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    Scentwise, I love ALL THINGS Golden, Pink, Sparkly Silvery White, and even some black - that have a golden feel. I particularly gravitate towards Ethereal-Shimmery/Sugary/Creamy/Honeyed Florals, sweet Ambers, and Vanillic scents.☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・° 彡 ☆彡♡ Favourite BPAL Perfume Oils ♡✿ Elf v4✿ Zorya Polunochnaya✿ Black Lace✿ Ava ✿ Fée ✿ Amaterasu v3✿ Sir Thomas Sharpe✿ Strawberry Sufganiyot✿ The Girl ✿ Fairy Market✿ Midnight on the Midway (original)✿ Dorian✿ Mouse's Long and Sad Tale ✿ Antique Lace (original)✿ Snow White ✿ Monster Bait: Bloody Mary ✿ Stekkjarstaur✿ Lady in Pink Speckled Kimono ✿ Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree ✿ Morocco ✿ Haloes ✿ Aristocratic Couple ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・° ☆彡

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    Aside from BPAL, and perfume in general, I have a number of other disjointed hobbies and pursued interests. These include: competitive PC games, multiplayer/online co-op video games, games research, travel with friends, refining my wardrobe aesthetic, dessert/pâtisserie/entremet making, street shuffle, and flair-bartending. I also have an unhealthy obsession with international education systems. Feel free to spam-chat me if we have stuff in common because good friends, blessed life!
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  1. celestia

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    This thread has always been one of my favourites to spam! And even though I'm usually giving recs, I've only just returned from hiatus so now I have an excuse to resurrect it! 1. Elf v4 2. Black Lace 3. Ava 4. Amaterasu v3 5. Thomas Sharpe I realise I already have an extensive list of matching /similar scents in my profile (both icon wall and accent profile in my signature xD) that I'm aware of, such as Antique lace Zorya polunochnaya, l'estate, bfja etc , so if you can avoid repeating those and recommend things that were released in the last year and a half, that'd be super! (anything similar to Thomas Sharpe regardless of year, would be killer too)
  2. celestia

    Pink Snowballs Floof

    Anyone who knows me, knows i'm am *the* cotton candy eating fiend. I could not possibly pass up the lab's floof! Encased in a glass mason jar, I had NO idea how I would logistically ever procure such a treat as an international. Wench457 made it happen, though, and I cannot thank her enough for spoiling me with such a birthday treat. Only I've had it locked away for safekeeping all this time, I've finally found the time to sit down and review it properly. In the jar: It smells super soft, almost scentless, maybe a light wisp of powdery white mallow and vanilla sugar. In the mouth: NOM! This has a slight mintiness to it, but it's mostly sweet, delicate vanilla and a hint of what I remember as rose cordial. It's pretty interesting, the vanilla isn't creamy, more like a sugar. And i hope the lab does more T^T This floof was packed pretty tightly, so it was a little stiff being pulled apart. It's light mallowy pink in colour and little "thicker" than the wispy machine spun cotton candy you get on a stick at fairs. It's not pillowy soft either, and the way it pulls apart is more dense and comes off like a chunk rather than the wispy strands when fresh. That obviously happens after storage, so I can't really complain there.
  3. celestia

    Tanuki No Hikifune

    ♔ Tanuki no Hikifune In the Bottle: Drippy juicy honeydew melon, like the innermost meat of the real fruit. Wet: Hnnggg, THIS IS SO GOOD. It's delicious, sugary-sweet, in the way a super ripe (but not quite overipe) honeydew melon would smell like. You know when you cut up a full melon and you get the innermost meat nestled in with the seeds? The sweetest part? Yea. It smells like that. It starts to take on a bit of a LUSH-like headshop profile. A mishmash of musks, citrus, and generic florals. It captures honeydew melon as a perfume pretty accurately. Colour me impressed. Drydown: It's a litle more perfumey as it dries down. It's still fairly candied, sugary-sweet, a little less realistic than from the bottle, but still pretty delicious. I get a trace of lemony citrus, which kind of reminds me of LUSH's Rock Star. It starts to amp which isn't fantastic to me as I generally hate lemon, but that honeydew melon-meat note is to die for, and everything else in this blend is forgiveable. I don't actually feel like I get any musk from this. The honey just smells like part of the melon, honestly. It picks up an almost sparkly perfumey profile in this stage, not quite like a commercial perfume, but close. TL;DR: Innermost meat from a super ripe honeydew melon
  4. If you have the amber-heavy version, there are certainly reviews drawing GC comparisons between The Lion and Aelopile.
  5. celestia

