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  1. jupiternf

    Gingerbread Zombi

I'm all gone!
 Gingerbread with dried roses, rose leaf, Spanish moss, oakmoss and deep brown earth. This arrived frozen, under a foot of snow on my porch, and this was the first bottle I tried. In the bottle, I get dense moist gingerbread. I think the earth element really intensifies that aspect of chewy depth. Wet, a blast of foody ginger and faint rose, more like a wisp of rosehip, with the dried vitamin c tang that I love. The moss and dirt make me want to eat my arm. I AM SO IN LOVE. Dry, the ginger sticks around for hours on me, with the tang of rose getting softer and the earth elements taking the foreground. I wore this to bed and it stuck around till morning. The throw is pretty subtle, which I like. It is like a ginger rose cloud,sating my garden itch when the snow is piling on. This blend is an instant top ten for me. I love Shub best of the entire general catalog, so if you like that, do not miss this.
  2. jupiternf

    switch witch autumn 2011

    October 6th Do you like liquorice? If so, hard or soft? Sweet or salt? Normally salted or so salt it pulls your face into a fishy shape? And which shapes do you like? strawberry or cherry, or fruit in general, sour i bonus but no salt please, i love stringy ones. October 5th Are there any DIY / Crafty / Free / Budget items you'd love to get but haven't noted yet? (Or, maybe you'd just like to emphasize something you may have only noted in passing?) hmmm.... i love recipes, mp3 cd mixes, used books, thrift boots Do you own a DSLR camera? Are you interested in a minky camera strap like these? What about anything from Photojojo? someday maybe, no slr yet for me. Is anybody else into film photography? Interested in receiving film, supplies, etc from Lomography? just digital for now. Are you musically inclined? Do you play an instrument or sing? If so, what? i have a guitar i need to learn to play, and i love to sing. October 3rd Does anyone else like collector Barbies? nope. What small everyday items would you like, that you keep forgetting to get? bandaids, nice black pens Tarot yes please. Would any witchees be interested inQuinn Popcorn? wow- rosemary and maple both look AMAZING. October 2nd Who likes silly items from Archie McPhee??? who doesnt want an emergenty yodel button? or pickle bandaids? Nocturne Alchemy's NAlloween Pt. 2 update is live here! (And for a few days, last month's update too.) What do you want? candy Nocturne Alchemy's carabNocturne Alchemy's lookNocturne Alchemy's good. What are you drooling over from the Sock Dreams Halloween stuff? chocolate brown arm warmers- snuggly and cute. For those of you that like candles, do you like stuff from Yankee Candle? And if you had to choose, tarts or candles? little votives probably- i like their fall scents quite a bit- autumn leaves, patchouli, pumpkin... Would you be interested in getting a custom necklace fromhere? no link? sorry! Is there a movie you want so badly that you don’t own now? new x men. Is there a song on Itunes that you haven’t downloaded yet? hmmm... i use groove shark. Is there a rare book you’ve always wanted? before my house burnt down when I was a kid, i had this book about a cat that I can never find now- buit I don't rmember the name. oh well. Is there anything you want to buy yourself but have been too embarrassed (R rated or pg)? hmm.. i don't think so. Have you seen the Lush holiday update? Do you like the look of anything from there? oMG. runs to look... pretty much everything- esp. christmnas evee and glogg. if you were my witchee, would you want some of my hot nuts my candied nuts my nuts covered in butter and brown sugar candied walnuts? yes, please give me your hot sweet nuts October 1st Is there anything you either didn't like or had never heard of that you're now curious to try thanks to the discussion in this thread? plenty- i am loving many of the art recs and links. Reveal? please! I want to reverve witch you! Would you be interested in the #occupywallstreet scent? definitely:) Do Paintbox Soapworks' Goat's Milk Hand and Body Creams sound like something you'd like to try? yev- esp lavender/pumpkin. September 30th Witchee, would you like anything from this particular Haunt update? I misved it! sad face. i adore her batik and golden pumpkin scents in any form. You get a package in the mail containing 3 things you have really wanted more than anything else you've mentioned so far in this thread. (they are all reasonably priced of course! ~$20 or less apiece). What are they? that is a tall order- I feel like i have asked for more stuff than is even possible here, lol. ok, an actual CD of sigh no more by mumford and sons- i only have a burnt copy, a bunch of green tea/matcha caramels, and a new fantasy/horro/clive barker esque book I haven't read. how do you feel about hemp? jewelry, soap, etc? oap? cool. jewelry might be too itchy for me. Is there a magazine that you DON'T read because you can't find it near you, but wish you could? high fructose i hard to find, and I love it. Describe your sense of humour. dry, dark, goofy, over complicated, nerdy. Do you like reusable grocery bags? If so, do you like the kind that fold up (ie Chico Bags?) I have a ton of these. I'm about to make an order from Sephora (nothing off of my wishlist, witch, so don't worry about that). Is there anything for you that you would like to accompany my order, if you're my witchee? the makeup forever empty eyeshadow pallate- you cannot get it in stores. September 29th What kind of purse do you prefer? Leather, cloth? over the shoulder or crossbody, or something that can do either? Do you like bold bright prints with fun things, or monochrome, solid colours? i like satchels or logn strap bags to it all my art bits- so lots of pockets- most of my bags are green, brown, or black. Like commercial socks? as in sock dreams? yes. What kind of bear is best? a friendly kind? Is anyone interested in reading The Night Circus? yep. Hershey's Pumpkin Spice kisses? maybe? I have a not-so-secret love for The Broship of the Rings. Are there any prints from her store you'd like? rofl. Where is gandalf?... Who here likes Stephanie Pui-Min Law's artwork? me- I would love her tarot deck. Do you drink wine? very much yes. Is it just me who is nervous at revealing herself to her witchee, and finding out who her witch is?! maybe a little, but I always enjoy it. Witches, did you lament NOT getting one of the condom case/imp cases that got released with the courtesan series??? not really. September 28th JONES SODA CO has LE soda packs for The Guild, Buffy, D&D, So Cute, etc. Would you be interested in these, Witchee? hmm, not big on soda, but I can't say no to buffy! It'sBanned Books Week! Are there any books on the list you'd be interested in checking out? i love conroversial books- esp graphic novels I have just been enlightened to THESE. Are these flavors relevant to your interests? link not up- sorry! September 27th What is something people are always surprised to learn about you? i worked construction one year in college and did roofing. So who else watched Babylon 5? nope- but i love scifi in general. If you had to decide what your stripper name was, what would it be? acording to the "rules" coco keever. Sooooo Witchees, have you ever taken that particular personality test? If so, are you an Analytical, a Driver, an Expressive or an Amiable? i have done meyers brigg- I am an INFP. I looked a bit at the other thing- think i tend toward expresive. Is anyone else afraid of or creepy out by dummies/puppets/Muppets/etc? Other things you're squicked/freaked by that's best left by the wayside? hmmm... creepy doll heads remind me of art school, so I guesv they freak me out a little! i love muppets what level of contact were you hoping for? um- medium? I am happy to hear from you, and also fine if you are too busy to talk at the moment- mainly cause I am like that too:) Your favorite restaurant or type of food to eat out. Would you use a restaurant.com voucher? Groupon? i love sushi- especially Kunis , Merge, or Mezza- all in Buffalo, ny Are there any local museums/attractions you keep never getting around to going to? I need to get to the buffalo science museum! MORE catchup... September 26th Is there any kind of international candy you love or would like to try? anything toffee What is something totally random (yes, that thing that just popped into your head) that hasn't been covered by any previous questions? um, i like noodles in funny shapes? Is there any cheesy/non-cheesy Canadian stuff you'd be interested in? anything maple suger If you were to go here and create your very own chocolate bar, what might it have in it? link isnt working here... probably salted caramel Is there anything you're wanting from LPMP? huh what? (clueless...) say you stumbled into Camp Half Blood (or whatever the Roman camp ends up being named <bounces in anticipation>), which god claims you? Athena, I hope! September 25th Stuff you've been meaning to do: answer my sw questions! I have a ton to do for the creative ocnversation evebnt I am in charge of on the 8th of october, so please excuse me dear Witch if I am hard to find online Would you be interested in regional jams, jellies, or other preserves? yes- I do a TON of canning myself and love trying other homemade things. Do you have any bedtime rituals? Is there any particular product you have to apply or a certain shirt you wear or an act you perform to get you in the "bedtime" mood? i put on mint or lavender lotion/bpal to chill out, or use a lush cream or massage bar. I almost always read before i go to bed. Are you interested in today's/any recent Tee Fury shirts? huh what? maybe? Princess Bride? Yay or nay? As you wish! What's your favorite classic fairytale, witches rose red/sleepign beauty/red riding hood- i like the reclaiming/retelling aspect fo many dark fairy tales, and the comic "Fables" September 24th how do you feel about ethical animal fiber, i.e. wool and the like? if I can make art with it, bring it on. What about little wee creatures for your desk or mantel? altar friends are welcome- little is better:) Look down. What are you wearing, right now? black pants, black chucks, green sating shirt and black lace vest Kerchiefs? sure It's the weekend, and you find yourself without a single chore or responsibility for a few hours. Right this very moment, what's the one thing you would do if you could do anything? paint! then nap! then glue things together! September 23rd Is there anything you'd like from the Mütter Museum Store? oh! the conjoined gingerbread men cookie cutter= win I just noticed that Cocoa Pink has 5 ml Perfume Atomizers. Yay or nay? Scents you would like? Scents you would NOT like? I don't do sprays really- i love perfume in oil form. what's your favorite kind of pizza? white with tomatoes and garlic and arugula who are your style/fashion icons? post pics if you want! mcqueen, cate blanchett, christina hendricks Are there any food items you're craving/aren't able to find around your area? pho. but I have a lead. I need to make a veggie version. in that vein, good thai basil. September 22nd If you're interested in a handmade pouch/cover for an item you have (phones, tablets, books, keys, kettles...), what would your ideal pouch/cover have? Design, material, additional functionality/features like pockets or lights or secret hidey-holes? hm... would the art supply bandolier I have on my etsy wishlist type of thing count? Would you like a photo collage based around your interests/favorite colors/favorite themes? yes- great inspiration for the studio. I am workign on a show called "lovely, dark and deep" about the woods and looing for moss/fungi pics If you're crafty, are you interested in spoonfeather? And if so, what things there delight your eyes? huh? goggled this with little success, sorry. Colors! What are your favorite colors and what colors do you not like? Pictures and links, people! olive, eggplant, midnight, chocolate, copper, aged metallics, merlot/crimson, ink black. What is your favorite word? thinger. as in if I can;t find a word for something, I call it that. i love sophia and how it breaks down from philosophy. What are the feelings on arm warmers? Color, style, texture, length? long, soft, rainbows Do you like tarts? tealights? jar candles? votives? beeswax candles, esp ones I can Vtick in wine bottles What's your favorite flavor? Sour, sweet, bitter, salty? salty-sweet So, are there any online gaming witchees who covet purchasable in-game items or other gamer-y stuff? (yup, geek question) i will play wow again someday- i don't until it gets cold. Anyone doing anything cool for Mabon (or the start of fall, if you aren't pagan? lots: harvesting herbs, putting up fruits and veggies in jars, lighting candles on my altar, and plannign an apple pickign expedition. What is your favorite coffee blend at Starbucks? If you don't have one, what is your favorite roast of coffee? September 21st Cthulhu: yay or nay? big yay- I have a model watching over my studio- HAIL CTHULHU. Is there something that you wish you could do, but you keep putting it off? about a million things: spend a lot of time uninterrupted making art. Put your current mp3player (I am the anti-apple, so no ipod ), winamp playlist, what have you, on shuffle, list the first 10 songs: the cave- mumford and sons tell me something good james taylor- steamroller regina spektor- the call a case of you- joni mitchell officer krupki- west side story hair- lady gaga dear prudence- beatles wild horses- rolling stones now we are free- gladiator soundtrack Witchee, have you made (or are you planning to make) any Lab or Trading post orders soon? And if you did (or plan to), you should share what you're getting I am thinking of getting the tp candles when they come out, and mybe some hair gloss decants, Do you have any interest in rocks? Not like, polished colorful stones.. but like... rocks. With geologic significance! hubby and I collect fossilv and things, so definitely! If your witch were to knit you a scarf/shawl/cowl, which would you prefer, and what features would you want? Would you prefer something light and drape-y or thick and warm? What kind of colors would you prefer? Do you have any fiber allergies or preferences? My biggest preference would be snuggly, not itchy. I love olive green and deep purple best to wear. If you have a pet, could you please post a photo of it? I really need to see what your pet, if you have one, looks like. i don't have files at work- they are up on my walls here- but my fb page should have them. Do you like/own/wear/want fairy wings or something of