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  1. biocarolyn

    October Dusk Bath Oil

    A quiet, warming blend of red maple, redwood, honey, and saffron. This is amazing... it reapply teeters on the edge perfectly, not too sweet and not too woody. There is a strong hint of maple syrup, but I guess the redwood prevents it from smelling like pancakes and instead males it smell like forest. This is my clear favorite of 2016 Halloweenies.
  2. biocarolyn

    GUNPOWDER! Recs for explosive blends?

    The first thing that comes to mind is Gun Moll: honeycomb, red amber, narcissus, bergamot, Zanzibar clove, opium poppy, tobacco leaf, skin musk, dark fruits, night blooming jasmine, tarragon, and gunpowder. I love this blend, it's a very sophisticated, slightly perfume-y scent and the gunpowder is relatively strong and gives it an unusual edge. Also, Tattie Bogle: Hay, gunpowder, patchouli, autumn herbs, and sun-baked wood. To me, this is most strongly autumn herbs and gunpowder.
  3. biocarolyn

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Have you tried The Rose, from Marchen? I feel like I remember that includes the greenery that makes Two, Five, and Seven a little more interesting than straight rose to me.
  4. biocarolyn

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'll play! I'd love some suggestions. My top five: 1. CC Female: Leather, golden amber, vanilla orchid, Spanish moss, Oxford clay, and tonka. 2. Ü: A mélange of balsams, leathers, and raw vanilla designed to evoke images of unearthed secrets and dusty, ancient libraries. 3. Door: Golden honey, nicotiana, blue chamomile, and cistus. 4. Pussy: Orange blossom honey, brown sugar, saffron, tonka absolute, and tobacco leaf. 5. Kypris: Peru balsam, vanilla bean, Rainier cherry, bitter almond, golden honey, rose water, lemon peel, sugar cane, and benzoin. Although I like vanilla and honey, I really don't react well to overly sweet scents (Pussy dries down very heavy on tobacco leaf on me.) I've been mostly on hiatus since 2013ish... and don't mind tracking things down.
  5. biocarolyn

    Ivory Vulva

    In the bottle, all I can smell is straight buttered popcorn. But on the skin, that scent goes away and I'm left with a warm, dry coconut. Nothing much else, just real coconut. It doesn't veer into fake tropical, suntan lotion coconut, hooray!
  6. biocarolyn

    Lovers and a Fan

    This is a beautiful skin scent. I'm not getting the super dominant coconut that everyone else is smelling, and the honey in the is more of a mood than sweet or toothache territory. This just smells like... skin, baked in the sun, lounging around. It's relaxed, and while I can smell all three notes since I know what's there, it's blended and even and warm.
  7. biocarolyn

    Creeper Dragon

    No cream for me. This is strongly red musk and dragon's blood, with an undertone of leather. The leather gets stronger on my skin and the three are equally balanced, just a hint of honey, almost imperceptible but slightly sweetening the whole blend. I like it.
  8. biocarolyn

    Aristocratic Couple

    This is strong apricot in the bottle, with just a hint of spice. On my skin, the cardamom comes out. This isn't a sweet vanilla to me, supporting this, but one with more of a bite. The apricot stays strong and spiced, really delicious. This in certain ways reminds me of Ushi- not that they have notes in common, but the intensity of the fruit with something else underneath- as much as they should be seem like they'd be best in warmer weather, they are perfect this time of year. This is really delicious and not overly sweet or juicy, just intense fruit with the cardamom spice and vanilla rounding it out. I really like this.
  9. biocarolyn

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    In the bottle I smell mostly almonds, with a hint of something floral. I don't know if it's the mimosa or the blossom part of the almond blossom. Oddly, it almost felt like a hint of effervescence. Wet on my wrists the vanilla cream comes out, strongly, sweetening this up and hiding the floral note entirely. Now that's it's dry, it's a sweet, creamy almond. Very foody, and smells like almond paste more than almond extract. Brings back memories of making butter letters with my ex husband's grandmother. Very pretty, light throw, and stays close to the skin.
  10. biocarolyn

