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Switch witch 2017

dear witch,

i've been skipping or being vague on questions that i think are already answered by the questionnaire, or where i don't want to get so specific as to basically create a laundry list of exact items i want. some questions have been actual repeats from the questionnaire, while others are new or altered questions but my answer would be redundant from things i said in the questionnaire. and in questions about whether i want something from a certain website, i tend to either skip those or say "yes" or "no," because i would rather have you enjoy exploring, making choices, getting things that seem "me" but also speak to you personally, etc rather than just giving you list after list of every item i want from every website. for me a lot of the magic comes from totally surprising my witchee, as well as introducing her to things i love based on a common interest we share, and i don't want my witch to be pigeonholed.

Random thoughts: i super want this: https://www.lvnea.com/collections/rituals-kit/products/autumnal-equinox-feu-sacre-limited-edition-seasonal-box and also would just love some samples from Lvnea.
i also love Nest's seasonal candles, which I forgot to mention in my original candle answer. they come in a ton of sizes at different price points and can be found on their own site, Sephora, Amazon, etc. as far as seasonals i love the scents Holiday and Hearth, and am so curious to try the Pumpkin Chai one
this used to be my favorite t shirt, but i lost it years ago. even though i'm normally XS/S, i'm sure the medium would work fine for a t shirt: https://www.wolfgangs.com/led-zeppelin/clothing/womens-t-shirt/OCS770723-B.htmli also like the grey (also Zeppelin) one with the avocado on it from the same site.
Speaking of sizes, I don't remember answering that, other than for jewelry - i copy and pasted a lot of my questionnaire from past years, so i might have missed that it was in there, but just in case. i'm 5'2", 32-26-36, size 5.5 shoe (sometimes 6, pretty much never 5), size XS/S or 0/2 depending on the cut and fabric of a thing
these are so cute: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/halloween-skull-double-old-fashioned-glasses/?pkey=cbar-glasses-old-fashioneds&irgwc=1&cm_cat=ShopStyle%20Inc.&cm_ven=AfShopPromo&bnrid=3917500&cm_ite=Std&cm_pla=IR
i would love this notebook duo in Rorsarch or Vintage Blossoms! i like Rorsarch a little more, because the little "notes" is more subtle than the giant "notebook" design. https://petitvour.com/products/notebook-set
You know what else I just thought of, witch? Gourmet/fancy vegetarian marshmallows. I always get a little rush of excitement when I see fancy, handmade, organic, fine vanilla, whatevs et al, marshmallows, but they usually contain gelatin. If you did come across some really nice looking vegetarian ones, and wanted to pair them with some sort of fancy dark drinking chocolate to keep me company as I enter my first dark Seattle winter, they would be put to very good use! Other things that pair nicely with fancy dark drinking chocolates include: Rumchata.
oh, witch, in case you've been trying to find a way to justify the shipping to get yourself something from https://baba-store.com/, please know that i love pretty much everything they do, including the many items at the lower price points (little tarot bags, viscose wraps, mini messengers, any other bags that are on the less expensive end....) Alice, Poe, Russian fairytales, art nouveau, you name it!

Amazon and etsy wishlists: http://a.co/55enkbtwitch, this is my main amazon wishlist, but hopefully it will have an option to see my others, because i have ten or so different category ones. please don't get me any clothes or shoes from this wish list, because the sizes and colors don't always show up correctly in the wishlist, so those are just there as a reminder to myself since i know which size/color combos.
on etsy, only this one (the one called wish list) is my wish list. my other lists are gifts for other people and things like that: https://www.etsy.com/people/abrodite/favorites/wish-list?ref=pr_faveitems_list_name
i also have a wishlist at Petit Vour, but like Amazon, the color choices don't translate correctly to the wish list, so i would only want items that don't come in different color (or scent) options: https://www.petitvour.com/apps/wishlist/
and there are a LOT of companies, individually linked items, and other stuff that i would really love mentioned throughout this entry and my questionnaire, so please don't feel like you have to stick to wish lists! <3
Would you like anything from my local farmer's market?
i want every type of honey, pollen, propolis, and other bee goodies i can get my hands on. i'm always up for new hot sauces, but with fairly traditional flavor palettes - like, nothing very sweet or intentionally avant garde like "blueberry habanero."
Smolder Cosmetics. Do any of their products (glitter, eye dusts etc) appeal to you? https://smoldercosmetics.com
Anything from Strobe Cosmetics (http://strobecosmetics.com)?
if they're cruelty free, i'll happily try stuff from either/both of these brands.
How would you feel about getting Hello Kitty stuff? I prefer My Melody

Would you like to get some favorite recipes? Sure!

Would you like anything from the Haus of Gloi Fall Part II update? https://www.hausofgl...ween-scent-list Sure - lotion or bath products, but not perfume. Ghost puffs, the corn one, or almost anything that isn't super dirty smelling.

What are your top three most wanted DC'd or previous LE BPALs? as far as top three that i don't already have bottles of - Bread and Butterfly, The Great Red Dragon Woman something something William Blake (see wishlist in my signature for the real name), and La Fee Verte. Preciouses that are running dangerously low and MUST be somehow replenished: Fairy Market and Lullaby.

is there anything from here that you might be interested in getting a print (or pillow/make-up case/etc) of?
http://www.blackabbeystudios.com/store sure - functional moreso than prints, because i have so much wall art, but i would find a place for a new print as well - Danse Macabre, Spell of Ravensong, Starman, Flapper

BPAL current LEs: Nothing is Unexpected, Nothing is Foresworn × 1 Over-Acuteness of the Senses × 1 Singularly At Ease × 1 The Dead Hour of the Night × 1 Samhain 2017 × 1
Those are the ones I will buy from The Lab if I don't get them during SW, but since Nothing is Unexpected will be coming down before the Weenies, I might buy just that one to be safe if I haven't received indication not to in the next few days. It comes down in October.
I am also happy with half bottles, so if you wanted any of these scents for yourself and want to split them, I don't mind at all! Preferably in the original bottle, but at least in a 5 ml bottle, because I get overwhelmed by keeping track of little decants.
I am also really interested in trying all the dead leaves (except the candy corn one), and Pumpkin Spaces of Snake Oil and Perversion, but for all of those I would want just one decant, unless you're getting yourself the violet dead leaves scent, in which case I would love to receive a partial of it.

Anyone like/want calendars or dayplanners? sure
If you like stationery, do you like plain, colors, images, or specific DON'T LIKES? i don't need stationary, but other office supplies are nice, and as far as style, same as all my other answers
What about general desk stuff like cool colored paperclips and post it pads? maybe?

Would anyone be interested in having any of Abigail Larson's artwork (either as a print or on something, like a pillow, blanket, or t-shirt)? https://society6.com/abigaillarson yes, she's one of my favorites

do you collect the art cards that BPAL sends out? Any in particular that you are looking for or definitely don't need? i like them and i use them as house decor and for random art, but i don't collect them in a "gotta catch 'em all" or "cataloging what i have and don't have" sense

Do you like this beautiful art, and she makes stickers and prints...SOOOO gorgeous: https://www.shannatr...om/paperprints/ yes, i love it

Favorite animals or wild creatures or mythological creatures? rabbits, foxes, cats, snakes, faeries, elves, mermaids, witches, ravens

would you like any swag from the Depeche Mode concert? (pins, posters, shirts, program, dunno what they'll have!) no thanks, but i might end up going to it

Is anyone here into zero waste, plastic free living, urban homesteading, or any simplicity/minimalism-esque lifestyles? If so, could you use any tools or equipment? i'm not an active zero waste practitioner, but i always try to make my life more green, so if you find some kind of cool thing to encourage this, i'm game!

Are you interested in anything from Bath & Bodyworks? Which products and scents do you like? no thank you

Pumpkin or Zucchini bread? both

What kind of homemade cookies are your favorite? nutella-stuffed chocolate chip, shortbread in pretty much any form, pumpkin drops with cream cheese icing, something involving toffee...

Could you use a muscle rub? (We make ours on the lunar cycle and it has menthol, wintergreen, habanero, cayenne, olive oil, st. john's wort, arnica, beeswax, calendula, and ginger. It tingles. We call it "Thunder Butter". If you have really really super sensitive skin, I would recommend against it. And don't take a hot shower or open all of your pores before using it.) sure!

Interested in trying some of our rose petal (rose petals, sugar, everclear) or lavender vanilla bean (lavender, vanilla bean, vodka) liqueur? both!

Want some honey from the bees on our property? 100% yes

Would you like some homemade jam? I have blackberry, rose petal, strawberry rhubarb, peach, and cherry. yes. my flavor preference of these, in order, would be strawberry rhubarb, rose petal, blackberry, cherry, peach.