the like? who doesn't want wings? Maybe leafy ones! How do you feel about terrariums? I want to make one someday/have one Vomeday- i love moss. What's your favorite horror movie? donnie darko Jane Austen .. Yay or Nay? yay. Do you like period or period-styled paraphernalia? Stuff like postcards, notecards, jewelry, office supplies, what-have-you? victorian and steampunk things are loved by me always. If you like manga, comics, and/or graphic novels, what is it about them that you like, in general? The story, the art/style, etc? story and style combined are my favs- i loooooved gloom cookie, for example. If you could choose a Smack, what would it have in it? gingerbread-woodsmoke-caramel-chocolate (ginger-smores) if you could have a salon scent made, based on any artwork(s) what would it be? gonna be an ego-tool here and say one of my own: http://1.bp.blogspot...rens-3-copy.jpg I would like to smell like that pose feels:) Are you scientifically curious and/or process-oriented? Would you like a project-type gift that allowed you do do something like make soap from scratch, take and (nontoxic-ly) develop photographs using a pinhole camera, use plant dyes on yarn or fabric, etc.? yes- that all sounds fun/cool/ loverly. What's 'your' song/your theme song? final fantasy actually has a "terra's theme" I quite like the insturmental of. (nerd alert I hve a new theme song every day- but mumford and sons stars is a big one right now. What would be your superpower? empathy! ok, ok: i could use the ability to teleport to increase my time actually doing stuff. Witchee, would you like a gently used BPAL tshirt? sure. Do you like homemade snack mixes? I know Puppy Chow was mentioned in a previous question, but what about healthier and more natural type snacks like granola or trail mix? You can put a lot of delicious and fun things into trail mix, yeah? If you say "Sure, I'd love some!" what kinds of things do you like/not like in those kinds of snacks, ie coconut flakes, raisins, certain nuts (allergies??), candy, etc. Give us your list of DO's and DON'Ts! not a big raisin fan, np real allergies, love granola and dried fruit in general, nuts too. Do you like charm bracelets? If you had a bracelet, what sort of charms would you want on it? Favorite hobbies, symbols, whatever? I am not a charm bracelet kind of girl- too dangly in my paint/etc. Yet more catchup: September 20th Would you like any ecotools makeup brushes? They're kinda one of my favorite things ever, and they're animal-friendly and the handles are bamboo. And to top it all off, they work really well for applying makeup. sounds perfect- I like fun bruhe to do the crazy eye makeup-/liner Do you like Legos? Especially mini-fig key chains, Lego block keychains, small Lego sets, etc? never tried mini ones, used to love legos a a kid. I tend to use clay to build now. Since the previous question about "what would you buy from the Lab if you had unlimited funds, etc" left WAY too much to the imagination with no limitations (my answer was pretty much BUY ALL THE THINGS!), what would you do if you found a $50 bill on the ground and a nagging voice in the back of your mind told you that you HAD to spend it on BPAL or else face Death. Also, say they had free shipping (LOL) so don't factor that in. What would you get? And spend it all! Or as close to $50 as you can get. hairgloss- maybe honey, or fig- I want both, so hard! and a pumpkin cookie candle if they come out. Are there any characters that you love or identify with? love severus snape, various other anti heroes, strong female leads- like robin mckinley's sunshine, trickster characters, and gir from invader zim because I have him living inside my head! A question! If you are crafty, what's your personal art style? I'm not talking just about what art you like to look at, but what kind of art do you like creating? Do you have a "process" while you're creating beauty? i hide in my studio, get everything set up, have water or tea handy, get a playlist going, all like a little ritual telling my brain: time to make stuff now! i usually doodle and research pics and ideas for a while before I make a new painting or sculpture- by the time it is getting made i have bits and images strewn all over and I sit and zone out for hours laying out the composition. Once I have that set up, I relax and just play with color and layers of texture until I run out of time. It is so hard to stop! studio time is one of my most precious things. Are there any Arcana Weenies that you MUST HAVE? Reign in Hell sounds damn yummy. So what say you? IS an "unexpected" visit/in-person witching OK? zomg. that would be awesome- i am crazy buy though to stalk my fb or ask fb friends - I would hate to miss you! September 19th What strange misc. items would you love to receive that you just haven't gotten for yourself?: hmmm.. book plates with my name for the common shared books at my school and studio- I worry they will go missing... How do you feel about franken polish? Are you okay with all chemicals, or would you prefer 3 free? Would you want glitter or holographic glitter? What colors would interest you? don't know the brand- i have all opi and love matte or uede finish anything Dear witchee, how do you feel about lip balm? Favorite style (twist up tube, pot, tube with wand, etc.)? Favorite flavors? Flavors to avoid? Favorite brand? Do you need more right now or are you set? Are you one of those people who could never have enough lip balm even though you have a bowl on your dresser overflowing with them and 10 in your purse and an order for more on the way? tube or pot- beeswax or natural base- i love balm but some irritate my lips (haunt and lush both do, to my great sadness.) Would you be interested in getting fountain pen inks or art supplies via JetPens and or DickBlick? (I know I have a wishlist on JetPens and just love using fountain pens in my artwork) yes times a zillion- i love pens and all art supplies. -For those interested in watercolors, how would you feel about getting a palette filled with paint from my watercolor tubes but not getting the paint tube itself? (kind of like this but without the covers for the compartments and bigger http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream) i use them quite a bit but that looks cool -How do you feel about getting art supplies in general? (copic markers, watercolor, brushes, paint, sketchbooks etc.) did you not see my dance of joy ealier? -How do you feel about Threadless tshirts? coolness- personal or unique art if def. my thing. If you were turned loose in a basic drug store (CVS, Walgreens - a pharmacy with attached mini-mart, basically!) with a $20 bill, what would you pick up? i would check out the organic body care, and grab a wierd magazine and a bar of chocolate Darling Witchee, would you enjoy farmer's market pickled veggies (green beans, garlic, asparagus, etc) or fresh canned peaches or something of that nature? i love to can, i love canned things, and canning recipes Do you prefer color or white photographs? Nature or abstract? probably colored nature, though sepia could be awesome would you be interested in something like this? https://lostcrates.com/how-it-works cool- love notebooks Amigurumi, yes or no? never tried it- would like info or cute finished ones I have a question! What are some of your favorite paintings? (famous or undiscovered?) Feel free to link to examples! http://venetianred.f...n-the-water.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot...l+Shaun+Tan.jpg http://images.artnet..._kris-lewis.jpg If you could have an image painted for you - sky is the limit - what would it be? something mystical and biological- like a bio-mandala of different animals and plants. now i want to paint that! Name your 3 favorite scents for candles plain beeswax, earthy/patchouli, herbal/lavender Name your 3 favorite types/flavors of tea green: kuki matcha, or popcorn green herbal- ginger or mint/chamomile oolong - spice/nut blends Catchup: 9-19-11: September 18th Do you wear t-shirts? Are there particular things you like on them? Would you like one designed by your Witch? And, if you don't mind saying, what size t-shirt do you wear? medium - i like black, purple. green t's, with dry humor or cool scrolling designs- many of the bpal ts are perfect for me, for example. How do you feel about pumpkin scented things? Not perfume related, but soap, candles, etc.... Bring on the fall smells! Has anyone else heard of or does anyone else love Glamourkin? huhwhat? If you had an international witch, is there anything you would like from the UK? (Or Australia, Belgium, France any other country we have witches from. I love different foods/snacks and photos from far off places. Dear witchee, if you answered 'Mac' to the Mac/PC question previously issued by another participant, please tell me what kind of computer you have, what peripherals you own (like the wireless trackpad, wireless vs/wired keyboard and mouse), and whether you're interested in Apple-related items (stickers, keychains, other things with the logo, etc). my mac is old, - like wires hanging out old- i will let you know when I upgrade if you are interested in knowing. SOCK PREFERENCES? Would you like/wear a pair of these? http://www.ravelry.c...rary/yoga-socks If so, what color? green! Is there anyone here who likes toe socks? You know, those socks with a place for each toe? i'd try them happily. September 17th Are you looking for a certain kind of DVDs to spruce up your collection right now? I do hulu, we don't have a tv- but anything sci fi I haven't tried is of the good. Anyone going to see any good concerts this fall? Just saw Josh Ritter and loved him. Do you like Star Trek? Original TV series, films, spinoff series, etc? Favorite characters? all, evp. Next Generation and the recent movie was fab. Witchee, would you like a framed photograph and of what? hmmm... i want to have a show in nyc someday, so maybe one of the guggenhiem for inspirational purposes. September 16th Are you more prone to order out or cook at home? Would you be interested in cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and the like? If so, anything specific? i cook and am well stocked, but I would love to hear your favorite recipes, or try new spices. New question: How do you feel about maple syrup? like covering myself and everything i own in it. How do people feel about little pocket shrines, maybe something inspirational/motivational to keep in their purses/backpacks/whatever? (Like these: http://www.art-shrin...cketshrines.htm) soooo cool. righ tup my alley. Do you like Star Wars? Original Trilogy? Prequels? Spin-offs? Favorite characters? original trilogy and books that came after. ( My girl cat is named Mara Jade) Do you like beef jerkey, I know some may be vegatarian, but where I live beef is a staple and beef jerkey abounds. If so do you it really thin, hard and crunchy or thicker and softer. (OK that borders on obscene)- veggie, no thank you. Also do you like or racier ecards from time to time and do you need to be warned if something may be not safe to open at work. racy= fun Doctor Who? Yay or nay? (please don't make me cry by saying nay) I have a couple spare Doctor Who stickers. If my witchee is a fan, would they like a couple Doctor Who stickers in their package? I always mean to get into the dr. If you have the knowledge, guide me through this realm of awesome:P Anyone love Buffy/Angel? yep- comics and all. firefly too! How would you feel about gummies? Like, gummy bears? Gummy werewolves? Gummy vampires? i love gummies but am off them now unless they are veggie. this makes me sad How would you feel about a totally original Gela-skin for your laptop/iPod/phone? Stickers? Decals? cool ,excpet my laptop is about to die- maybe one for my future macbook air that I have been waiting 7 years for? (someday!) Since this is a Halloween round, what's your Creepy threshold? Are you a cartoon bats and smily pumpkins person or a skulls-and-bones the-dead-are-rising kind of person? Are your fairytales dark or Disney? dark fairy tales... the dead are at my door! Are your ears pierced, Witchee? Do you have any other piercings? Would you like to receive any items of jewelry for these piercings? just my ears- love danglies and fake gauges How do you all feel about Whoopie Pies? hungry? September 15th interested in anything from Lush? The new gel- It's raining men, and my old fav. tramp gel, and a million other things- i love lush. Do you blog? Would you like a header for your blog, a layout, etc? i blog at tarasas.com and have that stuff in place. I am trying to make a more professional artist website though, and if that is your thing, I would be thrilled to have pointers/help. Would you be interested in a handmade bookmark? could always ue bookmarks. do you like chex puppy chow or muddie buddies (ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips, PB, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, chex cereal)? would you want to get some from your witch / nacho witch? ure. How would you feel about receiving a Groupon deal for something in your local area? If there is anything you WOULDN'T like, mention that also. i never really use these but would happily try them: no mani/pedi things please. do you like real sugar skulls? Things with sugar skull designs? cool- yes. Who here adores meringue? um, me! i ued to make it in cupcake tins. September 14th Can you sum yourself (whether it be personality, life's goals, ethics, whatever) in 10 words or less? fun: lover artist teacher learner organizer imaginative flawed growing striving creating How about little bottles of booze? Ya wanna? What kind? anything new: herbal or strange fruits- I liek ot make up cocktails! What are your views on fudge and brownies? (Also, if you live in a warm place, where the fudge might melt, that'd be helpful to know. Or, if you're diabetic and fudge is death, that'd be useful to know, too.) maple fudge is a major love for me. the hubby loves cheesecake brownies more than life itself. Also, what about mochi? Love it, hate it, baffled by it? curious- I have had some bad ones but I keep trying Anything from the update ya'll are liking? BPTP UPDATE hair gloss, omg. I wih you could get samples! the 6 month shelf life means i could only use one at a time with any hope of using it all. Does anyone like kimchi? yep- i make it with my friend in HUGE batches from our garden. Would you be interested in a sample box(from somewhere like Birchbox or loosebutton)? sounds intruiging. You have to place a Lab and Trading Post order. Right fuckin' now. No spending limits. What do you buy? Oh, every freaking bath oil they have. I am out and haven't bptp'd in a long time. I want to try a hair gloss but cannot decide between honey or the fig or the clove one. Also, I ordered my must have weenies (Autumn cider, Goldren Apple) but have a huge bunch on my wishlist I want to sniff, so a big decant order. Paintbox Soapworks - anything you're interested in, in general or from the latest update? yum. I love beet it and smiling jack. the queen i dead and avast look good too. They make my favorite soap hands down. Do you guys have any sports that you follow obsessively? How about favorite teams and/or athletes Huh? sports? How do you feel about notebooks/journals/stationery? Anything you need or particularly like? I lovwe moleskin notebook- I go through them like mad. I like blank cards or funny cars to send to friends too. Does confetti/glitter make you angry or fill you with glee? I am ascared of the glitter. It never leaves. Fabulous witches and witchees, perhaps you all could note of you've received MeiLin's goodies? Or if you want? What are these goodies you speak of? How do you feel about stuffed animals/plushies/general soft, cuddly things? If you like them, what kind of animals would you be interested in? I am full up on snuggly things, but I can never resist a plush cthulhu. how interested would you be on somewhat personalized bottle cap labels? Like these that I did? Cool- I do my own too, so I am pretty set. When you're miserably sick (*sniffle, cough!