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  1. Brianne

    Lilith vs. the Giant Crab

    I'm another one who is not getting orange in this blend, or cream really. What I DO get is a vaguely fruity, vaguely woody scent which dries into a lovely soft mixture of sweetness, fruitiness and spice/woods. It's all very well blended, and very soft - unfortunately, that's the downfall of this scent as well. It has very little throw or lasting power. As pleasant as it is, I doubt after 15 minutes that any but me can smell it (and that's with my nose to my arm).
  2. Brianne

    The Little Sparrow

    This is a lot drier and greener than I was expecting. I don't know what "brown amber" is, but to me this smells like musk and dried grass. It has a bitter and astrigent quality to it which makes this a less "comfortable" kind of musk and more of a soapy kind of musk.
  3. Brianne

    The Flower Song

    This is very straight forward, it's pomegranate wine. I don't get the other notes for some reason, lotus tends to be very strong on me but here it's just not showing up. It's very pretty - wine with a nice juicy tone to it. THe pomegranate tends to fade by the dry down though and what's left is really a soft wine scent.
  4. Brianne

    The Lion

    Does what it says on the tin! Seriously The Lion is THE poster child of spiced amber. And it is EXACTLY what it says it is - softly spiced amber. Perfectly unisex, perfectly lovely.
  5. Brianne


    TKO is way foody to me - very much like one of those vanilla lemon cookies sprinkled with powder sugar BUT with lavender added to it. Lavender is definitely dominant here and then there is a foody vanilla and something with a lemony edge. It's pleasant, but there is also something slightly "off" to my nose in it's drydown. A sort of out-of-place herbal smell behind the foody scent.
  6. Brianne


    This is WAY more wine-y than I was expecting - it's wine and then it's soft soft spices. But mostly it's like POW! WINE! - if you've smelled any wine BPAL blend, you know what to expect of their wine note - almost astringent going on, potent but mellows out into a softer, softly spiced wine note later on. This is exactly that BUT with added spice. It's pleasant, will make a nice scent around the cold months.
  7. Brianne

    To a Woman

    This is exactly what I was expecting - earthy patchouli and rose. It's warm and has that lovely bite that patchouli has, but is equally backed by the rose (which has a bit of a powdery quality here). Not for me because of the rose, but lovely all the same!
  8. Brianne

    Serpents with Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues

    This is such a pretty scent - it starts off as bright lime, juicy and tart. It's backed by some soft herbal greens which really ground it and tie together well with the musk. It's very pretty. The problem is that it lasts for all of 5 minutes on my skin. Even with my nose parked right on my skin I can barely smell anything after a few minutes. Such a shame too, because this is yum otherwise!
  9. Brianne


    This goes on strangely fruity for some reason but that very quickly dissipates and the remaining scent is no doubt the masculine version of Obatala. It's almost exactly Obatala except for underneath the lovely clean shea scent is a softly woody herbed background. It makes me think of a mixture of Obatala and Buck Moon, so of course I love this. Even though it's the "male" version of Obatala, much LIKE Obatala it is a very gender neutral scent and could be worn by anyone. It's very lovely.
  10. Brianne


    This goes on very green but also with a strong punch of rose. After a few minutes it's definitely softer than it starts, but it's also still quite predominantly rose with a very fern-y background and a tiny bit of powdery herbal-ness from the lavender.
  11. Brianne

    Hideous Heart

    I love this - with the exception of the fact that I don't get any licorice in this at all, it's exactly what I hoped it would be! It DOES smell like cherry cough syrup in the bottle. It goes on much sweeter though - it's sugary sweet and syrupy cherries, like a freshly opened jar of maraschino cherries. It's so thick and sweet, you almost imagine that it's *pulpy* with cherries inside the bottle. The cinnamon certainly peeks through on the drydown and it's a red hot cinnamon, not a subtle cinnamon stick. This is very sweet but totally gorgeous, I imagine this will age very well
  12. Brianne

    Tavern of Hell

    Definitely a morpher on me - it goes on very tangy - for lack of a better word - and pungent, but definitely not floral. It has an oddly bitter quality to it at first. As it dries, it establishes itself more as a floral and becomes a heady and strong white floral bouquet backed by the masculine hint of whiskey. Predominantely floral though. Goes on strangely bitter but morphs quickly into a white floral bouquet with an edge of soapiness and a faint masculine/spiced whiskey behind it.
  13. Brianne

    Mr. Jacquel

    Definitely goes on masculine and incensey - though I get the patchouli, I think the amber is more dominant in this blend so the dry down has a bit of a powdery vibe to it. Though - like most scents - I can see this being worn by a man OR a woman, but I definitely think this leans heavily to the masculine side. The spices come out more in the drydown and lend to a slightly "herbal" tone underneath
  14. Brianne

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    This scent was not quite as foody or rich as I think I was expecting, but still very nice. The apricot is there but a bit more subtle, the real stand out note is the cherry to me. It's a bit on the tart side, not a real deep, rich cherry. There is a sort of vanilla-y pastry note in the background too, which helps these fruity notes stick a bit. It's pretty straightforward as a scent, doesn't morph much. I think it's lovely enough to warrant keeping around and letting it age a bit. I think a little time aging will probably show this to be a really lovely scent!
  15. Brianne

    The Miller's Daughter

    My great grandma used to keep these old fashioned rose soaps in her bathroom. This smells like that - rose soap.