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  1. maromi


    mmmm i smell coconut, butterscotch and apple. wow this is really good, this is going on my wishlist
  2. maromi

    Punkie Night

    i mostly get warm cider from this. it's a little spicy and not a whole lot of apple. i looove apple so that's what i was hoping for. it doesn't have a lot of throw and i don't think i'll be getting a bottle of this.
  3. maromi

    Lick It One More Time

    this is so pepperminty and just delicious in the imp. once it hits my skin it's still a whole lot of peppermint but it vanishes in a matter of minutes. i really like it but i am not going to be reapplying every 5 minutes. i wish it lasted a lot longer because it is really lovely.
  4. maromi

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    i can smell every single note listed. the pomegranate is actually the strongest one for me. it is a strong morpher though, since i can't smell as much pumpkin as i did before. i love it though and i want a bottle
  5. i ordered the same day as someone that lives in europe (i live in the us) and they got their cns before me. i'm going to wait a couple more days of course before completely worrying but i'm impatient and think i should have mine before someone in europe!
  6. maromi

    Fruit Moon

    wow there is just way too much fruit going on in here to pick out specific ones. i am absolutely in love with it though and i need a bottle
  7. maromi

    Gingerbread Poppet

    this is so spicy and cinnamony and of course gingerbread and i just love it
  8. maromi

    Screeching Parrot

    this smells exactly like the rum punch that i had in the caribbean. tasted horrible, smelled amazing! i totally can smell the pinapple and the grapefruit and definitely the boozy smell. i don't think it's really for me though.
  9. maromi

    Egg Nog

    oh my gosh this was amazing on my skin for like five seconds and then it disappeared it was so yummy and i wish it lasted a lot longer on me.
  10. maromi


    i bought this bottle blindly off ebay and i'm glad i did. i was really excited for the bubblegum note and you can definitely smell it in the bottle. it's another story when it's on your skin though, it smells like cinnamon as mentioned before. i still like it though and will definitely use my partial bottle
  11. maromi

    Treat #1

    mmm this is so watermelony and fruity. i am in love
  12. maromi


    ughh this is absolutely amazing. so fruity and boozy. i don't even know if i could get a bottle of this but wow i want one
  13. maromi

    Monster Bait: Underbed

    this is super spicy and i definitely get the cocoa but not much else. almost smells like it's burning. thumbs down from me.
  14. maromi

    Eat Me

    ooo this is really nice. light cake and vanilla, smelling a little bit of the currants. this is ten times better than drink me, though they really can't be compared too much. totally want a bottle!
  15. maromi

    Drink Me

    this is sooo buttery and that is mostly what im getting right now. i smell a hint of cherries but not too much else. i'm on the fence about this one, i'm not going to dismiss it just yet. it might possibly be bottle material for me woah woah right as i posted this the turkey came right out. now i'm leaning more towards the i don't like it side.