*) what are the things that comfort you the most? Veggie noodle soup, juice and tea, reading snuggled up in bed. Esp. fantasy/escapist reading. What constitutes ultimate luxury to you? (go crazy!) my own private orchestra: it would wake me up, cheer me on when I go grocery shopping, and play the rocky theme when I work out. (yoga to the rocky theme? You bet!) What do you really NOT want? hmm... knick knacks that aren't meaningful to me in some way, and disposable things that have reuasable alternatives (ie I try to use hankies instead of tissue and my bento box invtead of ziplock bags) September 13th How would you feel about kitchen towels and other similar household objects, if they are pretty or a souvenir? I am well stocked for towels. How did you dress up for your last party or compulsory-formal-dress occasion? Gallery hopping: Red faux-suede pencil skirt from thrift shop, black zara blouse, red h&m pumps,black earrings. Do you enjoy puzzles/riddles? (Cryptograms, Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, etc) not sure- I used to love sudoku, and am curious. Witchee, would you be interested in having a special tea cup/coffee mug/glass to drink out of? I have a lot of mugs, but I love handmade pottery and big tea/soup mugs. September 12th Would you like to receive e-books? And if so, in what format? Kindle- yay! If you have kids, would you be interested in getting things for them? And if so, what are they interested and what sizes are the wearing now? No kidding. Would you be interested in a felted handbag? Do any of these styles appeal to you? http://tinyurl.com/3o2epzl (there's at least one guy-friendly style, too!) um, this in gark green would be the coolest thing ever: http://images4.ravel...o_lg_medium.jpg Are there are patterns, motifs, etc that you especially like? art nouveau, esp. mucha and beardsley If you're a tea drinker, is there any specific tea you would like to receive, not just the kind/flavor but also the type/packing--i.e., tea bags, loose tea, compressed, etc? i have a lot of tea- i love loose for my home but bagged for work- I give tea to my students when they come in for counseling. September 11th I am fond of the thrift. Do you mind lightly used goods? Please be specific! For instance, I'm a little squicked by used clothing, but I don't mind any other used goods (i.e. books, glassware, games, DVDs, whatever.) I am down for used anything that isnt intimate apparel or for bathroom use. Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you know of any Etsy shops that are Switch Witch friendly?I am jupiterpsyche on etsy and my shop is sw friendly. Would a gift or a postcard from Disneyland make you squee with delight or puke into your mail box? i like postcards and have never puked in a mailbox. what are your favorite types of Halloween candy? sour candies, maple sugar, pumpkin/caramel- esp. salted caramels Do you prefer soap or shower gel? Please give examples of your favorite scents or brands. both- lush gels: olive branch, tramp, its raining men, villianess soap- ginger snapped, killer beez How do you like your chocolate? For example with nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel? i like new flavor combos- herbs, fruit, caramel and salt, spices... i love lavender-cocoa combos Beads! Do you use them? Would you want some? What sorts of beads do you like? I have a lot of them! I am alway looking for good labraforite or moonstones, and I alo like green beads in general, esp natural ones (rock, pearl, wood) Anyone here like caramels? Sea salted caramels?!?! lol, I have maybe mentioned it 20 times now. I might have a problem. Would you like a hand dyed or hand painted scarf or wrap or other item? If so, what colors/designs/fabrics do you like? wow- yes:) I lost my olive green infinity scarf last year and would love a similar style. This was a question before, but does anyone here like stones? Just pretty polished stones for use in whatever purposes? yes- my altar is covered in them- again with the moonstone/labradorite theme but not exclusiely- I have amethyst, quartz, etc too. And another question; anyone like anything in particular from Think Geek? most everything there- i covet the octopi shirt. Pinterest, do you have boards you want to share or are you following anyone with great boards you want to share? I had to look it up- very cool, but I have zero knowledge at this point. September 10th What #1 actor, director, author and/or musician are you obsessed with? actor Michael Fassbender, Director Julie Taymoor, Author Neil Gaiman, Musician Florence Welch- are you interested in anything from the Villainness Bad Apples update? twistappel and just right both sound awesome If you have a pet, would he/she/they like to receive a treat or a toy as a gift? Does your pet have any dietary restrictions or other preferences w.r.t. said treat? my cats love catnip, catgrass, and chasing feathers of all kinds What are your top three "I want to try them but I think I'll never get to try them" (or, "I've tried them and I want moar moar moar, but I don't think I'll ever get any") scents/bath oils/sprays? the bptp weenie oils- I alway mean to get a pumpkin one and never do. also I keep wanting to try a sniffie of zombie apocalypse and lady amalthea Is there a particular artist and piece that you would like a print of? If so, what is your max size that you could spare on your walls? i have a lot of art space and would love beardley's "king arthur and the questing beast" in any size If you are in to beauty and makeup related stuff, what kind of stuff do you like? What is your skintone and hair color? Are there any beauty products you've wanted to try but just never purchase? i use nars, make up forever, and urban decay- i mainly keep it simple until I get to my eyes, and then I go crazy for weekend outings and art openings with shadow and things. my kin if very very pale- and looks best with cool colors. i want to try purple eyes perhaps- i keep meanign to get the muf eyehadow pallate to put all of mine together. Do you like coffee or tea? Would you be interested in trying some different types? both- always like new types:) I like dark coffee and all teas Are there any CDs/Albums you've been wanting but haven't bought yet? What format do you prefer? (i.e. mp3, actual cd, record, etc) i like mp3 cds so I can play them or burn them to my ipod- I would love mix tape tyle intros to new music. Are you going away for any part of this round? I have a big event on 10/8 that will distract me quite a bit as I am the event chair, and I may take some overnight trips to torronto or ithaca, but I will keep you posted. Nothing that should interfere with mail or sw catch up. Would you like to receive a mix-CD from your Witch? yep! If your witch were going somewhere on a vacation during the round, would you want a little souvenir? if you like, no need either way. i grab leaves and things like that as souvenirs when I travel. Do you enjoy any outdoor activities? Do you have a favorite form of "exercise"? hiking, camping, yoga, pilates, occasional climbing, and I am working on biking Any witchee's with a ravelry account have any favourited patterns that cost money that would be a welcome gift? no knitting skill here. Do you work/study at a desk and enjoy interesting or cute office supplies? I love pens, paperclips, and post its and ue them at work a lot. Witchee, are you a fan of musicals? If so, which ones? oh yeah. lots of em. favs may be at the moment: pippin, wicked, urinetown, my fair lady, sweeney todd, etc. etc, September 9th Do you like to burn incense? If so, what are your favorite kinds...sticks? cones? resins? What are your favorite scents? resin or loose incense- fall types would be awesome as I mostly have pine/yule scents. - Harry Potter - a fan? If so, what house are you? huge. slytherin. My first kitten's name: severus:) - If you were to receive a gift card, what places would you like to get one from? lush? sock dreams? dick blick? this is starting to sound like the world's longet wishlist! Is there a particular myth/folktale/legend/fairytale/godstory that you're drawn to? psyche, also Brigid If you RP, tabletop, forum, or otherwise... Do you have any original characters you'd like to see art of? If so, please give information! Even if it's a link to a web page or a profile or picture! i always mean to get into this and then never do. if you know the way of the rp my Witch, i would be into learning more. If you could see anything, what would it be? Can be a person, an event, a landmark or monument, an object, etc. And it doesn't have to be on this planet, or in this time period, or in this reality! can I ask to see the worst thing I could ever do so that I can avoid it? Or, maybe the aurora borealis, to be le heavy there for a minute. When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter? tea, bpal in my bath, book, music, cookies, candles What are your thoughts on comics? Any you like? Any you have been wanting to try? Favorite characters? want to try sandman, love fables, johnny the homicidal maniac, and buffy Are you musical? Do you play an instrument, and if so, what? If not, what do you wish you could play or do? i sing and wish I could play guitar- I plan to learn this winter... Does anyone garden? And if you do, what do you grow? If not, would a starter garden kit be something you'd be interested in? i grow herbs and love herb seeds Do you decorate for Halloween? Is your decorating taste elegant, kitschy and fun, or scary? i do natural decorations- leaves and harvesty things Witchee, do you have any symbols or totems that have special meaning for you? seven pointed stars, trees, celtic trinity knots, moths and foxes- I gravitate toward lots of stuff... recently anacondas. Is anyone fond of programs like Adopt a Tree/Highway/Library/Manatee/Acre of Rainforest/etc?: I do kiva loans September 8th From the Weenie Update....what are you most wanting to try? i ordered ome must haves, but I put a bunch of wish list add ons of things I want to sniff- esp pumpking princess and changeling Who's into nail polish? What colors/brands? opi- green and the suede or matte types Is there a quote (or lyric or part of a poem) that really resonates with you or is your favorite? much of the Prophet by Kalil Ghibran, and this from Joseph Campbell: We must be willing to let go fo the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. Dream candle? Scent, color, type (tealight, votive, pillar, jar, etc.), throw... pure beeswax- because then I can use the wax for paint after. or, the new bpal ones! Do you like knitted goodies? If so, what would you like and what colors? olive and deep purple anything- esp arm warmers or fingerle gloves Would you be interested in homemade edibles that are NOT sweets? Any specifics? i love dried fruit and veggies, except maybe bananas, and preserve and pickles of all kinds What GC do you live in mortal terror of the lab discontinuing, but never get around to buying? shub. I can never have enough. Witchee, do you use a PC or a Mac? mac What is your favorite animal? fox, moth, giant squid, anaconda What are you going to be for Halloween? rainbow brite If you could have a piece of oil painting jewelry (pendant, pair of earrings, or ring) with absolutely anything painted on it, what would it be? (If you prefer wall art instead, same question as above.) a moth pendant would be amazing! How do you feel about nick-knacks? i am choosy- they have to mean something to me. What traditions (family, holiday, or otherwise) are important to you? my fam doe christma eve together, i love seaonal get togethers and think getting outside or being vreative with friends is more important than specific holidays Do you like going to the movies? yep- esp geek scifi or fantasy ones What are your favorite restaurants? local sushi- Kunis, Zengo in dc, mythos greek on my block Do you play any video games? wow in the winter Do you like any anime? i love miyazaki Do you have an E-reader/iPad/something similar that you need a cover/case for? i am all cased up how much do you like jewelry? like, if you were to get a shit ton of it during the round, how excited would you be? I love my many handmade pieces- pendants, cuffs, earrings- I would squee. How would you like to receive some of your Witch's favorite recipes, tailored to your likes/dietary restrictions? And specific wants? cool- I love cooking- thai recipes would be awesome Do you need any boxes to store your smellies in? What would you store in said hypothetical box--imps, bottles, supplies, all of the above? I am all set but love boxes in general. Muppets: yea or nay? they are awesome- i adore the old movies. Do you have an affinity for Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, The Far Side, and other comic strips? If so, which is your favorite? Calvin and hobbes are the best. Favorite Mythological Creature?: kraken. dryads. unicorns- 'cept they are not mythical. Do you like hair things barrettes, headbands, flowers Expanding on the hair question - does anyone like those flower clips for the hair that are big right now?? I pretty much just use bobby pins or hair sticks only. sorry for being boring!
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    LJ Concordance for Weenie2010 SwitchWitch!

