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  1. Betula

    Abalone Vulva

    This is such a pretty perfume. I think it's one of the prettiest perfumes I've tried from BPAL. It's fresh and sweet, with top notes of sugar and grapefruit. The salt note really is a 'trickle', as described in a review above. I don't get any bubblegum from the lotus, just a glowing freshness. The pink musk is very upbeat. I've always been bad at picking up wood notes, but I think it's in there keeping it all from flying off the rails into too sweet territory. On the dry-down, this has a musk note that is IDENTICAL to the musk in Faith (I haven't tried Hope, but I presume it's the same one). Honestly, this is one of the most 'commercial' BPAL's I've tried, but not in a bad way! Sometimes, accessible perfumes are popular for a reason. I always feel so pretty when I wear this. I think I may get through a whole bottle (which is rare for me!)
  2. Betula

    Fae Forest Atmosphere Spray

    Fae Forest is so comforting. It's everything I wanted Elf to be: sweet, soft, musky, floral, fruity, with a powerful evergreen angle. There's some musk or something in here that reads as warm sunlight. I spray it on my sheets, and I find myself huffing my bedclothes every time I come near, ha! The thimbleberry (a near relative of the raspberry) is the star for me. If you like the berry in Elf, you'll love it here. Overall, it's like an idealized scent memory of my time at summer camp as a kid. Perfect for snuggling down to sleep in. I ordered a goblin squirt, but one day I will save up enough for a bottle in an order!
  3. Betula


    I really, really wanted to like Boots, since it has so many notes I like (leather, grass, wood, lavender), it's gotten great reviews, and I have my own pair of Doc Martens that I wear all the time. This seemed like a sure winner! Alas, it just doesn't work on me. I don't get almost any lavender at all. The grass here isn't the sweet, mown lawn kind found in Queen's Croquet Ground; it's bitter, like someone crushed some ivy leaves in their hands. The dust note is STRONG on me, and it's not really pleasant. I don't smell any leather either, not for a loooong time. Opening the bottle, I'm hit with a woody, bitter, dusty smell. As it dries, the wood becomes stronger. After half an hour of dry-down, it's almost nice! There's a little leather peaking out, and it combines well with the wood. It's still kinda head-achy and dusty on me, though. And it's not worth getting through the powerfully bitter, green smell at the beginning. My search for the perfume grass/leather combo continues.
  4. Betula


    I really want to like Rogue, and it doesn't smell BAD, it just ... Stay with me here, it smells like the inside of a new car. Like you just got into a new car at the car dealership, and there's a fancy car air freshener hanging from the mirror, and the salesman's sitting next to you, and he's NOT greasy or anything, he's actually very well put together (you think maybe he moisturizes with cocoa butter). But. It's still new car smell. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME, I want this to smell like daring misdeeds, not a Honda dealership! 😭 Maybe this will smell better on my husband. Who knows. I believe skin chemistry can be a wild thing sometimes.
  5. Betula

    The Peacock Queen

    I was curious to try Peacock Queen out, so I could compare it to my favorite BPAL rose scent, Rose Red. This is the 2019 version. I think it's a blend of several different roses; there's a hint of the fuzzy, wilted one from Whip in there. There's also some red wine, maybe some skin musk, maybe a hint of wood, but it's all beautifully blended. I enjoy Peacock Queen, but it's almost a little TOO mature for me, you know what I mean? Like something I could pull off better once I'm 45 and have a mortgage and a wine decanter. It smells like rose petals that have been crushed by your body as you've been dancing all night, warm and wilted and debauched. It doesn't last long, but while it's there, it makes its presence felt. If you want a rose scent that takes no prisoners, this is the one you're looking for.
  6. Betula

    Rose Red Hair Gloss

    I hadn't reviewed this yet, but after almost losing my bottle in the holiday shuffle this year, I thought I'd finally talk about how much I love this gloss. Rose Red is pure, sweet, and very strong. It is the most realistic rose scent I've ever smelled before. It doesn't smell like roses from a florist's, which often have almost no smell. It smells like a rose in a garden, one of the antique varieties that knocks your socks off with its strength. It's so pretty! It goes on with a heavy dose of greenery and dew drops, but as it settles and warms up, gradually you can sense it unfolding into a true, glossy red rose smell. It's much fresher than Peacock Queen, which smells wilted in comparison (to my nose, anyway). I think one of the earlier reviews mentioned a hint of raspberry? There's definitely a bit of that as the scent settles. This scent makes my heart happy. It's so strong that I've barely used up even a sixth of my bottle, but not for lack of trying! I hope they release it again sometime, maybe in the 2020 season. It's become one of my signature scents. It's in my BPAL top 3.
  7. Betula

