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Haute Macabre

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#1 Mellifluous


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 05:57 PM

Oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli.

Mmmm. I just got my pack, and insta-slathered. On me, this is a black leather... but with the almond, I get a very 'lived-in' leather feel. So that said, the almond is present on me.. but its mostly just adding a creamy butteryness to the leather. I do get a hint of woodiness, and just enough sweetness to have me really enjoying this. So far its a big win. Dry, it is still very similar. It does seem more creamy, but leather is still the primary and most dominant note. Mmm.. I think I get more of a tonka note than straight up almond... or maybe its a mix of the almond with the oak leaf? Either way, its a very nice delicate creamy nuttiness that tames the blackness of the leather. The patchouli is completely absent to my nose, but perhaps ageing will change that some? Overall I am really liking this creamy, and just slightly sweet, leather blend. I think that this will win the hearts of all leather lovers.

#2 ScaryDoll


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 10:35 PM

In the bottle and on the skin, the note that stands out most is a gorgeous, soft leather. As time goes by, I start noticing the almond more and more. Of all the notes listed, leather and almond are the only two I can really say I notice. The others are blended seamlessly in the background. As Mellifluous mentioned, it dries down to a creamier, sweeter leather, which is probably at least partly influenced by the vanilla. Overall, I love this scent! I can't say I have any other beautiful leathery almond scents in my collection. I might even go for a back up when they become available again. Also, it lasts forever and a day! :wub2:

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#3 ltrittipoe


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Posted 11 April 2013 - 01:56 AM

Wet, the almond in this is almost overwhelming on my skin, similar to the almond in The Organ Grinder (which ruined that scent for me, :cry2: )
I get almost nothing of any of the other notes, just ALMOND stomping all over everything.

As it starts to dry down, the leather starts peeking out, a soft, worn leather, blending with the almond (Thank gods) to tone down ALMOND into something not so trompy and pencil shaving-y. I can detect a little of the vanilla, and something woody that isn't the almond, but sadly, no patchouli.

Overall, this is a gorgeous scent, and I am so glad that I have a bottle, but I don't think it will every be a favorite - for leather, Crowley wears much better on my skin, without the ALMOND, and I don't get enough bourbon vanilla or patch to make it something that I will reach for constantly. But I am very interested to see how it ages, and how it layers. :D

#4 claudia6913


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Posted 13 April 2013 - 07:51 PM

In the bottle this smells dark, leathery, a little dangerous. :yum:

Leahter starts out sharp and biting, not a well worn leather, more sleak. Almond sits around and the vanilla peeks out every now and then. Little bit of a bark note which is the oak + almond husk maybe. Patchouli sits back and watches it all, just hanging out. As the leather warms, it loses some of it's sharpness and becomes more malleable.

This is a very assertive blend and makes no bones about being itself.

#5 Gateau


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Posted 13 April 2013 - 10:16 PM

Chiming in with everyone else--this is a very creamy, worn leather. It's got a lot of nuttiness. The almond isn't that cherry sort of kind, but more like the creamy almond milk note in Brood XIX. No plastic at all in the leather, but it's sort of drowned out by the creaminess, which I suspect is enhanced by the vanilla. I don't pick up the oak leaf or patchouli at all, but suspect they contribute to the overall nuttiness.

So far it's too creamy for my taste, but I'm curious to age it a bit and try again.

#6 ladymeag


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Posted 13 April 2013 - 10:58 PM

In the bottle: ALMOND! with some leather and vanilla?

On Me: Wet this smells like a marzipan coated leather coat - it's got that overwhelmingly sweet almond smell that marzipan carries. As it dries down more of the leather comes forward but unfortunately brings a bottle of Windex with it. I'm not sure but either the vanilla or leather is providing a chemical smell, which could lean it toward being a DeSade style leather (which is all chemical on me.) As it dries, I pick up more of that Captain Cully style leather but the sweet almond pushes the scent into cloying. Candied almonds in a leather coat, perhaps? ]

On my spouse, this smells like insulin (used to live with a diabetic, will never forget that smell,) and leather.

Overall, if you thought Captain Cully wasn't sweet enough or was too dry, this might be the scent for you.

#7 KawaiiKai


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Posted 14 April 2013 - 12:16 AM

I am so glad I purchased a bottle. Upon opening the bottle, I find there is the sweetness of the almond that greeted me immediately, but soft, not cloying the way almond sometimes is. Coming up almost immediately to take almond husk's hand is the aged patchouli. Patchouli had a sharp bite at first opening, but that softened too. I could swear I smelled the oak leaves behind them and wearing it I get the leather.
Several hours later all that's left on my skin is a touch of bourbon vanilla and a whisper of almond husk.
This is divine!

