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    Art - Northern European Renaissance, Rothko, Francis Bacon, Surrealism and Dada, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Traditional Tattoo Flash art and Tribal patterns, portraiture, allegory, 1970s Folk Art, really any Folk Art or DIY art. Midway art and vintage poster art (La Belle Epoch era).
    Fashion - Project Runway, Roberto Cavalli, Isaac Mizrahi, Indie designers. Vintage clothing 1920s to 1970s. Fetish Wear.
    Books - Neil Gaiman (#1 American Gods, #2 Stardust), Tom Robbins (Hmmm... Jitterbug Perfume? Another Roadside Attraction), His Dark Materials Trilogy, Clive Barker (#1 Abarat, #2 Imajica, #3 Weaveworld), Terry Pratchett (Any and all, but especially Discworld).

    I love Freak Shows and freaks of all kinds. I belive that you can't appreciate the sweet without a little bitter.
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  1. MadameGorgon

    A Melancholy of Goths

    This is so much better than I hoped for and I had high hopes. It’s hard to describe and difficult to tease out individual notes aside from the clove, but to my nose, the order they appear follows the order of the description. Clove can be an overpowering note for me, but this is delicately wispy tendrils of clove smoke woven into a lover’s sweater. In fact, the whole scent is like snuggling into a new lover’s “borrowed” sweater you both know you’ll never return. You can’t bring yourself to wash it because it smells like them and you gather the cloth to your nose to inhale their scent when you have to be apart. It’s soft and comforting, but also seductive and flirtatious. Truly gender non-conforming and steeped in longing, as any good art referencing Goth culture should be. Also surprisingly and seriously sophisticated given the label art and scent notes. Middle notes have the feeling of vanilla- that cozy, enveloping sweetness- without any actual vanilla. I’m totally spitballing, but maybe labdanum or benzoin with wine-stewed plum flesh? Some kind of deep, warmly resinous sweetness. It’s floral adjacent without being ~floral~ Soft rounded notes of Nag Champa Incense made of Golden Champaca Flower and resins with a pleasantly astringent spritz of Aquanet barely peeking through to bookend the dry clove, both serving to embrace and contain the pillowy clouds of smoky, velvety sweetness. I predict this is going to be a classic and I’ll need more than one back-up. Definitely a new favorite and a much needed soft place to land today.
  2. MadameGorgon

    Don’t Play Fetch with a Teenage Werewolf

    Sniffed from the bottle, this smells exclusively and EXACTLY like Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, which are one of my favorite quick and easy breakfasts, but absolutely not what I want to smell like all day long. Honestly, I was kind of thinking WTF, Elizabeth!?! Is this another Day Old Ham or Rapidly Solidifying Mashed Potatoes? Gore-Shock or Pruno? WHO WOULD LIKE THIS? Then my son bravely dabbed on a drop and I thought “okay, it’s not as bad as I thought, but still not for me”. I came so close to putting it in my swap pile without ever skin testing it. Boy would that have been a HUGE mistake. In seconds, the oaty biscuit note drops way, way into the background. I really can’t even pick it out as an individual note anymore. What emerges is a dark wildflower honey with unctuous floral notes and chewy bits of comb poured over a devastatingly expensive, melted, fruity-floral, single origin chocolate lightly sprinkled witb digestive biscuit crumb dust all wrapped up in a snuggly, warm musk with just a seductive little wink of something funky- primal and pleasantly mammalian. Not stinky, but deliciously dirty. This is so unexpectedly wonderful. And is yet another data point in favor of my Never Judge A BPAL Until You Skin Test It hypothesis. I cannot belief how different this smells from bottle to skin warmed. If you like honey notes, RUN! Don’t walk. And don’t judge it until you try it.
  3. MadameGorgon

    Mega-Sized Chocolate Bar

    I should have bought 1,000 of these. My kingdom for a lifetime of warm, oozy, melted chocolate over raspy Snake Oil. The chocolate notes brought out the musk and patchouli in the Snake Oil. it was a wholly different experience than Boomslang. Boomslang is smooth, sleek, put-together. A city predator in a bespoke, tailored suit. Mega-sized Chocolate Bar is a hot, mess, bad idea who’ll might wreck your life, but will leave you melted on the sheets.
  4. MadameGorgon

