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  1. alyssinwonderland

    CD: Alley of Games v6

    From the previous reviews, I was really excited to try this one out! Thanks to my amazingly wonderful will call First thing I get in the bottle and wet on my skin is really powerful sweet grassy/hay. It has a sharp almost perfumey edge which nearly made this go straight to swaps. Thankfully once it was dry, it was much less harsh and actually reminded me of MVJBA Summer Summoning Spectacular's "scorched baseball field" all by itself or the sweet hay from Gunpowder. This really seems like a single note of that sweet hay/grass and I adore it! After a bit I finally can pick up what Midnight Aeval and invidiana were talking about with cotton candy. It's got a hint more "pink" to the sweetness but the grassyness is really what has the limelight on my skin. Overall its nice, fresh and very breezy with a touch of sweetness that makes this one scent I'm going to be reaching for quite a bit!
  2. alyssinwonderland

    Plague Doctor v10

    This was really the main bottle that intrigued me from the list of Trunk Show offerings. I'm weirdly fascinated by the Plague and horror movies that involve the historics. So immediately I was in search of an angel and found one! I find Plague Doctor v10 to be a really unusual blend and morphs a lot! Sniffing from the bottle- very very aquatic. I was iffy at this point, hoping more for leather from the Doctor's mask or something. But heck, I get to try it so on it went! Wet- still aquatic but more depth...not oceanic or salty but made me think of deep murky blue/green water. Dry- as its starting to dry I hit a wall. Men's cologne. Oh poop. I mean its good men's cologne, not a "proper gentleman's", but more like a hint towards a spicier Jean Paul Gaultier or Armani. After 10 min. dry- oh thank goodness this one morphs!! Ooh the cologne faded to amplify the watery aquatic...yet there's this bunch of herbs coming through. Spicy herbs. They lend a warmth and create an even more complex scent, there might be a smidge of leather hiding under there somewhere. Wow. And to think I might've gotten rid of it at the cologne stage. This is a keeper and totally worthy of slathering. Thanks to my Will Call angel
  3. alyssinwonderland

    Elf v4

    I honestly don't have too much I can say about this one. I slathered some on and it smells exactly like CC: Female on my skin just minus the lavender. It's lovely, breezy and a sweet floral (without being too sweet or too floral..yeah figure that one out ) I could feel this being compared to an elf...or even a nymph...very elusive and ethereal. Thanks to kattharia for letting me test this one out!
  4. alyssinwonderland

    Cake Smash v6

    As I have a bottle of the released version, I assumed I wouldn't need to be bothered to try this prototype. Yet, I was proven wrong thanks to the lovely kattharia sending me a large decant to test out. As most have said thus far, this is definitely not the released version- as that one had much more of a perfumey edge to it because of the additions of Doc Constantine, Dorian, and Snake Oil. Sniffing the bottle and when wet- I still get the very potent cakey, cream cheese, with a definite Beaver'versary feeling. Once dry- this morphed a bit and I got these awesome baking spices that came out more (some others have gotten this as well) It was lovely! Sadly the spiciness did fade but then..I was left with the reason everyone was going crazy over this! I have pure luscious vanilla buttercream frosting. No cake, no cream cheese, no other perfumes...just rich, (lightly)buttery, yum. Fantastic.
  5. alyssinwonderland

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    Has anyone noticed the uncanny spot-on-ness of Arachne of Lydia to Lush's Pud bath bomb? Cause that's purely what I got- this powdery yet potent clove and black currant combo.
  6. alyssinwonderland

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    Totally dittoing this! Would *love* a Porridge scent...would probably die if the scent was made into a massage bar... And speaking of massage bars, I always stayed away from bubblegum but Lush's Once a Year turned me into a bubblegum-aholic. Especially since the bar is a lighter not so sticky sweet headache of a scent. Jailbait seems spot on to continue that fragrance all day, the orange blossom must contribute to breaking up the bubblegummyness. Yes that's a word.
  7. alyssinwonderland

