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aphrodite's Blog > Switch witch 2017

Posted 12 September 2017

dear witch, 
i've been skipping or being vague on questions that i think are already answered by the questionnaire, or where i don't want to get so specific as to basically create a laundry list of exact items i want. some questions have been actual repeats from the questionnaire, while others are new or altered questions but my answer would b...

aphrodite's Blog > Switch Witch 2016

Posted 20 September 2015

2016 answers first, and I'll leave my 2015 answers below a dotted line so you have more to go on. Some of it will be a bit outdated, but I'll try to brush it up.
Witch, you asked about my favorite Alice imagery. I think the mad tea party and the cheshire cat are my top favorites. I also love the Jabberwocky poem, the walrus and the carpenter, the...