    Jupiternf on the forum- I am JupiterPsyche on LJ:)
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    Switch Witch 2010

    Thursday 10-14-10 update: 10/13/10 Today I got one of the Starbucks Halloween Bearista Bears - it's dressed like a werewolf! Is this something witchees might like? I am not so into that- I have a million other things I collect! Are you interested in Halloween costumes for your pet(s)? My pets might hate you- I think they could tolerate hats. And the pictures would be hilarious. 10/12/10 Would you want your witch to reveal herself? How? Witch, I cannot wait to meet you! 10/9/10 I came home with some Dungeon Crawl and some Bedbugs yesterday. If you were my witchee, would you want some of either/both? Those both sound exciting to me- esp. bedbugs:) 10/7/10 Did you forget anything fun/interesting or find something new and exciting? I am not sure ho wot answer this. I am working on search engine optimization- but that isn't ver exciting. I have discovered a love for paintbox soapworks- I got some for my witchy and kept a bar of pumpkin soap for myself- she is way talented. Oh! I know hwat I am excited about- the musical next year is My Fair Lady- so I need to get the movie and hte original broadway soundtrack with julie andrews and practice:) 10/5/10 Would you like to receive international magazines, even if you don't speak the language it's written in, just to ogle the pictures or for the novelty of it? If yes, what kind of magazines, or what magazines in particular? Wow- this sounds awesome. I love lush photographs of art or artsu fashion, crafts, and nature, and food- and pretty much anytihng- i rip up and save/collage magazine spreads all of the time. would you have interest in any of the new Christmas stuff from Lush? I actually had to twist my own arm to stop it from making a huge order of that stuff. I especially lust after trying the maple lip balm, the gingerbread bubble bar, and the new hot toddy like shower gel. I miss being able to drive to lush- but it is good for my wallet! Oh, witchee-poo... if there was one bottle you could have from the NYCC exclusives, what would it be? The White Lady, or Steeplechase Park spray. If someone were to make you one of the items in this post which would it be? Oh my- those are all beautiful. I especially like the hooded one. If you were my witchee, would you mind a gift certificate where you'd have to do it old school style and mail it in with your order form? That sounds cool- the last time I did that it was for book club in grade school:) 10/4/10 Do you have a preferred weight of yarn to work in? Lace, sock, worsted, bulky, handspun with variation? Anyone like little seasonal decorative wreaths? Like gravevine wreaths embellished with silk flora, etc.? Do any witchees need a Snuggie? Monday 10-4-10 update: 10/01/10 So, who here loves pomegranates? Are the good as a fruit, a flavoring or just a scent? delicious as a whole fruit, great as a unseetened juice or liquor- I don't like it much as a flavoring as I feel it often doesn't taste authentically tart to me. Haunt Update? I want everything, but it is all gone already! 9/30/10 Villainess has an update. Anyone wanting anything from it? Autumn gala looksk yummy- I love love love Mudslide anything. how are all the witchees fixed for purses--lunchbags, etc? I really want a bento box! I am good on bags- my little sis just made me one for my bday and it is awesome! Now, I have a question for you. About notes. Which are your favourite ones? Do you have a kind of "note top ten?" Anything that works particularly well on you? Do you have a perfume category (foody, floral, aquatic, musky) that you favour? And are there any notes you have never tried, but think would work well on you? I shall try a top ten: 1 honey/beeswax 2 caramel 3 dark cocoa 4 fig 5 apple 6 pumpkin 7 coconut- the lab's dry note is great- not tropicana at all 8 vanilla (creamy) 9 rose 10 violet But for most of those notes- I like a layer of complex resins or woods/patchouli or somehting peppery to hold down the sweetness- so I feel like I did a bad job of listing stuff. Benzion is always good on me. I also like to try strange notes- (such as tomato, different herbs, baking bread...) considered savory that arent used as often in conventional perfumes. Would you like a sugar skull decorated by your witch? Or do you like sugar skull stuff in general? I love Day of the Dead stuff- I am entering two paintings for a show this year if I can get my other stuff done! 9/29/10 Is there one scent that is your goto for comfort on a bad stressful day? Like the perfume equivilent of a security blankie? Shub or in autumn-Samhain What are you going to be for Halloween? I am toying with Carmen Sandiego. I have the dress and hat- I just need a group of men singing my theme song accapelle to walk around with me! Is there something just super random you like/enjoy/want/are ogling that has not been and will not be covered by any other questions, because it's just that WEIRD? Probably, but my brain is much. Do you know a good de-mushing agent for brains? Tuesday 9-28 Update: 9/25/10 If you could make a scent that represents where you live (or have lived), what would be the ingredients? Buffalo smells like huge mounds of snow, tart apples, dry leaves, hedges of lavender, crisp gin, and farm share honey. Ok, now i want that smell! Are you in need of Roller bottles or anything of the like? I want to try making my own atmo sprays and could use bottles for that. 9/24/10 Just curious, but if your witch was to make an amigurumi critter (or other plushie) just for you, what would it be? A sea monster or Squid! Would you want a local/tourist item from your witch? Like a t-shirt, mug or shot glass? I generally have too many mugs and t shirts in my little apartment. Venomous Villains? The blue/green and purple Maleficent eye stuff is pretty neat- I don't have any MAC so I don't know much abotu it. Last Unicorn? We have discussed hits:) Who is your fav Disney Villian/villianess? How about hero/herione? (doesn't have to be specifically Disney though) Maleficent can turn into a giant dragon and has an awesome cape. She clearly wins. 9/23/10 Do you collect stones/rocks? I'm talking like "semi" precious stones, ie moonstone, bloodstone, quartz ect. Are there any that you're looking for at the moment? Are you in need of a stone but don't know which kind? Yes- I am always on the lookout for Labradorite and Moonstones with beautiful flash. What's your favorite Halloween Music? Tim Burton soundtracks are great- also, Don't Fear the Reaper, Goodnight Moon, and Nick Cave 9/22/10 Do you have a deviantart print wishlist or favourites list? I really need to update my account- so at the moment, nope. What kind of shoes do you need/want? What size shoes do you wear? Would you mind gently used shoes? 7.5 or 8 if they get filled with warm socks- used shoes are cool with me- I get many of mine from thrift shops. Do you like paper dolls (new or vintage) or coloring in books? I used to do terrible things to my little pony colorign books and send them to my friends. Do you like weird scary things as traditionally girly fashion items like heels and handbags? I love boots. Boots boots boots. Flat, heeled, strapped, laced- BOOTS, they are like crack to me. What song is on heavy rotation for you right now? Jackson Brown- Sky Blue and Black, and Comedy Tonight! Are you coveting any of the NYCC atmospheric sprays? I am coveting the Nut Crack Night and Samhain sprays instead. If you could get any one thing hand-painted from your witch, what would it be and what would be on it? Hmmm.... I very much want some fox art for my walls. So a canvas? or maybe a painted fox pendant? I also really like the Green man image. 9/21/10 Do you like garlic? Do you REALLY like garlic? Would you want to try some really unusual garlic stuff, like garlic cheese or garlic fudge or garlic chocolate, etc., etc., etc.? I love garlic- I do not know how I feel about garlic and dessert, but I am up for trying it. Can I talk to you about the living dead? How do you feel about Zombies? Zombies someitmes scare me and sometimes amuse me- it depends on how fast they are:) 9/20/10 If you happened to be my Witchee, is there something you'd like from the Arcana Halloween update? I have a whole wishlist over at soapbox- so if this is you dear Witch, lemme know and I will send you the link. How many bottles of BPAL do you have? um... I think my shelf has more then 40, less than 50? Is there any exercise program that you're interesting in learning? Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Zumba ect? Or if you do any of these (or anything else sport related) are there any things you need/want? Candles, music, mats, water bottles ect? I would like ot study Yoga more intensely- could you send me a big boxx stuffed with spare time? Anyone else into Emily Autumn? Just looked her up- look spotentially awesome. What's on your walls? Please show us up to three paintings/posters/whatever. If you love a painting so much that you would steal (to watch it with your greedy eyes) one, please share. I would happily steal the Beardsley illustration of King Arthur and the Questing Beast. My favorite wall stuff... I have Our Lady of Glaciers, which I painted with neeswax and smells lovely, many pictures of family, art by Chuck Tingly, a local painter who I love working with, and my sister Anna. do you like Girl Scout cookies? What kind? Oh- those insanely bad for you coconut chocolate ones. What's your take on homemade apple butter? Want some? Yum. 9/19/10 I wondered if my witch or any witch would enjoy things like nice pens to draw with or anything similar? Sure! I love black sharpie pens and uniball, or prismacolor pens For those who are yarnies, would you like other-than-yarn witchery? Hooks, needles? Preference of material? Do you use/would you like handmade stitch markers, etc.? I have no yarn skills- I do a bit of felting though- and use pretty hand made yarn in my jewelry sometimes:) Does anyone do altered books? Would you be interested in old books to alter? Any type or title in particular? I have made books a few times- I like old books with cool illustrations- especially anythign Vicotrian , Roycroft, or Art Nouveau Did someone ask about incense yet? Would you like some? Something to store or burn it in? What scents? What form? I burn resin/loose incence on charcoal disks and like all sorts of new kinds to try. I sould love a Samhain blend. Any oddball free things you collect or would want saved for you? The ephemera you sent me was absolutely perfect- it is front and center on my altar. Yet MOAR ANSWERS! 9/19/10 Do you read/like fantasy? What kind of books or authors do you love? Which one would you like to read? Would you like gifts related to it? My amazon wishlist has a lot of fantasy on it- and I love reccomendations because I always am looking for a nice long series to really get into. Soaps : do you like them? What brands? What scents? Anything you're dying to try? I love soaps with a lot of moisturizing ingredients. Esp. Magic Hands, burts bees, luch. 9/18/10 Who likes hair toys, and if so what kind? I put my hair up with sticks or paintbrushes or pens:) Does any art we may send need to be child safe, either in the actually safe sense or the non X rated sense? Hit me with some innapropriate art anytime! In the knitted/crocheted things area, would you want wrist warmers, 1/2 gloves, a neck warmer(the kind that pretty much just goes around your neck and maybe fastens instead of being long and loose like a scarf), slippers, or hats? 1/2 gloves and wrist warmers sound awesome. SO does a neck warmer. How do you feel about altered/recycled/upcycled items of clothing or accessories? I love 'em. Many of my clothes are rescued from the thrift store and altered. Is there anything you want from the Violette Market update? Another website to drool over. Sugar Shock, Witches' Apple, Beggar's Night... What is your favourite habitat and climate to live in? How about to visit? (ie. forest, canyons, mountains, by the beach; temperate, tropical...) What do you wish you could make/craft if you had the know-how and supplies? Specifically, which particular items? Is there anything you would like from Conjure Oils general catalogue or the new updates that isn't already on your wishlist? Oh my- I have never looked at that site before. I could spend hours looking up stuff.... I guess I will say Punkin Head and Mara and Alien Autopsy sound wonderful, and otherwise- anything with my love notes in it, I would love some introductory samples. OH- and my birth moon- September Harvest Moon- sounds perfect. WHY did I look at this website??? Am I alone in this, or is there a Book Fair/Comic Con scent you're dying to get your paws on, too? I can't even get beyond my deep desire to somehow be magicallu transported to comicon in a pumpkin at the last minute:) Anyone need address/phone type books? nope 9/17/10 Are there any particular movies, tv shows or cd's that you've been meaning to buy for years but just never got round to getting? Would you mind a gently used dvd/cd if your witch had it or could get it?? I have never been able to find the animated Phantom Tollbooth Movie. I also love Spirited Away and would love it on DVD... I also cannot find my Leonard Cohen cds and this makes me very sad to be without. Is there anything from the Possets' Hallowe'en update you're lusting after? *runs to look at Possets update* So the only possets I have tried have been through Villianess- and I really want a bottle of Gingerbread WHorehouse, consequently. I have not tried anything else- I have been meanign to get their introductory sample pack. But I digress... from the Halloween scents- Halloween, Hell, and definitely The Girls Love Ginger, cuz I do:) Would you like a custom/altered toy either from a seller or from your witch (like My Little Pony, or a Barbie or any particular toy that can be changed?) Hmmm... I once saw a cthulhu my little pony I really lusted after. I think Barbie creeps me out too much, but otherwise that sounds fun. Do you like the candy apple, candy corn or pumpkin spice kisses? Oh my GODDESS why have I not heard of the beauteous things before now? Anne Taintor, anyone? that sarcasm thing - i like it:) Which web comics do you enjoy? wondrmark, sometimes xkcd and another one that is escaping me... is icanhazcheezburger a web comic? 9/16/10 If I were to knit a scarf, would you prefer a skinny one, or a wide one? A short one, that when wrapped once around your neck will just tuck under your jacket, or a long one, at least to your waist? The collar scarves seem cool to me- I have a lot of medium ones- so a collar, or a super long skinny, or a cowl type one would be new for me. Don't like scarves? Would a rectangular shawl or triangular shawl be more to your taste? I like all knit things asd long as they don't itch. How do you feel about recipes? They are supr useful the first tiem you make somehting- I love to try new things and see what other people make. What kind of a cook/baker are you? Experimental? I am learning to make yeast based baked goods at the moment. I tend to look up a bunch of recipes, see what other people do, and then improvise my own blend for a dish. Are you happiest calling for delivery or microwaving a lean cuisine, Or will Food Network be asking you to host their new program? I am a foody/chef type. This weekend, I made salsa verde and canned it, and made tilapia in parchment with veggies and lime slices. Cooking is my de-stressor. If I send you something home made would you like the reciepe for it? Definitely! If you are someone who doesn't want baked goods sent, would you like a collection of some of my favorite recipes? How about home made mixes or kits? Kind of like the cookie in a jar thing, where you would need to add the perishable ingredients? I bake from scratch, but kits sound fun too. if you are a tea lover, what are your flavor preferences? Green? Black? Herbal (I know, technically those are NOT teas, but tisanes)? Flavored blacks/greens? I love many kinds of tea so it is hard to say- I love fruit herbals with caramel tones- so honeybush is a favorite of mine. I love lavender, earl grey varieties, strange blends of oolong, green matcha, and I really love roasted rice green tea which at the moment seems impossible to find. More answers:) 9/15/10 How do you feek about silly, funny knick-knack, dollar store stuff, stickers, magnets etc? Would you like receiving that kind of stuff or rather not? I love knick knacks. I mostly get art supplies from the dollar or thrift store- boxes and glassware I can sculpt on with polymer clay or paint. Is there a specific book you've been wanting to get but haven't found the time or the opportunity to? My amazon list is pretty enormous:) Hmmmm... I do want the new art book : Botany for Artists, and Stephen King's DIferent Seasons anthology. Do you read mangas/watch animes? Which ones? Do you have a particular favourite? Would you like to receive managas or anything related to them? I love Miyazaki's