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  1. jessamynit

    Ordering Imps

    I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - but I don't see the Henson scents (Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock) on the non-impable list. I"m assuming that's just out of date, but, oh, how I'd love imps of those. Can I order imps of Fraggle Rock??
  2. jessamynit

    Vieux Carre

    Mmm! A much gentler Bayou (with more Jasmine and less Bayou). Very delicious!
  3. jessamynit

    Black Moon

    Mmm, this is amazing!! I ordered it because I liked many of the ingredients/ notes, but there have been oils in the past where that kind of bit me in the ass - like, great separately, but not so great together, or one note will overwhelm me, etc. This is gorgeous! With the dark dark black description, I expected a little more of an overwhelming incensey scent - but this is sublte, light, and fairly pretty. However, I get the dark sense just in that it's kind of a desolate, cold scent - great for winter and fall. Even though it's floral, the florals aren't jumping out as individual flower notes, they're very gracefully complementing each other. I do get a tiny peek of pear and cucumber, and also a bit of the musk on the dry down. I was very worried about the lotus, which always turns to candy on me - but it's great here. Overall, thisi s a lovely and unique scent that blends together nicely. No one note screams at me, and it is sort of a "serious" scent without being at all overwhelming or powering. I do get reminders of both Stardust and Ice Queen, but it is much more subtle than that. A great scent for wniter 2006/7! So nicely done!
  4. jessamynit


    This is beautiful - like soft, feminine, sad skin. It really does capture sort of a lonely, longing feeling. Very nice. I feel like it could be someone's natural skin smell! I could almost see wearing it everyday, but I think from time to time will suffice for me.
  5. jessamynit

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    This is just lovely! I definitely got bubble gum the second I put it on and got all ready for it to go to the swap pile. However... it mellowed pretty quickly into a lovely, floral and sweet scent. Not enough sweet to be cloying, and not enough floral to be soapy; just right! I was sniffing and sniffing my wrist all day, and I smelled damn delicious! I have enjoyed a lot of the foody BPAL scents lately, but it's nice that this one (on me at least) has those fruity and candy elements but doesn't only give me a foody feeling. It's just gorgeous! What a nice surprise.
  6. jessamynit

    The Perfumed Garden

    hmm. scent is such a peculiar thing to pin down - particularly the more complex blends. I read the other reviews here, and although I understand how people are getting some lovely skin chemistry results from the complexity, I guess I should still add my original reaction: ick! bubblegum! now that stage has passed somewhat but I still FEEL bubblegummy as a result (if that makes sense). I have always thought I loved jasmine oils (particularly as I am named after a jasmine flower!) but the bpal ones I've tried have made me rethink that. okay... now that I'm typing instead of holding nose to wrist, I am really enjoying this scent. the jasmine smells lovely, and I feel the sexiness and mysterious fruitiness that everyone else seems to get. but the moment I get up close to my wrist or the bottle, it's over again. yuck! how strange. I will try this one again on a different day, and report back!
  7. jessamynit

    Snow Moon

    I agree that it's a lot like skadi. I get berries, eucalyptus, pine, maybe some mint (or maybe that's just my instinct because it's "cold"), also maybe some grapefruit? it's not but I don't think it's me. I do like it better than skadi, however (which was too spicey-sweet for me). edited to add: that's strange that other people are getting ice queen! i.q. is one of my favorite scents and I don't get it at all. funny how different noses can be.
  8. jessamynit

    The Peacock Queen

    this is wonderful. I love rose red, but have to admit I always thought it was a little too wussy for a true rose scent. peacock queen is the un-wussy version of rose red. I can't tell why, because it still smells like a perfect, fresh rose; but it doesn't have any green stuff to it like rose red. just yummy, delicious, velvety rose! I do wish it lasted a little longer.
  9. jessamynit

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    I love all of the recommendations (and thanks for lettin me squeeeeee), and have decided to go with rose red - I let the boy pick (he's finally gotten into the scents a bit!), and he liked it the best, hands down. other runners up were two, five and seven, rosalind, the bearded lady, and ingenue. I adore dreamland. maybe it'll work for the nighttime part of the wedding... a good night's sleep? I'm getting married tomorrow!!! ok, resume your discussion
  10. jessamynit