    Cedarwood, Vanilla Absolute & Tolu Balsam

    Sweet, smooth cedar with warm vanilla. I don’t really get an evergreen note. I agree that it’s like Tombstone without the sassafras. A little smoother, less raspy.
  5. MadameGorgon

    Read 10:42 PM

    Since recovering from Covid, I sometimes have trouble with blackberry notes, but when they’re right, they’re oh so right. I put this one aside for quite some time, but it jumped into my hand tonight, so I dabbed it on. Top note of ghostly, ethereal ylang ylang over middle notes of thick, syrupy blackberry wine, with an undercurrent of dirty patchouli, a tangled thread of distant cedar smoke, and something blacker than black hiding in the shadows. The notes don’t blend so much as float over one another in murky layers. Distinctly eerie. A child lost in the woods at night. A disembodied face peering through a dark window. A pale blue butterfly delicately sipping tears from the sightless eyes of a corpse. Moody. Dangerously dark. A little sadistic. Terribly vain.
  6. MadameGorgon

    Switch Witch Fall 2023

    would you like a scarf? If so, colors, length, iwide or skinny? Bulky yarn or thin and slinky?? I knit, so I’m good on scarves! How about some dishcloths, for the kitchen? Or spa cloths for the bathroom? If so, which? Any particular colors?? Would you like any of Cat Coven's Halloween goods? It's her original artwork based on medieval art. (It's a limited edition of everything, so hopefully things arent sold out yet.). Yes. Especially Alchemy and Chaos, but I love them all. Candy: I like Chocolates with crunchy stuff, Reese’s cups, snickers, starbursts except the cherry, and sour candy the more sour the better. Caramel/toffee anything. I also LOVE the green apple and caramel lollipops. If I had to pick a favorite full sized chocolate bar, it would be Tony’s with the toffee bits or Ruby chocolate, but I can’t remember who makes it. Would you like any of these Snag Halloween tights? And if so, which of their sizes? I might wear Never Say Die, but I don’t wear tights often Also is there anything you would particularly like from the UK? I like Coleman’s mustard. Interesting regional jams and jellies, mismatched tea cup/saucer, I don’t know. I’m kind of foodie, so some little interesting regional food, but maybe not meat. What Halloween things off RedBubble do you like? Share link if possible. https://www.redbubble.com/people/creepygirlclub/shop Beyond that, I don’t even know where to start. The site is so huge. 😬 I like iconoclastic, funny shit. I’m not afraid to offend people, but I usually refrain from curse words on clothing. Is there anything you might want from Japan? Snacks (autumn flavors are out~), nerdy stuff, cute stuff anything! *INCENSE* I used to work for Shoyeido Incense and am still a HUGE fan. Incense burner. Interesting decor items, indigo dyed items, bits of kimono fabric, snacks- but not fishy ones, inexpensive skin care, sunscreen, paint brushes. Spooky stuff. is there anything being removed from site or a virtual con scent you are interested in trying? I was at DragonCon and got what I wanted. I was wondering whether Tim Tams in any incarnation would tempt my witchee. On the less sweet side, is there any other Australian things you might be tempted by? Yes to Tim Tams. Other things: interesting regional jams, jellies, or honeys, salty snacks except vegemite, interesting spice blends or sauces, small aboriginal art Do you enjoy fanfic? I would be happy to write something for you, and/or read/comment upon/gush over thing(s) you've written, if that's something you'd enjoy... It’s not really my thing. I wouldn’t know what to ask for Would you appreciate rare TAL decant(s) in 1 mL amber roll-on bottle(s)? I have A LOT of TALs, but I might be interested in the right ones in rollerball format. Especially personal protection, money, or creativity blends How do you feel about enamel pens? If positively, which fandoms or topics would you like? I like them and have tried to collect them, but the magnetic snaps on my bag pull the backs off. What We Do In Shadows, Our Flag Means Death, general witchcraft/satanism, Queens of the Stone Age, Zeal and Ardor, glitch art, snakes, medusa, Halloween stuff (the holiday, not the movie), creepy shit Witches! I am excited. I just came across this Etsy shop and want all the flowers. All of them aka any of them. I came across them because of color wheel key chain or pins. So those too. I WILL BE ORDERING and wondering if you would like something from there as well? I know it's not very witchy but man are they pretty. They also have pets and beverages and other things but I got held up on the flowers and color wheels. Still exploring. Not seasonal aka witchoweeny: these are beautiful and I love bunches of them. I’m a BIG gardener and am just branching out into more