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  1. gingiemay

    Pumpkin V (2014)

    I get pumpkin, but not so buttery as previous years, and the sweetgras and vanilla infusion taking the forefront. This is lovely, and would be nice at any time of the year, not just fall. I get more sage as it dries down, but this was a very pleasant surprise for me.
  2. gingiemay

    Single Note: Graveyard Dirt Redux

    In the bottle, it does smell of damp dirt, it is strong and a little strange. But on my skin it sweetens in a lovely way. I'm very happy as I had tried an older Graveyard Dirt and it didn't work on me, just smelled like rotting. But this version is really nice, I even reapplied throughout the day. Not a lot of throw.
  3. gingiemay

    As Above

    Jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. Painfully head sharpeningly jasmine. Sad panda is sad.
  4. gingiemay

    So Below

    Mostly I get coconut and amber from this, with a bit of golden must. Almost no patchouli or cardamom, but I hope as it ages it will plump up a little.
  5. gingiemay

    Neither Peace Nor Rest

    Sharp and cold. As said above it's not white musk single note, but I like it. Sharp and brittle are good descriptors, it's very wintry.
  6. gingiemay

    Vanilla-Based Chaos Theory

    I got one as well, I got the very sticky sweet vanilla note, it's similar to the lab's Sugar Cookie. I swear there might be some pumpkin in there. It's strong but nice.
  7. gingiemay

    A Lady Tall and White

    Soft and sweet vanilla and sandalwood. There is a bit of sharpness from the snow note at the beginning but it goes away quickly. Really lovely.
  8. gingiemay

    Yule Buddies

    I get leather and tobacco, no gingerbread or fruitcake. It's soft leather and sweet tobacco, not too sharp or manly. Love it.
  9. gingiemay

    The Diamond’s Gong

    This is gorgeous, white, brilliant and sparkling. White musk and davana, almost no champaca for me. Stunning and softly glowing.
  10. gingiemay


    This is absoutely lovely... the vanilla musk is the predominant note, with a tiny hint of floral tuberose... but normally I am a powdery rose amplifier but on me it's light and sweet and floral, not powdery at all. No red mandarin on my skin, and I think the almond is also lending some sweetness as well but I can't place it specifically. Gorgeous, sophisticated, feminine, wonderfully blended.
  11. gingiemay


    Mostly metal, amber and the tiniest hint of sweet red musk. Surprisingly delicate and feminine.
  12. gingiemay

    Samhain in the Pumpkin Patch

    Buttery-sweet pumpkin with the perfect autumn fir/spices/patchouli underlayer. Yum yum yum.
  13. gingiemay

    Carp and Octopus

    Aquatic, soft salty musk that smells very classic and perfume-y. I love how soft it is, I don't get any green musk or nectarine. Lovely and classy.
  14. gingiemay

    Tanuki No Kanban

    I love this scent, it's a soft, sweet toasty almond scent that isn't too sickly, saccharine or sharp on my skin. Normally almond is a disaster but this is a huge win. Love love love!
  15. gingiemay

    An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women

    There are so many notes in this blend that normally work on my skin, but I'm amping the magnolia and the ylang-ylang like nobody's business. SAD.