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Short answer, no. But long answer is that they made a limited edition batch (two batches, really) some time in the middle of May 2017. So you'll see newer Antique Lace floating around for its retail price (they were almost double the price of the GC range). Early reviews claimed that they smelt identical, but have since changed stance. I personally find the new AL to smell a little different than the original (it has a stekkjarstaur-like, fluffy, sugared white-mallow vanilla note)- and I still remember what the original smelt like when I had a fresh imp of it. Zorya Polunochnaya's vanillic note reminded me more of the original Antique Lace, though! If you like both Mouse's Long and Sad Tale and Antique Lace, you would most probably like it too ;D It apears that you really like florals, and particularly creamy/slightly vanillic ones? and lily? haha.I see from Mouse's LST you also like sweet pea. And from Alice, that hint of carnation? Serving Fish You'd be hard pressed to get fishier than this: gilded sweet pea, pink musk, and vanilla sugar. Desdemona Innocent, soft and pure: sweet pea, carnation and water lily. Juliet Sweet pea with stargazer lily, calla lily, heliotrope, honeysuckle, white musk and a touch of fresh pear Victoria Graceful vanilla musk, tea rose, and stargazer lily A Thousand Thoughts and Hopes and Joys And cares long, long, forgotten: joyful sugared carnation and vanilla freesia. I also peaked a look at your favourite notes and they mention vanilla and cherry: Monster Bait: Bloody Mary Chunky, glistening red fruits with sweet cream accord, black clotted cherry, and powdered sugar! Cherry Sugary Cookie [no additional description] Texare This scent is inspired by the colors of the yarns she chose that day: raspberry pink, cherry red, sky blue, and lime green, all swirled with frankincense, black oudh, mallow root, and sweet wooly vanilla husk.
  6. celestia

    Lilith's Kwamie Cotton

    ♔ Kwamie Cotton I am dead-set, the luckiest person alive. I am so fortunate to have such amazing BPAL fam track some down for me to test and own;_; <3. In the Bottle: Sweet, clear, aquatic strawberry hard candy, and cotton candy tinged clean floral Wet: The star note is the sweet, candy-like, strawberry cotton candy (but the kind that has already been liquified). It’s a sugared, candied kind of strawberry note, smells like a translucent blush-pink, in a stained or tinted lip gloss, kind of way. I find it a tiny bit comparable to the strawberry and cotton candy note in Battle Fairy in Training. The bottle also has something herbally, slightly woodsy, but most of it evaporates on skin which is a relief. I can't tell what the herbal-esque note in the background is, and though I don’t like it so much. It kind of, almost reminds me of anise and lavendar in characteristic rather than profile. It has this almost medicinal, sour characteristic. It’s also a little ferny- but I can’t actually isolate it. It’s so fleeting that I don’t really get much of a memory of it, and I’m quite happy about that. I only catch whiffs of it if I inhale deeply, but it’s very, very faint- and dare I say, it almost lends to the depth of an otherwise flat, and one-dimensional blend. There is also a clean watery almost aquatic floral present (you know when something is aquatic , kind of like the cherry blossom in Hanami, with a perfumey facet. And then I get this gentle woodsy note that kind of reminds me of the woodsiness I get from Volcano in Springtime. Drydown: This is all translucent hard strawberry candy with a hint of spun sugar/fairy floss. It reminds me of what they might put in an upper end cosmetic, lip-gloss product. I didn’t get cotton, I didn’t get “massive, huge, fluffy, snuggle cuddly plush toy” either. It’s definitely sweet, which I think hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s a gentle sweet- a cosmetic and perfume counter, kind of commercial candy-strawberry kind of sweet. The colour of the oil is by far, the prettiest pink I've ever come across! It's not a transcient scent on me either, as the scent is pretty on par in strength with some of my other blends, so I can't really call it a skin scent... but YMMV. TL;DR: Sweet cottony-candy-ish blush-pink, translucent commercial counter, fruity-strawberry candy lip gloss.
  7. celestia

    Reflected Vulva

    ♔ Reflected Vulva In the Bottle: Outrageously sugared and creamy pink sweet pea floral, and a warm, white sweet coconut. Wet: This is so good. There is a creamy, candy-rich sweetness in this that hits my olfactory senses the same way Strawberry Sufganiyot does, and although none of the two smell alike, it’s a gloriously, gloriously sugared and creamy- almost gourmand and dessert-like scent, with a bit of floral to round it out. Everyone who owns this blend can probably attest to the presence of coconut, and this might be the reason for that sugary, creamy gourmand aspect. The sweet pea is delicious in this, almost like the Sweet Pea SN, but heavily sugared instead of the tinge of freshness present in the Single Note released by the lab. The cherry blossom here is barelyt an accent but it reminds me of the watery, almost aquatic (but not salty!) , and slightly sweet freshness I get from the cherry blossom in Hanami. It kind of also reminds me of the cherry blossom note in Chastising Your Dragon, only much much more dialed down, in addition to the absense of any sandalwood. It's really hard to pick out though, and I imagine most will just detect mostly a candy-rich sweet pea and a pink coconut floral. This is my absolute favourite coconut despite not having been listed in the description. It doesn’t smell exactly of Ivory Vulva (as in I can’t isolate it from the blend) but the olfactory properties are reminiscent of each other, and I can feel if I layer Ivory Vulva with the lab’s Sweet Pea SN, I’d get a pretty accurate dupe. (I have since done that, which you can read about here.) The coconut actually reminds me a little of Aphrogenes, which shares a similar coconut on my chemistry. Drydown: Mmmmmmm I don't know how it came to be, but this is such a gorgeous creamy, blush tinted, perfumey coconut-pink floral, especially with the sweet pea and cherry blossom being almost as strongly present (perhaps even fighting for dominance) with the coconut in the forefront. Coconut lovers and enthusiasts of sugared florals, you might want to give this a try…if you can track it down. TL:DR: Gorgeous sweet, sugared, creamy, perfumey pink coconut floral
  8. celestia