flowers. Violets, violas, marigolds, fuchsia, pansy, gardenia, freesia, rose, forget me not, lavender, jasmine, carnation, magnolia, lilac, sweet pea, wisteria- any of those would be lovely. Future Primitive: Ghost Smoke is my favorite scent. If shampoo bars or whipped soap come back in stock in any scent besides Rook and Raven, I’m needing them SOON. However, I do not need bar soap. I am well stocked on bar soap. - I make lightweight hairfalls, the kind that can be attached to a pony tail or to pig tails. They are good for those of us that are more tender-headed. I use a variety of materials like shibori ribbon, and puffy yarns and pieces of lace and silk. You can use them for every day or as part of your Weenie costume. Is this of interest to you? If so tell me what lengt h, what color(s) and if you want one for a pony tail or two for pig tails: I don’t have enough hair for these currently. Maybe if you could do a clip in rat tail in a crazy neon color or dark, indigo blue? Serge Lutens: would love to try House of Gloi- maybe the Blood Orange Marshmallow in any formulation or any of the room sprays. No bar soap. I am well stocked on bar soap harvested some elderberries yesterday and I have a lot more out there, so I made a batch of elderberry syrup. Would you appreciate a 4oz bottle of it?I’ve never tasted it before, but I would try it! - Do you want anything from Sea Witch Botanicals (I can buy it locally from shops)? This looks nice: White Lodge Spray Hirons drugs- I am a spooky bitch. Useful kitchen stuff welcome like oven mitts, kitchen towels, mugs, glasses, tea things, bowls, containers, etc. bathroom things like hand towels soap dispensers, small containers. Stickers, pens- not tons, but a select few. You know I’m a creepy bitch. Dog toys yes, but people toys, probably not. Gift certificates to places local to me- there’s a LYS that just opened near me. I can always use yarn or notions and it’s owned by a BIPOC. https://www.knittinginthegood.com The food here is all chain restaurants and not my favorite. Maybe Michael’s or Joann’s, Ross or TJ Maxx. How do you feel about ILNP nail polish and what are your favs from the new Cosmos collection and any others on their site??FUCKING LOVE. I own Cygnus Loop and another chrome one. I’ll have to find it to get the name. I don’t know how to do magnetic polish, nor do I have a magnet. But I love all the freaky colors. The weird holographic, chrome, jelly, and metallic. If it’s a dark or intensely weird color, I will like it. Would you be interested in anything from Alobudra? I’m not seeing descriptions. I don’t take baths and probably don’t need more tarot cards. 😆 I live in Japan, so are there any more “traditional” Japanese souvenirs you’d like to have (think chopsticks, tenugui, washi paper, etc.)?Any of these sound really nice. I also really love Japanese incense, especially Shoyeido. If there are any inexpensive ones not available in the US, that would be super! Simple tea cups would be used, too. Little incense burners. Small traditional home decor items Brujita- holy shit yes. That Tuberose hydrosol sounds tdf. Honestly, any of the skincare for combo or mature skin except anything with rose geranium or the cucumber hydrosol. They sound AMAZING and if you aren’t my witch, I’m going to have to order from this shop at some point. Would you be interested in any jewelry or other items made with tiny bones from this shop? I am worried my dogs would find these and eat the bones. 😕. They are very nosy and naughty. If you like tea, is there anything you would like from Bird & Blend? Tea is my thing and lots of these sound wonderful. Too many to list. I’m not big on green tea or medicinal tea, and licorice flavors aren’t my favorite. Otherwise, I’d try so many of these. Bloomchic- I really do not need clothes right now. I have too many Poesie Tea- I LOVE tea. Black tea is my favorite, esp Lapsang Souchong blends. I’m sure I could find tons I would love on here. Special favorites are Masala chai, Earl Gray and its iterations, caramel, florals, vanilla, chocolate, citrus, other fruit except cherry. No licorice flavors. Not a fan of green tea or strictly medicinal teas. Everything else is fair game Would you like anything from Trader Joe's? (Pumpkin products are, sadly, not in stores yet, but they will be during this round!) I’m sure I would love lots of things, but I have never shopped there. I love foodie stuff. Salty/spicy snacks would be especially welcome. Do you have any Halloween traditions? The whole carves pumpkins, gets dressed in costume, goes to a few Halloween parties, then we do blow out trick or treating (even though my kids are older teens, they’re still into it). The next day, we take out all of our aggressions on the pumpkins and beat them to a pulp with sticks. Some years we do more, but those are the ones we do every year. What about Halloween-related fandoms? (ie. The Nightmare Before Christmas). I like vintage Halloween. 