    Formula 54

    Wow I'm just ecstatic that I get to review this one! Big big to ender379 on the LJ comm. I got a few drops as a frimp in a swap and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what it was. In the imp: Super rose- hint of candy cherry in the background (ugh..slightly headache inducing nooooo ) Wet on skin: Powerful powdery soft incense- it smells exactly like Voodoo Queen! o.O Dry on skin: Gah! Strange fruityness right over top the Voodoo Queen-esque scent. ...The fruit is like a combination of cherry and mango but doesn't seem to want to blend well with the incense..hm.. After a bit: Ooh finally blended. Ok dark musk- check. Tobacco flower- check. Black Rose- double check. ugh...twisting a bit too much into the rose. Overall: 2/5 had a good run but just definitely not my kind of scent. So glad I got a chance to test it though!
  8. alyssinwonderland

    Zombie Apocalypse

    In bottle: Caramelized sugar Wet on skin: Woah! Definitely agree with the Sugar Skull comparison but there's this sharp tartness of red jelly. It is indeed a jelly filled doughnut!! Dry on skin: Doesn't change much...if anything- the harsher sugar smell dies down a bit more to a vanilla doughnut powder rather than crystallized sugar. But both scents of sugar and jelly just intertwine beautifully! OM NOM NOM Need more! And a side note- if this is what brains are like to zombies...I completely understand now
  9. alyssinwonderland

    Alien Invasion

    In the bottle: Sugary citrus. Wet on skin: Mmm pure sweet and sour lemon with a tart grapefruit backing it up. THIS is what I wanted CB:IHP's Lemon Tart to smell like on me. Sweet, tart, and juuuust slightly sugary. Dry on skin: Light floral and some creamy note are peeking over the sharp citrus and slightly taking over. OMG this has somehow turned more or less into Giallo for me. Overall: Strange, morphing, absolutely gorgeous scent through every stage and I NEED a bottle!!
  10. alyssinwonderland


    Alas, I wish I could have all these complicated layers like Elilara had. I, too, adore Silent Hill but that is not what this invoked for me. I got pure honey-baked ham out of the bottle, and on skin it morphed into a warm ham and miracle whip sandwich- emphasis on the "warm". The only thing I could think of was that Taco Bell commercial where the woman kept attracting men to her like flies because she had a bacon chalupa in her purse. Perhaps if I wanted to attract men to me like a ham sandwich I would wear this
  11. alyssinwonderland

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Two amazing realizations happened to me yesterday and today: First, I absolutely LOVE Smut. I hoard it but am afraid for when it'll actually come back around- plus it smells even better aged. Anyways my Lab order came in an I got a frimp of Fenris Wolf. Guess what? Fenris Wolf in imp and on skin = Smut like woah. I don't know if the Wolf has to be lab-fresh to smell like it but ohhhh man am I getting a bottle of that in my next order mmmm Second, I bought a decant of Penumbra from a lovely woman and slathered it on this morning. It was so ironic that I actually laughed- the other day I put on Arachnina (yum darkness) but it was a bit too dark for the sunshiney day so I layered a bit of Blood Garden over it to bring out some fruityness. Penumbra is EXACTLY that combination only in one oil and perfectly blended. It was awesome! :sigh: oh the new surprises I always get when playing with my BPAL. Beth rules all lol
  12. alyssinwonderland

    Springtime scents

    I totally agree with what others are saying about Host of the Air...very spring-like. Sadly just too "gardenia-candle" scent on my skin It's more difficult for me because I'm definitely an incense/musky/foodie girl and sometimes they just feel too heavy on such bright days and I'm not one for 'green' smells (although there are a couple like Baneberry), sometimes herbal (I'm curious about The Apothecary and Black Hellebore). Anyways, after all my babbling, my top ones for the recently breaking-into-spring weather has to be: 1. Agape (amazing apple, vanilla, passionfruit creme brulee scent) 2. White Chocolate and Strawberry (didn't think I'd be a fan of this one but on me it smells like i just rubbed fresh sliced strawberries all over me) 3. Lady Lilith (floral sweetness) 4. King of Hearts (lavender cherry goodness- without smelling like cough syrup) 5. Mum Moon (very springy and light) 6. The Witch's Garden (a little more 'green' than I usually wear but yummy nonetheless)