anime- I am definitely open to learning about the genre- I have never read "real" mange and would definitely be into a crash course. Are you open to receiving things that are not on your wishlist, maybe something your Witch thinks you might like? Sure- that is what witching is all about:) If you have something on a wishlist that we could craft INSTEAD of buying, though it might not end up identical to the wishlist thing, would it be okay to craft it instead? Obviously we don't want to copy anyone else's design, but if we can replicate the flavour or intent that you like without stepping on toes? Definitely! OK, I know that lots of folks love socks. Do you have a preference of length? Materials? Patterns? Any non-itch sock is a good sock in my book. I prefer deeper or natural colors and all kinds of lengths from ankle to thigh. How do people feel about word magnets My fridge is kind of packed, but I think they would be fun:) How do you feel about samples/decants of things other than BPAL? Soap slices, lotion/scrub/shower gel decants, single use make-up/beauty products, etc. Love me some samples! What are you guys going to be aiming for in the Inquisition? Or do you just plan on ordering individual items? I may order individual items- I am mostly holding out on reviews. I love ginger but like gingerbread ginger- so I want to see how Ginger Skulls plays out. 9/14/10 Chocolate or other types of candy?, Chocolate with lemon, with salt, with herbs and all sorts of wierd stuff- and that perrenial favorite, with caramel. I also like caramel and maple in general, and sour candy/gummies. I like way too much candy, honestly. I try to keep it to one piece a day and then fruit. For tea drinkers, do you prefer loose leaf or tea bags? I use both very frequently, so either is fine. The only tea apparatus I don't have is the blooming teapot. Everything else I am ready for. If you would enjoy something of a knitted persuasion, do you have a preference on type of thing? Since making a scarf for someone who has 10 might be a smidge excessive? Also, how do people feel about shawls? I have scarves but I live in Buffalo, so I could always use more. I am missing some colors I love- deep blue or eggplant... and I would love one of those button around your neck scarves- they are so cool. I have never had a shawl but I am open to gypsy shawls coming into my life:) Is there a TV, movie or literary character that you are a lot alike, or would like to be alike? This is a tricky one. I identify with the strange, yearning creativity and wierdness of Clive Barker's fantasy characters. I lose myself in book s alot but I am not sure I have ever seen myself in a book, per say. I just read the hunger games trilogy, and Kattniss Everdeen is kick ass, self-sufficient, compassionate and able to admit her own mistakes, so I would like to emulate her. Is there anything you need for your kitchen, ie measuring cups, spoons, grater, ect? My cookie sheets are horrible. I am pretty stocked in my kitchen in general. Music, DO you prefer Live or Studio? Edited or explicit? Hmmm... ususally studio but live can be increidlbe with the right artist. I am not a fan of editing lyrics. If you are an animal lover, is there a specific type/breed that you love most? I love my cats to bits- they are rescues with a bit of Maine Coon in them. My dear Severus, RIP, was a Maine Coon and I miss him too much to say. Also flowers and plants- If you like flowers/plants, do you have a favorite(s)? I love herbs and useful plants- Especially lavender and grape vines, apple trees and hazel trees as well. Hazel is my birth tree, and willow is my husband's, so I have a special love for those two. I also adore ivory or deep rust roses, and violets and carnations. Do you have a favorite quotation? Song lyric? Book passage? WhateverthehecktheycalltheanonymousregionalwisdomthingiePROVERB! that word. So many. I love the Dune quote: "I will not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear and I will let it pass through me. When the fear is gone only I will remain." ANd pretty much everything from The Last Unicorn. Also, The Once and Future King: "The best thing for being sad is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then — to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting." — T.H. White (The Once and Future King) What is a bpal scent that you've been dying to try for awhile but just can't find? (A scent where even a tester would do) TAL Milk and Honey, and Nine Muses Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that you have some children/spawn (1 or more), and, hypothetically speaking, your witch would like to spoil them a little but knows nothing of kids these days. What do they like or dislike? Also is there anything a (sane) adult might think they would like that you don't think is appropriate for whatever reason? (I'm thinking of things like temp tattoos, make up, things that make noise, or anything else that might be bad for non-obvious reasons.) My imaginary children are grounded at the moment, so no spoilage for them. Is there anything you would like that can be delivered over the internet? Things like fanfic recs, cat macros, mp3s you are looking for, how-to or amusing videos, things like that I enjoy funny videos and macros, and links ot cool sites. I have been thinking I should get some books son tape to work out to- so that could work online too I guess. What would your last meal be if it could be anything in the world (sky is the limit, drinks too, the whole shebang) My last night of my honeymoon meal again: (Yes, I remeber it) Champagne, nice and dry Warm, crusty rosemary bread Venison Carpaccio with Carmelized Blood Orange and crisped onions Flaky Wild Mushroom Tart Duck Breast with Bacon, Artichoke, and Herb pasta smothered in smoked cheese Almond and sugar crepe with pine needle sorbet and fresh raspberries Now I am all drooly again. NaNoWriMo? Oh yes! I have never done this and I am determined to try it this year- but I know next to nothing about it! Thats all for now:) BPAL I have: 5ml Faith Drink Me 13 June 08 Alice Joyful Moon Horse Chestnut Honey Rose Red (2) Snow White Shub-Niggurath (almost gone!) Gingerbread Poppet Lick It (2) Pumpkin Queen Pumpkin 5 09 Samhain 07 Sugar Skull 05 Sugar Skull 08 Lambs Wool 09 Pumpkin 5 08 Egg'd Mailbox Boo 09 Nonae Caprotina Velvet The Knave of Hearts Womb Furie Centzon Totochtin Wulric the Wolfman Obatala Eden (2) Gennivre the Artist Dance of Death Midnight Mass Namaste Grrr! TKO Blockbuster and TALS: White Light Anthelion Lion Heart I have tried a lot of bpal- I don't even know where to start with that! I definitely want to try more of the panaceas and utility blends, and the TALs. Recently, I tried the entire summer butterfly/moth series with decants, and I have a bunch of Halloween decants coming. 9/13/10 what interests you from the latest lab update? dawn maiden and mother, and a bunch of the trading post goodies that I added to my wishlist. I am rabidly anticipating the last unicorn update! How do you feel about stationery, like nice pens or notepaper? And if you're in favor, do you prefer classic/contemporary or cutesy stuff? I love stationary- I tend towards hand printed art fair type stuff or art nouveau fancy stuff. I adore good pens to write/draw with. I have a sharpie pen/uniball addiction. Would you like homemade preserves (e.g. marinated vegies, pickled onions, chilli jam?) I am canning for the first time this summer and love btoh canned veggies, fruit, and recipes to can my own. If you've got stuff on your BPAL wishlist, would partial bottles be okay? definitely! Would you like something you have to make yourself? I make lots of stuff myself, so this sounds fun. To warn you though, I have no knitting or sewing experience, so I would need help starting out with something like that. Say you were my witchee, and I found things on your wishlist that I could totally make. Would you want me to make it? Or would you rather it be purchased for you? That sounds awesome- I really treasure handmade things. Who is your favorite soap etailer? moonalisa is hard to get, and haunt is closed- so i would have to say magic hands at soapbox co or lush What about vintage decoration items, teacups, etc etc? I love roycroft/arts and craft style antiques, and again, art nouveau. I have a tea pot/cup problem but I keep it pretty under control. With regards to your gifts, would you prefer your presents' awesomeness evenly spread out (several packages of pretty terrific things) over the round or a slow build-up of awesomeness (going up from pretty cool things to something super-duper cool at the end) to go out with a bang? Do you have a preference? I can't dislike presents in the mail in any form! What kind of make-up do you wear? What colors? Is there anything you'd like to try but haven't yet? mostly natural- not a lot of eye shadow but i like deep colors of eyeliner for art openings that I can paint inside my lash line. I like lip stains and balms or sheer lipstick, and I generally struggle to find makeup pale enough for my skin that wont clog my pores. Who would be on your top 5 (IE famous people you'd date/have relations with ) Can they include fictional people? OK, I have an anti-hero problem! The Phantom of the Opera Leto Atriedes Howl from Howl's Moving Castle Severus Snape Spike aka William the Bloody and the list goes on! 9/12/10 Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to last.fm immediately and create an account! Download the scrobbler! Link us to your account! If you reject this assignment, maybe just tell us what your mp3 player says you listen to a lot? I listen to a lot of showtunes, celtic music, indie rock, classic rock, singer-song writer stuff with acoustic guitar and piano, and punk rock Any countries you're interested in? All things Celtic, the art of Japan ancient and modern. Would you enjoy homemade bath products (bath salts, fizzies, etc.) and/or linen sprays? Esp. if scented with some of your favorite BPAL scents? That sounds incredible. I keep meaning to make my own BPAL products- so far I have made solid perfume and some lotions. If you witch made you something and it didn't come out just right, would you still want it? Of course! Are you a foodie? yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Any sports fans in the house? What's your favorite sport/team/player? what are these sports you speak of? For holidays, do you decorate? Would you like decorative stuff, weenie or otherwise? If so, do you lean towards the elegant, the crafty/folksy, or the more, erm, campy? natural autumn stuff, creepy dark or classic halloween stuff:) Do you like journals/notebooks/sketchbooks? I use tons of notebooks ad sketchbooks- I especially like unlined pages. 9/11/10 Cake truffles? If YES! Cake/icing/chocolate type? Wow- why have I not heard of this before? I don't know how to choose. I love cream cheese, milk chocolate, lemon and raspberry, any fall seasonal type things. I need to try and make these someday! are you interested in mini bottles(under 100ml for hand luggage) of bath and body products? I don't travel much but sample sizes are fun! Vampire shows, literature, etc? Yay or nay? Not a twilight fan- loved Dracula, much of Anne Rice and Buffy. My favorite vamp lit is SUnshine by Robin McKinley If you play console video games, what game systems do you have and what games would you love to have? I still need to try starcraft 2. I have a mac, and an old playstation 2 that I used mostly to play final fantasy. How do you all feel about flowers and plants? Flower and plant seeds? Drawings of flowers or plants? Pressed flowers? I have little sunlight in my apartment, and my cats love to kill my houseplants. I dream of having a real garden again someday, so seeds would be wonderful. I collect all sorts of ephemera and dried flowers for my altars and art, so that sounds good too. How do you feel about marzipan? delicious? If you could have 3 BPAL bottles fall (gently) out of the sky right this second that you've been looking for or pining for - which 3 would they be? Because I am impatient: Pumpkin Latte, because I ran out: Shub Niggurath, and because I am a dreamer: Antique Lace Are there any international treats that you love and have a hard time finding? how about inter-stellar? I adore astronaut ice cream but don't live by the Smithsonian anymore! I also love cadbury flake. Is there anything from the 'Ween BPTP update that you would like but haven't ordered for yourself? Not sure- I have to test out those decants. I wish I had ordered a decant of Nothing Gold Can Stay but I somehow missed it. If you are a crafter, would you like to receive supplies from your witch (beads, fabric, yarn/roving etc?) definitely! I use all sorts of stuff, so I don't even know where to start listing it. My husband was literally teasing me an hour ago abotu having a big bag of concrete in the kitchen for a project I'm in the middle of. If you could see one concert right now, who would it be? Leonard Cohen, hands down. 9/10/10 I think I got soem of these before... but I will answer just in case. Would you like a bag of dried Honeycrisp apples? YES! If you were to receive a knitted item (such as a scarf, hat, etc), what colors would you like? And do you have any sensitivies/allergies to any materials? I love knitted stuff, I hate itchy yarn. I especially love deep green and purple, black or chocolate brown. Gift Certificate: physical or email? email is faster, but no big preference there. Favorite Yankee Candles? Or other brands scents? autumn leaves and other patchouli scents- macintosh, apricot, mango, mint chocolate winter ones, patchouli seasonal ones, super foody spicy ones. would you like a zuni animal fetish? And if so, what animal? I had to look that up, but they are great- I have some turtles like that who would welcome a friend. And how does everyone feel about glow in the dark radishes? Glow in the dark radishes would be great at parties:) What places to do you visit that you'd like a gift card to? Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart, B&N, a favorite restaurant or clothing shop? I frequent B&N, and starbucks when I need those seasonal latte fixes. Online I love sock dreams and soapbox co. Cake or Frosting? cake! What animal would your daemon be? Alternately, your patronus. My patronus is definitely a cat: a giant Maine Coon:) What's YOUR favorite word? disestablishmentarianism. or maybe poon. Steampunk, yay or nay? If yay, what part appeals most? yay! The blend of victorian and funky- the aged metals and intricate parts Do you have A VCR, DVD Player or Blue Ray or a combo of the three? no tv- my comp plays dvds What is your favourite snack food, something you could grab any time? chocolate or fresh fruit. Or both! So for those of you who are into Harry Potter at all, which house do you think you'd be sorted into? Slytherin. What, if anything, is your guilty TV watching pleasure? Glee If you cosplay or need a costume for your bellydance/burlesque hobby (or any other hobby which needs dressup/different from your normal wear), is there anything you need/want for it? I am workign on my belly dancing costume- it is all gold an dyellow and jingly- but I am not sure what it needs. Maybe some gold jingly anklets. What about [mixed or otherwise] DVDs? DVDs: Do you prefer widescreen or formatted? dvds are good- mixed or otherwise. I have a slight preference for wide screen. Music: Any preference towards MP3 or CD? my car plays both, so both are fine I think that is it for now!
  5. Dark chocolate and pepper-smoked caramel. Disclaimer: I have a terrible head cold, but I have been waiting for reviews for the box of chocolates myself and thought any review in a storm, eh? In the bottle: Out of my embarrasingly large order, this is the one bottle that made me swoon when I opened it for the first time. Deep dark chocolate- not dusty cocoa, and a sexy caramel that makes my tiddly wink. On my skin: Great throw- stonger than the white chocolate blends. I cannot get over how unbelievably rich the dark chocolate is. It reminds me a bit of Gula bath oil. Definitely a cousin to Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil with the caramel. In time the pepper smoked aspect lends a woody aspect to the blend, and this is just. so. hot. The least straight-up foody blend in the box in terms of complexity, but stil so very very coated in molten chocolate. Verdict: We are talking 90% cacao here. With smoked orgasms. Put it on your man or woman, and proceed to get your daily antioxidants.
  6. White chocolate and sugared violets. Disclaimer: I have a terrible head cold, but I have been waiting for reviews for the box of chocolates myself and thought any review in a storm, eh? In the bottle: Faith-a bit of spicy violet and a violet flavored rock-candy lolipop. On my skin: This is pretty much my beloved Faith, only lounging about in the nude covered in whipped cream. Verdict: Beautiful creamy spicy sweet violets, no powder, and as time goes on, seems to gain staying power. Do I need 20 bottles? Maybe.
  7. jupiternf

