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Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

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Hopefully I'm not being completely blind when I ask this -


I got Midwinters Eve 07 a while back and absolutely fell head over heels for it. Does anyone know any other scents like it? To me it's perfume perfection. :P

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Bordello is close but not exactly the same - it's also plummy but much warmer and deeper than Midwinter's Eve which I think is slightly cool and sparkling.

If you search for Midwinter or Bordello in this thread (and here) you'll see lots of other people's comparisons of the two.


And who knows, Midwinter's Eve could come back again for Yule 2008; it's been released more than one Christmas in the past.

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Brilliant, thankyou. I saw Bordello mentioned a minute ago (I clearly was being blind, doh!) so I'll definitely check that out. Are the Midwinter's Eve from past Christmas' the same as the 07 blend? (Daft question perhaps).

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In general there's probably some batch variation year on year for the blends that return more than once. Having said that, I don't find much difference between the two different decants of Midwinter's Eve that I have from different years.

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I tried on Inez last night and I have to say that on me, Inez (Golden amber, vanilla musk, myrrh, cedar, carnation, and red sandalwood) smelled almost exactly like Lyonesse (Golden vanilla and gilded musk, stargazer lily, white sandalwood, grey amber, elemi, orris root, ambergris and sea moss). The only difference is that Inez had a darker incense-y feel from the myrrh.

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Your mileage and skin chemistry will almost certainly vary, but Penumbra and Arachnina, the Spider-Girl are startlingly similar on my skin.


Yes, in spite of the only things they share being tobacco, an element of musk (albeit black and red versus purple), and red fruits. :P I've not done a side-to-side comparison yet, but Penumbra seems slightly more floral and sharper but otherwise very similar.

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I'm curious about something . Since we have Graveyard Dirt back again , how would folks say it compares to GC's like Burial or Deep in Earth ?

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I'm curious about something . Since we have Graveyard Dirt back again , how would folks say it compares to GC's like Burial or Deep in Earth ?


This is something of a cross-post from the "I want to smell like dirt!" thread, but I find Graveyard Dirt smells like mushrooms, moss, and dirt with no floral or sweet elements... it's that mossy, earthy scent that other blends containing the "grave loam" note share. For me, it's easiest to describe via subtraction; i.e., "It's like X, but without the fruit/flowers/rose, etc." Of course, this is a somewhat misleading way to describe Graveyard Dirt, because it makes it sound like it's lacking something, when it's perfect just the way it is. :P So, in comparison to other scents that are supposed to contain a dirt note, I would say:


Burial - Unfortunately, I can't remember this one too well. Either the pine element or the flowers amped and smothered anything earthy.

Crossroads - This was all jasmine on me; if you don't amp jasmine you might get a whiff of the loamy note.

Death Cap - Nothing like Graveyard Dirt; all I got was coconut baby powder.

Deep in Earth - This is like Graveyard Dirt + roses and is very similar to Zombi.

Destroying Angel - Very floral on me, not at all like Graveyard Dirt.

Jazz Funeral - This has that same moss/dirt note as Graveyard Dirt, Zombi, and Penny Dreadful, plus a hit of bay rum aftershave.

Nocnitsa - This was all bayberry candle on me, no dirt.

Nosferatu - A fresh green scent with a spicy berry spike, it has the same dirt/moss note as Graveyard Dirt, Zombi, Penny Dreadful, and Jazz Funeral.

Penny Dreadful - Like Graveyard Dirt + ginger cookies.

The Premature Burial - This one smells the closest to Graveyard Dirt to me and is currently available from Dark Delicacies. It does have a light floral element, but it's mostly moss/dirt.

Zombi - I amp rose, so this was super-strong ammonia-y roses on me... with a hint of Graveyard Dirt cowering beneath.


I have rather tempermental skin chemistry, so I'm sure others will chime in with different interpretations and comparisons!

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Is there anything at all that smells like Tiki King?


The King reminded me of Havana and Intrigue, but I have a weird nose. :P

Sorry this reply is so late, but Tiki King smells a lot like the Salon scent Satan and Death with Sin Intervening. They have the same lemony-resiny feel, but Tiki King has more coconut. I haven't tried Havana but I can see the Intrigue comparison, too.

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I just tried burial yesterday: In Bottle: Turpentiney. I suspect it’s the pine+ juniper. A hint of decay underneath. Wet: Pine, juniper, loam. Very sharp and not entirely pleasant, but well suited to the concept. Dry: Patchouli. Fades very fast.