How about some homemade candied jalapenos with garlic cloves? I have regular and with habanero. tbh this sounds weird, but i love habaneros, my husband loves jalapenos, and we both love garllic, so we would definitely have fun trying them!

I didn't dry any apples this year but I was thinking of heading over to Green Bluff and seeing if any honeycrisps are left. I have a commercial dehydrator so let me know if you are interested in any "Apple Crips" (as voodoocatwoman calls them!) I wash, peel, core, and slice before dehydrating. i would eat these

Do you need any kind of dice bag, tote, project bag, cosmetic bag, pencil bag, or whatever? I have lots of bag patterns and fabric. We make bags under the name Twinkle N Twilight.
Or how about a couple of pillowcases? i could make use of a dice, cosmetic, or penil bag

Would my witchee like this to warm up the fall coffee cup?? https://www.truelemo...gory-s/1871.htm hmm, i don't think

do you like to take baths? if so, do you like oils, salts, things that fizz, all of the above, none of the above? Yes to all!

Are any witchees into coloring books? it's not a hobby of mine, but i would really love one of the ones Faerie Magazine sells on their website. i got my brother one of those for Chanukkah and it looked wonderful.

If I were to find an adorable autumnal/Halloween-y dish/flatware/etc. design, how many settings would be needed in your household? well, there are two of us, but we generally get more than two place settings of a given thing, so we can use them with guests... we also have plenty of dishes, so i would only want this if it's something truly fantastic/perfect for me. the flatware idea sounds cool, though - we just have one regular, boring set of flatware. and a table runner and/or placemats and napkins could make our table more festive while paired with dishes we already own!

Do you like Broadway shows/music? i love Broadway, but I don't need any merch or CDs

I'm heading to NYCC in October! Is there anything I can get my Witchee while I'm there? Apple III - and really if you get yourself any BPAL there and wanted to just decant me a tester, almost all of them sound appealing

Anything catch your eye from this site (globalgirlfriend.com)? definitely, i'm all about fair trade sustainable things

Do you have any favorite, lesser-known stores? Especially ones that sell hand-crafted or independently made items. Mercado Global, Reformation, Soko Jewelry (not related to Soko Glam)

Are you interested in anything from Think Geek? http://www.thinkgeek.com there's always stuff on there that appeals to me

Aprons: Do you wear them, do you want one? I own one and never remember to use it

Would my witchee be interested in something like[a striped knitted doll]? nothx

Socks: any particular style or fiber preference? natural fibers that feel good and aren't so thick as to change your shoe size. favorite lengths are ankle, boot, and knee.

What about partial-full bottles of BPAL or BPTP? of course - but if it's BPTP bath oil, please make sure it hasn't gone off

So what are your favorite fandoms? Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass (but not the Tim Burton messes), GoT, LotR, Harry Potter, several comics (Sandman, Saga, Monstress, Rat Queens)...i also like Name of the Wind, Elder Scrolls, various historical figures and periods...
some general thoughts on merch are, as i've said before i like things that are functional rather than toys, dolls, random centerpieces, etc. but also i really like merch that's subtle. like a drinking vessel, shirt, etc. that has the name of a fictional business establishment on it or the sigil of a fictional house (but not the name or slogan) or something, where the name of the actual fandom is either not present or really small. (speaking of shirts, i could probably use a hoodie, since i'm moving back to the north and my only hoodie is yellow) and i strongly prefer merch that's officially licensed.
--this Elder Scrolls hoodie sums up everything i love in merch, and also just looks like a really nice hoodie: https://store.bethsoft.com/brands/the-elder-scrolls/ladies-dark-brotherhood-angl-hoodie
--and tbh i would also totally wear this one even though i am totally a stormcloak and not a legionnaire: https://store.bethsoft.com/apparel/womens/hoodies/ladies-long-imperial-dragon-symbol-cowl-hoodie
--there's a lot of great looking, subtle merch on https://thetinkerspacks.com/ which also reminds me i'm totally down with fictional games (like a game that exists in a fictional world and has now also been made real), or games/puzzles of a fandom i like.
--and now this answer is getting totally off topic, but THAT reminds me i also play Cards Against Humanity and Magic the Gathering, and could always use new expansions.

I'm in France at the moment, is there anything here you might like? I'm in Provence, the land of lavender, so if you like that flower in particular just say so! fancy sea salt

are you into divination? What kind(s) do you currently do? Do you want more books and/or tools for that type (e.g. new tarot cards, new runes)? Is there a new type of #divination you've been meaning to try, and if so, are you looking for the tool, a book on the subject, or both? i do Tarot and there are always decks i'm lusting after. i have two sets of runes already and haven't gotten good enough at them to necessarily want more at the moment, but if you saw a set that seemed to scream out for me, i would love it.

World my Witchee be interested in a Tarot or Astrology reading done personally? sure! especially something like a personalized astrological forecast for the year ahead.

Does my Witchee need any magical supplies? if you wanted to send something around early-mid October to bless and/or cleanse my new home, it would be appreciated.

Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door Soap (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com)? i'm not big on bar soaps. a little sample or two tossed into a package would be nice, but i definitely don;t need a bunch of full sized ones or anything like that.

Favorite gemstones? emerald, all black stones, labradorite, moonstone, opal, anything sort of color-shifting and magical looking

If you enjoy jewelry do you like discrete and elegant, flashy and gaudy, small and light, or large and chunky? i feel like this is in the questionnaire? just in case, a little bit of each. i've been coveting the Teardrop Choker from Soko and i wear a delicate ouroboros ring most days (plus my wedding bands), but i also often wear a dagger ring, a rattlesnake spine ring, big dangly earrings, and sometimes bracelets with precious gems. i'm kind of all over the place.

Any love of pirates or SCA? pirates 100%. SCA seems up my alley, although i'm not currently involved. i love cosplay of all sorts.

Is there anything you would like from Disney World? probably, but i don't know specifically

Are you a Potterhead? If so, to which house do you belong? Ravenclaw

How do you feel about chokers? i'm a 90s bitch. so, yes. love them.

Would you like some Halloween or other themed decor in the form of a banner, something like this http://www.etsy.com/...n-decor-vintage? If so, would you prefer a traditional style or a vertical door type? thanks, but it isn't really my style.

Do you live near a Trader Joe's? If not[...]? i do live near them!

Do you like to cook and/or bake? Could you use any specific ingredients (spices, oils, salts, extracts, etc.) or kitchen utensils/gadgets? i love to cook and bake, and am always interested in trying new spices, fancy salts, herbs, etc.

Who would love some USPS eclipse stamps? sure!

Do any of you potential Witchees have any kitties, puppers, or youngling humans you want spoiled in your packages? What treats or toys do they like? two kitties and a pupper, as detailed in the questionnaire. pupper loves squeaky toys, and i love when they're the kind that's hard for her to gut - brands like Tuff or Tuffy or something. the cats could use a laser pointer. all of the fur babies love crunchy treats, as long as they're natural, organic, meat-based, etc.

Is there anything you want from the trading post (or trading post etsy) that is available to order right now? (Fatherhood, Puppers, normal GC things) Yes, but i don't want to risk hoping a witch will get them for me, so i'm probably going to get them myself - that said, if this is something my witch specifically wants to do, please send me an ecard or message through a ninja or something and i'll update this question!

Are you a gamer? If so, what games are you currently playing and is there any merch for that game you'd love to have?-
If you are a gamer do you have a steam/gamestop/amazon wishlist? i have a Steam wishlist. i'm currently playing Ori and the Blind Forest and Civ 6. i'm not much into merch.

How do you feel about the following scarf options (assuming you're into scarves)? no, thank you

Like beer? What styles most appeal to you? sours, as in the Belgian style that occurs through fermentation methods, rather than the American trend of putting lemons, white wine, and other weird things in beers to make them sour. also kolsches, lagers, non-hoppy ales, stouts.

Like booze? What kinds? basically all of it. i love scotch the most, but also tequila, rum, and gin - but i like good quality stuff. it doesn't have to be expensive - my favorite vodka is Tito's, and one of my favorite scotches is Glengrant 10 - but just, good. usually not the most well-known brands, but they also don't have to be obscure or anything. i love Auchentoshan and Aberlour scotches, The Botanist gin, Kah and Calle 23 tequilas (and Don Julio, but that is faaancy), Illegal and Del Maguey mezcals, and have recently started exploring aged rums. these brands are all just examples - i love to try new ones.

Like Wine? What kinds? many kinds. nothing too sweet.

