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    No. 93 Engine, Falling Leaf Moon, Snow White, Heroine, Skytyping with Chemtrails, Bengal, Mircalla, Crib Girls, Hope, Pickled Imp, The Candy Butcher, Hope, Sunbird, VM Hestia, CO Vajra. Favorite Notes: Cardamom (!), Chocolate (!), Peach, Honey, Beeswax, Sandalwood, Skin Musk, Aloeswood/Oud, Lemon, Sugar, Incense, Champaca, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Carnation, Vanilla, Fir, some Rose, Lavender, Ginger, Amber, I love most everything resinous, incense-y, or spicy. Notes of Pain, Angst, etc.: Red Currant, Melons of all stripes, most berries, "butter", most "green"/herbal scents (I am really intrigued by these, but mainly they turn to soap on me), heady florals, pepper.

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  1. Siberia


    I agree with the previous reviewers who think this smells like Vetiver. There is definitely a strong earthy/vetiver smell at first. It calms down a bit and the ginger comes out, but it still has a bit of musty/earthiness. This comes across as a rather unisex herbal. I usually don't tolerate herbal scents very well, but this is not bad. It's definitely like nothing else in my collection.
  2. Siberia

    The Wiley Grasser

    As weird as this combination sounds, it works very nicely. I smell a hint of fruity, natural pine needles at the front, and a base that is a mix of wildflowers and cotton candy. The cotton candy is definitely pink to my nose, and the wild flowers are sweet and meld perfectly with it - the flowers here remind me of the flowers in Lilith's Tea Party. The pine needles are subtle and burn off first, leaving the sweet cotton candy and flowers. This lasts about four hours on me and has light - medium throw. It's a playful and almost girlish scent. I like this one.
  3. Siberia

    Sonnet D'Automne

    In the bottle and first applied, Sonnet D'Automne has a very strong "leaf" scent that actually reminds me a lot of the the rhubarb note in Heroine. It's a bit sour-sharp and fruity. It almost seems a bit masculine right at first, but it starts to sweeten up after just a few minutes, with the leaf note remaining predominant, but losing its sharp edge. In the meantime, the amber incense is coming to harmonize beautifully with the leaves. White chocolate softens and sweetens it all. This is a really pretty scent that for some reason reminds me quite a bit of Heroine. There is also some similarity with the Last Unicorn, but this is a lot bolder and has more throw. Glad I bought a bottle, it will definitely be part of the Autumn rotation.
  4. Siberia

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    I'm amazed at the varied impressions of this scent. My impression is in the vanilla frosting/incense/whatever is in Dorian camp. I didn't smell any wine, booze, or cigarette smoke. This has a bit of a similar feel to Cake Smash, but the grown up version. This is a little bolder and more complex. Underneath all that sweet frosting and sugar from Dorian is a melange of notes that I really can't pick out at all, but that reminds me of Fall. I love this one and I'm getting a second bottle.
  5. Siberia


    My Bottles BPAL Anne Bonny Antikythera Mechanism Athens Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand Banshee Beat (3) Beaver Moon 2010 Bengal Black Butterfly Moon Black Lace Resurrected Black Pearl Boo! 2009 Cake Smash The Changeling* Countess Willie Crib Girls (2) Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel Door Dorian Falling Leaf Moon (3) Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones First of the Three Spirits Gennivre (2) Halloween: Las Vegas* Heroine Hope (2) Hygeia The Illustrated Woman Katharina The Last Unicorn Lawn Gnome Les Bijoux Liberty Lilith Victoria L'Inverno Madame Moriarty The Magician (Vampire Tarot) March Hare The Midnight Carnival Midnight Kiss Mircalla Mother Ginger Mother Shub's Pfancy Pfefferneusse Nocnitsa No. 93 Engine (2) Okayaki Paduan Killer Swarm (2) Pallas Athene Pickled Imp (2) Pink Snowballs The Priestess (Vampire Tarot) Priala Pumpkin Latte Pumpkin Princess 2011* Pumpkin Queen 2006 Red Lantern 2011 Rose Red 2010 Shanghai Skytyping with Chemtrails Smokey Moon (Tristesses de la Lune) The Soldier Snow White 2009 (2) Snow White 2010 Sonnet D'Automne* Sunbird Tamora Temple Viper Tree of Life Waltz of the Snowflakes The Wiley Grasser* Zombie Apocalypse Conjure Oils: Adoration de la Terre The Azure Dragon Black Cat Crossed My Path Evocation des Ancetres Jeu du Rapt Khosrow and Shirin Midnight Chai with Kali Ma Nuit Vajra (2) The Vermillion Bird The Yellow Dragon Violette Market Antoinette's Tea Cakes Baby New Year 2010 Calaveras Chocolate Chocolate Antlion* Chocolate Fire Ant* Chocolate Horse Lubber Grasshopper* Chocolate Mallow Pumpkins* Chocolate Snout Beetle* Chocolate Vampire Bat* Chocolate Honey Chocolate Forest Chocolate Magi Hestia (2) The Lion and the Lamb Lost Woods of Killarney Lydia's Firefly Lanterns Miss Susanna West Smoking Plum Sophia Peabody The Spice Islands Sun Bear Honey Co. Bass Wood Honey Veronica's Chocolatier* Custom 1: Chocolate, Incense, Woodsmoke, Cardamom Nocturne Alchemy Bastet's Crystal Pumpkin* Bes* Possets Archangels Cherubim Dangerous Oil Dominions Cri de Couer Dangerous Flossing Hearts and Flowers High Tea Isabella Limoncello: Giardano Rosmarino Madame X Perpetual Motion Machine The Scent of Angels Seraphim Silver Carnations Silver Ginger Tisane of the Witch Silver Neroli Tisane of the Witch Arcana Devilish Blood Drop Dixie Elouise Adelaide Deschamps Perfectly Legal and Innocuous Kiss Cake 13 Gypsies Cauldron Smoke Which Witch * = waiting on this
  6. Siberia