1970s and earlier back to Victorian era. non-U.S folks!!! We always end up asking what we'd like from your exotic-to-us locales, but do you have any wishes for things from the States? I am in US. But would love to try any interesting regional stuff from wherever you are. How do you feel about cherry things? Check out Cherry Republic and let me know if anything catches your eye! Similarly, are you into fancy flavors of olive oil or vinegar? Check out Fustini's and let me know if anything appeals! We also have an awesome store for jams and sauce, American Spoon which you should totally check out! Would you like some locally sourced maple syrup? Finally, I live in a place known for fudge. Do you like it and/or are their flavors you particularly like? My favorite shop is Murdick's if you need to see a flavor list. Fustini’s: The infused olive oils sound great, except I don’t think I’d get much use for the butter or sage and wild mushroom. I am a sucker for balsamic vinegar, but I’m not sure I’d use the very sweet ones like vanilla or chocolate. I’d try any of the other vinegars. American Spoon: anything here but cherry. Seriously. All the jam. Yum. Fudge: Chocolate, vanilla, and the caramel sea salt one look good. I love Greenwoodtree’s chai fudge! IKEA: the tree lamp and wreath are cool. The plug in purple lights, too. Penzey’s: there’s almost too much to mention. I use A LOT of Mexican spices, lemon pepper, Italian spices, Mediterranean spices, and Tony Chachere’s- anything good on grilled chicken would be great. I grill up extra tofu, chicken and pork and put it in the fridge and freezer for lunches and quick dinners. Indian spices are also very welcome. I use A LOT of vanilla. Since I’ve gotten a stand mixer, I’ve been doing more baking. I make a lot of Asian food. Not sure how authentic it is, but Korean is a favorite as well as fancier ramen from Japan. I’d love to get better at Indian. Colourpop: I just do not wear much make-up. Maybe some tinted lip oil in reds and purples? I try to do skincare, but that kind of shit the bed when the kids went back to school and I haven’t been keeping up with it like my skin likes. Anything of interest from Cellar Door? (They have candles and soaps.)The Halloween and Woodsy candles sound nice. Not really a fan of pumpkin notes in candles, but the others looked good! No bar soap, please. I am very well stocked and need to use what I have. Are you into wax melts, candles, incense, room sprays, or none of the above? Any of the above, but especially room sprays and either Japanese or loose incense. Would you like anything from Luvmilk's Monster Mash? I didn’t really see anything that flipped my lid I dye yarn. Are you a person who crafts with such? What fiber, weights, and colors would tickle your fancy? Would you rather have two different 100g skeins or enough of the same something for a bigger project?Yes!!! I haven’t been able to try lots of different fibers, so I’d be good with a surprise. I feel pretty confident I can knit with any fiber. I’ve done cotton, linen, superwash, non-superwash, mohair, alpaca, silk. I have needles in lots of sizes from tiny to super-bulky and have saved patterns in all weights. I like either dark, moody colors (dark jewel tones) like Farmer’s Daughter or Malabrigo or dark colors splashed with weird neon brights like Hedgehog Fibers and Madeline Tosh. I like making clothing, so one bigger project would be my preference. Provided my experiments work, would you be interested in a bar of homemade tallow soap? I promise I will not send you anything particularly suspect, so this is entirely contingent upon my competence. This is probably the only bar soap I’d want! Do homemade caramels or shortbread tickle your fancy? Hell yes. Either or both What are your chocolate preferences? White, milk, dark? What inclusions (fruit, nuts, none, etc.)? Gimme as many details as possible. I like milk chocolate and white chocolate. I like toffee, caramel, and nuts, except walnuts. Berries, except cherries, orange, crispy bits like rice crispies or cocoa beans, sea salt. Not really a fan of coconut. I make mixed media art (like collaging kinda). Is a mixed media art piece (small like an altoids tin or small canvas) something you'd be interested in?Yes What music platform do you use (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.)