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  1. melisssa

    Creamy scents that aren't foody?

    I'm always looking for the same thing! One that I love that's not on your list is Katrina Van Tassel, which is roses, honey and cream, I think. Even though it's sweet, it doesn't strike me as foody. But I look forward to hearing recs. from others so thanks for this thread.
  2. melisssa

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I think you might be my scent twin! Right now I'm layering Smut and Midway...I suspect you would love that combo--though Midway is terribly hard to find. I also love the Vanilla single note, and you can layer that with anything boozy for a similar effect. Keep me posted on anything cool you discover, because I'm pretty sure I would love it too.
  3. I came here looking for the exact same thing!
  4. I'm a massive Dior Poison fan myself. There is actually a whole thread devoted to Dior scents here. The BPAL that most say is most like Poison is Venom, but it's super rare. Like so rare, Beth is rumoured to be looking for some! I have a sniffie of Venom, and it is pretty incredible... Another that people suggest is Phoenix at Dawn, and I agree, there are similarities. That one is an LE, but wasn't super popular so might be easier to find. My favourite BPAL that compares to Poison is Horreur Sympathique. Poison and Horreur have lots in common (grapes, heliotrope) but Horreur is a bit sweeter and fruitier. Horreur recalls Poison for me, while being just gorgeous in its own right.
  5. melisssa

    Milk and Cream Notes

    For anyone who loves the cream in Katrina van Tassel, you might try Pussy. Pussy's notes are orange blossom honey, brown sugar, saffron, tonka absolute, and tobacco leaf. Cream isn't mentioned, but my nose found it there! And it's available for one more week! I'm getting at least two bottles...
  6. 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster and Dorian are my two favourites this summer.
  7. melisssa

    Yankee Candle to BPAL

    So...just to make sure I didn't steer you wrong, redderz, I am sniffing my old bottle of AL and a Vanilla Satin votive side by side, and I really do find they have much in common. Antique Lace is not a particular fave. of mine, but I need to bear in mind that it's pretty precious to many BPALers before I go throwing comparasins around! Whew! Edited to add: the similarity is stronger when the candle is burning.
  8. melisssa

    Yankee Candle to BPAL

    Oh my goodness...now I'm nervous! I hope you like it! Please come back and tell us what you think! I had a similar experience, where I found Vanilla Satin reminded me of Antique Lace. Now I want Vanilla Sandalwood AND Vanilla Satin! Oooh, they didn't have Vanilla Satin there. I need to find it now! ETA: Just saw that the UK shop is having a sale too! I got a couple Vanilla Satins.
  9. melisssa

    Yankee Candle to BPAL

    I had a similar experience, where I found Vanilla Satin reminded me of Antique Lace. Now I want Vanilla Sandalwood AND Vanilla Satin!
  10. melisssa

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I don't know if anyone is like me, having a kind of sentimental fondness for Loves Baby Soft...but to me, it has lots in common with La Petite Mort.
  11. melisssa

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I agree with your mother-in-law, Apple. I love Poison and after Venom, of which in nearly four years I have only managed to snag one half imp, Horreur Sympathique comes closet. And Horreur is just gorgeous in its own right.
  12. melisssa

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thanks for posting Boo, angelicruin! It's adorable. I think the labels with photos are becoming my favourites.
  13. That's the only Mrs. Norris suggestion I've seen. I think it's really good, but it would be nice if we could figure out a GC suggestion. Mrs. Norris is hard-- the cat scents people have suggested for Crookshanks, for example, just don't seem to suit her. Mrs. Norris strikes me as sort of chthonic. Maybe: Crossroads A chill twilit garden of blooms over dry earth and mosses, heavily laden with incense and offertory herbs. I think the dirt element adds a lot to this one. Sort of the scent of a cat that has been slinking around spying and had to run through bushes and herb gardens to get her quarry. The Witch's Garden Morning glory vines twisting around a patch of rampion, carrot, and parsley, with monkshood, hemlock, elfwort, sage, wormwood, and mandrake. Sort of the same concept as above but without the dirt. Seance rosewood, crushed rose leaf and the slightest touch of warm hazel. Not necessarily Mrs. Norris herself but the sense of being watched by her. The Obsidian Widow Pinot noir, dark myrrh, red sandalwood, black patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and attar of rose. Dark, intriguing and full of feminity without necessarily representing human feminity. I think it's the scuttling description of the scent that inspires the connection. Man, this thread is so much fun for geeking out. These are all great! I don't know why I love her so much, but I read the first HP book with my students and they loved Mrs. Norris to!
  14. I wonder if Beth took any inspiration from the Harry Potter books...there are so many you have all mentioned that are just perfect! But unless I've missed it, I still don't have scent for Mrs. Norris...
  15. My three favourite characters are Hermione, Minerva McGonagall and Mrs. Norris. Anyone have suggestions for their scents?