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  1. Labylove

    Snowball Fight

    Bought a bottle and thrilled that I did. I'm definitely getting more of a pine/fir type zest than ozone on first application, but the drydown is a sweet vanilla (with a slight perfumy ozone) that I could happily huff forever. And while the drydown stage is my favorite the pine-y mint (a lighter mint and stronger pine note for me here) is still very pleasant and I'm pleased with the oil all around. I am a vanilla fiend and this has my stamp of approval. A happy addition to my Bpal box. ETI: After it's sat in my box for a minute the pine/fir ozone has sharpened to shrieky perfume! heights..... I'm hoping it calms the fork down because the wet stage is strong and a little bit unpleasant. I know the drydown is nice so I'm hoping if I leave this one to age quietly it will tone down a bit. We shall see. 😂
  2. Labylove

    Antique Lace

    Original AL is a holy Grail scent for me and I absolutely adore it. I've been SO CAREFUL about using it because it's teh precioussssss and now having smelled the 2017 version I'm onboard The ship of "These Be Different." I'm also impatient and didn't allow the oil to rest, but I still think it stands. I'm hoping that aging alters 17 AL but the biggest change I note immediately is the lack of intense throw. OG AL could close you in an intense sweet cloud of vanilla with a few drops and 17 AL seems to sink into my skin and disappear like a magician. Poof! 17 AL is still a lovely scent and I'll be sure to test after it's rested longer and report back, but if 17 and OG were heavyweights in the ring, OG would whoop 17 straight back into Mommy's loving arms. Le sigh. I'm still hoping it ages well and as I've never smelled AL fresh, perhaps this is how it smells before the aging process turns it into the equivalent of olfactory gold?!