    Touched Twice

    In the bottle, this smells nice - a sweet rose with sandalwood underneath. Like many other reviewers, though, when I put it on, the rose grew and grew and grew. It smells like powdery rose incense. It's not bad, but not that special either. It smells very much like Clermont to me.
  7. Siberia


    I'd been wanting to try this for ages, based on the awesome-sounding notes. Alas, this smells like very expensive baby powder.
  8. Siberia

    The First of the Three Spirits

    On me, this is amber, vanilla, and white musk, with just a hint of the florals. The florals are sweet and well-blended; they don't stick out like "whoa, flowers" at all. I don't smell the zdravetz. This is right up my alley, sweet vanilla amber. I can see why several of the other reviewers see this as a spring or summer scent - it doesn't have a wintery feel at all, it is quite warm, which is appropriate for the essence of the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  9. Siberia

    The Midnight Carnival

    Midnight Carnival has the spicy complexity of Mr. Jacquel, but is in my opinion sweeter and less masculine. It's well-blended, and I have a hard time picking out the individual notes. There is a resinous, woody base, with a velvety overlay of spicy sweetness. Nothing here really smells floral, but it seems the flowers lend sweetness to the overall blend. There is also what seems like the tiniest impression of smoke. No actual smoke scent, just the impression. I think this is the best incense-y scent that I've tried.
  10. Siberia

    The Last Unicorn

    This scent is as lovely and ethereal as its namesake. The Last Unicorn starts off as predominantly white chocolate and violet leaf layered over a woody sandalwood base. There is a hint underneath of the watery wild lettuce. As it dries down, what I am guessing is the orris and iris come out - there is a sort of velvety and long-lasting dry down. This sticks close to the skin, but I kept catching occasional wafts of beautiful scent as I moved. Even though the throw is light, this lasts many hours.
  11. Siberia

    The Waltz of the Snowflakes

    This is the unholy lovechild of two of my favorite scents, Snow White and Pickled Imp. It takes after its daddy - reminds me very much of the vanilla and pine from Pickled Imp, but the pine is far more prominent here. I hoped this would be a win with the sweet snowy vanilla and evergreen, and it definitely is. Great Yule scent.
  12. Siberia

    Beaver Moon 2010

    Here we go with the double entendres again! Strawberry and peach cheesecake, heavy on the sticky glaze. This reminds me a lot of Zombie Apocalypse. The strawberries and a sweet scent that smells like the sugar in Zombie Apocalypse dominate. There's a darkness that smells a lot like brown sugar on me. I don't smell cheesecake or creaminess anywhere, but I'm not complaining. I like this a lot.
  13. I also placed a Yule order (no Unicorns) on October 21, and I haven't got a C&S notice yet, either.
  14. Siberia

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    The Witch's Repast (Marchen) is super weird. I think it's gross, but a lot of people like it. I thought it smelled like caraway, honey, and barf.
  15. Lucifera, Madame Moriarity is a general catalog (GC) item - it's part of the Carnival Diabolique Collection - it's here, first item under Act II: http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/cdiabolique.html