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    Roses, Pearls and Amethysts
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    Mutual aid, writing books about consent culture, LGBTQ activism, sex worker rights, volunteering at the local animal shelter, Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs, philosophy and critical thinking, being the Jeeves to a pair of goofy cats, talking about death and dying


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  1. kittystryker

    Roses, Pearls, and Amethysts

    Eeep this is my 3rd? 4th? review on here - I don't have a very fine-tuned nose, so please bear with me! This smells STRONGLY floral on my skin, powerful rose and geranium with some patchouli giving it a groundedness. I don't smell the plum, but that may be my newness at identifying scents. It's not my usual type of scent - I'm a gourmand girly - but I like this a lot for a romantic date where we're canoodling in a moonlit garden on a warm summer night.
  2. kittystryker

    The Extraction of the Stone of Madness

    I am very new to posting reviews, and I do not have a particularly fine tuned sniffer... But I really enjoy this scent! initially, I got a very strong, herbal lavender with moss and greenery, like the long abandoned herb garden at the ruins of an old church. After dry down, I’m getting a little bit of that smokiness as well, like a leaf pile that was set on fire in the town center and is drifting towards the abandoned herb garden. I’ll be very curious to give it another sniff in a weeks time.
  3. kittystryker

    Pumpkin Trash Bag

    This is definitely crunchy leaves on my skin, with the freshness of a scooped out pumpkin. I haven't caught the orange yet, but I don't honestly mind - for me this is the fall version of grassy "freshness", that dead plant matter smell, and I love it.