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  1. Elizabethm


    How weird. I read and reread these reviews after I wrote mine and, for the life of me, cannot smell what everyone else does. I wrote down my thoughts before I reread the description to try to get an unbiased opinion without influence of the scent list. I smell cucumber! But I'm getting a very definite cucumber scent. Almost like cucumber dill finger sandwiches. It's lovely. Smells nothing like halloween or autumn to me. Strange. Cucumber. Interesting. lol
  2. During my sophomore year in college, I found myself pressed for time while working on a paper about Tsathogguan Rites of Passage in Ancient Cimmeria. It was due on the first Friday of November, and I had barely started. My grades were failing, and I couldn't really afford to blow this. Earlier in the quarter, I'd made the mistake of trying to copy test answers from the person who sat next to me in my Non-Euclidean Geometry class, not realizing he was as big a fuck-up as I was. We both failed, we were both caught, and I was only saved from expulsion by Professor Upham's unfortunate institutionalization. In the hopes of salvaging my GPA, I headed off to the university library instead of going out with friends on Halloween night. I passed Dr. Armitage, the Head Librarian, as I entered the Antediluvian Anthropology wing. The library was desolate, and for a moment I felt a little lonely and out of sorts. The silence was soothing, though, and the scent of the yellowed books and polished oak tables reminded me strongly of my childhood home. I found myself a table, and set to work. Around midnight, someone wandered in. Absorbed in my research, I was profoundly irritated at the disturbance, but when I saw who had entered the reading room, I softened. It was a guy who I'd worked with a few times at my day job-I was doing marketing for a junior line of cultist's robes, and he was the photographer for our catalogue. We got to talking. He'd had a falling out with his girlfriend earlier in the evening, and rather than spend the rest of the night at home, he'd come to the library looking for some inspiration for his photography. His breath smelled like pumpkin lattes, and there was a faint trace of cologne swirling around him. He quoted Byron, I told terrible jokes, and in the end I nearly failed my paper, but I fell in love. To this day, I still wrestle with putting things off 'til the last minute, and I'm still easily distracted by a handsome face. Nice. Miskatonic University is in my top 10 BPAL scents. This smells basically nothing like it whatsoever. A common concern was that it would amp mens cologne. It doesn't. I smell the book scent in the original and something almost floral. I am almost tempted to say I smell the squashy pumpkin that I think is illusive in BPAL's catalog too. It's a very nice scent. Wearable. Not extremely loud. I could see wearing this. Glad I have a bottle!
  3. Elizabethm

    Pumpkin V

    Lightly spiced pumpkin pulp swirled with bourbon vanilla, French vanilla, and raw vanilla bean. I have a BUNCH of BPAL pumpkin scents and this is right up there with my favorite one. In fact, I think I've got enough of a sampling that I won't ever need another BPAL pumpkin scent again. They all share the same pumpkin note (which is not a squashy pumpkin smell but a spiced pumpkin smell that is a bit sharp). This particular blend is very "smooth". I can't really pick out the vanillas but I do like this alot and it's one of the more wearable scents for me.
  4. Elizabethm

    Witch Dance

    Bonfire smoke rising through a cloud of ceremonial incense, encircled by swirling autumn leaves and a dribble of blood red musk. Wow. Very red musky. I smell this in A LOT of bpal scents to the point that they all blend in my head. I'm not really sure what red musk IS but to me it smells like a musk mixed with cherry or some other red berry. I smell a tiny bit of bonfire smoke and something a little musky but not unpleasant. This is a sexy scent. Another win on owning a bottle.
  5. Elizabethm

    Mango-Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte

    I love BPAL's pumpkin scents so I make a point of picking them up anytime I can. I had high hopes for this since a lot of people said how amazing it smelt at role call. It smells very off to me. I can definitely smell the pumpkin but the mango smells almost rotten to me. So a big juicy overripe mango about 20 times bigger than the pumpkin to my nose is what I get. The throw seems above average and the lasting power seems about normal (30 minutes of throw fading to press my nose against my skin about two hours later).
  6. Elizabethm


    Like it has been said already this smells like a cool melony aquatic and it's in my top 3 BPALS of all time. I wish Beth would reissue it. It's so beautiful and I get so many compliments when I wear this.
  7. Hi I have soooo many bpals. I have a lot of the various pumpkin scents through the years such as: 2012 Mango Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte Fizzy Pumpkin 2011 Pumpkin Latte Pumpkin Princess Candied Pumpkin 2007 Pumpkin 5 Pumpkin 3 General Catalogue Jack But 07 Pumpkin 5 is my absolute favorite. I wear it all the time and am dangerously low. The only one of the many other pumpkins I have that may come a little close is Pumpkin Latte (which is my second favorite). I'm not sure what the exact note beside pumpkin I love in this. but it's just got such a glorious unique scent to it. I absolutely love it. So my question are.. is there anything remarkably simliar to 07's Pumpkin 5? Do you think any of the new ones this year in the pumpkin patch will smell same/similiar? Was Pumpkin 5 '09 similiar? Is there a secret place where I might be able to buy another bottle of '07 Pumpkin 5 that isn't crazy expensive? Here are the notes: Pumpkin with benzoin, bourbon vanilla, lemon peel, neroli, blood orange, and red ginger.
  8. Elizabethm


    It has the gentleness of snow white. Smells like beaver moon toned way way down and without the berryish scent. Smells almost like a shortbread cookie to me. It's foody and lovely. I definitely can smell a faint scent of sugar (not the burn your nose off of sugar skull) and the linen is dancing around in the background. I get almost a powdery smell as well. It's pretty. I like it. I don't think it reminds me of halloween but it's really very lovely.
  9. Can you recommend other oils I might like? I think it might be a melon note in it that I love so much but I'm not really sure. Thanks! Mod note: merged from thread titled "I Love Selkie"
  10. Elizabethm

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    High john just did this to me! I had this imp from a bpaler that I really liked. It smelled fresh and clean and pleasant. Recently I got another imp from the lab and VETIVER. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  11. Elizabethm

    Recs for a scent similiar to rice pudding!

    Yep! I agree that egg nog is similiar. Loving the custardy goodness.
  12. Elizabethm

    Rose Red

    2007 Version This is my first time smelling and wearing Rose Red. It does live up to the hype for me. I was expecting the scent of a single rose. But it's not. it's got the dew the thorns the stem and everything else in it. It's actually really lovely and on par with one of my favorite rose scents (Evelyn.. love david austin). I disliked Persephone and thought it smelt sour this smells like rose.. with something I honestly can't get a handle on .. underneath and it's very pretty. I'm glad I got a backup bottle of this
  13. Elizabethm


    Christmas tree in a bottle! But I can smell snow and berries too like ^^ who describes it spot on. I love it.. I'm so glad I bought a bottle. I was reluctant at first because I thought it would be an artifical single-note xmas tree scent and it's not so I'm very happy.
  14. Elizabethm

    Egg Nog

    I am in total heaven. Between this, gingerbread poppet, el dia de reyes and snowstorm I have fallen in love with bpal. This is really yummy boozy creamy eggnog in a bottle. Nothing at all artificial to my nose. It smells creamy and drinkable. Staying power and throw are a little light but that's ok.. I can reapply. Going to buy another bottle of this and all the others I mentioned lol
  15. Elizabethm

    Gingerbread Poppet

    2007 version I am soooooo glad I got a bottle of this. It's so smooth and gingerbread cooky-ish. It's not sharp and doesn't burn the nose it's really awesome. It reminds me of cooking gingerbread people with my mom around christmas. Also it's totally wearable. I loooooove this and it's an instant new favorite.