#8 sookster


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Posted 14 April 2013 - 12:43 PM

first sniff from bottle is moist, wet slightly bitter almond and leather...

once applied the leather and patchouli amp up to an incredible sweetness;
I get the creamy note some of you are mentioning as well...absolutely beautiful...
magnificent throw and lasts for hours

not for the faint of heart...personally, this is just what the
doctor ordered for me...positively magnificent ;)

kudos to this sensational creation!

#9 mermaidsdream


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Posted 16 April 2013 - 10:59 PM

When I first got the bottle, it smelled straight-up of cordial cherries. I let it sit for a couple of days before trying it on.

Out of the bottle, I get leather with something else I can't pin point.

Applied, I get cold, cool leather, a little masculine for my tastes. Reminds me a bit of Robotic Scarab without the metallic undertones.

After about a 1/2 hour: Oh, hi there Patchouli! It's starting to fight with the leather, warming up just a little. I still get a lot of the cold leather, but not much in sweet.

I like this, it's very sexy, but I think I'd like it on a man better (unfortunately, I don't know any who'll wear it). This is how I'd imagine Sherlock would smell like (or maybe it's Benedict Cumberbatch I'm thinking this would smell fantastic on).

Edited 6/7/13, rather than creating a new post in the same thread:

I've actually worn this twice now; once around the time I first got it, and then again, about a month later. I think the thing that strikes me the most about this scent is how "cool" the scent stays throughout it's wear; and by "cool" I mean temperature. I'm not really sure how to explain it exactly, but it's an over-all feeling, an over-all impression.

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#10 dawndie


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 07:21 PM

In bottle: salted almonds

On skin: lots of leather, half-way between dusty Dead Man's Hand and shiny-sleek DeSade or Spanked

Half-hour later: still some leather, and patchouli with a vengeance

In conclusion: all I got with this one was leather and patchouli, and nothing else appeared on me. However, it's a nice combo -- I like it more than the discordant patchouli and vanilla combo of Banshee Beat. Both the leather and patch are mellow versions of itself, and it's comforting in a "hug from a good guy friend" way.

#11 freneticfloetry


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 07:53 PM

The leather is a little sharp on application, but warms immediately (hello, patch!) - distinctly black leather, dark and rich, but slick and oiled and broken-in. Something in there is sweet, but I'm not getting anything distinctly almond or vanilla, just warm, sweet, round leather and patchouli.

Love this.

#12 mzhell


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 11:56 PM

I was really looking forward to this one, as I loved Banshee Beat but wanted something a little sexier. This did not disappoint! Definitely smelled the leather first and foremost, but it was less like DeSade and more like one of my absolute favorites...Hellfire! I was not expecting that, and it took me a little while to realize what scent this reminded me of. It has more staying power than Hellfire, which is a plus given how quickly it fades on me. The patchouli is not as prevalent as I thought, and I am hoping it turns up a little more as I wear it. This one is definitely a sultry, grown up scent. I am going to try and be patient, and not slather on more, as I want to see how it does over the next few hours. I cannot stop sniffing myself... may have to sneak some of this on the boy later. :twisted:

#13 Atrous


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Posted 18 April 2013 - 01:07 PM

In the bottle, this smells like walking into a Wilson's Leather store.

At first the leather is really in your face but starts to tone down when almond and vanilla come out. It takes about an hour for the patchouli to make an appearance. When it does, it's a soft patchouli. If that makes any sense.

So strange because this ends up smelling sweet and creamy coconut with earthy undertones. I love this scent. :wub2: Wonder how it will age?

#14 strahlend


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Posted 19 April 2013 - 02:46 AM

In the bottle I get a rich, sweet mix of patchouli, vanilla, and almond.

On my skin it is the same as above with a hint of a nutty sweetness. It develops into a lovely sweet patchouli leather.

In the scent locket it goes pretty much directly to leather and stays there. It's the smell of a broken in leather jacket, not chemical new but not the supple suede kind either, somewhere in between. There is still a hint of sweetness, but it's the leather that prominently wafts up from my scent locket.

This is pretty much amazing and I'm sure it will age really well too.

I slathered this on the other night and when my son wandered into the room he said it smelled like cherries and my partner agreed. A little disappointing that the almond reads that way, but I remember encountering that response in reviews before.

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#15 OctoberGwen


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Posted 19 April 2013 - 02:49 AM

I was hoping for more almond husk, oak leaf, and aged patchouli. On me, all I'm getting is ! LEATHER ! and my too- sweet frenemy, bourbon vanilla.