? Do you like receiving music recommendations? Spotify. I am hard to pick music for because I am weirdly picky about it, but I’m open to new stuff. I think I listed my Spotify on the spreadsheet, but this is my main playlist- mostly up to date: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37bsCah5Ae2j1828Grkc5U?si=jeyKUbxXRyea8z0UiL8CIw I’m a knitting kind of witch, would you appreciate a pair of hand knit socks. If yes, would you like them in a particular colour? Yes. Dark jewel tones or weird super brights What type of spooky season imagery do you like? (Ie. bats, ghosts, vintage Halloween, etc.): bats, snakes, skulls, monsters (any and all), and vintage Halloween from the 1970s and earlier. Realistic gore isn’t really my thing, but stylized gore is totally fine. Astrid's Autumn Line and Anniversary Tea Party just dropped. Anything you want? Aura, Hecate, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Blackberry Poundcake, Citrus Petit Four, Orange Blossom & Lemon Biscuit, Rosey Blueberry Preserves sun-dried heirloom tomatoes: fuck yes dried ancho chile peppers - can be whole halves or ground into a delicious powder: absolutely sugar-free candied pecans and walnuts or almonds: I can’t do artificial sweeteners or stevia gourmet quality fudge in many flavors (formerly from my ETSY shop which I had to close until I have my own home again) please give me an idea the kinds of flavors you like. My more popular ones are Penuche, Choc & PB, Pumpkin pie, Forest fruit (with cherries, blueberries and cranberries), Vegan chocolate YES YES YES. I loved the Chai, and any kind of chocolate I can use to make hot chocolate. Pumpkin pie sounds good, too. dried italian plums (pitted)maybe? I’ve never had them before sugar-free canned plum or logan berry jam: maybe loganberry if no artificial sweeteners or stevia freshly dried rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley individually or in combo: I’ll pass. I have more herbs than I can process right now almond flour baked goods (low carb, sugar free, and gluten free) - give me examples of savory and sweet things you'd like: I am not familiar with almond flour, but historically I’ve not been crazy about store bought gluten-free baked goods. I cannot do artificial sweeteners or stevia. I don’t know if these would work well for me. Might you like a witch hat? Later this month I'm taking a class at an area museum where I'm supposed to decorate 2 hats. Also I crochet wicked cute witchy hats: as much as I would love one, I’m not sure I would wear it or be able to display it and care for it properly. SW 2023 9/16 catch-up Anything you want from my favorite local tea shop? www.fridaytea.com. I put together a wish list there were so many. https://friday-afternoon-tea.myshopify.com/pages/share-wish-list?qyghbced7259259207953azhu607h How about from my skincare person? drjensbeautylab.com/ any options for aging skin and exfoliation How about from my witchy Chandler? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TeresaLynnsSimpleLux Southern Cemetery, Smoke and Mirrors, Grandpas Pipe, Grimoire, Record Store. Yes: incense, evergreens, smoke, vanilla No: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, clary sage, galbanum It's also that time of year where I make handmade soap (usually with calendula infused olive oil, tallow, oatmeal and honey) and candles (feel free to specify color and size, I don't usually scent them, but I do have a clover and apple scent I've been wanting to play with). I can also annoint and dress candles with TALs and herbs. Any interest? YES to handmade soap and dressed candles- esp cleansing, protection, money, attraction  I also grow herbs which can be culinary or magical. I'd be happy to prepare a smudge or dry some herbs for your enjoyment. I currently have oregano (yellow and standard), mugwort, thyme, sage (purple or garden), tea peppermint, chives, lovage, plantain, comfrey, raspberry leaf, and yarrow. I'm probably forgetting something. No thank you! I have herbs and make my own fumitory bundles.  I also make salves! My go to in an arnica, calendula and comfrey mix for healing wounds or chapped skin. This can also be used on pet paws. We do have barely enough time that I could do a custom infusion.YES Anything in the Paintbox Soapworks Halloween update looking good to you? https://paintboxsoapworks.com/new-limited-edition/2023-weenie-collection/ Cathedral of Pumpkins, Demeter Forsaken, Pokeberry, September in oil, candle, lotion, wax melt, or sorbetto If you have a furry friend living with you, what sort of treats do they like?We have 3 medium-big dogs. They like any edible treats. Bandanas. Stuffed toys and squeaker toys are HUGE favorites, but will be completely destroyed in minutes. VERY hard chewers- like they destroy kong toys for hard chewers. We’ve never had a squeaker last more than 20 minutes. 