I love both jazz Funeral and Penny dreadful for the strong earth note. Penny's mostly earth really. jazz funeral's more complex, but quite pleasant.

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The Bloody Sword smells like a combination of Sudha Segara + Dragon's Blood, if that helps anyone. Now to figure out what Brides of Dracula reminds me of...

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Can you recommend other oils I might like? I think it might be a melon note in it that I love so much but I'm not really sure.


Thanks! :P


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You can find this in the Short Guide to Common Recommendations...


What do I have for you here?


I have compiled a list of LE equivalents/substitutes/similarities based on member posts after reading through the entire LE equivalents thread. Yep, all 4+ years of discussion condensed here.


A couple of things to keep in mind. I only listed separate versions of an LE in the cases where the Lab has made clear that the later version is a reformulation. I didn't editorialize the comparisons as I made the list, so if something seems off the wall, remember the person who posted a suggestion may have a completely different body chemistry from you. Their post may have also included a caveat like "on drydown" or "not quite as much vanilla." I would not have had the stamina necessary to make a list that included that much detail - the same reason I did not include layering or mixing suggestions. But hopefully this will be helpful as a starting-off point. You can still search the thread itself by opening the topic, putting your search term in the box at the bottom left and clicking "search topic," so if you want to explore exactly what was said, try that.


I will be updating as regularly as possible, based on our continued discussions in that thread and around the entire Recs forum. If you happen to spot an older thread or post with some good material for this thread, feel free to bring it to my attention via PM. I am going to try to set aside some time to go through the GCs and discontinueds thread as soon as possible and add what I can find to this post.


13 (April 2007): Cleopatra Testing Poisons On Those Condemned To Death


Ace of Hearts: Ophelia, London


The Agony of Heartache: Bewitched


Al-Aaraf: Tiger Lily


All Souls: Brown Jenkins


Anaconda: Trick or Treat


Anactoria: Nanny Ashtoreth


Angeronalia: Xiuhtecuhtli, Mad Kate


Annabel Lee: Desdemona, Titania, Lady of Shallott, Danube, Amsterdam, Aeval, The Darkling Thrush


Archangel Winter: Sea of Glass, Lightning, Tempest, Szepasszony


Asp Viper: Uruk


Baba Yaga (unreleased): Manila


Bakeneko: Dracul


Beaver Moon 2005: Hollywood Babylon, Sugar Cookie, Antique Lace, Eat Me, Dana O'Shee, Velvet


Beaver Moon 2007: Hermia


Beltane 2005: Tarot:Strength


Berenice: Olokun


Bezoar: Hay Moon, No. 9 Engine, Mag Mell


Black Lace: Antique Lace, Euterpe (dc), Dorian, Haloes, Black Opal, Zephyr, Desire, Anactoria, The Sailors’ Den, The Antikythera Mechanism, Galvanic Goggles


Black Moon: La Belle Au Bois Dormant


Blue Moon 2004: Empyreal Mist (dc), Danube, Unseelie (dc), Dissipation (dc)


Blood Moon: Alone, Tezcatlipoca, Red Phoenix, Tanin'iver


Brides of Dracula: Nosferatu


Buck Moon: Yddgrasil, Coyote, Dorian, Juke Joint, Ochosi, Robin Goodfellow


Budding Moon: Kitsune Tsuki, The Dormouse


Butterflies and Plovers: Imp


Cancer 2007: La Belle Au Bois Dormant, Queen Mab


The Candy Butcher: Hellcat, Cockaigne, Bliss, Centzon Totochtin


Carfax Abbey: Death Cap, Cathedral, Eshe


The Castle: Wolf’s Heart, Fenris Wolf


Cerberus: Hearth 2004, Gomorrah, Tezcatlipoca, Intrigue, The Great Sword of War


The City In the Sea: Cthulu


The Chapel: Djinn


Chanukkiyah: Kill-Devil


Chaste Moon: Dana O’Shee, Leanan Sidhe, Tarot:Temperance


Cheshire Moon - The Unicorn


Chintamani-Dhupa: Carceri D'Invenzione


Chrysanthemum Moon: Mama-Ji, Faiza


Clémence: Port Royal, Dracul, Voodoo


The Clod and the Pebble: Seance


Corazon: Tamora, Kuang Shi, Lampades


Count Dracula: Port Royal, Dracul, The Smiling Spider, Calico Jack


The Cracked Bell: Tarot:Judgement


Crumpet Rebellion: The Knave of Hearts, Sugar Skull


Crypt Queen: Mme.Moriarty


The Darkling Thrush: Cloister in the Graveyard Snow


Decadence (unreleased): TAL Amor, Fruitcake


Devil’s Night: Smut, Jazz Funeral, Xiuhtecuhtli, Plunder


Dia de los Muertos: Kali, Bruja (dc), Centzon Totochtin, Block Buster


Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal: Hermia, Pepper, Tweedledee