Not for me.

#16 ReallyZeb


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 02:42 PM

Wet, and for the first hour or so, I feel like I'm being hit round the head with a marzipan coated whip :whip: If that is your sort of thing, this may be for you!

After the massive hit of leather has calmed down it's quite sweet and almost caramelly, with nice soft patch in the background - but the first hour gave me such a headache that I had to get rid :cry2:

I think I would really like this on selected men, but on me it was all too overpowering.

#17 Midnight Aeval

Midnight Aeval

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Posted 26 April 2013 - 03:22 PM

I get mostly soft, worn leather from this blend. Spanked (my favorite #1 scent FOREVER and ALWAYS) is more of a crisp, black leather. Anyways, leather is prominent through all the stages of the scent. At first I get a blast of that almond/cherry note with the leather, which smells reeeeally good. As it dries, the almond/cherry calms down (so if you're not ordering because you're scared of the almond husk note, don't be!) and rounds out the leather nicely with the vanilla adding a touch more of sweetness; I believe the oak leaf and patchouli come to play later as it gets earthier as it is worn.

The patchouli in the blend is surprisingly not the star (because really, patchouli can be an attention whore most of the time), definitely the leather!

I don't get similarities to blends like Banshee Beat.. it's in a league of it's own.

And yes, this blend last forever - the sweatshirt I wore on the day I wore it (a full week ago), STILL smells like it! It's pretty fantastic.

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#18 littlebeky


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 05:45 PM

Out of the bottle I immediately got sharp black leather and CHERRYALMONDOMGSWEET! Very strong!

I let it sit for a few hours and then gave it a test. Very sweet almond and sharp leather still however it wasn't as in your face. As if dried down the almond was still present but my nose picked up that lovely patchouli and the leather seemed to soften to a worn in warm leather.

I don't get vanilla or oak etc its just almond, leather, patchouli. My boyfriend however told me it was "wicked sweet smelling" after I had it on or like an hour which was the point where all I could smell was patchouli and leather no sweetness. Different noses!

Banshee Beat is my too scent and this is not like BB. It is its own dark and sexy scent. Dangerous as others have said.

#19 MCS4096


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 12:44 AM

Just got my bottle today from the restock :D

I'm immediately reminded of the Solstice Scent "Black Leather and Red Lace" if anyone else is familiar with it...

That's probably because I get deep black leather and warm vanilla (the good kind that doesnt go plasticy on me) with nary a hint of almond husk. There is a little bit of oak leaf and patch rounding it out, but I'd say it's primarily a leather and vanilla blend :wub2:

So happy there was a restock!

ETA: I'm also reminded somewhat of Haloes :) I think it's the vanilla and oak warmth

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#20 sunshinedaisybliss


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Posted 04 May 2013 - 04:04 AM

Jeepers man - when I first slap this one (yes, slap - dabbing is for pansies)... it smells just like cherry cola.

C - O - L - A


Dude, the almond. It's almond overload. Or perhaps I should call it almond overlord - it's that evil. On my skin, almond = cherry cough medicine, it's kind of nasty. "Oh almond husk will be soft and woodsier", I told myself when I read the notes before buying it... "it won't smell like aaalllllmonnnnnnd" I said. HA! I'm a fool, for I was wrong - on me, this could be an almond single note for the first ten minutes.

OK so yes, it does get better. Ten minutes in, and the almond has calmed down a little. It's calmond. HAHA I can't help myself. This review is making me nuts. Geddit? Almond? Nuts? OK. Anyway now that the almond has faded the leather makes an appearance, and it's definitely a black leather - not a snuggly/soft brown one, this is the smack-you-in-the-nose shiny black leather from Fetish Goth, De Sade, Whip etc - it has some sting behind it, and a very subtle smokiness. The patchouli is pretty mild at first - sitting nicely with a soft earthy feel that's a good counterbalance to the sharpness of the leather - they're lovely together in the early stages but I find the patchouli comes out over the leather at about the twenty minute mark. That pesky cherry almond is still hanging around, but it comes and goes so it's not always immediately noticeable. What about the oak leaf? Well... I can't find it in here at all. And the bourbon vanilla isn't really a major player - it's just giving everything a nice warm, slightly rich tone but it's definitely not foody. Ultimately, it's the patchouli that ends up being the most dominant note here for me.

This really is a beautiful blend - if only it didn't have that stupid almond, it would be perfection for me. The patchouli+leather+vanilla combination is heavenly... just the right mix of dark, naughty, earthy and sweet. But that cherry almond is just killing the mood. I will keep my bottle and hope that the almond mellows out after some aging.

