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  1. Betula


    This is the first BPAL scent that I've hated. It was aggressive, the smell gushing out of the imp and filling the whole room. It was BAM flowers, and BAM pear, sickeningly sweet and cloying. I was hesitant to skin-test, but I did ... and I had to wash it off. I have NEVER encountered a scent from the lab as powerful as Titania (a testament to the strength of this mighty queen of the fairies, perhaps?) I'm glad everyone else is enjoying her, but this scent is not for me (no offense, Titania; you're an amazing character, and a strong ruler).
  2. Thanks for the rec! I think I'll snag a bottle of The Rose the next time I make an order.
  3. I'm hoping to find something similar to The Queen's Croquet Ground, but as a perfume oil. I love that sweet, red rose smell, and I love the true green grass that goes with it. I have Rose Red, and that's close, but not quite the same. The Queen's Croquet Ground has more of a 'fresh mown lawn in summer' smell to me, whereas Rose Red's greenery smells more like 'rose leaves and stems just pulled from the cooler at a florist's shop.' I live for that fresh mown lawn smell, it goes so well with roses! Any advice?
  4. Betula

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    This is a pale pink smell. Normally, I prefer a fresh rose note, but the dried rose petals scent of this spray is charming and refreshing! The tea, orris, rose, and other notes blend together into a clean and inviting scent. It's a bit formal, but friendly. It's classy. I prefer this for a bedroom scent; it gives my bedroom the illusion of being put together (even though it's very much not). I wouldn't have bought it for myself, but my friends gifted me a goblin squirt, which I used up and quickly replaced, haha! The Fainting Couch makes my bedsheets smell perfect for snuggling down or swooning onto.
  5. Betula

    The Queen's Croquet Ground

    This spray is PERFECT for opening the windows and airing out the house. Get some clean air in, spritz a couple spritzes into the air, and your house smells like sweet spring air. The rose and grass are well balanced to me. The grass is clean and bright, the rose is ... perky? Sweet? It's not old lady rose, it's a YOUNG rose, if that makes sense. It almost has a hint of raspberry in it, to me. It's a freshly clipped lawn strewn with just-opened red roses. I love this scent. If BPAL made a GC perfume version, I'd buy like three bottles.
  6. Betula

    Sweet, manly woodsmoke scent

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I've always wanted to try Mad Sweeney, maybe I can find an imp ... I have Iago, and he likes it, but doesn't think it's for him. Same with Crowley (he actually really likes how Crowley smells on me, haha!). He always rolls rogue, so if there's a smokiness to Rogue, I might hunt down an imp ... Smokestack sounds like it might smell like all those peat-smoking distilleries we saw in Oban. Anyone have any input on the smokey quality of Bonfire Night, Gauko, the Black Rider, and Hellfire? I'm aiming for as close to the natural smell of woodsmoke as I can get.
  7. For my husband's birthday, he was wanting something to wear that smells like woodsmoke. He's not normally into cologne, but I suggested that BPAL might offer something like that. He got a bit excited, and started talking about how his ideal cologne would smell like woodsmoke and leather, "kind of sweet, not artificial." Does anyone know of a masculine-leaning woodsmoke scent?
  8. Betula


    This is one of my top ten favorite scents. I know it is meant to be a sleep blend, and when I wear it before bed it sure does the job, but I like to wear it out and about as a cologne. It's lovely; dark, biting lavender, heady, incense-like tobacco, and something (I think it's the geranium) that dries down into a sweet, honey-like hay smell. This is 'herbal' without being green. It is unisex leaning masculine. I don't detect any blue lotus specifically, but it may be contributing to the sweetness at the back of the blend, keeping 'Sleep' from being too dry. That said, there is something about this scent which makes it greater than the sum of its parts. It is a scent to smoulder in, to brood in, to stroll down the street like you're FORMIDABLE.... in. It is what Neil Gaiman's Orpheus smells like. I feel incredible when I wear it. THIS BLEND NEEDS MORE LOVE!
  9. Betula


    I got a bottle from the Lab's Etsy page; I'd been wanting one for a while, and I am SO GLAD that I finally went ahead and did, 'cause this turned out to be amazing on me. In the bottle there is a tiny, tiny hint of pickles-- I'd say more of a dill note than a brine note. But that went away quickly for me. On, Ivanushka is... almost impossible to describe, because it's one of those scents that is very much its own thing. It is so well blended. I can't pick out many parts individually. If pressed, I'd say it smells like custard and vanilla, mixed with dry blonde woods, iris, warm, silvery musk, and a dab of baby powder. That must sound weird, but I swear it all works well together! It combines moderate throw with incredible longevity (seriously, this baby lasts and lasts), but it's not one of those scents that gives you a headache from how strong it is. It makes its presence known, but with a certain amount of gentleness. To me, it feels sexy the way your significant other's favorite jumper is sexy-- cuddly and warm and smelling like an attractive person's natural scent. If you like skin cents, musks, and/or powdery scents, give this one a shot.
  10. Betula

    An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women

    There have been oh so many times where I've read a review saying "This turns into baby powder!" and thought quietly to myself, "Pff! That's never happens to me. Their nose isn't working right, OBVIOUSLY." Today, I am humbled. This is all baby powder. I really don't understand how that could be true, since all of these notes have worked on me before. In fact, out of all the Weenies I ordered, I was most certain that this would work, and it does not. In the bottle: High pitched baby powder. Wet: Baby powder Dry: Warm, head-ache-y baby powder, freshly applied to a baby's tush. I can't even pick out any individual notes. It is very well blended, which is the only good thing I can say about it. What. The. Hell. This makes me so sad. I'll let this age for a while and see if it develops into something interesting, but if that doesn't happen this will be off to the swaps. Edit: Upon later inspection (at a different time of my cycle, with a smaller dab of oil), the scent can be pleasant and less powdery- kind of a golden, dry scent. I like it a bit better now, though whether I like it enough to keep is still in question.
  11. Betula


