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  1. gchris

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    First Sniff: Foody, I can definitely smell the almond milk. The scent is now morphing but so far I cannot smell the snake oil or snow white or any of the other notes distinctly. In spite of that is is still a lovely scent. A little later I was able to smell Snow White but not Dorian. I like the scent but not sure I will be purchasing it.
  2. gchris

    2010: Salt Phoenix

    First Sniff: Lavender and another flower I do not recognize.. It does not smell good to me. Faded quickly, can barely smell it now. Nothing special about it. Later it has morphed into something that I quite like but not sure I want a bottle of it. Will definately think about purchasing a bottle.
  3. gchris

    Who Would Not Tremble Too?

    First sniff: Not sure how to describe. A bit green. On skin slightly sweet, and green with mild florals. The flowers are more prominent. I don't like any of the florals. This blend is not for me.
  4. gchris

    Odic Force

    First SNiff: Really nice. I cannot pick out any particular not even though I am familiar with most of them. I love the combination so far. Just lovely! The scent is fading but still has the lovely scent I enjoyed in the beginning. So far it has not morphed any and I just love it!!
  5. gchris

    On Seeing a Tuft of Snowdrops in a Storm

    Whatever florals are in play here, they not smell good to me. or on me. AS it sits, the floral becomes more mild. Even so this blend is not for me.
  6. gchris

    In a Whispering Gallery

    First Whiff: Mild light floral. Pretty. Oh wow, a few minutes later it is quite a bit stronger with that bandaid note I get sometimes.. Thankfully it is calming down to a medium floral scent with a hint of band aid. Even without the bandaid note, this is too strong of a floral note for me personally. I'm not sure if the bandaid thing is my chemistry or one of the notes which morph into that scent on everybody. Or maybe is just my chemistry.
  7. gchris

    Suspicion of Foul Play

    First whiff: Smells like a lemon cough drop. Yes Really! A few minutes later it changes into a wood polish scnet. How interesting. It again morphs into something slightly sweet and leaves a generally good feeling scent. It really does remind me of a clean bathroom without smelling like lemon cleaning products.
  8. gchris

    Bobbing for Apples

    Sweet apple note, like a red apple with something in the background, like a sharp wood scent. The wood bark note is getting stronger and the sweet apple is retreating. Both the apple and the wood bark notes are making way for a mild lightly sweet scent which pretty much stays that way.
  9. gchris

    Haunted Seas

    First whiff: very perfumey, strong a bit of sea that smells dark like being deep under the sea. Later it is still perfumey but the labdunum is coming out more. Not really a fan of that particular note. That note pretty much stays true. The scent of it to me is savory. I love water scents but this one is not for me.
  10. gchris

    Goldenrod Crab Spider

    Wet,it smells lovely of lime, ginger, and green tea as well as champaca. Wet on skin I'm getting coconut too! Yum!! I'm not getting the mint just yet that I can distinguish. The champaca flower is making a stronger appearance now which I don't prefer. This has now dissipated into nothing. Starts out pretty then strong floral, calm g down to something pretty and then nothing.
  11. gchris


    In the bottle smells of a nice unisex aquatic. Wet on skin it turns even more lovely. I think this might be my favorite Bpal aquatic so far. Later this becomes so soft and lovely. Definitely more feminine. I'm in LOVE!
  12. gchris


    Wet in bottle, kind of strong perfume with supporting green notes. Reading the notes I'm not sure which note is coming across so strong. Wet on skin it does not change and the offensive note that do not recognize remains through dry down.
  13. gchris

    Snow White

    SNOW WHITE 2012 I have most every year's version of Snow white and this one is definately different. It smells off compared to the other versions. It's ok, but not the Snow White I have grown to love. If it was sold under a different name that would be understandable, but I wish I knew why the change and what it was due to. I thought maybe it needed to age, but I have SW bottles arrive and smelled perfect as soon as I received them. If there was a component change I would sure like to know.
  14. gchris

    Frost at Midnight

    Wet on skin, a wee bit floral from the honeysuckle and orange blossom I presume. Florals are getting stronger. As it dries I am getting some pine and maybe a bit of ivy but the other notes are completely overshadowed by the florals.
  15. gchris

    Breathless Horror

    First impression, herbal with carrots coming through. No icy musk so far, no mint and no camphor. this doesn't really smell like a perfume. I don't know how to describe it other than to say it is not for me.