#21 milo


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Posted 17 May 2013 - 03:15 AM

At first, I'm getting lots of almond, tonka and leather. It really kind of reminds me of Western Diamondback (it seems like the same leather), and Asp Viper, (it's the same almond). After a bit, everything seems to meld together quite nicely, almond husk, sweetened by vanilla and rounded out by the soft, supple leather and muted patchouli. I probably wouldn't have even guessed the notes, because everything melds together so nicely. My only complaint, is that is just a teeeeeny bit masculine on me. This also reminds me of a less aggressive Crowley, and maybe a brother to Banshee Beat. I may need more than my half bottle.

#22 joyfulgirl


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Posted 17 May 2013 - 02:03 PM

dayum. so i was kind of iffy on this. i LOVE patchouli and i LOVE leather and i'm pretty good with almond. i'm 50/50 on oaks though and bourbon vanilla has a bad tendency to go plastic on me.

but someone at C2E2 MnS had a bottle of this that i got to sniff. and people. it was so delicious. i got online right then and there and ordered a bottle on my iphone. yeah.

so, let's see.

in the bottle: LEATHER. ALMOND. like zeb said: MARZIPAN COVERED LEATHER WHIP SMACKING YOU IN THE FACE!! :whip: ZOMG! what the hell have i gotten myself into?

wet on my skin: wow, lots of leather. pretty much all soft, brown leather. this, to me, is very similar to the leather in Rogue. which is a Good Thing.

drying down: the leather now has a delicious, dirty undercurrent of really amazing, really black patchouli. VERY BLACK. like the patchouli in #ows. Banshee Beat, it ain't, but there is a hint of sweetness there (which i'm attributing to the vanilla and almond) that calls BB to mind. but that is really the only role of the vanilla and almond here, at least on my skin. i can't pick out either one as an individual note...just a slight sweet edge to an otherwise very dark patchouli. i don't get any oak at all, which is a-ok with me. the leather also appears to have the incredible throw and staying power of Rogue (which I can smell for 3 days after wearing it). again: a Good Thing in my book.

an interesting thing: for the first hour i was wearing this, it smelled very different on different parts of my body. on my palms, fingertips and the inside of my wrists, i got leather. on the outside of my wrists and back of my hand, i got almost all patchouli. in my hair, i got a slightly sweet mixture of the two.

bottom line: this is delicious. it's like #ows, Banshee Beat and Rogue had a hot, kinky threesome and produced this delicious little love child. the patchouli is absolutely gorgeous, the leather is soft and comforting and the other notes round everything out very nicely. another amazingly beautiful blend...i'm so glad i got a bottle and anticipate more in my future. :wub2:

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#23 theseagrows


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 05:02 PM

yep i get oak and leather primarily with the vanilla and almond in the background. very pretty yet i am amping the leather a bit in this. i don't seem to get any patchouli for some reason...it is really mostly oak and leather but i like it wafting around me, because when i smell it on my arm the leather is pretty potent and almost feels like it burns my nostrils! 


as above is similar, and for some reason it works a bit better on me, but i still like haute macabre too. ETA: i get patchouli after it's been on my skin a much longer time, and it adds a nice earthiness but is not overpowering. also, at this point the leather is tempered a lot and i like it better.

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#24 zankoku_zen


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Posted 28 May 2013 - 09:54 PM

This has the same patchouli note as Badgers, with hints of black leather, and vanilla and almond.

In other words, this smells like a leather version of Badgers.

I prefer Badgers, but I can see why people love this blend.

#25 liquidtrance


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Posted 04 June 2013 - 12:52 AM

In the imp: This is WHOA ALMONDS, and just a teensy hint of leather. And lo, I cursed the imp up and down for it's almond heavy scent. "WHY, Almonds? Why?! I do not want maraschino cherry-cordial-blech!"

But I rallied onward!

On Skin: The almond all but evaporates within minutes (!), and the leather warms into place. I agree that this is a well worn smelling leather, in a surprisingly tame way. This is not the tannic leather from something like Saloon #10 atmo, nor the harsh chemical leather of Spanked. This is deep, but not vicious leather.
Helping it along is the patchouli, whispering in the background-- I believe this to be what is keeping the leather in check. 'Black leather' gave me second thoughts, but here it is an earthy leather. Accompanying all this is the almond husk and what must be the woodsy oak leaves and vanilla.

Overall, this is an ever-so-slightly sweet leather, with an earthy backdrop. Masculine, but wearable for women. I was VERY surprised that the almond tamed down as much as it did. This definitely warrants keeping the imp!

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