1. What is your feelings on seasonal mugs? Yes or, no? Too many in your house or bring them on?? LOVE. 2. Are your wishlists - Amazon, Etsy, etc - up to date, and if so, are they all linked somewhere that I can find them? They really aren’t up to date, but I included them to give an idea of things I like. - Do you have anything you use every day that you wouldnt mind getting more of? Tea, skin balm, hand lotion, herbs/spices/extracts, kitchen tools, bowls, snacks, snack dishes, reusable storage containers, face and body scrubbers, really good shampoo bars, whipped soap. Anything you love or need to have Rishi teas? (sorry, I just heard about adagio's business practices which I wasnt aware of). Spicy Masala Chai, chai concentrate, vanilla - List here things you wish you would've added to your questionnaire: I collect crystals, fossils, interesting rocks, found bones, antique keys, antique lace, snuff bottles, handmade art, bottles both for storage and for decoration, preserved insects, ornate mirrors, odd stuff, tarot and Oracle cards and related things, bones set for divination, cup for reading tea leaves, celestial decor, snake and medusa art, enamel pins and patches, Baphomet, hair art, fountain pens and inks, indigenous art, BPAL t-shirts Nocturne Alchemy just dropped their Halloween update! You like the looks of anything? https://nocturnealchemy.com/collections/limited-collection Googly Bat Mr Collins Wicked Cupcake Orange Blossom Wine Ylang Ylang Wine Vanilla Blossom Wine Haunted Tree Conversations with the Moon Eclipse Phantasma Vintage Phantom Cotton Candy Kashmir Crimson Marshmallow Musk Carpe Noctem Haunted Portrait Helena Hackley Black Honey Red Sandalwood Is there anything you would like from the Weenie update? Witch in the Woods Halloween Cat Don’t Play Fetch with a Teenage Werewolf A Melancholy of Goths Pumpkin Trash Bag Things Are Fine Vintage Frankenstein Blow Mold The Hound and the Milk-White Doe The Lady of Saintonge How do you feel about stickers? If positively, are there any themes you'd rather not have stickers of? I love stickers, but don’t have tons of places to put stickers. Nothing is really off limits, but I don’t put curse words or ACAB related stuff on my car What about crystals, cool rocks, and gemstones?YES. LOVE. I have a pretty decent collection, but am always interested in nice specimens, especially natural crystals. I make jewelry and have been more interested in faceted gemstones lately and anything made with jet. How do you feel about Squishmallows and Squishables? (They have mini and micro sizes for those who like cute plushies but don't have a lot of space.) no thank you unless it’s for a kid and is a mini. My dogs destroy stuffed animals AND our house has 3 kids who collected stuffed animals. 2 of the kids still collect them, but don’t have much space for more. Would you wear enamel pins with chains that are meant to be put on lapels? (Something like this.) probably not. I don’t really have this kind of clothing. Speaking of enamel pins... The Pickety Witch's Autumn and Halloween collection just dropped. Black Phillip Baba Yaga Potion bottle Vampire bat Mabon Raven May Queen Starlight Fawn- either color Brigid’s Lamb Starlight Rabbit I used to make mobiles out of paper cranes, would you appreciate something like this? if so, what size restrictions do you have, if any? ie., should it take up less space vertically or horizontally? color palette preference yes, no size restrictions, color pallet- jewel tones, maximalist Japanese papers, metallics, whatever. I have a post or two about ordering bulbs from https://oldhousegardens.com and was wondering if my witchee would like some. I will try to order before they sell out of everything. Because bulbs are easy peasy. *must be hardy to 7b Woodlands Sprites sampler Purple-headed garlick Blue Grecian windflower Jack-in-the pulpit Turkish glory of the snow Dutchman’s breeches Winter aconite Snake’s head Fritillary Atkinsii Snowdrop Spanish bluebells Gravetye Giant Snowflake Surprise Lily Yet Another NEW Question: I know we have been offered scarves, socks, etc but my favorite gifts are 'sock arms' as my recipients call them. Here is a picture from my blog: https://www.elkaknits.com/?p=845 Would you like something like that if I find time to craft? If so what sort of colors? Yes! I knit, but I love these and haven’t made any for myself. Prefer black or moody jewel tones Witchee, what's your take on seasonal-themed Washi tape? It would be fun, but I don’t know where I would use it. What about seasonal treats from Trader Joe's? I’ve never been to TJs, but I like salty, cheesy, spicy snacks or sweet snacks like toffee, caramel, sour candy, berries/fruit, I make gluten-free biscotti this time of year, lemon and also cocoa varieties: does this sound good to you? I’m not sure I would enjoy gluten-free. I’ve tried some gf things from the grocery store and was not a fan Would you like me to make a music mix for you? I kick it old school with a burned CD. If you're into this, name at least 3 to 5 genres of music you already love, or are interested to explore more of! I don’t have a place to play CDs.
  7. MadameGorgon