Doc Buzzard: Fascinum


Dr. John Seward: Blood Countess


The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife: Nostrum Remedium


Dragon Moon: Neo-Tokyo (dc)


Dublin (dc): Mistletoe


Dyan Moon: Juliet


Earth Rat: Yemaya


Ebisu Making Love: The Apothecary, Fae


Egg Nog: SN Vanilla Bean (dc), Golden Priapus, Grog


Et Lux Fuit: The Lion, Brisingamen, Black Phoenix


Fée: Fae, Yemaya, Titania, Fire Pig, Ogun


Flower Moon: Eos, Phantom Queen


Formula 54: Perversion, Wanda, Santo Domingo, Dracul, Lilith


Freak Show: Intrigue, Carnal


Frost Moon: Cathode, Shattered, Neo-Tokyo (dc), Utrenyaya. Tarot:The Fool


Fruit Moon: Aglaea


Fruitcake: TAL Amor


Gamaliel - Eden


Gennivre: Queen Gertrude, The Unicorn, The Dormouse


Geek: Two Monsters, Doc Constantine


Gingerbread Poppet: Sudha Segara, Shub-Niggarath, Bengal


Glowing Vulva: The Antikythera Mechanism, Haloes


Graveyard Dirt: The Premature Burial


Green Phoenix: Mock Turtle's Lessons


Gypsy Queen: Sybaris, Baghdad, The Masque, Desire, Sed Non Satiata, Magdalene


Haloa: Hymn to Proserpine


Harvest Moon 2004: Jack


Harvest Moon 2005: Mabon, Block Buster


Harvest Moon '06: Les Bijoux, Verdandi


The Haunted Palace: Versailles, Moscow, Three Brides, Tamora, Brisingamen, Tarot:The Sun


Havisham: Zombi


Hay Moon: Bezoar, No. 93 Engine, Mag Mell


Hearth 2004: Jack, Herr Drosselmeyer


Hellion: Khajuraho, Nahemoth, Malkuth, Chokmah, Blood Countess, Imp


Herr Drosselmeyer: The Black Tower


Hexennacht 2005: Hunter Moon 2004, Samhain, Black Forest, Nocnitsa, Thanatopsis, Greed, Samhain


Hod: Morocco, Pink Moon 2007


Honey Moon: La Petit Mort, Sudha Segara


Hony Mone: Love-Lies-Bleeding


Hunger Moon: Scales of Deprivation, Death of The Grave Digger


Hungry Ghost Moon: Fae, 51, Night Gaunt


Hunter Moon 2004: Lampades, Lady MacBeth, Hexennacht 2005, Gomorrah, Siren, Grand Guignol, Fortunato, Bewitched


Ice Queen: Blue Moon 2004, Frost Moon, Cathode, Lady of Shallott, Nuclear Winter, Talvikuu, Cloister Graveyard in the Snow


Inez: Lyonesse


Jacob’s Ladder: Tarot:The Heirophant, The Lion, Brisingamen


June Gloom: Nanshe, Arcana


Khajuraho: Hanging Gardens, Hellion, Himerus


Kindly Moon: Pele, 51


King of Clubs: Bastet, Viola


King of Diamonds: Chypre (dc), Villain


King of Spades: Yerevan


Kingsport: The Apothecary, Olokun


Kunstkammer: Tweedledee


La Fee Verte: Zorya, Oblivion


Lemongrass SN: Phobos


Lenore: Serpent’s Kiss, Devil’s Claw


Leo 2007: Bastet, Anubis


Libra 2007: Persephone


Litha: Cairo, Gennivre


The Living Flame: Venom (dc), Tarot: The Lovers, Othello


Love's Philosophy: Tombstone


Love in the Asylum: Séance, Ouija


Lump of Coal: Bliss, Gluttony, Bastet


Luperci: Greed


Mabon: Blood Countess, Verdandi


Mme. Moriarty: Vixen, Eat Me, Bathsheba


Marae: Euphrosyne


Marianne: Scherezade


Marshmallow Poof: Midway, Antique Lace


The Masque: Brisingamen, Magdalene


Mechanical Phoenix: Phoenix Steamworks, Robotic Scarab


Medicine Show: The Apothecary


Mi-Go Brain Canister: Jester, Shango, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Xanthe The Weeping Clown, Croquet