Would you be interested in a set of hand-made hair falls? sure!

Here's a great local soapmaker I love--y'all see anything you would like? https://littleseedfarm.com/ pretty much any of it except the bar soaps and baby stuff

What are your favorite/preferred Halloween/autumn icons/images? i don't like spiders or anything cheesy/kitschy. i do like cats, witches, and moons.

Do you eat candy, and if so would Halloween candy be welcome? Specialty candy from local or unusual sources? Chocolate? i think this has been covered, but i'll add yes to local or unusual sources

Do you want Fidget spinners, desk toys, or other frivolous things that you look at and decide you don't need enough to spend $ on but would make you happy to have? no thanks

Any zentangle lovers, people who would like to try it, or would you want a piece of someone else's zentangle art? no thanks

Any love of hair toys, clips, ribbons, fascinators, mini hats, etc? yes to all. i have long but fine hair, so nothing that requires a gloriously thick mane to stay in place, but otherwise, yes to all.

What local goodies may be of interest? Local Honey, jams,candy? always all the honey forever! also jams, and maybe candy.

Are you interested in any subscription services like serial magazines, Birch box, ipsy? i stopped subscribing to Petit Vour's box because i couldn't justify the cost right now, but it's not actually expensive and i loved it, so i would love a subscription to that.

Would you like funky Halloweenie costume makeup like Gothic eyelashes, nail effects, black lipstick, etc.? no thanks

How do you like to listen to music? CD, 8 track tape, mix tape, Pandora or Spotify, I-tunes? Spotify and vinyl

Do you prefer reading on Kindle or actual book? What kind of books do you like? Would you like to be surprised with a scary, classic, horror book? if a book is really long i prefer to read it on Kindle, for transportability purposes. I also do audiobooks a lot, and since i'm setting out on a 35-hour drive next week, i will be in great need of those. i have an audible account - argverret@gmail.com - i'm not sure if it's possible to do gift cards, credits, etc. for someone that way, but if it is and you would like to, that would be lovely. physical books are great for shorter books, collections, anything illustrated, anything rare/special/first/limited edition. sure, a classic horror book would be great. i love to read that sort of thing in October.

Candles, Incense, or wax tarts? Do you have favorite brands or Weenies scents for the home? Would you like to receive a wax tarts burner, incense burner, essential oils diffuser, or Halloweenie themed candle holders? candles, especially from Burke and Hare Co., DL & Co, Black Phoenix Trading Post. i also love candles that come in tea glasses, little antique glasses, etc. - basically candles that i can repurpose after use. I have a plug-in wax melter, and I like it a lot, but it's mellow enough that the wax tarts kind of last literally forever, to the point where it's hard to change scents. it would be nice to have an alternative one that burns through the waxes at a pace that lets me change scents after a while without having to melt the whole thing and dump it while still melted. i do like incense, but i'm fairly picky about it. i could use some charcoal disks, or a burner for non-stick incense.

Witchee: are you interested in crafting materials? none that I can think of at the moment, especially since i'm mid-move.

Anyone like handmade critters, stuffed animals, or custom repaints? a custom repaint of an old school My Little Pony would be pretty sweet, but generally speaking i try to avoid toys because i'm clutter-phobic and they don't serve a function

Would anyone like a donation made in their name to a cause or charity? Sure!

Please provide wishes from the last two updates? Nothing is Unexpected, Nothing is Forsworn perfume, Pickle hair gloss, and about half of the Fatherhood Liliths (i forget which ones, but i definitely named them elsewhere on the forum). frankly, i love to support BPAL/BPTP directly so i almost always buy from updates, so if you do plan to get me anything, it might be a good idea to tip me off so i don't double buy

if you were to receive something hand knit, what type of item would you like? hat, cowl, handwarmers, etc. and what color(s)? A cowl would be nice, or a floppy hat. Please, no gloves, scarves, or fitted hats - I have too many.

- would you use knitted washcloths? probably? Are you allergic or sensitive to any fibers? sometimes wool makes me itchy, and i like to pretend I'm allergic to polyester.

Do you like and/or want anything from Elements and Artifacts? Everything, pretty much.

Would you like something hand sewn by your Witch? A dress, shirt, skirt, infinity scarf, something else? I think I touched upon this in the questionnaire. A dress or infinity scarf would probably be my most treasured of these options.

I'm in Japan, is there anything specific from here you would want? LOTS of stuff. Specifics? Really good matcha, any other green teas you love, matcha flavored candies of basically any kind, Pocky in any flavors that don't get imported to the US, basically any kind of treats, maybe some Sailor Scout stuff (Mars is my favorite, but Jupiter is my cosplay because I have long brown hair and green eyes), Miyazaki related stuff... i guess you can't mail me sushi, so maybe that's all as far as specifics....oh, actually also mythological art, particularly related to kitsune-tsuki or tsukimono-suji! and maybe some cat related stuff? a parasol? any kind of crazy gadgets that the US won't have for several years but aren't crazily expensive in Japan?

How do you feel about nail wraps? No, thank you.
Are there any hobbies or crafts you've been thinking of trying, but haven't had the chance yet?
i can't think of any off the top of my head, but i'll let you know if i edit this answer later on

Would you want to receive a custom spell kit or magical tea? If so, what purpose would you want it to be for?
sure! basically anything related to prosperity/wealth/work, health (physical, emotional, or spiritual), spiritual/magical connections/boosters/etc, clarity, cleansing/jinx removing...i guess almost anything except love spells

Do you like poetry?
as long as it isn't Vogon or a result of skáldfífla hlutr.

Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive? (http://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/)
i would love to try this brand, which i've been curious about for years. pretty much anything except perfume or bar soap.

Are there any UK things you'd like to get?
could you kidnap my best friend and mail her to me? umm, a cheese and onion pasty, if you could make that happen!

Are you into podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Would you like any merch related to any of them? i do like podcasts, but do not want any merch. my favorites, in case you still want to know even though i don't want merch, are Cast of Thrones, TANIS, The Dirty Bits, The History Chicks, Stuff You Missed in History, Down at the Crossroads

Would you like something from Nui Cobalt Designs (https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/)? yes, always, love Forest and her stuff.

Or maybe some of Christina's lovely Halloween candles at Sihaya & Co. (https://www.sihayaan...lection-candles)? very much so! also Burke and Hare candles.

ILNP? Who would love one of their awesome holos like MEGA or one of their amazing chromes? these look beautiful, but i can barely remember to use the nail polishes i already have.

Do you enjoy stationery? cute/quality notebooks, washi tape, stickers, fun pens etc. not stickers, but the rest, yes.

Are you interested in anything from Cocoa Pink? no, thank you.
- Or Haus of Gloi? probbbbably not? maaaaybe? i'm not sure. i haven't been impressed by their scents in the past, but i remember liking the texture of their pumpkin butter lotion or something like that.

Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath? yes, if it's more on the beautiful, classical, gothic-inspired end of the spectrum, or very simple and fall-like, rather than anything super hokey.

Have you seen this: https://www.bustle.c...llection-80733? (Lush Halloween collection.) And what would you like? no Lush.

Are you interested in anything from the Moonalisa Halloween update? i realllly enjoyed her stuff the one time i bought it, but i haven't bought anything since because she always seems to have shipping problems, stock problems, etc. that make it too much of a hassle. receiving her stuff as a surprise, on the other hand, would be very nice. i liked the bubble baths, and would be very interested in trying her candles, sprayable hair shine, bath salt soaks, carpet fresh, cocoa cream or any lotion really, ghostly misters, milk bath, scrubs.

What are your coffee and/or tea preferences?
- Coffee: whole beans or ground? whole beans
- Flavor and roast preferences? unflavored, medium roast, notes more along the lines of chocolate and berries rather than citrusy
- Tea: black, green, herbal, flavors? black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, herbal - i can't really think of a base i don't like in some form. i can always do with more genmaicha or matcha, and i looove herbal teas that are caffeine-free but contain other stimulant/focus herbs. the gingko clarity from Yogi is a great example.
- Loose leaf or tea bags? both/either
- Anything specific you don't like? fruity teas aren't usually my favorite. there was a Teavana called Strawberry Slender Pu-erh that i adored, though. but for the most part if i'm in the mood for tea, i'm either seeking the simple, natural tea flavor, or the effect of a certain herb, or a delicious blend of herbs and spices. some of my favorite teas (other than matchas and genmaichas) are moroccan mint (no particular brand), Elevenses from Adagio, Honey Lavender Stress Relief from Yogi, and Christmas in Paris from Stash.
- Are you in need of any gadgetry? one of those time-turners Hermione has in The Prisoner of Azkaban would be great! i could use a new tea ball or two, and/or one of those things that looks like a little pitcher, you brew your loose tea in it, and then you set it on top of your mug and it drains in

How would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures?
- would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around?
i would feel great about it, and would make use of any of of those sizes.