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    ♔ Mouse's Long and Sad Tale Ah, one of the first scents that stole my heart almost a decade ago. I didn't know what to expect from sweet pea until I smelt (and fell in love with) this. I stopped wearing it because my chemistry morphed- but after morphing again it seems that it's back in rotation now! In the Bottle: Sugary, pink, vanillic sweet pea- almost cotton candy like. Wet: Dried, slightly warm and musky sweet peas..hmm - almost gourmand on me. I really love this- the amber is beautiful and light, but far from citric or heavily resinous. It's a creamy pink tinged amber, almost apricot coloured scent on me. Dry: The blend settles more vanillic on me- like , almost cotton candied, vanillic sweet pea musk. It's a gourmand floral scent on me..not necessarily in the way of being foody or candied, though. TL;DR: Pink, vanillic sweet pea floral musk
  9. celestia


    ♔ Pele In the Bottle: Light, sweet white floral and cool tropical breeze, with a very faint trace of slight fruit Wet: This is such a pretty scent! I put this off for a while because my chemistry started to morph and wasn't sure I should commit to a bottle, but it's reset on me to a beautifully gentle sweet, slightly fruity, white floral and tropical breeze- for some reason I pick up hints or remnants of coconut- the commercial kind you find in tanning oil. And I know I said breeze but there's something really warm about this blend. I don't get steamy warm- maybe a cool breeze in a tropical climate? or that kind of warm tropical breeze near the sea that isn't cold, but feels almost cooling. Dry: The coconut is ever so faint and kind of melds with the white floral- it reminds me of plumeria. i'm getting a coconutty white floral, it's still warm and tropical - but it's also creamy and clean at the same time. It's almost like a warm, tropical breeze has picked up the scent of some lush plumeria blooms and blown it in my direction. TL;DR: Lush, clean, creamy and slighly sweet- a light, warm tropical white floral breeze
  10. celestia

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    Off the top of my head, and depending on how your chemistry amps the jammy aspect of red berries: Zombie Apocalypse, Gollettes, Strawberry Sufganiyot, and Raspberry Sufganiyot. There aren't a whole lot of options for other berries, even blackberry jam scents are kind of really scarce. I love MB: Closet but the Blackberry note in it amps on me , making it smell a little jammy, while Blackberry jam and scones amped the scone/bakedgoods aspect... You might have better luck there!
  11. celestia

    Creamy scents that aren't foody?

    Ohhhh my welcome back! Do I have a list for you! Will cone back to edit as I'm on my phone atm DX and might look silly with random typos and badly placed sentences
  12. celestia

    Recs for the prettiest scents

    I think the prettiest scents I own are delicate, sweet sugared florals with some feel of innocence. At least that's what I call to mind when I think of pretty, beautiful, pleasant, and delightful- more so than any other descriptive like 'gorgeous' or "glamorous". For this reason, I've omitted a bunch of scents which could otherwise share multiple categories (such as vanillic heavy borderline luscious Antique Lace, the playful Titania, barely sultry Bearded Lady, or even the darkly beautiful Lady Lucille Sharpe etc) Ava BFJA The Bride Cascading Blossoms Cave of Treasures De Vos' Unicorn The Girl Hime Gyaru Midnight on the Midway (OG) Reflected Vulva Serving Fish Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree Snow White There is a Garden in Her Face
  13. Let me know how it goes! And yea I know exactly how you feel! I'm still persisting in my search for my unattainable. T.T sympathies all around!
  14. Oooh I just tested this the other day! It's not familiar scent territory for me, so I'm not sure how much help I'm can be, but I get a resinous Black Lace (BL) with a dark teak-like woodsy kick. The closest comparison I get from others regarding BL has been Perversion.. so maybe that layered with the dark woodsy Antikythera Mechanism? (I haven't ever gotten to sample either but that would be my guess!) .. maybe a dab of Haloes to recreate that slight golden touch and sweet creamy woods that Glowing Vulva shares with Osiris v4) The other suggestions I have are harder LEs to track down so.. I'm guessing theyd be of less use.
  15. celestia

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    In that case, armed with that knowledge for your desire to experience honey/amber and honey/light musk dominant blends, let: Blossoms in Springtime, O, Harikata, The Lights of Men's Lives, and This Wan White Humming Hive be your first hunts! Let us know how you go!