    Apple Sugar

    I must be the only person who doesn't like this. It's high-pitched and artificial smelling. It smells like Yankee candle apple air freshener, with no hint of the 'sugar' aspect. I tried some on my wrist, and it was the only BPAL I've ever been tempted to scrub off. Maybe my chemistry is not working with this one, or maybe my nose is wonky? I wish I got what everyone else was smelling in this one.
  8. Betula


    Bard is delightful. DELIGHTFUL. It's sweet, warm honey and soft musk and maybe a touch of amber? It jumps out of the imp at you, all sweetness and light. The bay rum reads as manly spice to me, which keeps it from being too cloyingly sweet. There's a touch of woods underneath. If there's metal, I'm not smelling it. I am charmed by this bard. It makes me happy when I wear it. It fades into a delicious skin scent on me.
  9. Betula


    I bought this in the expectation that the rose might be the same type of rose in "Rose Red", but it's not. It's higher-pitched and ... sneezy? Drier? It makes my nose tingle. I guess I get why people smell it as a 'wet' rose 'cause it smells wilted, but on me, it's dry at the same time, somehow? Weird. The leather's very cologne-y. It takes a while for me to like this, but when it's just right, the rose is balanced with the leather, and it smells like a sexy cologne. Unisex, could easily be worn by a man, a woman, or anyone in between. I loved this, but it wasn't what I thought it would be.
  10. Betula


    This is the first BPAL scent that I've hated. It was aggressive, the smell gushing out of the imp and filling the whole room. It was BAM flowers, and BAM pear, sickeningly sweet and cloying. I was hesitant to skin-test, but I did ... and I had to wash it off. I have NEVER encountered a scent from the lab as powerful as Titania (a testament to the strength of this mighty queen of the fairies, perhaps?) I'm glad everyone else is enjoying her, but this scent is not for me (no offense, Titania; you're an amazing character, and a strong ruler).
  11. Thanks for the rec! I think I'll snag a bottle of The Rose the next time I make an order.
  12. I'm hoping to find something similar to The Queen's Croquet Ground, but as a perfume oil. I love that sweet, red rose smell, and I love the true green grass that goes with it. I have Rose Red, and that's close, but not quite the same. The Queen's Croquet Ground has more of a 'fresh mown lawn in summer' smell to me, whereas Rose Red's greenery smells more like 'rose leaves and stems just pulled from the cooler at a florist's shop.' I live for that fresh mown lawn smell, it goes so well with roses! Any advice?
  13. Betula

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    This is a pale pink smell. Normally, I prefer a fresh rose note, but the dried rose petals scent of this spray is charming and refreshing! The tea, orris, rose, and other notes blend together into a clean and inviting scent. It's a bit formal, but friendly. It's classy. I prefer this for a bedroom scent; it gives my bedroom the illusion of being put together (even though it's very much not). I wouldn't have bought it for myself, but my friends gifted me a goblin squirt, which I used up and quickly replaced, haha! The Fainting Couch makes my bedsheets smell perfect for snuggling down or swooning onto.
  14. Betula

    The Queen's Croquet Ground

    This spray is PERFECT for opening the windows and airing out the house. Get some clean air in, spritz a couple spritzes into the air, and your house smells like sweet spring air. The rose and grass are well balanced to me. The grass is clean and bright, the rose is ... perky? Sweet? It's not old lady rose, it's a YOUNG rose, if that makes sense. It almost has a hint of raspberry in it, to me. It's a freshly clipped lawn strewn with just-opened red roses. I love this scent. If BPAL made a GC perfume version, I'd buy like three bottles.
  15. Betula

    Sweet, manly woodsmoke scent

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I've always wanted to try Mad Sweeney, maybe I can find an imp ... I have Iago, and he likes it, but doesn't think it's for him. Same with Crowley (he actually really likes how Crowley smells on me, haha!). He always rolls rogue, so if there's a smokiness to Rogue, I might hunt down an imp ... Smokestack sounds like it might smell like all those peat-smoking distilleries we saw in Oban. Anyone have any input on the smokey quality of Bonfire Night, Gauko, the Black Rider, and Hellfire? I'm aiming for as close to the natural smell of woodsmoke as I can get.