Who is into K-Beauty (Korean beauty products like sheet masks)
- What are your faves if you are?
- If you aren't would you like to try something?
no, thank you.

What are some NEW things you've gotten interested in this year? Could be anything, from a new hobby, new genre of book, new healthy way of living, new fav brand of whatever...
digital drawing, mead making

What are your feelings about Scooby Doo?
positive, but not interested in any Scooby swag

How do you feel about indie makeup (read: loose eyeshadow, blush, highlighter)?
as long as it's cruelty free, doesn't make intentional dupes of other brands' products, and doesn't make unlicensed use of other people's copyrighted materials

I drink this stuff almost everyday would anyone else be interested in trying it out? https://www.criobru.com/
yes, i would.

Would you like one of the Halloween Teeturtle shirts?
some of these are super cute, but the t-shirts i already own don't get enough use. i could use a long sleeved tee or two, though, so if BPTP comes out with any this season, that would be on my list!




Switch Witch 2016

2016 answers first, and I'll leave my 2015 answers below a dotted line so you have more to go on. Some of it will be a bit outdated, but I'll try to brush it up.

Witch, you asked about my favorite Alice imagery. I think the mad tea party and the cheshire cat are my top favorites. I also love the Jabberwocky poem, the walrus and the carpenter, the lion and the unicorn, the flowers, the pool of tears, the initial entry to wonderland with the eat me/drink me images, the caterpillar....you know, the more i think on it, my list is so very long, whether we're talking the books or movie adaptations. i love it all. as far as types, i love the original illustrations, the Disney cartoon, the Baba studios art, anything in an Abigail Larson type style, anything surreal, the look of the Tim Burton movie although i didn't LOVE the movie like i thought it would... it's hard to go wrong.
1. Tell me more about New Orleans, Austin, and Barcelona. Why do you like them? What would you pick up there if you were to visit?
I love cities that are both historical and weird/distinctive, which these three have in common. I love the architecture (especially in New Orleans and Barcelona), and I love that every visit is guaranteed to bring something new. If I were to visit I would be likely to pick up a well made dish, ashtray, or other small functional item (I don't smoke, but I keep ashtrays for guests and sometimes use them for other purposes, like trinket storage) by a local artisan, or a verified antique (also likely a dish, box, or other small storage vessel).
2. Are you ok with questions directly posed to you? Fun interaction or ruins the surprise?
I love the personal attention and mysterious correspondence, dear witch!

What'd you end up getting in your PBSW order? I'm a big fan too
oh, man. I'm glad you ask, because it just shipped and now I'm getting excited all over again! I got a bunch of surprises for my witchee, and for me I got Afternoons + Eiderdowns Bath Streusel, April Fool Bath Streusel, Gingermilk Sorbetto sample, Lemony Biscuit Bath Streusel, and Sky Blue Sky Sorbetto

Other than the forum, what do you like to do online? Websites you visit regularly, social media you enjoy, blogs you like to read, etc.
i do too much facebooking! lately i've been on a HUGE world of warcraft kick, so i've been neglecting the rest of the internet for the past month or two, but at various times i get on kicks of reddit, io9, xojane, xovain, reading various reviews/theories/etc. about whichever TV obsession is currently airing... oh, i LOVE The Toast, i think it's the funniest... i do a lot of random exploring and falling down rabbit holes. i always have dozens of tabs open of articles to read, but sometimes every single one is from a different site.

I'm a little surprised that you went with April Fool. I'm super excited by that one myself, but it seems a bit foodie for you. Sounds so awesome though.
it very well might be! but notes like honey, vanilla, cocoa, and spices tend to work out all right for me, and as far as fruits go, strawberry is a good one. it still might be too sweet, but my relationship with foodies is confusing, because sometimes i love something that would definitely be categorized that way, while more often than not they make me recoil. the ones i pretty much always steer clear of are things that smell like baked goods or other prepared dishes, rather than raw ingredients, but even that isn't an every time thing. for example, i received BPAL's gingerbread souffle in a blind swap, and i love it!

Questions for you:
1. For measuring spoons, whimsical (but useful, of course) or utilitarian (i.e. simple in looks but solid usability)?
so, i would definitely love something whimsical, but would prefer something fairly simple that will be more long lasting and durable if i had to choose between the two. my measuring cups from Coldie are copper, which is basically perfect because they're super nice and functional, but also pretty and a bit unusual. this site has beautiful whimsical spoons, but i don't think any of them are actually measuring spoons with specific sizes, so i wouldn't want them for that purpose, but they are an example of a whimsical style i love; http://www.faeriemag.com/collections/kitchen
2. I know you've talked a lot about tea in your various questions, but I'd really love a list of your top 3 tea purveyors (either ones you already love or ones you want to try. I know you've listed some before, but I need an update!).
i've recently gotten into the company Bellocq, and particularly adore their genmaicha. i've also been drinking a lot of matcha - both hot and traditional style (whisked in a bowl until frothy) and iced with almond milk. i would love to try some different matchas of ceremonial grade from different companies if you know of any good ones! it would also be nice to have a second matcha bowl, as i've been using mine every day and thus cleaning it i opened a new one today that i REALLY like from Mizuba Tea Co. so i would love a backup container of that one, or to try their other varieties (i bought one container of the least expensive and one of the most expensive; i think there are two others in between). my favorite bagged teas are everything in the seasonal sampler by Traditional Medicinals, Yogi - Honey Lavender Stress Relief, Stash - Christmas in Paris (i should have mentioned this one earlier in the list, actually, it's amazing), and Mighty Leaf - Vanilla Bean Black Tea. i like adagio well enough, but if it weren't for the fandom element i probably wouldn't buy their stuff. i do quite like their Elevenses and The Pint, and would like to try practically any of the food items on their site. I haven't bought Teavana in years, but i used to adore their Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh. i love black or herbal teas with a cream element, mint green teas, the combination of chocolate and mint, herbal teas (especially with healing elements), traditional green teas...oh! there is a BPALer, i believe her name is Amy Blackthorn, who makes magickal teas. i would love to try her stuff. particularly something to bring good fortune.
Do you like colouring?
Yes, but it's not something I really make time for.

Can you list your wishlists please?
They should be in my 2015 responses, but I can tell you I have them on Amazon (email address for there is abroditegoddess@aol.com), Victorian Trading Company (i need to update it), etsy, bpal, bptp, maybe blooddrop

If you like Lush, are there any UK-only things you're desperate to get?
I dislike Lush
Crochet goodies yes or no? If yes, what kind of goodies?
I think it's addressed in my 2015 answers but basically if you're really great at crocheting I might love something, but it's not the type of thing I specifically seek out

Do you have any allergies to animals/smoke/food etc?

do you like comics or graphic novels? If so, any specific information (favorites, least favorites, ones you're curious about)? I love them. I haven't read Sandman Overture yet, and I'm curious about some of the spinoffs about the other Endless. I also have only read the first volume of Rat Queens which I liked, and I would like to read Monstress very much. If you look through my Goodreads you'll also see many comics and graphic novels under to-read, although I already own a couple that I haven't read yet - Persepolis comes to mind in particular

Nail Polish: I don't need any

BPTP: I should have a wishlist on the site. In general I love bath oils and atmos, I don't need any more hairgloss, I love the clothing in which I wear a small, I adore their candles...I always like to have the pens and notepads on hand

Nail Wraps: No thanks

Teas/Spices/Spice Rubs/Specialty Ingredients from a local tea & spice shop? I think I addressed this elsewhere, but I love tea - loose and bagged, caffeinated and herbal. Right now I'm obsessed with Bellocq. I would absolutely love some local spices as well.

Speaking of spices - where's your spicy/heat threshold? (scale of 1 - 10 - 1 being nothing more than black pepper, 10 being ghost pepper+) Maybe a 6 or 7, but it also varies based on flavor. Like, my favorite pepper is habanero, so I can withstand a lot of heat there. But I detest the taste of jalapenos, so all I focus on is the heat element and they're unpleasant. Don't be afraid to throw some spice at me, though.

Preferred book format? Physical, PDF, Kindle, etc? For graphic novels, special editions, and books of small to medium stature, I like the real thing. For fairly long and/or bulky books, Kindle.

