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  1. Suusje

    Pink Snowballs Floof

    Oohh this is really nice. It's dense in the jar but very light and fluffy in the mouth. I don't taste rose either but vanilla and mint and it's very tasty.
  2. Suusje

    The Twelfth

    At first it was a giant fake banana screaming in my face and it scared me. But I shouldn't have feared the banana. The banana does a disappearing act and leaves the vanilla ice cream. It's a tiny bit plasticky but Detestable Putrescence does the same thing on my skin.
  3. Suusje


    This is so incredibly gorgeous. It almost has a House of Mirros atmo vibe but with lavender and a bit more subdued. It's a gorgeous etheral, glistening yet mellow lavender.
  4. Suusje

    Round Dance

    Honestly, this smelled pretty nasty in the bottle. Sharp and slightly sour. But I'm so grateful I skintested it anyway! It's a gorgeous soft lavender with a sweet creamy vanilla. Edit: after a little while the lavender takes a backseat to make room for the carnation and that makes it a lot more powdery.
  5. Suusje


    This is gorgeous. Fluffy, creamy, marshmallowy, vanilla goodness. You can almost smell the powder on the marshmallows. And it's not as sweet as you might imagine. Yes it's sweet, but not tooth-ache sweet. Marshmallow Poof from many years ago is ten times sweeter.
  6. Suusje

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    This is a really pretty amber but it almost smells identical to Scholars Tower on me. It's gorgeous and nothing special at the same time because it's so similar. *ducks and runs for cover*
  7. Suusje

    My Baby and a Baby Goat

    I was looking forward to the goats milk and goat musk but it's mostly rice flower and, weirdly, grass on me. I'm not fond of it. Edit: Whoa....the butter is showing up now and it smells really heavy. Thick and cloying.
  8. Suusje

    The Magic Circle

    A whole lot of vanilla infused frankincense and a tiny hint of soft patchouli and oudh. Very pretty.
  9. Suusje

    Captain Lilith and Her First Mate Hair Gloss

    I completely echo this review. Coconut Midway goodness
  10. Suusje

    Loved To Death

    This falls completely flat on me. A lot of beeswax with a bit of smoke and spices but it smells pretty generic. I had high hopes for this one
  11. Suusje

    Who In the World Am I?

    When it's wet it's a very strong lavender and very similar to TKO. But the lavender disappears very quickly and reveals the cotton blossom with a glassy quality. I really like it and it's perfect for those days when you want a clean and comfy scent.
  12. Suusje

    House of Mirrors Atmosphere Spray

    This is an amazing cold vanilla scent, it's really good. It reminds me a bit of Black Opal, it has the same cold glassy vibe.
  13. Suusje


    I agree with the 'sandy resin' description. It's a simple scent, and somewhat light, but very pretty.
  14. Suusje

    The First Love Fades Too Atmosphere Spray

    This is so soft and comforting. I mostly smell lavender and vanilla and it's beautiful.
  15. Suusje

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    I wish I got more vanilla and cardamom but this is mostly tobacco and woods. Which I do like but I just wanted something else. It reminds me a lot of Dolly Keio.