    In Winter in My Room

    Pink for sure, but no grapefruit on me. Peony and tuberose, with some white floral behind it. Nothing sharp about this to me, it's all creamy florals.
  11. biocarolyn


    I agree with the comparison to Sea of Glass. Sea of Glass is quieter, more gentle, but similar in tone. The aquatic notes in this are stronger for me, and I think the lily is the strongest floral. I don't get a strong lemon scent, and while there's a sweetness, I probably wouldn't identify it as honey if I wasn't told it was present. After it warms up on the skin, the rose joins the lily. Basically this stays a very clear, strong, predominantly aquatic with heavy lily and other florals. On me, this is one aquatic that reads as distinctly feminine... many seem unisex on my skin but I think the florals keep this one in traditional feminine territory.
  12. biocarolyn

    Yellow Metal With Mingled Purple Blushes

    I sadly had the same reaction as Violaine- had to scrub this off. I usually like amber, but this crosses into very strong department store perfume territory. It was such a disappointment to me because amber and purple fruits are among my favorite notes. The fruits are noticeable too, but the whole thing was just immensely too strong for me. Opening the imp was enough! I did test it, but sadly it didn't change in the first 5 minutes and I couldn't stick with it after that. Sigh... can't win them all, I guess. I'm glad it's working out for some people, but this one isn't for me.
  13. biocarolyn

    Fiery Wall of Protection

    I have this... neighbor. She lives downstairs from me. I'm utterly confounded by her aggressive, angry, bizarre behavior. She refuses to actually speak to me (I've tried, politely), screams at me through the ceiling, and bangs on the walls. She's the loudest neighbor I've ever lived near (her TV and stereo begin blasting to the point of being unable to hear my own tv at 6:00am and don't stop until 11:00pm), and she literally shrieks physical threats if she hears me walking (in socks, while nearly tiptoeing, at 6:30pm when I get home from work.) I could go into detail about the situation, but suffice it to say it's like she's a parody, no one would believe she acts the way she does. I think she's got some sort of imbalance, and my response at this point is just to ignore her. But it's a hostile environment for sure, and the apartment complex and police won't or can't do anything. So... Fiery Wall of Protection, a while candle, and some salt. The scent is primarily Dragon's Blood, as others have said. There's something soft and floral, and something else spicy like cloves or cinnamon. It isn't an unpleasant scent, not at all. As far as using it, I'd thought long and hard about all of this, and I was fully intent on using the blend for protection, and additionally, allows any attacks sent my way to rebound. While I'm not part of an ethical framework that forbids me from doing harm, I do believe you ought to be careful what you send out into the universe... in this case, I've had enough and if someone's willing to actively, aggressively send negativity my way, I'm perfectly fine with them receiving what they sent. I have to say, there has seemed to be some effect. She's not around as much, there is definitely less screaming of curses and threats through the ceiling. It's kind of... amazing. I will definitely be repeating this regularly. TALs are really amazing. Even if they're doing nothing but allowing me to focus my intentions and changing the way I perceive a situation... I'll take it. Remarkably effective for me.
  14. biocarolyn

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    Wow this is evocative. A little spooky even. In the bottle and wet on the skin this is strongly dirt and ivy. It reminds me of Post mortem lauretus at that stage... But on the dry down it sweetens, and the sweet fig and cypress become clearer and stronger. The ivy and graveyard dirt are still hanging around a bit, but in the background. This is unusual, unlike any of the blends I have. I really like it!
  15. biocarolyn

    Tattie Bogle

    The gunpowder smoky scent was much more prominent in the bottle and wet. Now that this has dried down a few hours later, it's all green herbs and clean smelling. Maybe the hay is coming out too... but this goes through quite a morph for me! So fun.