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  1. pariahsdream

    Sugar Moon 2008

    My god I love this blend. It occupies the same odd space that Bad Luck Woman Blues does for me. A collection of notes that blends so wonderfully and so tasty that I have to forcibly pull my nose away from my wrists! *off to the Wanted section!*
  2. pariahsdream


    Apparently I am in the minority. My skin EATS Sapphics and only leaves a hint of....something. It disppeared almost immediately on my skin. At first sniff I got something quite "soft" and light. Woody without being harsh of pine or my enemy cedar. Just...fresh I suppose. Although I could even tell you any more than that simply because it got sucked up into my skin so quickly.
  3. pariahsdream

    Love's Philosophy

    Well this just confirms it- I need to stay far, far away from anything that hints of milk or cream. All I get is buttercream frosting- sweeeeeeeeeet enough to churn my stomach. And then it's as if there are redhots smashed in it somewhere...I assume the saffron?
  4. pariahsdream

    CCNow or PayPal

    I was a dumbie when they had the Pirate Moon forum only scents and forgot to include my forum name here- I was using paypal so I just emailed them as soon as I made the mistake (which I realized right after I clicked on the send button). I just let me them know and I got my bottles no problems.
  5. pariahsdream


    I wanna like this one, I really do, but I'm trying to decide whether I need another musky scented perfume. In the bottle this is just gorgeous to me- light, fresh....like walking into the woods somehow. Very different than most stuff and that pleased me initially. And then I put it on. Now, don't get me wrong, I like it...but it's just okay. It's a 'sweet' musk if you ask me, and that wasn't what I was hoping for- I was hoping for some depth. Then it turned powdery sweet on me and then I was disappointed. I'm hoping aging will help this one and I don't wanna give it up just yet.
  6. pariahsdream

    Hunter Moon 2007

    Reading over the notes I do have to say I am disappointed by Hunter's Moon. I'm not one to get gaga over fruits or foody scents (as they seem to be quite popular) I'm a patchouli lover and like my spicy/musky/leathery scents. This was none of these. I was not thrilled when I took a whiff from the bottle but I decided to forge on and try it on the skin- since I have had scents morph on me. Unfortunately, giving too much credit here. Hunter turned COMPLETELY baby powder on me. Not even a nice scent to blend with it- just baby powder. It actually reminds me of my first bottle of perfume I had as a kid. I have no idea what it was called- it was a small, twisted bottle with a lilac-colored cap. I am disappointed in general with the Halloweenie scents (and I'm realizing that woods means stay the HELL away) but ah well, someone will like these, no?
  7. pariahsdream

    Lady Luck Blues

    I'm not entirely certain I like this one. At first, in the bottle it was all florals but not in an overwhelming "I'm in a florist's shop" sort of way. Kinda nice but seemed a bit....tame? On it smelled liked spicy lavender to me (though I could be confusing that w/ a rose scent). Now it's faded to something else and I'm just not sure about it, I can't put my finger on what I don't care for- it's definitely floral steeped in something and maybe I'm just not a floral girl.
  8. pariahsdream

    Bad Luck Woman Blues

    Wow, I'm not getting ANY carmel at all. Firstly it started off as a heady warm citrusy- like hot English tea with fat chunks of lemon seeped into it. It was gorgeous just like that when wet but now its morphed and while I'm still getting that 'tea' smell (which might be the moss come to think of it) I'm starting to spices and florals- not much floral though. Like waving a dried boquet (bouquet?) around. This I LOVE!
  9. pariahsdream

    Stranger in Camp

    At first all I got was "OMFG PINE!" when I spilt some on my fingers. But then it dried a bit and it was this lovely campfire smoke that I wish would've stayed just a touch longer. It was a very warm, comforting scent I have to say. Now that it's dried a bit more, it's definitely woodsy but not dried woods, like fresh, almost freshly cut, like you've snapped a branch that was too young to cook s'mores on or something. Interesting.
  10. pariahsdream

    One to Tie, Two to Win

    *L* My roomie thought it smelled like weeds. The kind you find when you're tromping in the woods behind your neighborhood/house early in the morning before the dew and water have a chance to burn off. It does fade to a spicy flower on the skin (I've never smelled dandelions so I'm assuming) which is fun. This is a 'fun' scent though not one I'd wear. Still, not sorry I got to try it at all. Oh! This was also the first perfume I've noticed the viscosity! It has a low viscosity as opposed to a lot of scene I wear, very 'watery' so be careful if you're decanting, it comes out faster than you might expect.
  11. pariahsdream

    Sitting up with a Sick Friend

    Okay, first review. >_> I have to agree with the other reviews, this is very much a 'ladylike' perfume. It's heady and clean, not a lot of individual notes to pick out (at least to my poor untrained nose). I'd hoped for a bit more leather but I'm mostly getting the perfume/rose water, that turns powdery. Not my favorite of the Dogs, but the first I've worn for an extended period.
  12. pariahsdream

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    As for 'different' patchouli, I would go with Anne and Urd. Anne has that neaty aquaic vibe, sort of salty sea (at least it was for moi) and Urd is just delicious. I adore patchouli but I'm completely blanking atm.
  13. pariahsdream

    Saw-Scaled Viper

    I ADORE this scent. I haven't written a review here before, so I'll copy what I had on my LJ for quick notes. I'm in love. It's not cinnamony but it's got a sharp kick. Still it reminds me of something- it's almost...woody. Like cedar? No. Hrm. I love it though. So sexy. I didn't get the burning sensation that a lot of people, nor a food one. Mine was more of a woody-ness which might have been the cassia, which I've never smelled before. I'll already ordered two bottles of this. This is great if you want something that'll make you sit up and take notice, but I'm that kinda girl.