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    I've been a vegetarian longer than I haven't been. I'm interested in photography because I like pretty pictures. The love of my life is my 3 year old little girl, Lydia Rose. One of her favorite things to do is blow bubbles and wish them "good luck" as they float away. Most of them pop before ever reaching the clouds. That's life pretty well defined. <br /><br />I love animals...and cats....and birds...and fairies...and cookies...and cold weather...and naps. I live in Georgia so the weather isn't cold and I don't get very many naps these days. But the moments when I want to jump out the window to fly with the birds, the fairies bring me cookies and make everything all better.
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  1. fairy

    My New Grandson! Pictures!

    Hi Sweetie I'm terribly heart sick and worried about you. I'm sending you all my love, well wishes and support. There are a lot of people here who are so concerned and I pray to hear from you soon. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Maddi
  2. fairy


    If you are a "foody" like me...you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this. This is pure YUM
  3. fairy

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    This reminded me of a sweeter Quincy Morris. I absolutely love it. I got part of my Yules today and it's in my top two with Haloa. I smell the tobacco and it's lovely. Slightly leathery ala Mr. Morris, and something deliciously sweet, almost chocolate. Gorgeous
  4. fairy

    Quincey Morris

    I got this thinking it would be nice for my husband but I'm not going to lie...it has yet to move from my bpal box This is very subtle. I smell the cedar and "leather" first which made me think "OK, for Steve"...then, slowly, it started morphing into something very lovely and soft...perhaps it's the pear? Vanilla? I can't tell. I still smell cedar but it isn't overpowering and "man" cologne smelling. Maybe he'll get an imp...but I'm probably keeping the bottle
  5. fairy

    Treat #1

    If you got some jolly ranchers, in watermelon flavor, and melted them in a cauldron on Halloween Eve....then had the "nice" fairies fly over with buckets of those crystallized sugar candies (the ones on the sticks) put them in the brew and start stirring like mad...you'd have this delicious scent. It's super sweet and yummy. I want to eat my arm. After a bit the lime and lemon come out to join the sugar candy, while the watermelon quietly bows out, to make this the perfect candy scent. Final verdict: Light and sugary with a hint of tart. Yum!
  6. fairy

    Trick #1

    This has to be one of my most favorite scents EVER. Holy crap this smells good. Right away it reminded me of the combo I like to wear, Chrysanthemum Moon on one wrist, Schwartzer Mond on the other, then blend. Soooooo good! Every so often I smell a faint whiff of something vaguely floral, which is a wonderful surprise but nothing overpowering. Overall this scent is dark, spicy, sexy and *the* perfect Trick
  7. fairy

    Carfax Abbey

    I didn't have high expectations for this one working on me...just ordered it to help me reach my "must have all the LE's" goal....and so that my Kindly Moon wasn't lonely. See what happens when you think you wont like something...you wind up LOVING it!!!! This one is gorgeous! I can't stop sniffing my arm. I couldn't even begin to pull notes out of it because it is so well blended everything seems to fit. This isn't overly "guy smell" or "girl smell"...it's perfectly neutral. I don't get the cedar that other people talk about. Although "old library hallway" sort of works. It smells like knowledge and very ancient....ancestor spirits floating around a large round library room in a mansion...the kind that is five stories high that you need a ladder to reach the books way up high. Actually, I just re-read Beth's description and it's perfect! Abandoned and vast and ethereal and empty and smoky and all-knowing. Like the person who is wearing it has a secret. It's not in your face, has the perfect amount of throw and is sweet enough to make it pass for perfume but not overly sweet to where a guy couldn't or wouldnt want to wear it. This is a keeper for sure and a possible second bottle order. Gorgeous
  8. fairy

    Kindly Moon

    This smells so familiar it's been driving me crazy. I know Ive smelled this before. It kind of reminds me of one of those SoBe citrus drinks. It's warm, citrus and peppery. There is a fair amount of floral throw that floral haters probably wont care for. edited to add: After aging it a bit it turned into sour apple juice on me So I wound up giving my bottle away to someone who will hopefully enjoy it
  9. fairy

    The Brides of Dracula

    Another gorgeous blend. I smell lovely flowers...I think it's the plum blossom. It smells so good it's almost seems edible. This one reminds me of the beautiful smells that came from living behind a florist as a child. Doesn't turn soapy or powdery. After a bit it morphs into a lovely creamy flowery blend. Remains just plain beautiful. So far these have been amazing scents. One prettier than the other.
  10. fairy

    Lucy Westenra

    This scent is stunning. Off the bat I smell Oranges. Ripe, juicy oranges. Lightly dusted with sugar. Once applied I smell a slight floral, but orange is what stays in the forefront. "blood orange" is perfect. After a bit it morphs into a lovely, somewhat sharp, blend. It's bright and yet "dark" at the same time. How did she manage to capture that? This is one of my favorites so far. Lucy is beautiful
  11. fairy

    Miskatonic University

    If there were such a thing as heaven in a bottle this would be it. I had heard of this one and was watching ebay every time a bottle went up but there was no way I could afford it. I knew I'd love it but resigned myself to the fact I'd probably never smell it let alone wear it. Then it was brought back...of course I had to buy a bottle. This is AMAZING. Do you love the way Starbucks smells? Fresh delicious warm coffee. Then this scent it for you. It's warm, comforting and simply delicious. Now I know what the fuss was about. Definitely in my top 3.
  12. fairy

    Pumpkin Queen

    This one had the Red Lantern, Devil's Night, Hearth feel to it. It's fantastic. Maybe some sort Monsterbait concoction thrown in too. What makes this one unique is it has a sweet citrusy underlying throw that is just amazing. This is what is smells like when you walk through a open field, alone, on a chilly autumn night. There are pumpkins growing all around you and a forest is off in the distance.
  13. fairy

    All Souls

    Another amazing Halloween accomplishment. This one has more of an other-worldy, smoky feel to it. I definitely smell the incense and sugary currant. It has a slight sharpness to it. I know this goes against the description but this one had me thinking "up to no good" night out with some friends 20 minutes later...ahhhh, there is the cake. Kind of a spicy, sugary cake with raisins in it. Good grief this is good.
  14. fairy


    Very similar to Punkie Night except this one has a warmer feel to it. Definitely caramel apples...to perfection. I want to eat my arm These Halloween scents are to die for. Simply amazing.
  15. fairy

    Punkie Night

    So far, there isn't a single Halloween blend I'm not in love with. Punkie Night is no exception. My goodness, this is autumn captured in a bottle. I feel like I'm walking through a outdoor farmers market on a cool autumn evening. I just passed the lovely ripe red apples. They are aching to be made into warm cider so I put a few in my basket. The air is charged with the electricity of the cool breeze after a long hot summer. Halloween is on its way.