Midnight Kiss: Urd, Centzon Totochtin


Midnight Mass: Penitence, Heavenly Love


Midway: Grog, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Cockaigne


Midwinter’s Eve: Bordello, Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo, Lady Macbeth, Jester


Milk Moon 2005: White Rabbit, Tarot:The Star, Obatala, Love’s Philosophy


Milk Moon 2007: Strangler Fig, Obatala


Minotaur: Heavenly Love and Earthly Love


Misk. U. Spring Training 2008: Cockaigne


Mistletoe: Loup Garou, Hemlock


Mitzvah: Trick or Treat, Kill-Devil


Moana: 51


MonsterBait:Bloody Mary: Vice


MonsterBait: BiggerCritters: Euphrosyne


MonsterBait: Closet: Eat Me, Bordello


MonsterBait: Tokyo Stomp: The Mad Hatter


MonsterBait: Underbed: Velvet, Black Pearl


MonsterBait:Underpants: Love’s Philosophy, Grog, Tushnamatay, Drink Me, Bastet, Dorian, Cockaigne, Lyonesse, Hymn to Proserpine, Opuhi


MonsterBait: Ventriloquist Dummy: Tiresias the Androgyne, The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil


Nahemoth – Hellion, Blood Countess, Red Phoenix


The Oblation: Lady Una, Envy


October: Samhainophobia


Old Moon: The Jersey Devil


One to Tie, Two to Win: Roadhouse, Garden Path With Chickens, Pontarlier


The Passionate Shepherd to his Love – Envy, Garden Path with Chickens


The Peacock Queen: Black Rose, Kali


Penumbra: Arachnina, the Spider-Girl


Peony Moon: Budding Moon, Amsterdam


Pickled Imp: Chimera


Pinched with Four Aces: El Dia Reyes, Cockaigne


Pink Moon 2005: Sugar Skull, Arkham (f/k/a Revisited), Maenad, Pink Phoenix


Pink Moon 2007: Hod, Alice, Hope, The Reaper and the Flowers, Morocco, Zarita the Doll Girl


Pink Phoenix: Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo, Hollywood Babylon, Bon Vivant, Strawberry Moon


Pirate Moon - Hellfire


The Pit and The Pendulum: Cathedral, Midnight Mass, Ra (dc), Anne Bonny, Penitence


Poisson d'Avril: Love-In-Idleness


Priala: Laudanum, Masabakes


Pruno: The Hamptons, Bon Vivant


The Pumpkin Queen: Jack, Leo 2007


Punkie Night: Coral Snake, Poison Apple, Jack


Purple Phoenix: Horreur Sympathique


Queen of Clubs: Arachne (dc), Crossroads, Penny Dreadful


Queen of Diamonds: Titania


Queen of Spades: Lampades, Megeara, Black Phoenix, Blood Countess, Medea, Bewitched, The Hanging Gardens


Quincy Morris: Dee, Death on a Pale Horse, Endymion


Red Lantern: Gluttony, Perversion, Tezcatlipoca, The Black Tower, Hellfire, Elegba, Wanda, Incubus


Red Moon 2004: Desire, Ra (dc), Dragon’s Tears, Blood Countess, Wildfire, French Love


Red Moon 2007: The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus, The Ifrit


Red Phoenix: Blood Moon, Alone, Frumious Bandersnatch, Tanin'iver, Silk Road


Rose Moon: London, Tarot:The Empress, Hope, Victoria


Rose Red: The Apothecary, Persephone, Tarot:The Empress, Ophelia, Whip, Endymion, Eternal, Queen Mab, Two, Five & Seven,


Roux-Ga-Roux: Bayou


Sagittarius 2007: The Apothecary, Nemesis


Samhain: Hellfire, Hexennacht 2005, House of Night, Tanin'iver


Scorpio (Original 2004): La Petit Mort


Schwarzer Mond: Scherezade, Sin, Dragons Bone, The Music of Erich Zahn, Minotaur


Selkie: Titania, Y'ha-nthlei


Shanghai Tunnel: Singing Moon


Singing Moon: Jezirat al Tennyn


Skadi: Alecto, Dublin, Hemlock, Golden Priapus, Snow Moon, Snow Bunny, Black Forest