Would you be interested in any handmade critters? Stuffed animals, knit or crochet beasties, or anything remotely similar? If so, please give an example or five No thank you, my monsters would eat your monsters

Since this is the Spring Fools' round, is there anything that goes with the theme of April Fool's Day or spring that might be fun to add to your package? Flowers (seeds, real, or handmade) prank-related items, a court jester's cap? Feel free to be creative and crazy with this one! If you sent me some seeds that don't need to be planted right away, I could plant them at my new home when I move this year. Which will be in Texas, to give you an idea of plant options. As for prank related items, I can't tell you how to prank me, silly!

Pet owners - would you like any kind of toy or supply for your pet? I could use a new laser pointer

Geek paraphernalia! Almost everyone here has SOME sort of geek-love, whether it is Harry potter, Horror movies, graphic novels, science, etc. So would you be interested in any kind of items related to your geek-ish interests? I think I've addressed this in more detail elsewhere, but I don't like a lot of stuff lying around that's just decorative, and my decorative style doesn't match a lot of nerdy paraphernalia. but i love graphic novels, special barware (no more pint glasses, we have dozens), and if it doesn't look overtly like paraphernalia (e.g. it's not brightly colored, plastic, etc.) I might love it. I'm hardcore coveting the BPTP CP boxes, for example. Speaking of boxes, random side note, I could use one or two for organizing my ritual candles, incense, etc. I love the look of boxes disguised as books, but my full collection doesn't fit in one.

Any yarn, plastic, metal, or fabric sensitivities? No, but I don't like polyester

Stationery/note cards: Some note cards to be used in swap packages would be nice. I definitely don't need actual stationary, as my stepmom sells invitations and stationary

If you could have any BPALs right now (GC, LE, HTF) what would they be? Give examples of at least a few of each category:
GC: Tamora, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale (no imps of these, I already have imps of them and I find imps unwieldy)
LE: I'll update this after I get my Luper decants
HTF: Antique Lace, Boomslang, Black Opal (I know all of it is aged, but the less aged the better, as I find the reallllly old bottles turn powdery)

Any places you would like gift cards from?
Amazon, PBSW, Etsy, Blooddrop, BPAL, BPTP, Free People

Do you wear make-up? Any brands you like? Color preferences?
I think I've addressed elsewhere but just in case, I love Urban Decay and Bare Minerals, I focus on eye makeup and brows, I don't wear any kind of foundation or BB cream, and I'm down to try your favorite Indies

Junk food and candy?
I think this is pretty thoroughly addressed in my questionnaire and below.

Do you need any items for your kitchen (linens, gadgets, cooking supplies, etc.)? Fancy measuring spoons

Gardens/plants: I am dreaming of spring, dear witch: Do you like plants? Do you have any? Indoor potted plants? A balcony bed? A yard? Do you want/need anything? I love plants. I think I've addressed it in detail in my questionnaire and/or last year's questions. I hope to have a yard by the end of the year, but will definitely not have more than a balcony before the end of this round.

If I were to make you something based on one or more interests mentioned in your Q'aire/blog, would you prefer something you could wear, something that hangs on a wall, or something that sits on a shelf (or couch or wherever) ?

Wall, but if you make blankets or throw pillows, that would be great as well!

Are you in need of BPAL storage? Not at present

Do you like candles? Incense? Wax melts?

What style of bag from here (if any) would you like? You can easily narrow down the choices on the side menu - but I only want to know the style, not the pattern!
Their clutches, or maybe a tote, but also for the record I LOVE Baba Studios and basically want everything.

If you like Harry Potter stuff, what house do you belong in? If you like Game of Thrones, what family?
I am a Ravenclaw! I like to pretend I'm a Greyjoy, but when it comes down to it I'm probably a Tyrell.

BAGS! Do you like/want/need any kind of bags? I could use a small (big enough for phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and not much else) tan/beige/nude bag

Here's a question. I make handmade journals/albums/smashbooks/junk journals. Would you be interested in anything like that? Um YES, witch if you are not syrenemist, please note I love her work and if it's within your budget and scheming plans, something by her would be great.

What's your favorite animal/totem? Would you be interested in a small figurine of said animal from this etsy user? no trinkets, please. but my animals are cats, rabbits, and snakes.

Anything exciting to you in PBSW's Spring Collection? yep! so exciting I already ordered it

Oh dead Witchee, how do you feel about Sakura Matsuri? Do you like Green Tea and Sakura flavored desserts/treats? Decorations or jewelry with a cherry blossom theme? YES. That's how I feel about all of this - one big, giant, enthusiastic yes. ESPECIALLY the food aspect, but all of it.

It's Hottie Friday, witches and witchees! Name a famous crush or five Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, Jack Huston, Ryan Gosling, Edward Norton

Also - what are the last 5 songs that appeared on your random or shuffle music list i don't really listen to music on shuffle

Oh Witchee, have you seen the kimono tops that are all the rage right now? Would you like one? I will sew you one if you do, just tell me if you're a fringe or lace edge or plain edge type of person- I have your color picks from your questionnaire, unless you'd like it in something different than those? I love kimono tops. my preference would be lace or plain.

I was thinking about busting out the sculpy clay - I sometimes like to make cute little fantasy miniature sculpture, like fairy doors, or miniature garden gnomes for potted plants, or I've even made a couple of tiny smaug's based on this cartoon. If you were my witchee, how would you feel about receiving some tiny fantasy art for your home? Any preference between a fairy door, or a garden gnome, a tiny fairy box, or something like smaug? I would adore a fairy door! or a tiny fairy box! fairies all the things!

If you won a gift certificate for $100 (Or similar amount in your country) that could be used ANYWHERE what would you get? i'm choosing to skip this question because the things i would get aren't necessarily the same as what i would like to receive as gifts - e.g. for myself i might use it to stock up on books or maybe buy a new purse or something, but as gifts there's plenty of more impractical stuff i would love to receive.

Something that you look forward to each spring, or that when you see it (hear it/smell it/taste it, etc) you think "Yes! Spring is here!" or something along those lines! it used to be the first daffodil i saw, but I've lived in Louisiana for a few years now, so spring isn't really something i'm waiting around for. it's basically been spring since early February and it will be summer by the time spring hits my home state of Pennsylvania.

Witchee, how do you feel about this type of garment? Not for me, thanks

2015 Halloween season

Do people mind handmade/homemade things? No, and in some cases I really love them. But. I can be picky in a way that's sort of hard to explain. If you're just starting out on a path of something and your stuff looks really homemade, I might not be likely to use/wear it. I hope that doesn't sound mean, but I just don't have a craftsy, shabby chic type of aesthetic, nor a very hippie one (although I do love nature inspired things - I just mean things my friends might have made each other for Christmas when we were 18). I also don't live in a wintry climate but I'm from one, so if you make hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc. I have very little use for them and already have a large collection. If you make jewelry and it looks like maybe the maker is someone I know but maybe it's professional, I would probably love it. If it looks more like a basic tumbled stone with a standard style wire wrap or something you make in an intro type of class, I probably wouldn't. If you're more artist than crafter and you draw or paint, a custom piece would make my heart swell two sizes. Especially if it involves faeries (but in a natural type of piece, not like a cartoonish faery or something Hot Topic-esque), Alice in Wonderland, the tarot, etc. Homemade foods would be awesome, whether you bake, or make jams and stuff, or alcohol - basically any kind of food. And while I mentioned I don't eat mammals, I wouldn't be offend if you or someone local make a special kind of jerky or something that you want to send for my fiance.

Anyone need towels? those "drink up witches" towels are cute, and are a good example of the kind of Halloween decor I would love - festive, a bit silly, but in an adult color scheme, serves a function, doesn't take up too much space, etc.

Pumpkin? I'm not into things like pumpkin spice lattes, e.g. things with a pumpkin "flavored" syrup or anything. but I LOVE pumpkin. baked goods involving pumpkin, savory pumpkin foods like soup or stew, pumpkin seeds in any form (I love the praline pumpkin seeds from NatureBox soooo much, even though there's really nothing praline about them).

Booze? I love booze. I talked about some booze in my questionnaire. If you make booze, I would love to try some. I don't like super sweet things, but I do like meads and ciders if they're pretty dry. For wines I love rose, vanilla-heavy dry chardonnays, and French reds. I'm a champagne junky, but again, dry dry dry. I love beer. I don't like hops-heavy beers, but my fiancedoes, so if you sent a bottle of what you make and it's too hoppy for me, it wouldn't go to waste. We're big scotch drinkers, and we have a larger selection than probably any of the bars in our town. If you have a really kickass liquor store or some other way to obtain sample size bottles of obscure or weird scotches, I would definitely try them and the beau would probably post our impressions on reddit, which I would be sure to share with you. if you're a hooch maker and you mostly make really sweet stuff, I would still like to try it because you made it, and would either share it with friends or incorporate it into cocktails if it's not something I would personally drink straight up on any kind of regular basis.