    In the bottle: Very high pitched, woody patchouli. Huh. Well, it's supposed to be 'filthy', but somehow I thought that would mean it would be the more 'protester cliche', hippie patchouli. This is a kind I've never smelled before. I detect some cocoa as well. Wet: The cocoa is gone. I... think what I'm smelling is all patchouli and tobacco, but it's so mixed I can't tell them apart. This is a very strange, medicinal smell. I'm reminded, for some inexplicable reason, of Iago- but this is less complex. I don't THINK they share notes... unless there's some vetiver in here.... Anyway, at this phase, it's a more grating version of Iago on me. Dry: Christ on a bike, this patchouli will knock you down and drag you out. Where is that bourbon vanilla? Maybe the 'bourbon' part is a piece of what's contributing to the medicinal smell. The throw on this is considerable. Later: This mellows out to a warm, medicinal patchouli that might be appealing on the right person- probably a man. I'm a bit miffed about this, because normally I LOVE cologne-ish blends. My skin works well with them, and I like a touch of androgyny from my perfume. But this stuff is too MANLY!! and sharp for me. There is a hint of burnt tires underneath it all, and the patchouli never gets to that earthy sweetness I normally associate with the note. Towards the end of the drydown it becomes sweeter and more bearable, but not really enjoyable. When it comes to smoky, medicinal androgyny I think I'll be reaching for Iago instead. What can I say? I like bad boys. Edited for spelling
  12. Betula

    The Gorobble

    In bottle: Syrupy sweet! Reminds me of Miskatonic U., and not in a good way. Wet: So, so sweet. Sickly sweet, actually. I would be hard-pressed to describe it as a 'marshmallow' smell- it's almost like butterscotch. There's also a heavy, medicinal, smoky note. Cinnamon is there, too, lurking in the background. Dry: The medicinal smoke is there, clashing with the cinnamon. Fortunately, this isn't a bad cinnamon on me. It isn't doing its Red Hots thing, but I'm still not happy that it's there. I am picky about cinnamon. Later: The notes blend together and the medicinal smell tones down, making this smell more tolerable. It's kind of nice. But underneath there's that sickly sweetness and a hint of acridness that keep me from enjoying it. It's.... I know, it's Jelly Belly jelly beans 'toasted marshmallow' flavor. Gorobble smells like that tastes. However, I'm sad to say that Jelly Belly makes a more convincing roasted marshmallow. I'm starting to think that I can't do the Lab's sweet notes. Every one I've tried has gone sickly. *sigh* I really wanted this to work.
  13. Betula


    Bathsheba is utterly gorgeous. Wet, it's all carnation on me, but since I love carnation, that's not a problem. The plum comes in as the oil dries to sweeten things up, and it's just lovely. The musk keeps everything grounded. This scent keeps flipping back and forth between cool and warm. It's musky but somehow clean at the same time. This is the perfect scent to put on after you've just had a soothing shower- it's evocative of warm, soft, clean skin, with a hint of spice. Unfortunately, it reminds me a lot of a perfume my mother uses, and I just cannot use this perfume and its sexiness around my boyfriend when it reminds me of my mother. At all. So, off to swaps with this. Seriously, though, carnation lovers everywhere should give this a try. If not for the scent association problem, I'd probably be getting a bottle of this.
  14. Betula

    White Rabbit

    I really wanted to like White Rabbit. Many of its notes are favorites of mine, and have worked well in other blends. However, there's this grating citrus-and-dryer-sheet smell that gives me a headache and ruins the rest of the scent (is there some bergamot in here, I wonder? Is that where I'm getting citrus from?). I'm guessing that the linen note is chiefly to blame. I've had trouble with it in other blends. Once the oil has dried, the headache-y smell tones down a little, but not enough for me to wear White Rabbit comfortably. And it's a real shame, because I can tell that all the other components of the oil smell gorgeous underneath. *sigh*
  15. Betula

    Tiki Princess

    This was the first bottle of BPAL that I bought for myself. I had enough money to spring for either Tiki Princess or Yvaine. I chose Tiki Princess because, I reasoned, Yvaine wasn't going anywhere. Right? It is this sort of hubris which brings Murphy's Law into action- Yvaine was taken down within a month of my order, and Tiki Princess didn't work for me at all. Bummer. In the bottle: High-pitched, sour, plastic-y sort of scent. I know pineapple's not listed as a note, but to me it smells for all the world like fake pineapple and fake coconut (maybe part of it's the pine-y smell others have been getting?). I was hoping it would mellow out on the skin. Wet: The plastic smell becomes a saw against my nasal passages. It's all fake coconut and pineapple. Dry: As the scent dries, I get a hint of coolness if I sniff hard. It's difficult to get past the plastic, though. Later: The later stage of the drydown is less obnoxious, but still kind of disappointing. The sourness recedes, and a sort of... flat, dusty milkiness takes its place. There may be some flowers showing, too. It's... okay. But it's not nearly the sweet creamy scent I was hoping for. I just hope all the lab's coconut notes don't do this on me. Off to swaps with this one.