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  1. willowtreeling


    I love this blend. I don't know why I'd never tried it before, but it came as a frimp with my Trading Post order and it is delightful. It doesn't smell funky at all to me--it actually just smells sort of foody--gingery--cinnamon--y with a little bit of dirt. Like Penny Dreadful or some kind of earthy gingerbread. It also smells a bit powdery, like Snake Oil or one of the dragon's blood blends. I like it on me, I like it on my husband. It's funny though--I put it on him and I had TKO on, and then the next day I put more on him and he said that it smelled better last night--turns out, he was remembering MY TKO and liked it better;) So I guess I get to wear the sultry "manly" satyr, while my sweet man wears the vanilla and lavender blend. Yay:)
  2. willowtreeling

    Watery &/or Aquatic Florals

    I think you should try Lady of Shalott...
  3. willowtreeling

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    my boyfriend loves scents on me, but never wears any himself. he says he doesn't like smelling like cologne--i interpret this as an aversion to Drakkar Noir or Axe type smells...anyways, he said he would try some BPAL on for me:) he mostly smells like soap and his own musky smell, which I like....the perfumes he has responded the most to me wearing have been Xiu...and Eat Me, which he thought smelled like pipe tobacco. What, amongst the more gender neutral stuff, is soft, slightly resinous and non-aquatic for him? I was thinking trying Tombstone for him, but I have never smelled it...
  4. willowtreeling


    TKO is sort of a pretty lavender shade for me.
  5. willowtreeling


    Purple--the Crawdad one, and Jester...Berry Moon, too.
  6. willowtreeling

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    This is very very pink. It smelled of slightly medicinal sweetness wet...and a little like that pink stuff that comes in the center of a Big Cherry candy (is that the chocolate blob with pink goo and a maraschino cherry in the center?). As it dried, it turned to delightful sugary frosting. I wish I had bought it, actually. It put a big smile on my face and is the pinkest smell I have every had the pleasure of smelling.
  7. willowtreeling

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    This is the first Strawberry Moon scent I have smelled, and also the first strawberry bpal that is a keeper for me! At first, it smelled like syrupy strong strawberry flavoring. I wouldn't say Strawberry Shortcake or candy, more like Torani syrup or something. There is a deeper scent to it than Maenad, for instance, or some of the other strawberry blends i have from other companies. It has sort of a strawberry booze thing, going, just ever so slightly--and def. no incense (yay!) I actually thought I detected cinnamon, which had me worried, but it bowed out and didn't trouble me at all....It's not something I would slather, however, as it is a bit overwhelming. This is nice, too, though, because other strawberry blends are too vanilla-y. I like it! It's not my holy grail strawberry oil---I haven't been able to repeat the strawberry oil from the now-gone little hippie witch shop that I got it from years back--but it's good stuff. I am glad I purchased it.
  8. willowtreeling

    Advice on Gaiman scents please

    the gaiman blends perpetually break my heart. none of them smell right on me. I kept buying Stardust ones, and having to sell them. Even Fairy Wine, which smells the best on me, isn't bottle worthy, really. I think THINK that I like Jasmine Cottage but I haven't worn my imp in a while. I have been hesitant to try any of the Graveyard Books because of the general blahness (on me) of the other scents. They all either smell too manly on me, or too perfumey.... what are some of your impressions of the GYB scents?
  9. willowtreeling


    I love the bottle, because it is the skin I use for this forum:) The scent is gorgeous...it reminds me of Mouse's Sad and Long Tale--I guess that's the sweet pea and vanilla, but more fruity...when it's wet, it reminds me of a delicious fruit salad, with whip cream...the florals come out on the dry down and it is a very cheerful, friendly scent. I absolutely adore it! And, normally, carnation is total baby powder on me....so I am very happy!
  10. willowtreeling

    The Penitent Magdalen

    very pretty and clean smelling--lilies of the valley are predominant and I love it! They aren't so sweet that they are cloying--just sincere and clean and lovely. It smells a bit like Villainess' Datura or Bpal's Pele. Love it! I am going to have to get this one someday soon!
  11. willowtreeling

    The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil

    It smells delicious in the vial--all caramel and vanilla. Usually this type of stuff smells weird on me, however I think the patchouli and sandalwood keep this fantabulous on me:) ETA: cinnamon french toast. nuff said.
  12. willowtreeling

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I love Gennivre, too, and will probably have to pick up another bottle.....Dormouse smelled very similar to me, although I liked Gennivre better. THey have the same vibe to me. I think it would be a good sub!
  13. willowtreeling

    Sweet, sweet florals

    kurukulla is very sweet:) Also, I think Dragon's Eyes and Dragon's Milk have a floral edge and smell super sweet, too!
  14. willowtreeling


    wet, it smelled okay--sort of fruity and dusty--I think that's the rose. On me, it smells so pretty! Like juicy candy--I guess the lotus? I love it! It kind of reminds me of Lady of Shalott.
  15. willowtreeling

    Lilith Victoria

    Snake Oil blended with Dorian, plus soft vanilla flower, lily of the valley, lavender, and fennel. The bottle is adorable. It showed up with a truly awesome postcard of witches flying. And, in the bottle, it smelled promisingly of SO, Dorian, and lavender. Sadly, on me, the lavender dies, the dorian dies, and I pretty much get straight up baby powder. It is nice--smells like a Cabbage Patch Kid, but I can't see myself reaching for it often. It's a shame because wet, I really like it. I think I am going to let it age a bit and then see....