Sleepy Moon: Juliet, Belle Epoque


Smut: Sed Non Satiata, Devil’s Night, Scherezade, Spellbound, Eat Me, Imp, Vixen


Snake Charmer: Snake Oil, Golden Priapus, Eat Me, Nahemoth, Mme. Moriarty, Boomslang, Temple Viper, Bathsheba


Snow Angel: Phantasm


Snow Bunny: Snow Moon


Snow-Flakes: The Torture Queen


Snow, Glass, Apples: Poisoned Apple, The Hesperides


Snow Moon: Tintagel, Snow Bunny, Thanatopsis, Nocnitsa


Snow White: Dana O’Shee, Szepassony, The Unicorn, Defututa


Spanked: Loviatar


Spirits of The Dead: Severin, Baobhan Sith, Sudha Segara, Embalming Fluid, Holiday Moon


Spooky: Tarot:The Star


Sol Invictus: Ra


Storm Moon: Lightning


Storyville: Smut, Spanked, Devil's Night, Wezwanie-Hold, Love Me


Sturgeon Moon – Danube, Bayou


Sugar Cookie: Chimera, Mr. Nancy


Sugar Skull: Gluttony, Mr. Nancy, Cockaigne, Kill-Devil


Tarot: The Star: Eden, Shoggoth


Tamamo-No-Mae: The Lantern Ghost of Oiwa, Zarita the Doll Girl


Tiki King: Intrigue, Havana, Satan and Death with Sin Intervening


Tiki Queen: Vasakasajja


Thunder Moon: Slobbering Pine


To Helen: Versailles


Torture King: Voodoo, High John the Conqueror, Doc Constantine


The Unheavenly City: Sacred Whore of Babylon


Upa Upa: Sed Non Satiata


Usher: Tarot:The Fool, Dorian, Ode on Melancholy


Vasakasajja: Shadow Witch Orchid, Tiki Queen


Voodoo Queen: Perversion


Whippoorwill: Silk Road, Singing Moon


White Phoenix: Yvaine


Wildfire: Dragon’s Bone


Winter of our Discontent: Golden Priapus


Wolf Moon 2007: Black Forest


Yog-Sothoth: Niflheim


Yuletide: Jabberwocky


Xanthe, the Weeping Clown: Tweedledee

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That really is quite spectacular :P :D :D indeed . I was wondering about the ability to split up the musk thread into being separate musk threads , but after seeing that I no longer am a doubter . I am a believer !!!

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Any recs for any GC scent that is similar to The Illustrated Woman ... minus the pine note?

O is almost identical to the Illustrated Woman, on me (minus the screaming candied pine death).

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You can find this in the Short Guide to Common Recommendations...


What do I have for you here?


I have compiled a list of LE equivalents/substitutes/similarities based on member posts after reading through the entire LE equivalents thread. Yep, all 4+ years of discussion condensed here.

This... is... amazing. Thank you, ivyandpeony!


To make this easier to keep up to date in the future, should we put new comparisons/similarities in new posts, or is editing an old post okay? (I ask because I typically just edit my initial post and put new finds there.)

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Aw, thanks for the compliments :P I think the moon was in Virgo over the weekend and it stimulated me. :D (For all the world's messiest Virgo awards that I deserve, I actually have sun and moon in Virgo!)


It's easiest for me to update w/ new posts from 9/1/08 on - I don't have any special mod tools that tell me if posts in a thread have been edited and would just have to read through the thread. But if you like editing your previous posts, you can just cut and paste your additions into a PM to bring them to my attention if you like. You can also reply to your old post, which will put it at the "end" of the thread and bump it - that's especially good if you've added the newest LEs, since some people like to pop into the thread and chatter about the most recent stuff.

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I thought Cancer 07 was very much like Selkie. I don't think it was melon, but more just the feel and overall smell of the scent.


For melon, Earth Rat is an AMAZING melon scent. Incredibly similar to Fee, which is probably the penultimate melon scent.

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Can you recommend other oils I might like? I think it might be a melon note in it that I love so much but I'm not really sure. Thanks! :P


Mod note: merged from thread titled "I Love Selkie"


There's a thread all about melon scents right here, you'll probably find some great suggestions there and if you bump it, people are likely to update it with recent additions.


From this thread, folks have noted that Selkie reminds them of Titania and Y'ha-nthlei, so those might be worth trying.

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