Stuff from Yellowstone? I don't really have need of souvenirs from anywhere, but if there is a food or drink your area is known for or which can only be bought in your city/state/region, I'd love to try it. unless it's maple fudge. please don't send that even to share with my fiance, because something about that combination (maple and fudge) makes my teeth hurt just to smell it.

For those of you who don't drink alcohol, can you specify if you live with any drinkers or ever have alcohol on hand for guests, vs. abstaining and preferring not to have it around at all? I'd prefer not to receive alcohol.

Are you a fan of the TV show Penny Dreadful? Yes, very much. I asked this question because I found something REALLY cool that wasn't PD paraphernalia but would be appreciated by fans of the show, but alas, it only ships in the UK.

What are your coffee and tea preferences? Do you prefer one, the other, both, or neither (and if it's neither, what about things like hot cider and cocoa)? Loose leaf or bags, whole bean or ground? Is caffeine OK? Any gadgetry you're in need of? Any brands or flavors that you particularly love, loathe, or want to try? I drink coffee every day. We buy whole beans from a local roaster, so if you send me coffee, please 1. send whole bean and 2. send something like that - local or from your travels - as I'm never going to reach for national chain coffee over my usual stuff. I love tea and drink it most days. I like to drink black teas in the morning if I have cramps and don't feel up for coffee - my favorite black teas ever are Kusmi Sweet Love, a vanilla bean black tea which I believe is made by Mighty Leaf, and a Teavana I don't think exists anymore called Strawberry Slender Pu-erh. I like to drink herbal teas for sleep, relaxation, and digestion. I mentioned this elsewhere, but I can never find Stash - Christmas in Paris tea, even online, and had to have a BPAL friend send me a box from Canada last time, so I would be so happy to get a backup of that. Flavors I like include peppermint, anise, fennel, lavender, chocolate/cocoa if it's not the primary focus (I especially love it with mint), vanilla. I don't like foody, dessert inspired teas. I'm totally up for teas that include herbal uppers or downers such as kava, kanna, guarana, ginseng, holy basil, any of that stuff. I've really wanted to try some of the teas BPALer Amy Blackthorn makes, particularly blends for peace, fortune, creativity. I'm okay with love/sensuality blends if they're more geared toward a positive experience for people already in relationships, NOT anything that would be designed to make someone fall in love. I love hot cocoa, but it has to be high quality and dark. I'm a big fan of European style drinking chocolate. cider can be nice, but unless you make it or it's local or something, I'm probably okay without. I could use a better storage system for single bags of tea that don't have a box, and the last few bags of tea from a box that's almost gone.

What's your sense of humor like? Do you enjoy puns? Play on words? Dirty humor? Dry humor? Who are some of your favorite comedians? I have the sort of dry, wry sense of humor that often causes people to look at me in confusion for a minute, especially if they don't know me well, because they can't quite tell if I'm joking. I'm not sarcastic, but I often say things I don't mean for the sake of humor. I sort of detest constant, overt sarcasm. I try to keep my sense of humor positive, even when being critical - like I get very annoyed by the "no, really?" belittling sort of sarcasm that some people utilize, and am more likely to crack a wry one liner about something crappy that's happening to try to lighten the mood, or say something over the top positive about something about which I obviously do not feel positively. I definitely enjoy puns, dirty humor, and plays on words. I have been known to make some very dirty jokes, and I have a foul mouth. I also get a sort of cheesy wordplay pun habit from my mom's family. Louis CK is my favorite standup comedian. Some funny movies I love include Zoolander, Anchorman, Old School, Stepbrothers, Elf, The Sweetest Thing, Clueless, Mean Girls, Horrible Bosses; dark comedies like The Addams Family; offbeat humor like Wes Anderson movies. 30 Rock was probably my favorite comedic TV show, and would make me snort and laugh out loud. I also love Parks and Recreation, early seasons of Weeds, New Girl, Silicon Valley.

Do you like board games? If so, which ones? Traditional or more unique? (like Settlers of Catan, Small World, Red Dragon Inn, etc) I love Scrabble, Risk, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Cards Against Humanity. Nostalgically I love Clue. I would definitely play any of the games specified in this question in the parentheses. I also like puzzles.

Is there anything that you specifically do NOT want to receive? bar soap*, nail polish*, anything used specifically to commune with the dead (I LOVE occult and magic related things, including divination tools, but I don't do spiritualism stuff like ouija boards and ancestor contact), decorative items with no functional purpose, unless they are so special in concept and quality that it's almost like their "purpose" is to be freakin amazing. in other words, please don't send me little Halloween toys or knick knacks or anything, but if you think a decorative item just really screams me, there's a good chance you are right. we have a LOT of pint glasses and shot glasses, so I'd rather not receive those - unless, again, it's super amazing and special. I would rather not receive drugstore type candy, and while I would really love a set of string lights, I would prefer not to receive any that are very specific to one holiday or season, because I'm hoping to get a nice set to always have on our balcony. as mentioned previously, I would rather not receive crocheted/knit wintry items, or jewelry that looks very hippieish/very obviously homemade.
*these are things I do use, but which I already have plenty of, so if you see one and think omg but it's soooo perfect! i probably will love and use it. i just really don't need it.

Plain or fun socks? ankle socks, toeless sticky socks, tights, knee socks, thigh highs. i wear dresses about 98% of the time, and i live in a climate wear open toed shoes can be worn most days for at least eight months of the year, and I don't wear socks around the house. so with dresses i either wear no foot stuff or just tights, knee socks, or thigh highs - but early in the fall when I want to wear booties and it's not cool enough for tights, ankle socks are very useful. and i take barre up to five times a week, so I could definitely use an extra pair or two of toeless sticky socks. OH and this isn't to do with socks, but speaking of barre, the type of wrap-style headband you wear for working out, i could use another one or two of those. nothing outrageously wide-banded, as it wouldn't stay on my head.

Name one (or as many as you would like) thing you would like to learn more about? a book came out a couple years ago specifically about inverted card meanings in tarot, which is a subtopic of tarot that I would like to learn more about. i love to read about history, mythology, and language, and i'm sure there are books on my goodreads to-read list that would give you ideas of topics I'd like to learn about. i love learning, so i sort of bounce from topic to topic and read a lot on the internet. i love to read about religious history, too.

What one thing you would like to do more of? i collect tarot and haven't been reading my cards lately. that's something i would like to do more of. maybe if i had a beautiful cloth on which to do my readings, and a storage system for my decks, i would be more inclined to make it a daily practice. i would also like to meditate more, and incorporate small magickal acts into my day to day life. i already bake, but i would bake a lot more if i had really nice measuring spoons (i already got amazing measuring cups from my 2015 fall switch witch, but spoons would be great), and a metal tip for piping bags for icing.

Dear witches and witchees! I know there is a question about "decorating style", but if you're comfortable, could you should us some photos of your spaces? i would rather not, mostly out of laziness, but you are very welcome to add me on facebook, and my instagram is public, so i don't even think you need an account to view that.

Would you like any cookie butter (just to be clear, store-bought, not home-made, and does contain wheat since it's, y'know, cookie butter)?
I already have some Biscoff spread and I only use it on occasion for a small treat, so I would say only if it's something quite different from that.
Is there any particular piece (or pieces) of art (painting, photograph, etc) that speaks to you in some way? I love Salvador Dali, Abigail Larson, Laura Junge... I love surreal, gothic, ethereal, whimsical... mostly anything Alice in Wonderland related... I don't like the style that's sort of cartoonish in a doe eyed precious moments childlike kind of way, and while I enjoy anime, I wouldn't hang anime style art in my home.

What kinds of things would you like from the Lilith BPAL or BPTP update (or are you joining a decant circle?) I already ordered partial bottles of the ones that interested me, so I'm all set. Stay tuned for my halloweenie desires!

Do you want to received knit or crocheted items? If so, could you describe or even link to a couple of items similar to what you would like to receive? I'm probably okay without, but if that's your major thing, I love lace and lurex.

What thing do you want to do (or get) but you keep putting off for one reason or another? Runes, I think I mentioned already. KEEPING THIS QUESTION FOR POSTERITY BUT I NOW HAVE RUNES

Would you like anything from Lush? No. I would LOVE bath bubbling type products from another company, but one that does not use harsh sulfates like Lush does, and preferably one that doesn't put dyes or other harsh chemicals in. I really like what Blooddrop has been offering for bathtime things, and Paintbox Soapworks Whiskers Bath Streusel is my love.