    White Chocolate and Strawberry

    Disclaimer: I have a terrible head cold, but I have been waiting for reviews for the box of chocolates myself and thought any review in a storm, eh? In the bottle: Strawberry bubble gum- tons of sugar and a little bit of tang. On my skin: Pretty consistent- the strawberry tang has more staying power than in Beaver Moon 07, where the berry seemed to dissapear all too soon. This may be because unlike BM, White Chocolate and Strawberry does not have a cream note to beat up those poor innocent berries. Verdict: So far the box of chocolates seems to be pretty straightforward, and promises to be awesome for layering. I cannot wait to wear this in the spring.
  8. White chocolate, marshmallow, and coconut. Disclaimer: I have a terrible head cold, but I have been waiting for reviews for the box of chocolates myself and thought any review in a storm, eh? In the bottle: HELLO sweet coconut, a la pina colada. On my skin: A gentler coconut- the tropicana effect wears off and I am left with a creamy and innocent blend that has a distinct marshmallow sweetness. No toasted element- just creamy white sugar binge. Verdict: Will keep my bottle happily, but no need to stock up : I prefer Obatala and Eden's greater complexity. This is not a blend for those who dislike foody scents, obviously.
  9. jupiternf

    Switch Witch Fall 2008 Questions

    Hello my dear Witch! I have FINALLY caught up on questions. Go me:) I just updated my amazon wishlist, so it had that new list smell. I added some CDs and DVDs I am interested in or looking for, but in general I am a big fan of mix cds and burnt dvds too. I love to meet new songs and shows. The only Charles deLint I have read is in the form of short stories in Anthologies, and I am about to read Moonheart, so everything else is fair game:) It is wonderful to meet you. Switch Witch Fall 2009 Questions: There has been a lot of talk about chocolate, but none about Candy! What is your favorite Candy? What candy do you hate? I love sour candy, gummies, maple sugar candy, caramels and marshmallows, esp. in strange and exotic flavors. I dislike anything banana flavored, and I am not a big fan of bubble gum flavor either. Do you have a Blu-Ray player? nope Do you have any objections to receiving downloads? Is your internet connection fast enough for you to download large files like music easily? Are there any songs, albums, movies, or TV shows that you can't find/haven't been released that you want? I have fast wifi, so downloads are no problem. Movies I want to see- the new fro the POV of the Cylons Battlestar Galactica move that is supposed to come out in the fall, and other impossible things:) I do want to see Ponyo and Across the Universe but keep missing them for some reaon. Are you interested in things like home remedies for ailments, cleaning solutions, etc.? I lover herbal remedies and home made recicipes for cleanign the house- mostly now I use a lot of white vinegar. In terms of remedies, I would make the most use of things for head or muscle aches, and things for lifting the mood or prolonging concentration while I work. If you do any kind of craft, could you use supplies? What kind? knitting needles, yarn, amazing fabric, pinking shears, cool thimbles or pincushins, jewelery making supplies, beads, etc.? I love supplies- I like to paint in all mediums, but I also like to include things like dry leaves and old lace and whatever is lying around to make mosaics and collages and shrines. I kind of view everything as an art project. I love boxes to decorate, silver and copper wire to make into jewelry, beeswac for encaustic, different powdered pigments- but I am horrible at knitting and the like- if you send me beautiful yarn or fabric, it will end up in a collage and not a coat or scarf:) What's your favorite pain-relief remedy or ritual? I have a few TAL oils I will use, or lavender or peppermint essential oils, and I will anoint my pulse points and temples, roll up a towel and place it under my back and just lay with my limbs stretched out and breathe deep. I usually take a scorching bath, but there is no bath here I can use in my temporary home between homes, so that is really a problem right now for my back! Do sounds make you happy? What ambient noises make you smile? I like to hear the sounds of someone else working nearby- cooking, or whistling, and I love the sound of a rainstorm outside. When you receive your SW packages...do you like receiving things that are individually wrapped inside? or unwrapped? or both? The individual wrapping thing is fun, for the surprise factor, but not needed. A hilarious witch once sent me a beautifully wrapped empty box and it was a great laugh. Of course, we're all going to be grateful no matter what our witches give us, but for the record, what is your anti-present? Tell us something that you think your future witch might give you that you absolutely, unequivocally DO. NOT. WANT. I don't need a planner, because I am making my own for next year. What BPAL scent have you never tried but always wanted to? What scent have you tried and LOVED, and haven't been able to get more of and why? I love Hod and Chaste moon, and have a precious impful of each. I have never tried MonsterBait underpants, mostly because I am afraid to fall in love iwth the unattainable. I know we're all scent sensitive here. What are your favorite non-perfume smells? Day in the life stuff? I love the smell of my cats soft fur. I love the smell of my DH when he comes in from outside. I love love love the smell of Jasmine Green tea brewing, when Jasmine perfume seems to go horribly for me- go figure. I love the smell of mushrooms, garlic and onions simmering in butter. Or just butter in general. Coffee drinkers, what types of beans to you like? Kona, Sumatra, Kenya..etc. How do you like them roasted? Do you like flavors, such as hazelnut, vanilla, etc. in your coffee? I like ground coffee, because i use a french press. I like super dark roasts, and enjoy most any flavor save the alcoholic ones. Who has a birthday falling in this round? Just had mine (Sept 1) For those of us who like chocolate, do you like anything /in/ your chocolate, like fruit, nuts, or for the more daring among us, chilies? I just had great cardamom white chocolate, and a lavender milk- herbs are a huge favorite of mine- spicy is good too! Are there any childhood shows/movies/games/books/etc. that still hold a really special place in your heart? I am very excited about Where the Wild things Are this fall, also loved Space Quest and Day of the Tentacle as a young'n, Watership DOwn, Rainbow Brite, and a lot of other fun 80s things:) Super power? Flight, or perhaps emphathy. I would definitely go for a universal translator. If I send you whole spices or coffee beans, would you be able to grind them or would you prefer them preground for your convenience? Ground (no grinder available in limbo land here) For the tea and coffee drinkers: Opinion on tea- and/or coffee-related accessories/etc? (Teaware, sugar crystals, infusers, tea chests, etc)How do you take your coffee (or tea)? Black or with cream and/or sugar? I add honey- different fun kinds, and sometimes soymilk to my tea and coffee. I have tons of tea supplies, but I sitll want to try those blooming teas you put in a clear pot. Or any new fun flavours of tea are always welcome. Restaurants you'd like a gift certificate to on Restaurant.com? I like non-chain places mostly, but I can't say no the Cheesecake Factory or the Melting Pot In your perfect world it is chocolate and...? salted caramel, or peanut butter How do you scent your home: tarts, reed diffusers, BPAL, candles? pure beeswax candles, tarts, and BPAL or other oils What's your favorite dessert treat? Ice cream? Cake? Pie? Fudge brownie cake with pie flavored ice cream on top? creme brulee Do you believe we control our destiny, or does our destiny control us? Free Will balances Destiny- you may have one, but you can choose to go towards it or not. What one thing that is missing from your life would you like to have above all else? A home where I can be together with my kittens. A bathtub! An awesomely successful art business. All in all, I am not missing much else, so no complaints here. What was your favouritest job ever, and why? I love working for myself- it is scary, but I can make art for 12 hours and no one stops me. The most rewarding job I have ever had is teaching art to students with Autism. What GC scent have you been putting off getting since it'll "always be there"? Hmm- i keep thinking I should get Cockaigne, and passing it up. Any cooks? Could you use anything cooking related? Aprons? Cookbooks? Measuring Cups? Recipes? Herb/Spice containers? Fancy Spices? Dish Towels? Cocktail napkins? Amazing Beaded Pot Holders? (like from our very own Pottersville! ) Something else? I don't have my own kitchen, but I use it constantly when I do- I esoeially lover fancy spices and I need some basic cookbooks- I esp. want Julia CHild's now that I've seen Julie and Julia What's your favorite candy to stock up on at Halloween? reeses umpkins What are your phobias? Not sure, but I am not big on needles or surgery, or cockroaches What is your favourite flower (or plant)? violet, white roses, lavender, sage, hazel tree Duct tape purses and wallets and things are pretty darned cool. Who else thinks so? I do! I like to duct tape up school folders or notebooks to give them an indestructable edge An anonymous benefactor gives you $500 (or an equivalent amount of money in your currency of choice) with the following stipulations. You must spend all of it within a week: any money left unspent must be returned. You must spend at least half of the money on yourself. You may not use it to pay off debts or bills of any kind. What do you do with the money? Take friends and family out to a big dinner, and go on an art supply spree with the rest. I have been longingly looking at liquid acrylic paints for a while now- and nothing is better than food and drink with people you lov e and rarely get togther with all at once. Who likes coloring books? I like ot take my little pony coloring books and cut and paste the ponies into compromising positions, because I am a horrible person. Are you an avid reader? What's your favorite book/series? I read every day. Favorites are hard ot pick- but I adore The Once and Future Kins, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Dark Tower, Dune, and The Great and Secret Show Do you have a Good Reads profile? If so, make with the link! If you don't have one, go make one! I do not know about this- I shall check it out... You're in the kitchen at the end of a pay period and groceries are pretty scarce. Do you take the five ingredients you find first and make something fabulous, or do you order take out? I love broke kitchen challenge:) You end up trying onew things when supplies are limited. If you could decorate/redecorate any 1 room in your home, what would it be and how would you decorate it? I dream of making a big spacious and organized studio for myself someday, like the spreads in "Where Women Create" I would fill it with old type drawers and tons of pictures and strange little bits of ephemera, and my zillions of art supplies. Any rabid sports fans out there? What teams do you root for? What are these sports you speak of? What's your favorite animal? (You can have more than one.) If I could only choose one, probably the sea turtle. AFter that, wolves, cats, giant squid. This is how the world ends... zombie apocalypse, robot uprising, alien invasion, return of the elder gods... which doomsday scenario do you prefer (or make your own!)? I like the scenario where we all ust get our shit figured out, or possibly where penguins become sentient and kick our asses and we are all penguin slaves for all eternity. In the year 2525... if man is still alive... what sort of future do you imagine? (apologies to anyone who gets that song stuck in their head!) Who knows- things have changed so radically, it is hard to say - but I fear that our natural resources will either be scarce, or we will be scarce at that point. Perhaps we will all be living sustainably and more ismply, perhaps some more feminine wisdom will be commonplace, for both men and women, and there will be a gentler, more communicative world. ANd perhaps, penguisn will be our evil, waddle-tastic overlords. Do you believe in magic (or magick, if you prefer)? What does it mean to you? I believe in things we cannot explain with science. I believe that everything matters in some way, and that there are connections we cannot fathom, but still touch. But I don't think there is anything unnatural about it, so yes to magic, but not as a supernatural force- it is completely organic, simply unquantifiable. If you found the puzzle box from Hellraiser, what would you do with it? ( and would you be able to resist playing with it? ) If anything remotely horror movie happens to me, I like to not be the idiot virgin blonde who investigates the basement alone wihta broken flashlight, thankyouverymuch. But then again, I am very curious... Do you like pinup art/images? I like old vintage pin up pictures- they are beautiful and naughty, which is a great combination. What are your plans for Halloween? Have you made any yet? Do you have any traditions? Carving punpkins and roasting the seeds is a definite tradition, as is going apple picking, but I could use some more Halloween traditions. I am goign to recognize Mabon and Samhain more traditionally this year, so that is a change for me. Who are your BPAL forum buddies? You know, people I could conspire with to Witch you! I am a bit buddy-less right now- while moving I kind of dropped of the edge of the world, but Lexis is a great Witcher or me for sure:) What is your favorite color? Green- all those deep, lush shades Any other steampunk fans/lovers? yes, and YES. Describe your ideal picnic lunch. Where would you go? Who (if anyone, and yes there can be multiple people) would accompany you? What sort of food would you take? And, of course, if a picnic lunch sounds like a horrible idea, feel free to say so! I have this picnic kit I pack salad and fruit and cookies and wine into to take to Arboreums and prks with my DH, and it is pretty much a perfect escape from the world. Any Gamers here? What kind? Board games? RPG? Miniature? MMORPG? Love borad games, like Balderdash, have played a lot of FInal Fantasy, used to play WOW, and have never got into anything like DnD, but am curious. Is anyone playing this round of SW into ABJ? (asian ball jointed dolls) Never heard of them before. What is your favorite Halloween icon? Vincent Price? Edward Scissorhands? no- Drucilla from Buffy. SHe is the bestest insane chick ever. Ok, more later, I am ti-red:) Imagine that you're given a shoebox-sized time capsule, and you are asked to put any number of items in the box that symbolize who you are. The items can be may be anything you can imagine, and money is no object, but they must fit within the box. Which items do you choose? I guess I've already donethis in miniature all over my house- I collect little things- scraps of pictures, quotes