    Maiko with Hair Unbound

    Oh yes. Salty, savory, creamy skin scent. A touch of sweetness swirling through layer upon layer of thick, warm cream.
  8. MadameGorgon

    Honey, Sweet Orange, and Orange Blossom

    Oh guys. This is so delicious. This is the scent of a honey-dripping hive, rich and intimate with bee musk, almost salty. It’s no pale, flower-scented, tame honey. It’s the dark honey of wild honeybees. Floating on top is a zesty, pleasantly bitter orange, barely sweet and a swirl of heady orange blossom like it has blown in on a breeze.
  9. MadameGorgon

    Cacao and Cubeb

    COCOA AND CUBEB IS SO FLIPPING GOOD. I love both and it’s even better than I imagined. It’s pretty straightforward, no hidden notes. What you see is what you get. The cocoa portion smells very brownie-like. Almost a dead ringer for Lump of Coal or Chad. In other words, a hyper sweet, fudgy chocolate or hot cocoa with marshmallow kind of scent. Addictively foody, liquid and sticky (artistically sticky, not actually physically sticky). Cubeb has a pleasantly dusty scent that’s mostly bright lemon zest with a hit of warm black pepper. I am assuming that this is Piper cubeba or Long-tailed pepper that’s used in some Indian Masala chai blends and has a sweet spice type flavor like allspice. It could also be Litsea cubeba or May Chang, but I am assuming it’s the first. These combine to make something like a chocolate covered lemon drop. Or chocolate cake with tart lemon glaze. It does carry a bit of that musty dusty undercurrent and pinch of warmth from the cubeb. It’s a delightfully weird little combo and I love it.
  10. MadameGorgon


