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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves, Tomato Leaf, and Black Pepper

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[No additional description given.]


Tested at NYCC:

I just had to!

In the bottle: oh hello tomato plants! I know that smell well!

Wet: tomato leaves, tomato leaves, maybe some dead leaves blowing around in the garden, more tomato leaves,

Dry: TOMATO. Maybe old tomato plants at the end of the season, maybe a little spice from the black pepper, but definitely mostly TOMATO.

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Yay tomato leaf! I love that smell and I get it here, playing nicely with the sharp tang of the dead leaves (I always think of a pile of leaves after a fall rain, drenched, decaying a little, with a cold wind blowing the scent around)--basically this is my backyard right now...the end of my tomato plants with all the neighborhood leaves blown into my yard. On my skin, I don't get the black pepper, though I get some of it sniffing the bottle.


Once it dried, I get a little bit of a powdery sweetness creeping in, but my skin tends to do that to a lot of notes, and it doesn't bother me. The scent in the air around me has that dry, crumbling vibe, but if I huff my wrist I still have the gorgeous tomato leaf hiding.


Definitely a keeper for me.

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Every time a new batch of LEs comes out, I make it a point to try out something completely weird, off the beaten path, and totally different from my usual warm ambers, leather/rum scents, and florals. In general, this has succeeded more than it's blown up in my face, so let's see how this one does!


In the imp: Green and leafy, exactly what it says on the tin. The tomato leaf has much more emphasis on the latter than the former, and the dead leaves are much more mellow and vegetal, and much less acrid, than I had feared. The black pepper is present only as a subtle accent or enhancer - if I wasn't looking for it, I could easily pass it over.


Wet: ...And there's the sharp, dead leaves I was anticipating! It's the almost soapy note I remember from Sonnet d'Automne and Autumn Overlooked My Knitting, but much more vegetal here. It settles down and melds with the tomato leaf very nicely to produce something softer and rounder than the dead leaves, but with more of a bite than the tomato leaf.


Dry: The leafiness slowly returns over time, but never feels quite as "alive" as ITI. The soapiness, however, hangs around with a vengeance. Apparently dead leaves are something of a death note on me, huh. And the black pepper never did show up...

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Tomato leafs and dead leaves. OMG TOMATO LEAF. This reminds me to the Tomato Leaf SN on wet. It dries to a slightly more perfumey leaf blend, but on wet is was green and leafy and deliciously tomato leaf. Good throw and wear length.

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