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  1. Brisk and herbal. Smells a bit like dry hay, snow, and light florals (but none of the flowers in the notes).
  2. coilymoe

    Couple Reading Erotic Scroll

    Juicy blackberries with a little bit of rice, a hint of coconut/almond, and a drop of tea. The bergamot shows up more on drydown and teases out the tea.
  3. coilymoe

    Courtesans Relaxing

    Overall, it feels calm and collected, smooth and creamy, but not like rice milk or really any milk, unless it's rice powder stirred in water so it looks like milk. A little bit powdery and very slightly sweet, possibly from the jasmine but more likely from the coconut. The coconut and almond comes thru strongest and stays the longest, chilled and composed like Nui Cobalt's Snow Cat (not as brisk as Snowy Owl).
  4. coilymoe

    Just Before Penetration

    Juicy sweet guava against a background of cream and green fig. Not lactonic. Feels gentle and innocent, but deliciously ripe and dripping with juice. The imagery might be sexual, but the scent is actually more tropical. If it was a color, it'd be bright rosy pink (like guava).