from books, holy medals and special rocks and little leaves and dried up bits of silly string, bits of cat fur- It would be a mishmosh of tiny memories. Are you involved in any long-term, ambitious project? something like decorating your house or saving for a trip to the other end of the world, for example. I am in the middle of three really big things: Relocating from DC to Buffalo, NY, with all the job hunting and house hunting it entails. Trying to make it as a visual artist. and writing Logos, a graphic novel I am working on with my husband that we started 4 years ago. Favorite kind or take out kinda burger? Whats your burger preference? Veggie,meat or ???? In DC they had this place with rosemary salted fries and a little burger with melted brie and caramelized onion straws- ohmahgawd. Whats your favorite childhood toy? Well, mostly imaginary things, or my library card, or my stuffed unicorn, Sapphire, who is totally real. Also, I had an awesome little tool set that I loved, and ghost buster figurines. If you have a pet, what kind of gifts would be good for them? My kittens enjoy catnip, feathered things, and those squishy fuzzy balls for fetching. Do you Tweet? What is your Twitter name? TaraSas Are you on Ravelry? What is your Ravelry name? no skill here! But I'd love to learn... What are everyone's favorite Halloween-y/Autumn-y/spooky movies? Are there any you don't own but would like to? I love me some Burton, and Donnie Darko, and fun adrenaline movies like Jurassic park- I really want to see Kiki's Delivery Service:) Are roasted pumpkin seeds and home made chex mix the best fall snack foods, or what? I adore roasted pumpkin seeds! Whats your favorite pie, my dear SW's? I love raspberry pie! What kinda socks are you wearing tonight? The tall scrunchable green ones I bought with your awesome gift certificate:) Do you like socks? Blankets? Wrist warmers? Arm warmers? Headband? Shawl? Or what kind of knitted thing would you love the most? I love arm warmers, especially the ones that loop around yoru thumbs, and tube scarves, and blankets are awesome in general How do you feel about ghost stories? Do you like to tell the old tales around a campfire? Read true accounts on the web way past your bedtime? Do you like to pick up a good anthology of Poe stories on a blustery day? Or is all that too scary for you? I have a love hate relationship with this stuff- I am fascinated and love to red them, but also have an overactive imagination. I love my Poe anthology and am looking for a Lovecraft one. I'm also a fan of S. King and Clive Barker Who here is LOVING Warehouse 13? My mom, or one! Nother question! Coffee or Tea? Both- tea every day, coffee as a treat or weekend thing. Interested in locally produced products? Food, skincare or both?Olive oil? Lavender oils or soaps? I am a locavore, I love handmade food and skincare stuff. Lavender is a big friend to me and my aching head. Does anyone in here wear a lot of dangly earrings or collect pendants of all kinds?? How about hair clips or pony tail band things? I have been unable to wear earrings, and recently discovered I can wear danglies if I switch out the hooks for non-allergy ones made of pure silver, so I am now looking for cool earrings as I have about 2 pair total. I pretty much put my hair up with sticks, and not much else. What is your favourite historical period? Tricky- does Firefly count? I am pretty into steampunky victorian things, but right now is a great period to be alive. I think the nostalgia for old times is always better than they were. What other hot beverages everyone likes for fall? Love cider- and it isn't hot, but blending fresh cideer with cinnamon ice cream is the best fall milkshake ever. Did you order anything from the most recent update? Yep- a back up bottle of samhain, and cakesmash Vampires or Werewolves? Or some other monster? Spike from buffy is my monster of choice. But also, I adore sea monsters, especially the kraken and nessie. What sort of odd or regional foods do you crave? I miss shopping at the hoo-wah, where they had awesome rice crackers, and the local Indian grocery for various grains and lentils and spices. ******9/24***** Do you use henna at all (hair or skin)? hair and skin from time to time- not on my hair anymore What about 2010 Wall calenders? Or 2010 journals or appointment diaries? What subject? I am all set for that. What are your thoughts on Halloween decorations? I love old looking spooky stuff, or natural dried autumn harvest stuff. What tarot card do you most identify with? Great question. I am still learning Tarot, so I am pretty sure I am still the Fool, but I think it would be in Pentacles for my earth leanings, or The World, not so much because that it me, but I find it to be a lovely and affirming card. ******9/23***** Who collects ACEOs/ATCs? I do! Especially of sea monsters, steampunk, and art nouveau Switch Witches, which shoes do you own that are your favorite? What are your "daily drivers"? I love and have way too many boots- mostly flat ones for stomping around in- I also have a great all purpose pair of black flats I will miss when they fall apart. If you could describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be? intense, creative, flawed, loving... ( asked husband and he added mystical, swirly, and bootilicious) Do you collect new/used stamps? Will you like to get stamps on your mails? not really, but they can be beautiful. Any WKAP you're excited about? blackberry scones, sigh. I missed it online. How do you feel about stationary? (pens, notepads, cards, pencils, etc.) ******9/21-22***** The New update is next week.....Is everyone ready for the Yules and everything else in store? I am unprepared financially, but I will pick one or two awesome scents to splurge on and treasure them:) Cake or death? Oh my- did you hear he is doing stand-up again in January? And cake, please:) Are there any foreign food products that you'd love to get or to try? I do not understand turkish delight, but I like C.S.lewis. I like to try new things! Tea lovers, loose or bag? Paraphernalia? both, though I have mostly loose. I want to try tohe blooming teas in the glass teapot thingies. ******9/20***** Would you object to annonomous postcards (real ones) from your witch before the big reveal??? nope:) ******9/19***** Do you drink alcohol? Wine, beer or liquor? What is your favorite wine/beer/mixed drink? I prefer wine, but fruit lambics are wonderful, and I love a good mango mojito Do you like to find out there's a package on the way or to receive a tracking number to stalk, or do you prefer surprise packages? Either is fine. If I were your witch, and I wanted to make you a spell or mojo bag, would you be into that? And, if you were, would you want it for something like love, prosperity or luck? Or would you want it for a certain element? Or would you want it for something more personal- and what might that be? I would love a personal bag- maybe about my elements- fire for passion and earth for grounding, or whatever speaks to you. ******9/18***** Do you wear lip gloss/lip balm? If so, what flavors/scents? mostly burts bees- so honey or mint I guess What is one thing you constantly keep with you that you constantly loose? the above mentioned chapsticks- so I have a zillion of them:) What are your favorite fruits? whatever is in season- but especially berries, mangoes, fresh tart apples, figs, concord grapes- oh drool... If Beth made a perfume called "switch witch" what notes would be in it? well, it would obviously have to be a chaos theory set of blends, cause we are all such special snowflakes, the lot of us! What is your favorite cookie type? shortcake, snickerdoodles, anything with ginger ******9/17***** Are you into 80s movies (like i am ) if so, which are your favorites and who are your favorite characters? ghostbusters! Do you like Villainess soaps? What are your favorite scents? I love Killer Beez, Birthrite, Ginger snapped, and well, most everything I try Do you mind artificial colors in your food? not really- I mean I eat candy corn! Who wants hair pretties?(headbands, barrettes, pony-o's, scrunchies, bobby pins, hair clips, etc) I like fascinators. If you were my witchee, would you like any of the scents/sizes that are available on clearance? for where? I am on an origami crane kick recently, so I wonder if anyone will be interested in origami crane earrings, origami crane in a glass vial (~1.2cm wide) phone charm/pendant or just a container filled with cranes of different sizes. I actually make my own cranes often- so that would be cool- and paper to make them would be even better. How do you feel about clothing/accessories made from animals? Anti-fur, leather, shells, etc.? Does even faux wig you out? faux fur wigs me out, but faux leather is cool- I have some of the matt n natt bags made from plastic bottles that is great. How do you deal with stress? What's your favorite way to unwind? baths, reading, long walks in the woods, and especially locking myself in the studio You're given the opportunity to apprentice at any trade (or craft) of your choosing for the period of one year. Your mentor may be any currently living person. Which field of study would you choose, and who would be your mentor? Oh wow- a toss up: Odd Nedrum to learn how to paint like the "old masters," or Charles Vess to learn his amazing skills at illustration. ******9/16***** Who is musically inclined? What instruments (voice counts) do you play? Would you enjoy sheet music? I sing and have been in a few bands, and I would love sheet music, maybe of older lyrical stuff, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Leonard Cohen, or for newer stuff- Josh Ritter Favorite musicals? Pippin, Sweeney Todd (the stage version for the music) Which of the seven deadly sins is most likely to be your undoing? Gluttony. Wait, maybe pride. Like I would make the worlds best chocolate cake and think I'm all that, and then eat the whole thing. Anyone want a nickname and embroidered headband from PandaBite? I guess so? I have seen a lot of yankee candles haters..... personally i like yankee candle (some of them, anyway). do you or don't you, and if not, what candles do you like? this assumes you like candles. otherwise, what specific home fragrance do you use? I burn the small jar candles in my studio- and I am into foody and fall scents right now- like leaves and apple cider and all that. Would a "gift" donation to one of the organizations/causes you support be a great gift, or a lame gift? I love kiva.org, but I have a lot of loans going there right now, so it is up to you. ******9/15***** Does anyone have any symbols they consider to be personally significant or talismanic? Cats, wolves, the luna moth, foxes, fuzzy caterpillars, giant squid, fire, all manner of trees, honey. Are there any Gods, Goddess, or other mythological figures of whom you're particularly fond? Mary, Sophia, Apollo, St. Brigid, King Arthur and the Questing Beast Super villain or vigilante? Which would you like to be? Which would you like to receive? I always heart the villains, and am pretty ambiguous myself. What mythical or fantastic race of creatures (dragons, unicorns, griffins, elves, dwarves, faeries, etc.) do you most identify with, and why? Well, I want to be a wood elf, and I play one in WOW. How do you feel about Dia de los Muertos? Are you interested in sugar skulls? Catrina (or other) skeleton figurines? I am curious but don't know much. Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Yeats. Rumi. Tennyson. ******9/14***** For the crafty people out there: would you prefer something crafted or crafting supplies? Oh I love both, Supplies make me so so happy to use, but I love art I have gotten from others and really treasure each piece in my home. Can you use pill boxes, a hard ID case, coin purse, etc? I love hard ID cases Any songs you are desperately into at the moment? I am looking for some classical guitar to paint to for the fall. What's autumn like in your neck of the woods? What do you love and/or hate about it? Autumn is chill and crisp and perfect, and I adore it! What's your favorite product(s) at Trader Joe's? We talked about this ! Pretty much everything... If you're caught in front of the tv, what are you watching? Buffy or West Wing on DVD, star trek, sci fi goodness of some kind, or monsters on the discovery channel. Or glee! Any Amy Brown art fans? I don't know- some of her work is beautiful, but I think her characters are a little too perfect for my tastes. How do you feel about Halloween music? (mix CDs, what have you) I love to make mixes, and love new stuff. Who else is reeeeeally looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland? ME Is there a store that you love which does not have a location near you (but that has a physical presence somewhere, not just online? Why do you love it so much? BPAL, nuff said Lolcats....yeah or nay? I can has them now please? What is your favorite creepy folk story or legend? Cthulhu esque stories If your witch were to either write something for you or put together a collection of ghost stories, would you rather have it in writing, recorded as an oral telling, or both? I love books, so in writing. If you had the funds to commission an original painting for yourself, what would it be of? What would it be like- colors, size, style? I would want a painting of light filtering through the woods, maybe with a mysterious figure or two, or a huge but obscured creature, with deep greens and purples. ******9/12-13***** What's something you're really looking forward to in the semi-near future? ettign my own place and stocking the kitchen What fictional character do you most identify with and why? Merlin, because he is cool, but confused and doesn't agree with linear time Could you use a 'travel' imp case? How many should it hold? I have a few of my own As a witchee, would you prefer to have many little packages sent to you throughout the round with a not-so-big final package or fewer things throughout the round with one huge final package to seal the sweetness? What is your idea of the perfect evening at home? cook a cool multi course meal, eat it with a bottle of wine and DH or maybe a few guests, and then have a bonfire or play a fun boardgame Are you on any social networks (MySpace, Twitter, LJ, Facebook, Bebo, etc)? If so, make with the links! Are you open to new friends? I lik efreinds- I am jupiterpsyche on LJ and Tarasas on twitter, and Tara Sasiadek on facebook What kind of socks? green or black and warm How often do you update your wishlist? with new wishes- so maybe once a month May I help you fill out your costuming wardrobe (assuming you costume)? Are there articles you are seeking to enhance your a) Halloween costume, Renfest attire, c) Cosplay, d) Steampunk accouterment? Oh wow- I would love any cool steampunk stuff- maybe a hat with goggles? I love lacy gauntlets and stuff. So, who has a store or ETSY shop or knows of a shop of a fellow BPALer that everybody needs to check out? I have an etsy shop that no one knows exists, and I am sad but determined to keep at it. It is at www.TaraNova.us Oh my, my fingers are tired!
  10. jupiternf

