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  1. seadragon

    Alternative Facts

    Sweet with a hint of tobacco wet - the lemon reads more like orange to me. Dry it reminded me a lot of Cheshire Moon 08 with a hint of Pallas Athene, which are two favorites of mine.
  2. seadragon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I'm late to answer this, but there are two Smut 2010 labels, one with two women fondling each other, and one showing two women's derrieres in garter belts, etc.
  3. seadragon

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    Beth That was an awesome post!
  4. seadragon

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    I don't think Luca Turin (or his wife) is exactly unbiased, he is a high level exec at a company that synthesizes odorants after all. Anyone who thinks the big perfume houses like Guerlain employ in-house perfumers who view scents as art should read this book: http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Scent-Inside...4195&sr=8-2 Most perfume houses farm out perfume design to 6 large international companies, that design the vast majority of scents and flavorings on the market. That same person might have also designed the scent in the latest laundry detergent to hit grocery store shelves. Also, in addition to marketing campaigns, fancy package design, name brands and endorsements, a lot of the cost of commercial perfumes is trying to recoup the R&D costs of failed perfumes.
  5. seadragon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oooh I'd love to see all the different Smut labels. Ok girls (and boys) let's get those camera's flashin. I posted the 2006 and 2007 labels, if you hadn't seen all of those yet. I'm not sure if there was another 2007 label though: http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...si&img=1898 http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...si&img=1899
  6. seadragon

    The Queen's Salon

    I definitely get carnation from this, on first sniff it has that same slightly green/spicy smell that carnation gets as it ages. Definitely a musk in the background, and a fruity scent that after reading the other reviews, I would agree is probably plum. I don't get any aquatics at all though. It's pretty, but thankfully I don't need to hunt down more!
  7. seadragon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    And what I meant to ask was, has anyone else gotten other Smut labels with new pictures? I have three of the four from last year, and I've seen two new ones so far this year, Tramp's and this one:
  8. seadragon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    The cobalt bottle with the papery label is probably the original, as it sounds like my own bottle of the original. I don't have a bottle of the second version though so I cannot confirm what the second one looks like, sorry! Are you wondering about May 2005 vs. January 2006? I would guess the cobalt one is from May 2005 and the amber one is from January 2006, and it's the fresher citrus causing it to be sharper (not having aged as long). Plus it could just be from variations in the component oils themselves, that even happens from one batch to the next, let alone 7 months apart. I had a bottle of the Jan. 06 briefly, and it looked identical to the original label, although I don't remember the exact texture/finish. Definitely paper though, not the newer glossy labels. The only glossy one was October 2006, which was orange instead of white.
  9. Hey there seadragon! Happy New Year! On me, Storyville and Devil's Night have something in common, sugary musk notes, it seems. Smut also reminds me a wee bit of Storyville, although not as much as DN. Storyville seems to have some vanilla that those other two are lacking - if you end up giving them a try and don't feel it at first, maybe try layering with one of your favorite vanilla blends? Good luck - I love Storyville and although I don't hoard it so much that I never wear it, every time I put it on I'm reminded that there's a very small, finite amount of it in that bottle... and that's it. *sigh* Hey! Sadly Devil's Night went all smokey bonfire on me from the bottle I got, although the imp I got from Brumbjorn was really nice (unfortunately I passed it on to someone else because I had a whole bottle on the way! ). I did notice the similarity to Smut, but Smut borders on being too cloying sometimes. Has anyone else noticed a similarity between La Fee Verte and Oblivion? LFV made me feel a little nauseous so I haven't worn it other than the first time, but other than that I thought the scents were somewhat similar.
  10. seadragon


    This is a gorgeous woody,-spicy-musky blend, it reminds me somewhat of La Fee Verte, without making me nauseous.Very heady, smells like a traditional, classic perfume. Might be working it's way into my Top Ten!
  11. I searched briefly and didn't find it, has anyone found something similar to Storeyville? I just spent a ridiculous amount on an imp (considering the vast quantities of perfume I already have!), and I'd love to find something similar that's not quite so hard to get.
  12. I was just thinking this today! It's almost like a cross between Lurid and Underpants, to my nose.
  13. seadragon

    The Death Of Sardanapal

    I got olive oil at first too, wet it reminded me of the olive bar at Whole Foods, peppery and spicy with that rich olive oil smell underneath. Dry it settled down to spicy honey with a hint of something juicy and boozy, like a dessert wine, or hard cider or mead perhaps. It's OK but not a favorite, but even that much is amazing considering most BPAL blends with any honey in them turn into rotting corpse on me almost immediately!
  14. seadragon

    Lump of Coal

    Now to me this smelled like slightly overdone brownies (or like someone said, the crunchy corner piece). I was ready to swap it, but then layered it with Blood Moon on a suggestion from someone - *swoon* now I'm torn between still trying to swap for Spanked and just keeping it!
  15. Well I'm several months late, but I had the exact same reaction.