Do you prefer hand-made or store-bought? it all depends.

SPICY! Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" and 10 being "ghost pepper? scorpion pepper? I laugh at these! I love as much heat as you can throw my way!" Where are you? like in the 6-8 range depending on the flavor - I can tolerate much higher spice if it's a flavor I love. My favorite peppers are habaneros and hatch green chiles, I love sriracha, and I dislike the taste of jalapeno.

What is your BPAL "Holy Grail"? Antique Lace

Analog or Digital? Or Both? I mostly just use Spotify

What scents from other perfume companies are you really wanting to have in your collection and or are just really wanting to test? Companies like NAVA, Arcana, Solstice Scents, Possets, Haus of Gloi etc.....? I think I largely answered this in the questionnaire, but I love NAVA and have been dipping my toes into Blooddrop. I find Arcana to be okay, and have had bad luck with everything else on that list.

Do you have an affinity for any specific animals? Cats, dogs, snakes, foxes, wolves, and tigers. But I don't decorate my home with animal posters or use kitschy animal folders or anything like that.

Kitchen Needs or Wants? I would love a nice new set of measuring spoons and/or measuring cups.

Makeup! Do you like it, would you want some? If so what brands do you like to wear? I wouldn't be upset to receive it, but I'm also not desperate for it. My favorite companies are Urban Decay and Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals

Chocolate fiends ahoy! What kind of chocolate do you like? Do you like any other things in it or just plain good ole chocolate? I think I talked about this in the questionnaire. I love dark chocolate and almost never enjoy milk chocolate. I like chocolate containing nut butters above all else, but I'm also a fan of coconut, caramel, toffee, and sea salt.

Would you be opposed to receiving a ton of Halloween themed items? A ton might be overdoing it. And I wouldn't want to receive things like pencils, erasers, plastic figurines, etc. I'm also not a fan of the bright, green-purple-orange type Halloween look, even though green and purple are my favorite colors. I like dark colors, sparkle, and generally classy things which are either subdued or have a bit of cheeky, sophisticated humor to them. Things like wreaths, garlands, puzzles, string lights, candles/candle holders, would all be likely to get use, but particularly if they're leaning more toward a gothic or witchy aesthetic, rather than a pumpkins and Frankenstein's monster kind of vibe.

Would you be interested in any special little thing I might be able to pick up from the Great Lakes Bat Festival this Saturday? Both Janell Cannon (author of Stellaluna and other kids' books) and Fiona Reid (illustrator for lots of animal field guides) will be there, so would you possibly be interested in something like an autographed copy of Stellaluna or one of Cannon's or Reid's other books? Or something from the Organization for Bat Conservation, like a shirt or other swag? My childhood self would LOVE for me to have an autographed copy of Stellaluna! and an adoption would be sweet

What items from the Weenie update interest you, should you have to option of getting anything as a gift from your Witch??? Would you be ok with decants, or bottles? I'll come back to this. I'm planning to order things from a decant circle, but I'll let you know what doesn't make the cut.

What's your favorite scary movie? I'll name Halloween appropriate movies in general, because a lot of my favorites aren't what I would call scary: The Craft, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd, Hocus Pocus

Blu-ray or DVD? We have devices that play both, but almost exclusively watch things via the internet

Game systems? PC - I use an msi gaming laptop and my keyboard changes colors and it's super awesome. Also XBox 360 (this is currently in the bedroom on top of an armoire used for bedroom netflix access, so i don't play on it lately, but i would if i had an amazing game that was xbox only. not fable 2 though, i've already played it 10000 times, and fable 3 was meh). and ps3, ps4, wii, n64. i keep a fairly active Steam wishlist, my name is AbigailAbigail

Are you dressing up for Halloween and do you need accessories? Yes, but I don't know for sure what my costume is. Options I'm considering are: Lady Stoneheart - I've done this before so I don't think I need anything, unless you make clothing and want to make me a badass cloak, in which case I'm 5'2" and petite; Sansa Stark in her gothic raven mourning ensemble, for which i have nothing; a glam Elphaba, with spakrly green eye makeup and a wee little witchy hat on a headband or something like that. OH and I'm planning to order a barbarian costume for RenFest this year, so a leather cuff or something (I have teensy wrists, so either small or adjustable) would be cool.

Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? Sizes and styles? If someone gives me a bag I'll almost certainly use it - my grandma gave me this:

and it's my number one airport carry-on. It's almost as tall as my torso and brighter than the picture, but I rock it. my sister made me a shiny black tote in high school with iridescent stars all over it and I still use it to carry miscellaneous food items to work. i uses purses of all sizes and have a mostly neutral wardrobe, so i would never let one go to waste. one thing in particular I could use is an evening bag that isn't black. i was a bridesmaid in a navy blue dress this summer and realized I have three little evening bags and they are all black. i prefer things with a strap rather than handheld clutches, because I'm a bit forgetful, but other than that if you see a bag of any kind you think i need, rest assure I'll use it.

What are your favorite fandoms and do you want to receive anything related to such? i think this was in the questionnaire, right? but just in case - GoT, LotR, ooh I don't think I mentioned I love 80s cartoons, especially Rainbow Brite, and NOT Carebears, but most of the others, including obscurities like Lady Lovely Locks and Rose Petal Place... Neil Gaiman All The Things... as far as related stuff, I don't wear t shirts often and don't need any more mugs, and I wouldn't hang a TV poster, but we do have a framed map of Westeros on the wall and I have a set of LotR teas in pretty tins and a similar style set of ASOIAF teas... so the short answer is, yes, but with the same general provisions I've given on other topics about functionless items and cheesy things. I'm nerdy and silly, but I have a bit of what my mom calls champagne tastes.

What are you planning to order from the Weenies update? I ordered a bunch of half bottles from a decanter, but BPTP is where I'm usually in the most trouble, so stay tuned.

Renaissance Faire stuff: I go to a pretty big one every year, so there's nothing I pine for but can't get due to lack of access. That said, I love renaissance stuff, so even if you can't mail me a turkey leg (think about it, though. just give it a try. just to see. ), there's plenty of stuff I would be delighted by. I do really love honey straws, which many renaissance faires have.

Do you like comics or graphic novels? Any issues or collections you want to read? Yes yes yes. I love them. I'm currently on volume 9 of Sandman and will probably order volume 10 soon. Until recently I'd only read the first six volumes, so if you were to get me 11, 12, or overture, it would have to be somewhat soon because I'm reading about a volume a week while reading a "real" book as well, but I would be super grateful. I recently read and very much enjoyed the first volume of Rat Queens, so I would like to keep reading that. I wouldn't mind continuing Pretty Deadly, although I only thought volume one was pretty neat. I love The Last Unicorn graphic novel edition, so if you come across something like that where it's a graphic novel of an existing beloved text, I'm in! My Goodreads is a good way to stalk, I know I've marked many things as to-read that I'm not necessarily remembering right now. I do want the first volumes of Lady Death, Witchblade, and Dawn.
Do you like fanfic? Would you like a story written for you as part of your gift? What characters/fandoms/pairings etc do you like? It's not really my thing

Where do you have wishlists? If you could please link to them or to a post that links to them. (Amazon, Etsy, Think Geek, Pinterest, Sephora, Lush, BPAL/BPTP, Soap Box Company, everywhere and anywhere!) Amazon (abroditegoddess@aol.com), Etsy, Sephora, BPAL/BPTP, Clockwork Couture. I should be findable eveywhere by real name or email.

Would you rather receive a bunch of little packages through the round, a couple of medium packages, or one big package at the end? I don't want to pressure you, dearest witch, I want you to have as much fun stalking/spoiling me as I will have reaping the benefits! So if you are a breadcrumb dropping, little gift sending kind of witch, I will adore receiving little delights along the way. If you want to keep me completely in suspense until the big reveal, I can handle it! And anything in between. I guess I would say if it is little packages throughout the round, it would be nice to still have the last package feel finale-esque. But it is all really up to you.

For those of us with out-of-country Witchees, would you be happy with receiving a few packages from local to you merchants (say, through Etsy or equivalent)? I don't think this applies to me, but I definitely don't mind receiving packages straight from the seller/company.

Would Witchees like something from IKEA? No, thanks

If/when you go to the mall, for which store do you make a beeline? Oh, I loathe the mall! But I do drag myself there once or twice a year and endure the artificial, overpowering smells of B&B Works in order to get a few three-wick candles and especially to get some refills for my wallflowers.

Do you receive any subscription boxes? I currently subscribe to NatureBox, Sephora Play, and Try the World. I would be into a subscription if you see one that you think I would like.