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    I'm getting married on thursday - we're doing a SF city hall ceremony (city hall in san francisco is gorgeous) followed by a restaurant dinner party for immediate family only, then a few days staying to play in the city! we're having a picnic reception in the springtime - we liked the idea of pseudo-eloping and then celebrating with everyone months down the line, in order to cut back on stress. I'm trying to narrow it down here and... failing. I lined up some favorites, nixed othello and havisham by name alone (not cause I'm really supersitious, more cause I needed some way of narrowing things down!) and I'm still drowning in choices. I want something that I don't wear all the time (alice) so that it will stand out in my memory. the boy doesn't love perfume so it has to be subtle but lasting. one of my favorites which I've been saving is ice queen. don't know if it's too chilly for our wintry day! also up are: two, five and seven (like it but not my fave - but, the boy likes it, and he's picky) bon vivant (maybe for the party?) erato (sweet and innocent) dreamland (very yummy and I like the name) nefertiti (goddessy and delicious) ingenue (very delicate, pale and pretty) sudha segara (yummy, sweet and delicious!) regan (another delicate sweetie) bordello (one of my favorites, good enough to eat) eternal (sort of a sad scent but also beautiful and a lovely sentiment) chaste moon (innocent, delicious, and sensual) ides of march (delicate but long lasting, natural yet perfumey) and of course ice queen (minty, chocolatey, regal, and fades away to last subtely all day) yikes! how to decide?? I should also mention that I'm going to be in full bride "drag" (as my mother in law puts it), a beautiful vintagey empire waist cream dress (from the 1960s) with a green shrug/ sweater thing, green shoes, very light blue sapphire ring and brooch, probably a bouquet of peonies or something. groomy is wearing a black suit with a green shirt. this is going to be FUN!
  11. jessamynit

    Love in the Asylum

    I must admit, I'm not big on poetry, or Dylan Thomas, but one of my favorite Cure songs is "Birdmad girl" and it was cool to figure out where that came from. it is a lovely poem! I wish I liked the scent as much. it does have that "two, five and seven" rose which is nice but... well, what I'm finding is that so many of these scents are really nice but if I haven't fallen in love with it, why keep it? still... I have a hard time letting go... I'll probably try again... anyway, the rose is the strongest note on me, for sure. edited to add that I LOVE it! it was obviously a lukewarm reaction at first but I find it more and more to be rosey, spicy goodness...
  12. jessamynit


    in bottle: orange with a little, unplaceable something more... like something herbal, or spicy wet: yummy, orange, very fruity and also kind of reminiscent of a fruit flavored gum (not a normal bubblegum, like hubba bubba or bubblicious or something). this started to worry me! dry: still VERY orangey, pretty and nice. the bubblegum thing starts to go away pretty quickly but I'm still not quite sure about it. this may be one of those scents where I like smelling it, but don't necessarily want to wear it. hmm. I expected something very different, overall. I do have to give kunstkammer props, though, for inspiring the librarian guy to ask me what scent I had on. he really liked it and said, "it's something fruity. you smell nice; much better than that last guy" (there are a lot of homeless types in the downtown library). so I was glad to be able to help... but it is pretty strange to have your librarian say to you "what are you wearing?". took me a second to figure out what he was asking!
  13. jessamynit

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    this one's very confusing! in the bottle: kind of incensey, muddle, herbally green wet: still that green herbally thing that's in wolfsbane and water of notre dame (both of which didn't agree with me). getting ready to swap it. dry down: hold on! up close, I still get that mysterious note that screams water of notre dame to me which makes me feel a little sick. buuuut when I'm moving around I keep catching whiffs of something beautiful and familiar. finally I was like, "hold on, this smells like christian dior's DUNE!" one of my favorite perfumes ever. mmm! but reading these reviews I can smell all the stuff people are smelling. yes it's still a bit green, herbally, powdery, floral, etc etc. the best I can describe it is that at a distance, it's a slightly more floral/ "nicer" (personality-wise) scent than Dune, but very similar. up close on my wrist, I'm turned off by it. weird... but I'm keeping it!
  14. jessamynit

    Two, Five & Seven

    this smells almost exactly like persephone on me. slightly more rosey than pomegranate, but not much difference... I also get the same kind of bon vivant champagne note. no grass (I associate grass smells with scents like rosalind) but it's lovely, very sweet and girly and yummy and light. however, I recently sniffed othello and love the musky, spicy roses of that scent more than this sunshiney one
  15. jessamynit

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    okay, I got Chaos Theory CDXCVI (I have no idea what number that is, and this is my first CT). I'm a little muddled as to what's in here... it's very pretty, light, and kind of floral/ sweet. I would say, there are berries, and flowers. and maybe a teensy bit of either something minty, or something that can seem minty (kind of like the pineapple in Chaste Moon did to some). I got it with my 13, and they're not that far apart - this CT definitely has something sugary sweet in it. to me it smells like a lighter, more innocent version of Jezebel. I like it! however, after I slathered a bunch on, my BF and his friend came in and made faces going, "ugh, what happened in here? it smells like a bath shop". which they explained meant, artificially sweet and cloying. then, I started to get more of a waxy candley smell from it... so I may just decant myself an imp of it and swap/ sell the bottle. edited to add: now I'm thinking that in addition to sugar, and fruits (berries and plum, I think), there is a bit of carnation, giving it that spicy yet slightly waxy thing. I am liking it better and better, and think I won't have the "oh, no, bath shop" thing if I don't slather a ton on at once. wearing it lightly, it's a very lovely, girlish, sweet, springtime scent... a keeper!