    Oh guys. This is so beautiful. My nose is very stuffy right now, so I will do a full review later, but it’s a gorgeous Palo Santo heavy resin. It is instantly calming.
  11. MadameGorgon


    It’s a sweet, fruity, green floral. It’s almost impossible to pick out individual notes, but you can definitely pick up on each category- summer fruits, heady florals, and clean musks. This is the closest to a commercial fragrance house I’ve ever smelled from BPAL, although it is mostly top and middle notes without base notes. It’s like eating a cool juicy melon on a hot day and having the sticky juice drip down your chin.
  12. MadameGorgon


    Shockingly pretty!! This is a perfect springtime fragrance. Very soft and green in a damp, misty kind of way. Fresh and verdant and just a bit earthy. Aside from the cool, powdery fern, the notes meld together into a harmonious and happy whole and I really can't pick one from another. I do get the occasional whiff of a resinous lavender floating around in the air, but I can't pick it up when I smell my skin. The scent does skew floral which makes it lean toward the feminine side of Unisex. It brings to mind a fresh faced Swede with blonde milkmaid braids and ruddy cheeks. While this isn't my usual scent style, I could see reaching for this during the Winter and early Spring when I'm longing for those first few green buds.
  13. MadameGorgon

    L’Essence du Cœur Libéré des Ténèbres Extrait

    Oh my! This is lovely! It has aged amazingly well. This is one of those "never say never" scents. I haven't had success with pomegranate, but it lends a dark, juicy undertone to what is otherwise a somewhat masculine, outdoorsy scent. The other "never" is Fossilized Amber, which I was not find of as an essential oil. But it is a standout in this blend and I enjoy it here immensely. It adds a luscious dry mustiness. The soaring beauty in this, though, is the balsam. It is absolutely magical. It is both the light and the shadow of the forest. Sunshine, green leaves and fir needles and evergreen sap and mouldering leaves. And while I am usually not a fan of alcohol based perfumes, the alcohol in this makes the scent swirl around me in a heady cloud and that seems less personal scent and more mobile personal atmosphere. I so wish this were a regular scent because I could smell like this for ages.
  14. MadameGorgon

    Yucca Giant-Skipper

    Patchouli is definitely the dominant note in this blend. And I have an iffy relationship with patchouli. In this case, I find the patchouli amps like crazy when wet, swirling around my head in an oily kind of cloud. Just as I think I have overdone it... Poof! The patch settles down and the other notes begin to emerge. Dry, it is still patchouli dominant, but the pine-tinged balsam resin and slightly sour, rich, leathery Oude fence it in and hold it closer to the skin. Vanilla absolute has a surprisingly woodsy character and, while I can't pick it out individually, likely smooths the raspier edges and helps everything blend. I also can't pick out Champaca as a single note, which makes me a little sad as its a favorite. However, there's a kicky little exclamation point on the end, a little fruity and resinous, that could be Champaca. I haven't a clue what pepperwood smells like, but there is a strong woody flavor to the whole blend and I wouldn't be surprised to find that the pepperwood adds a wee hint of sour oakyness. Taken as a whole, this is an assertive, DARK scent that skews masculine. It smells EXPENSIVE and rich and calls to mind sweet, musky, well-worn suede and moon dappled, dry leaves on the forest floor.
  15. MadameGorgon

    CD: Alley of Games v6

    Thanks Wren12 for giving me the chance to try this!! This one morphs like crazy! As others have said, it starts off with a sharp, but sweet fresh cut grass note that is absolutely gorgeous. Riding on its heels is an effervescent candied sweetness with a whiff of menthol and something resinous. It's a brighter resin, maybe myrrh? Up next is a bubbly, boozy, slosh of honeyed beer! It finally settles into smooshed grass with a hint of upturned earth; gooey, sticky remains of 1000 candied apples and cotton candies; and wafting over all, sweet, effervescent spilled beer. Unbelievable!