Do you like tarts/candles/incense? I like all of it, but if you send tarts, I do not own a melter/burner. I would buy one if I had need, but as of now I don't own one. My favorite ever room scent is black clove, but I also like to have something soothing for bedtime baths, like a lavender vanilla. Basically any vanilla that isn't straight up cake delights me. I like most florals, and minty things.Especially a creamy mint. I also like magickal / ritual candles a whole bunch. I buy from Nui Cobalt Designs every month.

Is there anything you wish you could have picked up from the Dragon*Con exclusives? Yes! A rich patron to fund the absurd amount of things I ordered from a fairy.

Is there a GC you've been dying to try but haven't got around to yet? Mostly unimpables. If you look at my wishlists on the Lab's site, the imp list is things I wish to try, or maybe it's that it's a bottle/imp list but I selected imp as the quantity... at any rate, it should be on there!

Copper, colorful, or neutral jewelry? Yes.

We asked about decorating style, but are you interested in receiving decorations for your home? Are you interested in things that go on the wall or things that go on shelves? Art, or functional decoratives. See previous answers for more details.

Office supplies hound? Pens, pencils, journals, any preference, or favorites? Pretty notebooks or pens are always welcome.

I live near a huuuuge candy store. What kind of candy do you like? Gummies? Caramel? Chocolate? Sour? Sugar-free? Toffee, dark chocolate, coconut, caramel. I prefer high quality stuff, natural ingredients. NOT sugar free, as I don't want artificial sweeteners. Any candy you send that I don't eat will still get eaten by my male counterpart or my coworkers.

How do you feel about animal products? Not so much animal toys or food, but more like furs, paws, bones, etc. Feathers are fine. Absolutely no fur or paws. Bone items can be okay, as long as it's not ivory or blatantly harvested in a cruel way or anything.

Are you interested in receiving any restaurant.com gift certificates for your area? I don't actually know if they have anything for my area. I would love OpenTable, though.

How do you feel about "toys" - stuffed animals and the like? no thank you, my stuffed rabbit would be rather jealous and my creatures would -- oh! actually, if you wanted to send a squeaky stuffed animal for my dog, she would be very grateful.

Did you see the eclipse last night? How do you feel about astrological events, like eclipses? Any interest in the Blood Moon Eclipse scent from BPAL? I did! Boyfriend and I walked around the neighborhood looking for it - there were lots of clouds, but we got many good glimpses each time a cloud moved away, and by the end it was visible from our balcony. I have a moon app and subscribe to a daily (day by day, but weekly produced) non-sign-specific horoscope about the general astrological conditions of the world, so I'm a fan of such things overall. No interest in the scent, though.

Witchee's, how tall are you? And perhaps, what's your arm span (from wrist to wrist)? 5'2", and I don't know my wingspan, but if it turns out my witch needs this information, please pry further and I shall figure it out.

How do you feel about the 4 elements? Or are you more of an Asian 5 elements person? Do you feel strongly about any of the elements, like a connection or a preference? So, I'm an earth sign, but with perhaps too much of the other elements in my life. I need to be more grounded. I work with the elementals more than any particular deity, so I guess I feel strongly about all of them.

How do you feel about bento boxes? Is it something you would use if you were to get one? sure!

Scarves, shawls or cowls? Mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts or wristlets? i have soo many scarves. i wouldn't hate a cowl, though! and i exclusively prefer glittens for the hands.

how do you feel about online classes? Like, say, craftsy or creativebug? Or even lynda.com? i love the idea, but realistically i would probably not use it nearly often enough or soon enough.

What do we want from Paintbox Soapworks? Copious amounts of Whiskers bath streusel and sorbetto. Also any bath streusel or sorbetto that isn't intensely foody or patchouli (lavender truffle is not overly foody, for example, but rice pudding is). Oh, and vats of Nihilist goat milk lotion.

If I were to make you some art, would you prefer a frame that hangs or one that sits? And what color/style would you prefer? Hanging

How do you feel about gourmet marshmallows? I would put them in gourmet hot chocolate

Are you a slatherer or a dabber? Yes.

Talk to me, dear witchies, about tea. I know we've covered this a little, but I really need the nitty gritty here- not just companies you like and don't like (Teavana? Adagio? David's? Some tiny place?) but I also want to know the other stuff: top 3 flavors, loose or bagged, the kinds of tea accessories you use- or have always wanted. Be specific. Provide links if necessary. I think I've already answered most of this, but I don't remember if I talked about accessories. I use a cast iron pot or a little mesh ball for loose tea, although I used to have one of those things that sits atop your cup and drains in, and I loved it. And I love bagged tea as well, for which I don't use any special equipment.

Villainess is putting out brand new stuff for the first time in a while (as opposed to bringing back former lines). Sooo.... who wants it? If you see something that screams me, but I tried a vanilla focused blend from her once and it was much too sweet and foody, so I can't offer any specific guidance.

How does everyone feel about duct tape crafts? Any favorite patterns? hmm, probably not my thing.

Are there any flowers you especially like? it depends on why. for actual flowers, i can't have anything that's toxic to cats or dogs. mine will chew on any plant i receive. for perfumes and such, i don't like carnation (actually i don't like live ones, either) and i'm picky about rose, but i mostly like florals. for floral prints, i love daisies the best.

Would you be interested in any cozies or cases (yarn o fabric, not hard cases) for tech stuff (phone, laptop' etc) or for cups/mugs/bottles or anything else similar. no thanks - my laptop overheats as is and for my phone if i'm going to use a case i want it to be protective.

Would you like Halloween or Day of the Dead themed ornaments or a "bunting"? yup!

Are there witchees who would like book related gifts like a booklight, bookmark, bookseat or something for your reading gadget,like a cover or a light for example. hmmm... my kindle has a nice leather case and built-in backlighting, and i think i'm good on bookmarks (but if you see a cool one, by all means! it's just not something i'm particularly seeking.) - that said, i love books and book stuff, so i'm certainly open to bookish gifts.

I make handmade journals, mini albums and similar items. Would my witchee be interested in something like that? yes ma'am!

What songs/music/artists/CD's do you like to listen to around Halloween? oh, i mostly like to watch Tim Curry sing Anything Can Happen On Halloween every day for a month.

Are you interested in leg warmers at all? maaaaybe?

Is your Halloween style scary, cutesy, folksy, grotesque . . .? sort of darkly classy with a touch of macabre. sparkly black things, lots of candle light, the occasional knife or skull (these last two are also part of my general decor).

I bought the Portal board game last week & it came with a Portal 2 steam free download code. I already have the game on another console & it's one of my favorite series of all time. Soooo, would you want it? I haven't played the first one and fiance says we already have a copy anyway, but I do have a wishlist on Steam!

Have you read The Martian? Or do you plan on watching the movie? I saw the movie, and I plan to read the book but already have a copy

Pertaining to that, how does everyone feel about such things? Will anyone be participating? How about NaNo swag, is there any you want? I sign up for NaNo every year and then don't actually do it because I'm too busy, so no

Honey or beeswax products? Discuss. Yes to all

How do you feel about bumper stickers and car magnets? What do you like--cute, pretty, snarky, geeky/fandomy? no car decor for me, thank you, but if you see cool bumper/decal stickers that are on the smaller side (think circles, squares, and smallish rectangles, rather than the elongated message-y type of bumper sticker), we do put stickers on the keggerator on our balcony.


Jamberry? No thank you

Marmite? I have always been curious!

Used Claw Polish? No, not because it's used but because I don't need more nail polish. And since some people answered regarding this, I definitely don't want used cosmetics of any other kind.

Discontinued BPAL: Antique Lace. I wouldn't mind a little more Regan, but I definitely don't need a bottle, and there was one called Sundrop or Sundew that I've always been curious to try.

Blooddrop? Well, witch, I ordered immediately because I have been waiting desperately for more Blooddrop bath stuffs. But there is plenty I would like more of, and things I didn't order. Asterisk means I didn't order any. Bath Truffles: Chamomile Tea, Ghostly, Late Summer; Bath oils: Jord*, Sjofn*, Volva*; Bathy Bubble Bars: Harvest Champagne, Rubies & Emeralds, Softly Falling; Silken: Chamomile Lavender & Vanilla*; Sugar Bar: Vanilla Marshmallow*

Spices? sure thing! any and all.

dearest witch, I may stop answering questions soon. I want there to be an element of surprise and I want you to have some say in what *you* think is the perfect gift for me, so I don't want to answer so many questions and look at so many specific websites that I end up just calling all the shots. if some new sites pop up in the questions and I don't answer about them, it doesn't mean I'm shunning them - I just trust your judgment.



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