actually edge out Boomslang as my all-time favorite scent that features cocoa/chocolate. I do wish this had a little more throw to it, as I want to sit in a cloud of this....it does have a pretty decent wear length at least, though!
  14. Verios

    Tobacco scents

    I think I may need to track down some Dead Leaves, Blackcurrant and Tobacco Tar, and Elegba was one that I had on my list of scents to try anyway, but seeing more people mention it positively has me moving it up my priority list, I think . (I wish I'd gotten tobacco from The Bones of Capys - unfortunately, it didn't come forward for me, and my skin eats king mandarin, so I ended up swapping that out when I had it.) For the Ta-Ta...how strong is the coffee? I love the smell of coffee, but a recent bpal with it as a note ended up smelling like awful scorched coffee on me, so now I'm a little more cautious with it.
  15. Verios

    Tobacco scents

    Posting/bumping this up to add to the tobacco love! I've always adored the smell of tobacco, so it was unsurprising that it would turn out to be a major BPAL note of love for me (I'm testing out Mrs. Bunce today, and wow she's gorgeous!) I also wondered if anyone else has tried layering the Bulgarian Tobacco SN with The Lion? A friend recommended I try it, after I raved about those two scents individually, and while I love both of those scents on their own as well, together they were even better than I expected. (I'm also going to go back through this thread from the beginning and take notes, to see if there's any additional tobacco blends that jump out at me )