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  1. cecukemon

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    DXLII In the bottle there's a sweet, fruity / chocolatey edge and something sharper underneath. The oil is light red, almost pink. Wet on the skin it's a lot greener? floral? and there's still something sweet, like bubblegum, maybe lotus? Dry, musky and warm, sweet without being foody. Late dry-on, the scent gets a metallic edge.
  2. cecukemon

    The Illustrated Woman

    Tried it twice - the first time I remember it as being somewhat sharp and underwhelming, but I was out and about and didn't pay much attention to my perfume. Yesterday I gave it a second try - and got rancid men's cologne. I wonder if the cologne part comes from the skin musk, as I had the same experience with The Girl. No sign of the honey and the vanilla. I had such high hopes for this scent.
  3. cecukemon

    Midnight Mass

    '08 version I'm not a religious person but I love old churches - the peace, the contemplation, the often spectacular architecture and artwork. Midnight Mass is a very evocative scent that brings all those feelings back - smelling it I am in a gothic church, an hour or two after mass - there's cold sacral incense lingering in the air, but also a hint of stone and wood. It's a distant scent and yet I find it oddly comforting.
  4. cecukemon

    Old Man Ackerman's Instructional Toys

    Wet, it's strong dishwashing soap. Dry, I "get" the metal impression but at the same time there's one component that smells sickening to me, floral and decaying, and which I wish I could identify. Can't wait to wash it off.
  5. cecukemon

    The Unicorn

    On my skin, this smells very soft and innocent, with a slight sweetish touch. It reminds me a little bit of Yggdrasil - if Ygg is a wild, deep forest with a wood elf slipping through nearly unseen, this is a sun-lit clearing with a young woman in a white dress and just a hint of trees in the background. It's a green, clean scent without the biting undertones I'm used to in green, fresh scents. Four hours later, it was pretty much gone but I didn't slather as I was very unsure whether I would like it or not. I think it might even be a nice perfume gift for a girl, as it's a very unobstusive but pretty scent.
  6. cecukemon


    Wet, I get a blast of menthol and eucalyptus - for me it's kind of a warm scent at that stage, as it reminds me of being sick and tucked in bed, or of a sauna. Drying down, I see the resemblence to Snow White too. The mint is pretty much gone, and there's - I guess - white florals coming to the foreground. No coconut, and it's not as oppressive as Snow White was on me, but I just don't care much about that scent. Still, glad to have tried it!
  7. cecukemon


    Samhain 2008 In the imp, it smells vaguely sharp, with no specific notes I can detect. On my skin, it's luscious roast apple - not a crisp, green apple scent but a red, baked apple, fresh out of the oven, slightly sweet without being cloying. After a few hours, the scent gets spicier and woodier, the apple steps back a bit but remains the focal point. Good throw and staying power. I'm not sure I'd wear it as a perfume often, but it's a wonderful comfort scent for staying at home and snuggling up on the couch while rain and sleet are beating down the windows. Makes me feel warm and happy (and hungry for roast apple).
  8. cecukemon

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I've searched the forum and found quite a few references to various Rochas perfume, but none to Eau de Rochas specifically: And I think I read somewhere that it has a bit of patchouli too. Maybe Zephyr? Would love to hear your suggestions
  9. cecukemon


    In the imp, it's very strongly patchouli. Wet, it reminds me of Depraved without the fruity part - there's a certain acrid, dark note (the patchouli I guess?) that smells rather similar and unpleasant to my nose. Dry, it mellows down a bit and I get a slightly spicy note from it, but it retains that acrid facet. Too dark, too foreboding for my taste.
  10. cecukemon

    Snow White

    I snagged an imp off the forum (07 version) and was very much looking forward to trying it out after all the glowing reviews. Alas .. Wet, I get a lot of coconut; dry on my skin it turns into a sickly-sweet floral scent with coconut undertones. If I could get over the sickly scent it would be a lovely, calm scent but there's something in there that just doesn't agree with me.