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    Sugar Skull and Antique Lace last almost 24 hours on me. Strangely, my skin eats La Befana, which should be a sucker punch combo of both and therefore last FOREVER. Scent free moisture helps things last one me as well- but anything with spf seams to eat or distort scent on me. Sugar Skull seems to be the only thing that can withstand spf.
  11. jupiternf

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    I was lucky enough to sniff poisoned apple at Nailpolish Etc. last weekend, and it is a much stronger apple than I expected from the other notes. Of course, maybe I just take poison for granted when it comes to produce. Mostly, I cannot wait for my bottle of fearful pleasure arrive, what with the latest reviews.
  12. jupiternf

    Shub-Niggurath Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    My bar lathers beautifully, and gives off faint but lingering Shub smell. You get a sense of spicy gingerbread and dark resin, and I love my bar, but I would buy a lifetime's supply if it was scented more strongly.
  13. jupiternf

    Carnaval Diabolique

    In the imp: Someone in the Carnaval is making lemon cream pies. Yeah Baby. Wet: Hmm. This is what people talk about when they say something smells like pledge. My skin tends to play nicer with lemon, but this is amping straight lemon like crazy and I miss the creamy note it had in the imp. Dry: Much better: light lemon and cream and emerging opium and light florals. Very mysterious but snuggly and non-aggressive in this stage.
  14. jupiternf

    The Phantom Calliope

    In Imp: juicy black cherries, spice and possibly a verbena/citrus edge On Skin: Cherry red hots. I am enjoying the juicy red fruit stage when: ACK. RED welts of doom. My first oil with this reaction. Perhaps a room scent then...
  15. jupiternf


    Testing the last of my imp, because I have a bottle on the way... This is perfect for summer. It has all the lush fruity sweetness I crave in the heat, while being light enough to be fresh instead of cloying. I have so many deep and dark or intensely sweet scents, that this is a very welcome bit of variety. In the imp: Mostly almond and coconut milk- very foody in this stage. Wet: Creamy fruit- I detect more coconut than fig. Dry: The fig leaves and sandalwood emerge: tempering the sweetness with the green stage others have mentioned. The mix of green and cream is punctuated by little drops of purple, and now I want to paint this blend...